Sunday, 19 July 2009

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I have recently posted a potent new article on our sister-site, This piece, entitled: In the Genes: the Anglo 'Goddess Cult' examines the Anglobitch phenomenon from an ethno-cultural perspective. The article can be effortlessly accessed by clicking here.A few posts have recently appeared on the Blog, of low intellectual quality and no value whatsoever to our dynamic enterprise. Well friends, we are bound to get a few numb-skulls on here, armed with a copy of Cosmo and a Polytechnic Degree in Women's Studies. I will not remove the posts, as I am sure my usual Alpha readers will want to point and laugh at them.


  1. Bad Indian Gyal20 July 2009 at 04:39

    Durga Ma is my Goddess.

    You must not be in touch with your desi culture. Are you Muslim?

  2. Hey Rookh,

    You may be interested in this thread on

    Where you blame a kind of Puritan culture superimposed on Anglo-Saxon people, I blame the people themselves.

    I.e. White/European peoples are the ultimate problem.

    Your thesis is of a superimposed culture, I think the problem is perhaps more fundamental.

  3. Certainly, it is interesting how 'desert peoples' seem totally impervious to feminism and have NEVER internalised it at any level. Indeed, oriental peoples like the Indians or Japanese are pretty much the same. That said, Japanese birth rates are presently very low, so perhaps they are now starting to feel the effects. Possibly feminism rises with the growth of industrial society as a matter of course (it may be a natural 'side-effect' of industrialisation).

    If you read my latest article on, it actually addresses the possibility that Anglo-Saxons are innately more 'placid' and pliant that most other peoples, with reference to research cited by Steven Pinker of MIT. This may explain why feminism arose in the Anglo-Saxon world, not elsewhere. There is evidence that certain features we now associate with Anglo-Saxon culture were in place very early (by the 8th Century).

    The relationship between culture and race is a very knotty one, however. Most contemporary young people of whatever race seem to accept many features of Afro-American youth culture, for instance - but that does not make them black. That said, white peoples in general DO seem to have retained matriarchal deities much later than other races (the cult of the Virgin Mary, for instance, would be unthinkable in Islam), have generally sustained a cult of chivalry and of course supported the rise of feminism. If this is an innate tendency, then the West (and especially the Anglosphere) will fall to more vigorous, patriachal cultures as the Etruscans fell to Rome - there is no other way.

  4. The Chinese might say that the imbalance of Yin and Yang is the cause of Western malaise.

    Women have an immediate excuse for being irrational and cowardly: "I am a woman - what do you expect?" and they know that it is unanswerable.

    The problems start when most men think like women and then get into positions of power.

    Courage and principle are no longer extolled, expediency and taking the easy way out is considered cleverer and wiser than taking a stand.

    As it is, our political classes now think like old women. It is government of old women by old women.

  5. Hopefully with birth rates declining in the anglosphere, the anglobitch will eventually become extinct! We can truely celebrate when that day comes!