Saturday, 12 December 2009

Breaking News: Anglobitch Video Banned as 'Hate Speech'


Youtube have seen fit to remove my major 'Anglobitch' video that explains the theory to novices in simple, visual terms. The excuse they gave was that I am guilty of 'hate speech'. All nonsense, of course: the only 'hate speech' in these debates emanates from feminists like Catherine MacKinnon, Germaine Greer or Harriet Harman. The video, as those who have seen it can readily attest, is entirely bereft of anything but facts.

My fear is that the Anglobitch message has been reaching out so effectively across the Anglosphere that the Anglo-American elites have been stung into suppressing us. Declining marriage rates across the Anglosphere, increased male resistance to institutionalized misandry and a general male 'opt-out' from corrupt societies that view them as expendable ATM machines must have forced their hands.

In response, all I can say is 'keep the faith' - that is, keep spreading the Anglobitch message online, avoid Marriage and keep shunning Anglo-American women. Above all, take heart: their discomfiture is clear proof our message is working.

On a somewhat more positive note, this is your last day to vote for the Top Anglobitch presently operating in the Anglosphere. Right now, it's neck and neck between the Horrendous H Clinton and Hideous H Harman, undoubtedly the two top turnips subverting patriarchal civilization in the West. Don't delay, vote today! An extensive Anglobitch profile on the winner is promised, within the week.

Get voting!


  1. That pisses me off to no end.

    I am pretty sure that I have copies of your videos.

    I am going to dig them up, and host them at my site (with your permission).

    Ultimately, this means that we have the anglobitch on the run. They are using underhanded and seedy tactics to get their way (as spoiled brats and cowards always do)


    Obviously, your message was not only correct, but a very big threat to them.

  2. So- where can i see the video?

  3. I did download it from YouTube.

    I will be posting it on my web-site, and posting a link to it here - as soon as I get Dr. Kshatriya's permission.

  4. For those interested:

    That link will let you watch Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's banned video.

    Hate speech my eye.

  5. Thanks for making this video available.