Saturday, 1 July 2017

Nicotine Wars: Another Puritan Initiative Doomed to Fail

Another Anglo-Morality Drive...

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recent promise (July 2017) to reduce nicotine in cigarettes to ‘non-addictive levels’ highlights the insane Puritanism still ruling the Anglosphere. Not only is the FDA’s plan doomed to failure, needlessly criminalizing nicotine will create innumerable opportunities for organized crime to exploit. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of another doomed morality drive!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday announced a “multi-year roadmap” to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes to non-addictive levels in a new effort to help smokers kick the habit and prevent smoking-related diseases and deaths in America.

The move marks the first time the FDA has specifically taken aim at nicotine, a naturally occurring chemical in tobacco that makes smoking pleasurable. Experts, since 1994, have argued that reducing nicotine in cigarettes could help curb cigarette smoke addiction.

The FDA, in its statement, cited the more than 480,000 deaths every year and the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on health care and lost productivity as a result of smoking. The agency also went further in setting its sights on preventing younger smokers.

“Lowering nicotine levels could decrease the likelihood that future generations become addicted to cigarettes and allow more currently addicted smokers to quit,” the statement read.

As we know, the latent Puritanism that defines Anglo-Saxon culture often lapses into deluded fantasy – the infantile denial of reality itself. In turn, this tendency to fantasy leads to ridiculous and unworkable policies like this one. We had a war on alcohol, we have ongoing wars on prostitution and drugs and now we have a war on tobacco, too. When will these demented puritans realize their misguided attempts to curtail personal freedom never work?

As with other Anglo-American wars against the reality of human nature, the FDA's initiative is doomed to failure before it starts. Instead of rationally accepting that people will always drink, smoke, use drugs and fuck whores, the Anglo-Feminist Matrix assumes human nature is perfectible (according to their warped standards). Unfortunately for them, human nature cannot be scoured of sensuality by white-light rhetoric; the human quest for sensual pleasure is inescapable. No healthy human male can live happily without occasionally slaking his innate desire for ecstatic oblivion: such is life. 

Prohibition - now THAT really worked!

Yet the authorities never learn. Are they simply retarded? The war on drugs is a total failure, as was Prohibition – yet still the Anglo-American Establishment refuses to leave its puritanical fantasies in the seventeenth century, where they belong. Instead they prefer to treat America’s citizens like retarded seven-year olds, curtailing their right to choice and pleasure. The poltroons seem to think everyone would live forever if only they shunned tobacco. Given the inescapable fact of human mortality, the thrill of a good nicotine hit weighs favourably against a few more weeks of miserable old age.  But of course, the crabbed Anglo-Saxon mind struggles to grasp that such a moment of pleasure can outweigh a decade of misery. 

Pleasure Must be Abolished...

In any case, the FDA’s proposal is hopelessly unrealistic and might well lead to societal collapse. Western economies are struggling to provide adequate elder support as it is, without millions more living into unhealthy old age. The infrastructure of modern industrial societies assumes a certain demographic consistency – in short, a cull – or order to function. Any savings made by reducing smoking related illnesses will be lost against the burgeoning costs of elder care. Seen in this light, death is not an enemy to be fought but rather an essential ally of progress and civilization.

Besides, the FDA’s nicotine ban is completely pointless. If tobacco manufacturers cannot supply the nicotine consumers want and crave, the Black Market will. Doubtless criminals of every stripe are itching for the FDA’s nicotine ban to begin. Tobacco will join drugs and prostitution as one of their big earners. And like ‘cut’ drugs and STD-raddled whores, their illicit cigarettes will doubtless be full of toxic impurities and infinitely worse than the high quality products presently furnished by the tobacco industry. Alternatively, people will just smoke more to get the hit they crave. This occurred in the UK, where people smoked huge quantities of ‘Lite’ cigarettes to compensate for their low nicotine content. But of course, facts cease to matter when the Anglo-American establishment is pursuing one of its doomed ‘morality drives’. 

Criminalization lets criminals corrupt pleasure for gain

Ultimately, the proposed FDA ban reveals the Disneyland mentality of the Anglo-American Establishment – repressive, self-destructive and utterly out of touch with consensus reality. The most terrifying thing is how the post-feminist population of the United States have taken this pernicious statism lying down, without so much as a whimper. Back in the day, Americans reached for their muskets when freedom was threatened. Now, only Big Tobacco is daring to stand up for choice and liberty. That the FDA’s absurd proposals have arisen during a Republican administration only underscores the authoritarian depths to which America has fallen.

'Energy is Eternal Delight' - William Blake


  1. Big tobacco is not standing up for liberty. They are standing up for their own wallets. Like anybody else in the post feminazi's western societies, other people's liberties can be damned while they fuck others over hoping to make enough money to afford an over rated and overpriced Anglo cunt.

    Anglo cultures have degraded into dog eat dog, or in this case, man screw man in order to get access to a vagina connected to a vile man hating psychotic cunt from hell.

    Nobody cares for liberty or freedom anymore.

    Look what all the feminazi's freedom did for women...and men.

  2. There's a great deal of truth in that. However, because Anglo White Knights and sheeple orientate their lives towards ignoble ends does not invalidate choice and money as positive things in themselves.

    Freedom of choice permits an enlightened man to pursue worthwile avenues (foreign travel, emigration, education) just as it allows White Knight suckers to waste their lives on overpriced and over rated Anglo cunts. Puritanical authoritarianism denies the enlightened man even that elementary freedom.

  3. Can't wait for all the fascist weed blowing hippies to back the anti tobacco lobby.

    Think I'm joking? Just wait.

    There are already bars where you can smoke pot but not tobacco.

    Americans are fully retarded now.

  4. What they need to target is the upwards of 14000 chemicals added to the tobacco to essentially create a freebase nicotine delivery system. Tobacco, in its complete natural state and used very moderately (few smokes a day max) is not detrimental to the health. At least no more than the toxic air we all breathe. The added chemicals and the chain-smoking is the issue.

  5. Puritanism & all forms of Orthodoxy adhere to the Totalitarian Principal as formulated by T. H. White, the sacred dichotomy of "Everything which is not forbidden is compulsory."

  6. Legalizing prostitution would be disasterous... for women.

    Men would be less likely to have themselves extorted via the legal form of prostitution...marriage.

    Men would wake up when they see how many women engage in it.

    Women would be totally fucked. Pun intended.

    1. The feminists don't want it legalized because men would just avoid marriage and relationships with women and just visited hookers instead.

      I would love to see prostitution become legal in the United States. It would piss off feminists and it would allow men to get their sexual needs met without having to get into relationships with women.

  7. According to the totalitarian either-or false dichotomy, either option 1 (morality; marriage; work; suffering; servitude; humility) or option 2 (immorality; sexual barter; leisure; pleasure; freedom; pride) must be either compulsory or forbidden.

    It's really quite simple & brilliant if you think about it as almost no one would choose moral unpleasantness over pleasant immorality if the first wasn't mandatorily enforced (rewarded) & the second wasn't universally condemned (punished).

    Also known as the Social Contract (pre-1920), all this turned to shite when the West promised male & female liberation, only to discover (after female liberation) that male liberation was incompatible with civilisation & order.

    Catch 22: Liberation for one gender fukks the other non-liberated gender, and liberation for both genders fukks us all.

    And men are 'waking up', for fukksake, and they are pissed off.