Saturday, 26 May 2018

David Futrelle – King of Sexual False Consciousness

If this guy can't wrangle sex from the Anglobitch, what chance has Futrelle?

In the wake of the Alek Minassian massacre, David Futrelle of Manboobz has been in much demand across the lamestream media. He has written about ‘online misogyny’ in outlets as varied as Glamour Magazine and the NYT. It is interesting how these outlets present him as ‘normal’ and representative – giving the impression he is someone with normal sexual experience: one of ‘us’ as opposed to ‘them’:

Benchmarks of an incel can include feelings of entitlement and resentment, with many feeling like sex is something that’s owed to them. “Some have even demanded that the government provide them with girlfriends and/or prostitutes,” says Futrelle.

Logic would dictate that these men have been consistently trying to find women to have sex with, but Futurelle says that’s not always the case.

“[Many] don't know how and think it's pointless. Incels hate women, but they also hate themselves, and many of them convince themselves they're too ugly or too short to ever be attractive to women," he says.

Glamour Magazine, April 2018 ‘What is an Incel?’

Tellingly, no picture of Futrelle ever appears in these articles. If it did, it would immediately destroy his 'normal' journalistic image by revealing him to be just as ugly and short as the avowed incels he attacks (if not more so).

The sex god that is David Futrelle...

Who is Futrelle trying to kid? He isn’t one of the sexual elite at all; just an ugly little man who has never enjoyed free sex with anyone. His whole 'feminized', cat-loving persona is just a coping mechanism to manage his sexual ostracism by women. As we know, transexualism is a popular mental coping strategy for such ‘loser’ males: if you can’t beat Chad, fuck him.

If Futrelle truly believes Anglo-American women are not grasping, selfish and superficial, why does he not show his picture in Glamour magazine? Because its vapid, pea-brained readership would hate him on sight, that’s why. If he were not wallowing in Sexual False Consciousness and self-delusion, he would immediately join a blog like instead of pretending to be some well-adjusted, sexually-experienced ‘winner’. Richard Scarecrow of Men-Factor is doing a interesting discussion of the recent Infowars attack on Incels conducted by Paul Joseph Watson. It appears Watson has an Asian girlfriend himself, despite his rabid critique of incel 'losers'. Sounds like yet another severe case of Sexual False Consciousness at work.

Futrelle: the voice of sexual success...!
In short, David Futrelle is the uncrowned King of Sexual False Consciousness. While he strives to project an image of heterosexual vigour and normality to the lamestream media, a man with his runtlike stature, blobfish features and flatline testosterone levels can only be a hardcore incel/degenerate himself. And no one is fooled by his self-deceit, not even the lamestream media and its gullible public; and certainly not the hyper-hypergamous females who 'read' Glamour magazine, most of whom would doubtless vomit at the mere sight of his blobfish ass.

Like all things sexual in the Anglosphere, it's all an act.

Joe Buck, eager to emulate the sexual prowess of David Futrelle...



    Femons are demanding their rights to be naked around little boys and girls in Ontario.

  2. Like all things sexual in the anglosphere it's all hot air.

    That is one thing incels need to be made aware of. The amount of sex being portrayed in the media is hyper inflated.

    Also, the image of women presented is grossly inaccurate too.

    They are hostile frigid shrews. They hate everything fun for men. Be it soccer or sex. If men enjoy it, it must be bad, it must be destroyed.

    The one thing that truly makes a modern woman I'll - is seeing any man enjoying himself.

  3. David Futrelle is the typical white knight moron who thinks that he'll get a free-pass for selling out other men so that the #metoo and #timesup extremists will target them rather than him. And as the anon above said, correctly, like just about everything else about the Anglosphere these days, he and all he says is inflated hot air. Same thing with the debt-inflated false economy of the US, UK and Canada which is staying a-float only due to tens of trillions of dollars in debt instead of real production, or the impression offered by the White Knight fools that they're somehow "getting some" which they're absolutely not.

    In fact having known a lot of these pathetic suck-up beta male White Knight sycophants, I can all but guarantee you they're the proverbial 40 year old virgins. Because as much as so many of these sad, pathetic Millennial and Gen-Z girls pretend to buy into the metoo witch-hunt fanaticism, deep down they want a man to actually be a man and dominate. After all the most popular literature in the past 2 decades has been the 50 Shades of Grey series, which, oh so curiously hit it's peak right amidst the #metoo extremism when it went off the rails from legitimate gripes against the Weinstein style creeps and into open false accusations against decent men (and even a few women) in authority. Even to the point that many of the 3rd-wave metoo feminists like Jessica Valenti and Emily Lindin of Teen Vogue were openly tweeting that women should make up false accusations out of thin air.

    Actually on that point, one ironic thing I've been seeing about these cucked White Knights is that a disproportional number of them are very educated Jewish American and Canadian men. I say ironic because you'd think these fools would realize that the "send the crocodile to eat the other guy first" appeasement of 3rd wave feminists gives them zero protection. In fact in at least some industries like entertainment, I think up to a third of the metoo attacks have been levelled at these very Jewish white knight "male feminists" who thought they'd be safe, some guilty but many apparently innocent. The idiots fail to realize that by simply bringing up the #metoo memes with their names associated, even if they express support and try to throw other less "woke" men under-the-bus, they themselves become targets for the witch hunt since the essence of the #metoo mccarthyism is the lack of any due process for the accused.

  4. One big example, Eric Schneiderman, the NY Attorney General who's been at the forefront of many white knights within the "mainstream" sending public kisses to the metoo accusers, before getting accused himself. The same for Robert Iger of Disney, that asshole Jeff Zucker of CNN (who's been responsible for a lot of the media pushing of #metoo) and Jeff Weiner who tried to jump on board the #metoo bandwagon and encourage mentoring, before their own Twitter followers shot them down with perceptive comments

    As one of my old college profs and a business starter himself told me when we met up earlier this year, "Hire a woman, hire a lawsuit!" And this was a major Obama and Hillary Clinton supporter BTW who's come to realize that in the #metoo era, the social media lynch mobs with no due process have made all women in the workplace (at least young and attractive women) effectively toxic. He's stopped hiring women for his company and will never, ever mentor one for obvious reasons. Even the "open door" policy doesn't work, 15 years down road she could make up any bullshit accusation long after there's any contemporary information and ruin the guy so that he couldn't support his family. No man with any sense is going to take that risk anymore.

  5. And a BTW a thanks to all those expats who were posting some weeks back I guess around the time all those expat conventions were going on. I learned a lot from them and I'm now set to become an expat from the US (and Canada, where I was born) myself. I had a nagging feeling couldn't put my finger on to, even before all the #metoo mccarthyism started stinking up the air, that the crazy 3rd-wave feminism of the Anglo countries had gotten to the point of becoming societally destructive, so that basic tasks like just getting work done, dating, let alone starting a relationship, getting married and having kids while avoiding financial catastrophe from divorce, were becoming impossible. I'd known too many fellow guys, and even young women who were rational and non-crazy, become casualties of divorce and bullshit (or generally trivial, "he didn't flirt with me the right way') sexual harassment crying-wolf accusations even before #metoo.

    Reading your blog and what the expat guys were saying, made me realize it was something systemically sick with the Anglo culture and society. I started taking some intermediate French courses, I'd done beginner French in H.S. and looking at expat job forums. And then just recently I landed a nice webmaster job in Lille, a beautiful city in NE France right up next to the Belgium border near Mons, a Belgian city I'll be commuting to 3 months out of the year (where my company in France has a satellite).

    Funny thing is, I could do the same basic job in the US but why would I stay here when being a man, esp. a white man is like having a damn target painted on my back every day at work or on the dating scene? In the US I'd be in fear every day that a female co-worker could accuse me any-time, for any reason of sexual harassment and wreck I career I've trained a decade for. Or that if I marry here, I'll lose my home, kid and savings in a divorce like so many men hit with alimony spousal and child-support demands from the family kangaroo courts.

    IOW in the US or Canada, or anyplace in the crumbling Anglosphere, I'd be unable to safely do two of the most basic things for any responsible man-- build my career and raise a family.

    France and Belgium aren't paradises but like all your expat commenters were pointing out, their workplace and family laws are actually rational, maybe on due to that civil law heritage the legal experts were saying as oppose to the common law cucking of the Anglosphere.

    I don't really care, all I know is that I can have a good promising career and start a family security in France-Belgium which I can't do in the Anglosphere anywhere. I earn around the same money, even more in Lille and Mons if you can handle a bit of Dutch or German, with same taxes-- don't listen to any moron saying the US is "lower-taxes", that's BS when you look at the hidden taxes like FICA/pay-roll and local. But I also get low expense health care without having to worry about going broke if I get an appendicitis and stuck in hospital, if I have to take college courses in Lille they're cheap and affordable, no student loans. And I get 6 weeks of vacation every year! I'm entrepreneurial so like a lot of people there and in Germany, I'll be using those opportunities to kick-start my own business. Which I won't have to worry about giving up in the event of divorce, unlike far too many American and Canadian men caught up in the parasitic system of divorce here.

  6. "Like all things sexual in the Anglosphere, it's all an act." Your exactly right Rookh, studies have shown that most men in Anglo countries lie about their sexual conquests. Even if a guy is getting laid in an Anglo country, it's usually with a woman who is overweight or ugly.

    If you watch Anglo TV shows or movies, it looks like every guy in an Anglo countries is getting laid. In reality just the opposite is true. In fact, a lot of married men in Anglo countries have a 'sexless' marriage, where they have not had sex with their wives in years.

    The Anglo countries are not a sexual paradise, they are more like a sexual prison!

  7. WTF did I just read?!

    "In my view, the public interest in freedom of expression and open justice outweighs the applicant’s interest in anonymity in this case. Although there is sensitive medical and personal information about the applicant in the parties’ pleadings and documents, which raises privacy interests, he also made a number of serious allegations of sexual harassment and advances and discrimination against Dr. Chopra. He also expressed a number of very troubling sexist and misogynist opinions about women, and made a disturbing suggestion that he could have sexually assaulted Dr. Chopra because of the way she dressed.

    In addition, his practice of filming women and members of LGBTQ+ communities on the streets of Toronto, making derogatory comments about them in the videos, and uploading or facilitating the uploading of those videos on to YouTube without the consent of those individuals shows that he has little regard for the privacy interests of others. Furthermore, his justification for his practice of filming women and members of LGBTQ+ communities is the principle of freedom of expression. In these circumstances, it would not be appropriate to restrict the public interest in freedom of expression and open justice by allowing the applicant to pursue his Applications before this Tribunal behind a shield of anonymity."

    The SJW Tribunal doxxed that young man.

  8. "I would also point out that the applicant’s allegations are tainted by sexist and misogynist opinions, which blame Dr. Chopra and women from his past for his sexual reactions, and advocate controlling women’s behaviour, including the way they dress. Such opinions, which I found very troubling, are not “evidence” that can show that there is a reasonable prospect that he can prove, on a balance of probabilities, that Dr. Chopra subjected him to sexual harassment and advances and discriminated against him because of his disability, sex, and creed.

    [34] I will begin by addressing the applicant’s allegation that Dr. Chopra subjected him to sexual harassment and advances. Specifically, he alleged that she wore a low cut blouse, which partly showed her breasts; when he told her that her breasts were showing, she asked him what he was going to do about it; she asked him to remind her of a statement that he had previously made that her breasts reminded him of the breasts of a woman in Montreal; and when he told her that the way she dressed traumatized him, she responded that she will find a way for him to be less traumatized by her breasts."

    1. Wow thats fucked to hear that a femdoc's boobies are not sexual harassment, but the patient is accused of sexualising her....Toronto has to be one of the worst cities in the world for men.