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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Trans Revolution: Just the Same Old Tune?


While the burgeoning Anglo-American LGBTXYZ agenda presents itself as a revolutionary challenge to the existing social order, reproductive sterility and gender confusion are really conforming to the Anglosphere's traditional sexual agenda and dancing to its tune. As I showed in my previous article, the Anglo-American colonial elites imposed puritanical values on subject groups as part of a strategic social control policy, not for religious reasons. By stigmatizing virility as 'unclean' they could keep subect populations low and thus exploit them without fear of revolt. And this programme worked very effectively for several centuries.

Deviants rule the Anglosphere - and always have

When considered in this cynical light, the whole Anglo-American anti-sex, gynocentric and misandrist agenda becomes wholly explicable. It also best explains why the United States - with its overmastering need to regulate the reproductive fecundity of slaves, convicts, non Anglo-immigrants, indentured servants and Native Americans - should be the most misandrist and sex-negative of all the Anglo nations. Further, the well-attested racist and elitist currents underlying American feminism are best explained by its origins in a post-colonial society.

Mere Bland Conformity?

Like feminists, the LGBTXYZ lobby claim to be in revolt against the prevailing social order while identifying with all its primary agendas. Anglo feminists hate sex with all the vehemence of a New England spinster; meanwhile, the non-binary coalition hate heterosexual freedom with all the zeal of an Alabama slave-master... go figure. Seldom in history was anyone more deluded as to their true inspiration or motivations.

Anyway, here's a Happy Christmas to you all.

Heterosexuality is not an Offence...


  1. Thank you for writing this. This is definitely something that needs to be pointed out. Gay men hate straight men. Lesbians hate straight men. Everybody hates straight men. "Sexualized" women are praised...unless they're hooking up with straight men... same old shit, different shovel.

  2. America is one of the few countries in the world that has not legalized prostitution. Feminists are doing everything they can to keep it illegal.

  3. The last pic is a regiment of a bygone era (late 1990s-2000s Hip-Hop), and the new age is landwhales, dyed-hair, bisexual women, pedophile female teachers, hatred of men and subjugating men by economic discrimination.

    I-am-a-feminist Justin Turdeau and his government has recently enacted Bill C-51 which is infamously known as the Jian Ghomeshi law. A falsely accused man lviing in Canada, especially Toronto, will now have to submit evidence before a trial, and the Judge has every right to refuse evidence such as texts, emails, letters and videos.
    It's dark times brewing in Canada for men. Unfortunately, these laws are being trickled down to the States and to other countries.

    1. Why do you think Canada is so insanely anti-men? It's a fascinating topic.

    2. I didn't grow up in Canada so I can't be reliable to explain why, but I do observe that the media exalts women while demonizing men, especially City News, BT, CP24, Bell Media, etc.
      CBC is literally a feminist front, and I'm not surprised that across the HQ of CBC in Toronto is the Toronto City Hall or Metro Hall if you're familiar with urban jargon.
      All I know was that the City of Toronto Metro Hall department co-ordinated an attack against an American PUA named RooshV, and I wouldn't be surprised if the City of Toronto and CBC News were working together.
      Canada is a feminist backwater dictatorship. It's the Saudi Arabia of the 1st world.

  4. Excellent article, Rookh. It's because of this dysfunction you speak of in the Anglosphere is why Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is gaining even more traction with men and teenage boys across the Anglosphere. More and more men are realising that women in the Anglosphere are more of a threat and a liability than a benefit and they're simply pulling out of this rigged game.

    Some more "science" to talk about .