Saturday, 2 March 2019

Anglofoids Deface War Memorial Bench with Crude Graffiti

Anglofoid Handiwork...

Conservative Anglocucks like Jordan Peterson and Tommy Fleming are forever telling Anglo-American men that if they 'man up' and 'accept responsibility' then women will respect them. Let's see how this sage advice actually works in reality. Two underclass British foids were so impressed by such White Knighting that they recently desecrated a memorial to World War 1 soldiers:
Two mothers have been slammed for vandalising a bench commemorating World War I heroes while their little children watch on. 
The pair were caught writing their names - 'Shell' and 'Jane' - into wet concrete setting beneath the new memorial bench in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Locals have branded them 'disrespectful,' an 'absolute disgrace' and 'disgusting' on a local community page on Facebook.
The women can be seen leaning over the cordoned off area at the base of the bench, with one of the little ones watching over, to bend down and scrape their names in. Their prams are standing close by and another child appears to be standing behind one of the women.

The park bench was installed on February 18 according to the Sun, to mark the centenary of the end of WWI. The next day it had been tarnished by the two women. The back of the metal bench shows soldiers and a warhorse silhouetted next to poppies, and the immortal words: 'Lest we forget.' 
Helen Lea initially brought people's attention to the awful act by posting on the Horncastle Community Facebook page.

Julie Goy wrote online: 'I walked past this bench earlier, 12.15 today with my granddaughter who is nearly two and we stood and admired it, she liked the red poppies. It was fine then and no damage. What a dreadful shame, should be ashamed of themselves.' 
Yes, this is how modern Anglo-American women reward and respect the men who 'manned' up and fought for their country: by desecrating their humble memorial. And still the Tradcon clowns wonder why Anglo-American men are withdrawing their consent from society... go figure.

Fat Anglofoids Desecrating the Memorial


  1. Another excellent reason for men to dismiss the ramblings of men like Jordan Peterson and go MGTOW in a major way. The women of the Anglosphere aren't worth it and Peterson's teachings and advice will only make things worse for the man following them.

    1. I think you will like my next post, as I focus on Peterson in depth.

  2. War is a racket you ignorant douchebag; perhaps if it was castigated for the money-making human butchery that it is; rather than romanticized as something noble by lobotomized, thoroughly mind-wiped sheep like yourself; then maybe less innocent blood would be spilled in the future so some Robber Barron can have his stock go up 1/4th of a point.
    Truly a planet where 90% of the people have shit4brains.

    1. That was exactly the point being made: men should not bother to 'man up' and defend Anglo-American women since they get no thanks, anyway.

  3. "lest we forget" course they DO NOT WANT YOU TO FORGET HOW TO MAKE WAR! The same cycle has been repeated time w/o number for 3500 goddamn years; with no end it sight; and no abatements recorded! There will never be a greater group of malevolent idiots than humanity; if you ever do master interstellar travel; you will need to be quarantined; the thought of your corrupted, contaminated seed infecting and infesting the rest of the galaxy would represent a pandemic of the most malignant order.

  4. Why Did They Create Us?

    They created us to be their hostages in a Galactic War.

    They created us to be their slaves.

    They created us to be their fools.

    They created us to be their patsies.

    They created us to follow their (usually hidden) orders.

    They created us to hate and kill ourselves (from their often hidden) directives.

    They created us to be dumbed down.

    They created us to suffer all the time.

    They created us to have all sorts of (physical and mental) diseases.

    They created us not to live long, when we could.

    They created us to be poisoned from birth, or even conception.

    They created us to infect us with all sorts of germs they create, (or get Man to create), AIDS, Ebola, etc.

    They created us to mindlessly worship them or their bloodline evil, idiot kings, queens, presidents, fuhrers, etc.

    They created us to have perennial war, and perennial chaos.

    They created us feel fear, depression and hopelessness all the time.

    They created us to be too stupid or fearful to fight back.

    They created us to have the most evil and disgusting among us become top secret society members, or intel agents, or military members; and then to do dastardly deeds against the rest of us.

    They created us to brainwash us.

    They created us to believe in nonsense – like “God” and “Country” or later “New World Order” or “One World Govt.” All for the purpose of tricking us into killing ourselves.

    They created us not to discover limitless energy sources, and other beneficial science and technology.

    They created us to have bogus history, bogus politics, bogus economics, bogus science, bogus everything.

    They created us to nuke ourselves under their hidden orders.

    They created us to be their automatons, with horrendous technologies still to come, to be used against us.

    They created nearly all of us to be placed in concentration camps and mass murdered.

    They created us to be constantly bombarded by nothing but LIES, mendacities, “limited hangouts”, and “legends,”

    They created us to get all our information from LIARS – Gov’t liars, clergy liars, journalist liars, internet liars, conspiracy “expert” liars. All to hide their being in charge and trying to escape, with us held hostage.

    They created us to ultimately kill every one of us – including their gutless, stupid human helpers. They created us not to be able to find them.

    They created us to always have at least one enslaving, mass-murdering, Gestapo-like nation to the world – previously the Roman Empire, Vatican, England, Nazi Germany – now the USA.
    They created us not to figure this out.

    We did!

    Now, if we could only get up the courage to eradicate our Cosmic Criminal Creators and their few top human lackeys / interfacers, Mankind would, for the first time, be re-born with the ability to be all that he/she could be.