Friday, 26 April 2019

The Anglo-American Manosphere: The First Trans-Generational Conversation Between Men Since Prehistory

Studying the contemporary Manosphere, one cannot help noticing that a lot of young men's ideas about women are mature beyond all expectations. When I was young, adult men never spoke to younger men in a serious way. Older men had nothing meaningful to say, it seemed. The mainstream media filled that communication vacuum with its 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'  fairy tales about women being perfect angels offering free sex to everybody: little wonder our formative years were so bruising and difficult, continually struggling with these deluded fantasies.

The cucked horseshit we were raised with

Yes, we went round thinking that our young adult lives would be a dizzy reel of ecstatic trysts and love affairs with giving, nubile goddesses: in short, a living James Bond movie. There were a few 'men's rights' publications like Male View in the UK (for which I wrote a few things), though these were hopelessly calling for Tradcuck counter-revolution and the restoration of pre-Boomer gender-relations. In sum, there simply was no elaborate Red Pill toolkit to discuss gender-relations back in the 70's, 80's or 90's; no conceptual shorthand, if you will. Concepts like The Wall, SMV, the Sexual Marketplace, AWALT, Gynocentrism, the various Pills, MGTOW and the rest had simply not been framed. Even I - yes, I - believed that all women were more or less the same in different countries and cultures; that Anglo-American civilisation was not tainted by residual puritanism; and that everyone over 16 was bouncing around in bed with models and film stars. When life did not match these lofty expectations, we thought it was just 'us'; that everyone else was having a great time, an elaborate fiction sustained by the still-potent mainstream media.

Awakened younger men might laugh: but that is simply what mainstream society told us. And at the time, the mainstream media was our only source of information beyond personal experience. Other than celebrities with wildly unrepresentative lifestyles (extensions of the mainstream media, in other words), older men did not really contribute their experience to our lives. They seemed to be from a different and largely irrelevant world of organised religion and unrewarding hyper-conformity; and consequently shunned and ignored. Fathers could not talk meaningfully to their sons about any serious issue; at best, they offered lame-ass advice that meant something when gender-relations (and society in general) were completely different.

When it happened, the all-conquering Internet immediately obliterated this dysfunctional model. For the first time in centuries - in fact, the first time since prehistory or remote antiquity - older men could communicate directly with younger men, sharing their experience in a clear and unobstructed way. With some caveats, the current state of the Manosphere is a direct reflection - indeed, expression - of this 'communication revolution' across generations. In the Manosphere, the physical boundaries that divide different generations of men no longer exist. Like ancient Macedonia, where anyone could speak man to man with his chief and any chief with his king, the Internet is a true democracy. Doubtless the anonymity of the internet helps in this regard. When young men can't see a doddering old sucker, they can listen to his words without prejudice; when older men can't see some shabby NEET, they are far more likely to talk honestly with him.

And the Manosphere is the direct product of this unprecedented engagement. Out there on YouTube, there are a whole bunch of excellent commentators - VVS, Undead Chronic, The MGTOW Monk or Sandman - and all are young men. For though they face the most misandrist culture in history, no mainstream media exists to gull them into cuckdom: in particular, no coherent youth culture exists. And this curious collision of circumstances has produced men who are infinitely more enlightened than I ever was at their age; and I am now an acknowledged leader of Manosphere thought. In youth, I did not even consider concepts like the Wall, hypergamy, SMV, the Sexual marketplace, misandry, hybristophilia, looks-maxxing, gym-maxxing, sex-negative feminism or all the other issues awakened men now take for granted. Yet these young commentators are mostly 18 to 25 (or younger) and they are fully conversant with all these ideas! Yes, they build their arguments on concepts created and developed by dissident anti-feminists from older generations and modulate them to meet their own needs; but the fact is, these young fellows more or less KNOW what is going on. And they know because they grew up with an exciting, empowering online conversation about the reality of gender relations in the Anglosphere buzzing in their ears; a conversation provided by us. We, by contrast, grew up hearing rock stars, parents and academics telling us that all women are flawless, wonderful angels handing out free sex to everyone. And we only learned Red Pill truth the hard way: through long, hard, bitter experience.

Power to these young fellows; they are surely cutting a lot of crap out of their lives by seeing women for what they really are. Indeed, many older TFLers/MRAs/MGTOWs surely envy their youthful knowledge and insight. Sometimes, though, I worry that these young men have been robbed of their youthful idealism by the Manosphere; they talk and think like divorced guys in their forties and fifties, not youths in their teens and early twenties; and that is hardly natural. But then I watch a MGTOW video about evil Anglobitch feminists like the one below, and know my time building the Manosphere was time well spent:


  1. I am still surrounded by boomer tradcucks in real life, but now I can actually pull statistics on them and they can't deny the cat is out of the bag.

  2. "boomer tradcucks" i.e., guys who actually have good jobs, IRAs, insurance, own their homes, have money in the bank, go on vacations with their families, are married to wives who are very glad he chose her.

    Sad to say though, MARRIAGE is becoming a class-thing. And mgtow (and related red-pill) rubbish just comes off generally as slackers' resentment towards their socio-economic betters. Ever notice, the better the neighborhood, the more marrieds; the worse the neighborhood, the more singles?

    Inhales, don't it ;) - that internet communication cuts both ways.

    1. The Boomers sold out future generations who have to do free internships and work contract jobs for pennies compared to what a Boomer would have earned back in their days.

      Tradcon cucks resent immigration, but also support foreign money laundering to prop up their house prices that they bought cheaply.

    2. Marriage is a class-thing but also a generational and cultural thing. Fewer young men of any class marry in the Anglosphere because post-feminist women with piercings, tattoos and thousand-cock stares are simply unfit marriage material; and because Anglo-American Common Law has been infiltrated by misandrist feminism, making Marriage a potential disaster for solvent men in the event of divorce (in fact, affluent and responsible men are the main targets of the Anglosphere's divorce-industrial complex).

      In the Anglosphere generally - and North America in particular - younger males are shunning Marriage as a potential train-wreck, whatever their socio-economic level.

    3. This is just female-inspired tradcuck shaming language (i.e. men aren't getting married because they are too "lazy" and "resentful"). Tradcucks don't even realize that this shaming language has minimal effectiveness now.

      Tradcuck talking points are almost completely useless on the Internet because of one simple fact. Either men acknowledge the current reality or they burn rejecting it. Of course, many men are stupid and gullible enough to reject the current reality and burn.

    4. They key conflict here is not generational or class-based though. It is racial. The main reason for the stronger resistance to Anglo feminazi-ism that exists now is the large numbers of immigrant men coming into the Anglosphere.

      Up until recently, immigrant men have been foolish enough to believe that (liberal) Anglocunts are their friends. However, this naivete is starting to fade away. Once non-Anglo men really start to form their own movements, complete destruction of Anglo feminazi-ism will be high on the priority list.

      For the few woke Anglo men out there, my advice is to become "race traitors." As Rookh himself has said, why die fighting for mud? Why feels sad about the demise of your own race when that race hates and despises you?

    5. Based. White Anglo men are the Anglosphere's ultimate stooges and victims. White Anglo women have long since betrayed any rational claim to expressions of male partnership or support. No wonder woke Anglo men are fleeing the Anglosphere (especially North America) in droves.

    6. Most women are un marry able because they are sadistic hate filled cunts.

      Piercings or no.

      Tattoos or no.

  3. It's unspoken within the immigrant community of the Caribbean islands and mainland Latin America that the White Anglo woman corrupts female immigrants to hate their own men, and also to enlist and become foot soldiers for Anglo-feminism.

    Female immigrants have emulated the dating preferences and sexuality of Anglo women. This means that 99% of the women in Canada are only giving their worn out snatches to the top 1%.

    How can I, a Trini male who works in a goddamn factory, cannot afford a car, is shorter than the 6 foot tall 15yo white male on a GMO diet and growth hormone dairy, ever get the chance to even talk to these empowered women in "world class" cities such as Toronto?

    The probability is almost in the negative percentiles.


  4. Hey Rookh, Anonymous26 April 2019 at 20:55 sounds like an angry middle-upper class white woman who is a feminist, but also forms an unholy alliance with tradcucks. She also supports inequality and gentrification once it suits her purpose, i.e. safe communities for her though she would have voted for unchecked mass immigration which drives down wages and increases crime. She doesn't want to live in the filth that her cohorts have created, sort of like the exodus of California SJWs into Austin, Texas and Arizona.

    1. Whoever it was, their appetite for a vibrant two-way conversation seems to have disappeared. As Anon at 22:52 said:

      'Tradcuck talking points are almost completely useless on the Internet because of one simple fact. Either men acknowledge the current reality or they burn rejecting it.'

      'The game is up', as we say in England. In other words, the obvious dysfunctions intimately associated with Anglo-American culture can no longer be denied.

    2. Caribbean locals are beginning to see the intentions of these cultural imperial feminists who could force governments of small islands to implement laws and policies which strictly target male sexuality such as prostitution and age of consent, lest they be sanctioned by the Republican President of the USA.

      You'd be amazed at how many feminist NGOs there are in the Caribbean and Latin America, with one bizarre objective, to enact anti-male laws.

    3. It isn't bizarre, it is entirely predictable in terms of the Anglobitch Thesis. By shackling male sexual freedom they seek to raise the scarcity value of sex and their own sexual market value in the process. This is why misandrist feminism arose in the puritanical Anglosphere and not, say, southern Europe or North Africa.

  5. Jordan Peterson's Tradcuck Climbing School:

  6. "Once non-Anglo men really start to form their own movements, complete destruction of Anglo feminazi-ism will be high on the priority list."

    Roosh V tried to host meetups in Canada, and he was absolutely vilified, smeared and defamed by the billion-dollar Canadian government and privately owned media.

    They seemed to have left him alone after he started to espouse tradcuck views and vilifying non-Anglo men as migrant invaders.

    Feminism and tradcon racism are allies.

  7. By the way Rookh, did someone, a fellow brown guy who coined the term 'The Misandry Bubble' back in early 2010, or was that you?

    The hypothesis was that from 2010-2020, hatred against males will reach a peak, and then decline, with younger generations of women 'paying the price'.

    This is almost halfway to 2019, and the anti-male discrimination has only become worse, that criticizing feminism is considered speech that is a criminal offense.

    The Misandry Bubble isn't looking like it's popping any soon.

    You should observe the growing # of homeless men living in the UK. Here in Canada, homeless men tend to die alone in an alleyway or in the woods. It's appalling.

    1. It wasn't me. It was a Pakistani guy called Imran Khan who published an essay called The Misandry Bubble on a futurist site in 2010. I published Havok in 2009 and that era was important in the modern Manosphere's evolution, with many memes and concepts now taken for granted by awakened youth being named and presented for the first time.

      The essay is pretty good, although it fails to describe the specifically sex-negative, racist, elitist, puritanical and misandrist nature of Anglo feminism. Also, Khan seems to think the Misandry Bubble will burst in 2020 or thereabouts, when Anglothots start wondering where all the good cucks have got to.

      However, the racist, misandrist and elitist nature of Anglo-American feminism means that Anglocunts are far happier living with their cats than marrying low status (poor, non-white or short/ugly) men. For that reason, the Misandry Bubble will just keep expanding until Anglo civilisation collapses from within; and good riddance to it.

    2. The author commented in the comments section that he believes that "nationalism" will be misguided and used to stoke division of the manosphere by white vs non-white, which is true.

      I do agree that he is wrong when he applauds that the Misandry Bubble will pop by 2020. It will not pop. It's only getting worse, and who knows what will happen?

      Modern women would rather have sex with their pugs or under of age children than to even have a grown man approach her while she is chanting feminist slogans in the nude for those annual Slut Walks.

    3. Actually, Imran Khan was accurate as far as his timeline goes. He was just wrong (and naive) in thinking that Anglosphere men could find a "logical" and nonviolent solution to feminazi-ism. The Misandry Bubble won't pop. it will be brutally destroyed through violence. We are already seeing peak misandry in the 2010s with the #MeToo hysteria and the first genuine backlash with the incel attacks. Anglocunts will be forced on the defensive as the violence escalates. Of course, future generations of Anglocunts will pay the price since they will be slaughtered in large numbers.

    4. It seems obvious that young ethnic males will be a potent force in such a revolt. They are starting to realise that Anglo-feminism is a potent form of racist hyper-hypergamy and, as such, an adversarial ideology. Anglo-American 'Currycels', 'Ricecels' and 'Blackcels' were once strongly deluded about Anglo feminism (and Anglo women in general) but that self-delusion is rapidly being replaced by coherent hostility and violent resistance. The old hegemonic narratives are beginning to break down as the legacy media succumbs to the Internet.

  8. FYI - the video has been removed.

    1. Fixed. Plenty of good Red Pill videos out there, fortunately.

    2. It's an odd co-incidence, or is a government agency monitoring these articles and reporting the embedded videos?

      Canada has allocated millions of dollars to 'investigate' online "misogyny".

  9. A quick tidbit. I noticed you say that many men don't want to marry because they are disgusted by women thug fucking or doing a cock carousel... For me, it was listening to women brag about men they had "fucked over", or applauding women who did vile acts to men (sic Lorena Bobbit). I did hear woman talking about all the men they had sex with, but such women were rare. Most were just hate filled mindlessly vindictive shits - no piercings, no tattoos, no sex.

    1. True enough, for the most part: most Anglo women are just hated-filled, mindless misandrists. That said, there is a consensus that the few Anglo-American women who are not overtly hostile to men are irredeemably soiled by tattoos or the cock carousel.

      My personal view is that most Anglo women are simply too fat, ugly, unstable and stupid to marry or breed with. I know a few men who made that mistake: unstable, stupid children are the result. And once it's done, it's done.

  10. Most Anglo Women are simply not interested in what passes for (cough, cough) "men" these days. Guess it's a boomer thing...ya know, after 40 years of WORKING, now many of us are quite comfortably retired, thankyouverymuch, AND are debt-free.

    1. Amen. Debt free here. I guess being what women consider to be ugly has its blessings.

  11. My thoughts on the demise of feminazi-ism.
    Let me know what you think. I have other ideas I might put into writing as well.

    Feminazi-ism is a movement of cunts that originated in the Anglosphere (i.e.
    and that seeks to spread hatred of men and male sexuality. It should be distinguised from feminism and gender egalitarianism,
    which are movements seeking actual egalitarianism. While all these movements ultimately rely on voluntary male largesse
    for suport, the latter two are not anti-male and are often quite pro-male. Since feminiazi-ism ultimately relies on male
    gullibility and naivete to suppport itself, its days are numbered. Feminazi-ism will be completely destroyed in the end.


    The domestic revolt against feminazi-ism has already begun within the Anglosphere with the so-called "incel trrorist" attacks.
    This revolt will give rise to violent and sophisticated anti-feminazi organizations within the Anglosphere, similar to the
    Black Panthers but with an explicit focus on destroying feminazi-ism. Two main forces are driving this process: racial change
    and generational change.

    Feminazi-ism has always been racist from its very beginnings (e.g.,,
    Non-white men within the Anglosphere are starting to figure out that feminazi-ism is a serious threat to them and their self-interests (e.g.
    This is because non-white men have a reference point to cultures that are not misandrist and are often very pro-male. In addition, non-white men
    will soon greatly outnumber the Anglo white men who tend to strongly support feminazi-ism within the Anglosphere thanks to uncontrolled mass

    On the generational front, the Boomer and GenX tradcuck men who prop up Anglosphere feminazi-ism are dying or getting much older. They will
    be replaced by younger men who are much more likely to take a hard stance against feminazi-ism.

    These two forces will affect all aspects and institutions of the Anglosphere, including law enforcement, the military and the political realm.
    Thus, the Anglosphere establishment will gradually turn against feminazi-ism. Let us focus on the political realm for a moment. The
    election of Donald Trump shows that Anglocunt feminazis are starting to lose control of the political process within the Anglosphere.
    While Trump is not truly an outsider, his election paves the way for the rise of true outsider candidates on both the local and national levels.
    Men similar to Nathan Larson (i.e. but sans the white supremicist ideology will
    gain political power. These men will openly support violent anti-feminazi movements.

    1. Second part of my post.

      There are two other key players that need to be discussed here. They are pederasts and tranny men. Feminazis hate pederasts almost as
      much as they hate heterosexual men. Pederasty is simply another aspect of male sexuality that feminazis despise which is why they have
      tried (but failed) to neuter it with the "mainstream" homosexual movement. Some pederasts are now starting to realize that feminazis hate
      them and pose a threat to them (e.g. Feminazis also hate tranny men because they threaten to expose
      the truth about female inferiority (e.g. Ultimately,
      both pederasts and tranny men will realize that feminazi-ism threatens them and will join violent anti-feminazi movements. Pederasts are adept at
      conducting controversial activities in secret. Tranny men can change their appearance to look like women and are often more "feminine"
      than actual women. How these talents can be put to use in violent anti-feminazi movements I will leave to the reader's imagination.

      This whole scenario is very similar to that of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The Nazis hated the Soviets but also recognized that
      the Soviets could pose a major threat to their imperialist ambitions, so they formed a non-aggression pact with the Soviets. However,
      the Nazis betrayed the Soviets later on. The Soviets initally refused to believe that the Nazis had betrayed them. However, once
      the Soviets mustered the will to fight they destroyed the Nazis. In the modern scenario within the Anglosphere, the feminazis play the
      role of the Nazis while non-white men, pederasts and tranny men play the role of the Soviets. There is one important difference
      here though. The Nazis were an extremely formidable fighting force in their own right. Even after the Soviets mustered the will to
      fight, they had to give everything and more to win. Feminazis, on the other hand, are pathetic cunts who rely on naive and gullible
      men to do their dirty work for them. Once a focused male resitance to feminazi-ism forms, its victory is assured.

  12. An excellent analysis.

    *There is one important difference here though. The Nazis were an extremely formidable fighting force in their own right. Even after the Soviets mustered the will to fight, they had to give everything and more to win. Feminazis, on the other hand, are pathetic cunts who rely on naive and gullible men to do their dirty work for them. Once a focused male resitance to feminazi-ism forms, its victory is assured.*

    However, in the Anglosphere feminazis draw more strength and succour from the mainstream society (Common Law, puritanism, the me-me-media) than they do in many other cultures, which makes their position relatively strong and entrenched. This means some cultural infiltration/destruction/subversion will be necessary, although the tranny movement has already demonstrated its ability to do all these things under the 'cover' of an exalted female identity.

    1. My thinking is that the mainstream will eventually turn against feminazi-ism due to racial and generational change. In fact, this process is already starting. Part of the reason for panics like #MeToo is that Anglocunts sense that the tide is starting to turn against them. However, doubling down on misandry is only going to make things worse for Anglocunts.

      Anglocunt misandry can be turned against itself. Consider, for example, that the targets of #MeToo are largely manginas and white knight tradcucks (i.e. the very men Anglocunts rely upon to do their dirty work). Once violent anti-feminist movements really get going in the Anglosphere, they will have the advantage of numbers and the fact that tradcucks and manginas will be too disoriented to effectively fight back.

      Of course, infiltration and Trojan Horses are always helpful. The (currently unintentional) attempts by trannies on this front should be appreciated.

    2. "Once violent anti-feminist"

      Meant to say "anti-feminazi" here.

    3. I wanted to emphasize that #MeToo and similar panics that target manginas, tradcucks and controlled opposition types (e.g. PUAs) are actually good for genuine anti feminazi-ism. These men all play a part in propping up the current feminazi system, so having them disoriented is beneficial to genuine anti feminazi-ism.

      Of course, the controlled opposition is not entirely worthless, but it has outlived its usefulness. I will not be sad to see it go.

    4. Yes, disorientation is a powerful weapon. I think the tranny movement has disorientated feminism completely, in that it exposes their core contradiction ('gender is a social construct except when it doesn't benefit us'). All the hard, serious work by MRAs over the past few decades has been totally ineffective compared to this 'Trojan Horse' infiltration of the Anglo fempire by male transsexuals.

  13. "In addition, non-white men
    will soon greatly outnumber the Anglo white men who tend to strongly support feminazi-ism"

    Didn't that NZ guy Brenton Torrent lament this in his manifesto before going postal inside a mosque, killing almost 55 people?

    Anglo cucks would rather genocide civilians than to criticize their Anglo women.

    1. Yes, Tarrant forgot to mention that if Anglocunts weren't such sex/child-negative, hyper-hypergamous, dog-fucking vermin, the white race would be thriving.

    2. There was another mass shoo7er the other day who went postal at a synagogue in California.

      His manifesto described how every Jew is responsible for his Anglo women becoming who they are today (dog fucking feminist vermin to paraphrase), but he declared that he will become a martyr anyways.

      Anglo cucks are very gullible. Even if he was successful in the Body count numbers like Tarrant, it doesn't change the fact that White Anglo feminism is a cancer which affects every male regardless of ethnic background.

      Right in Trinidad, white women from the USA and Canada are pressuring the government to implement more anti-male laws.

      The unfortunate thing is that what seems common in the 1st world industrialized countries are unheard of or seems very outlandish in developing countries, such as Anglo women parading nude with children for sexual education classes or Gay Pride, or walking nude on Cambridge University campus such as Victoria Bateman.

    3. "such as Anglo women parading nude with children for sexual education classes or Gay Pride, or walking nude on Cambridge University campus such as Victoria Bateman"

      There is nothing wrong with these things in and of themselves. The thing is that such displays are not genuine. In reality, the Anglosphere is currently mired in sex-negative hysteria and pedo-hysteria. This is why, for example, the Anglosphere forces countries to adopt age of consent laws (with high ages of consent). However, the fact is that sex between "adults" and "minors" (especially between older men and little/teenage girls) is a natural part of human sexuality that has existed as long as humanity has. This is a good anti-feminazi blog that tackles the issue of anti-male pedo-hysteria (

    4. Did you read my quote properly? I'm complaining that Anglo feminists are posing naked with young children as if it was a Brave New World.

      Meanwhile, I've noticed that Canadian feminists are encouraging police to harass and victimize those Asian women working in those erotic parlours.

      It isn't a just society that a feminist teacher could be naked with Grade One children for sex ed or Gay Pride, but Asian women who offer their bodies consentually for a service are treated like criminals.

  14. One will realize how bad feminism is in the 1st world, that I, someone who grew up in a country that is against homosexuality, is actually on the side of the tranny bwoys.


    Simple answer in that the tranny bwoy is like a Trojan horse to the fempire, and that tranny bwoys reveal the true intentions of these sex-negative Anglo feminists, that is, a white Anglo feminist berating a Black transgender woman for having 'privilege', but claiming that an Anglo feminist who molested a Black baby is a victim of "male gaze" or "patriarchy", or "white supremacy of incels" [though the majority of forced incels are ethnic].

    Grab the popcorns folks!

    1. Yes, I wrote about the Tranny revolution being a masterful Trojan Horse strategy right here:

      I think the Anglo anti-feminist movement is bursting out of the old tradcuck paradigm in some decidedly novel and dynamic directions. Obviously ethno-cultural change across the Anglosphere is playing a big role in this; but also infiltration, subterfuge and clever 'false flag' operations spearheaded by unwitting transsexuals. The old MRA methods - presenting cold evidence and rational argument - got nowhere, largely because women and their cucks are essentially irrational and thus impervious to such methods. But feminazis can be outmanoeuvred by subtler methods which expose their true agenda and the contradictions within.

    2. People living in slums of Bangladesh and India already know that "feminism" these days involve a white woman being allowed to take off her clothes in public and display her nudity, but she also could accuse countless men of sexual harassment though her act of nudity, she claims is not sexual in nature.

      Other hypocrises are the example of feminist Germaine Greer or Christina Sommers purporting that the Black transgender woman is oppressing white women in sports, and that allowing transgenders to use those private unisex washrooms is sexist.

      Which reminds me of complaints from mainly white women at my former campus, that they were finding a hard time finding those disabled only washrooms. The white women weren't disabled, and they were furious that handicapped students and trannies were using the private washrooms (which they are entitled to of course).

      White Anglo women are scheming hypocrites. You're absolutely correct that they virtue signal when it benefits them, and attack any form of change to the White feminist status quo.

  15. I gotta work tomorrow, but I predict that when the weather gets warmer here, the hypocrisy of the dog-effin Angloskank will be on full display like the loose labia string hanging from her booty shorts as she goes to work as a summer camp teacher or swimming instructor for youth.

    They are going to create drama on public transit against men. Time to buy me some large sunglasses and a cap which covers half of my face.

  16. Anonymous3 May 2019 at 02:58

    Feminism is violence against men using the government as a proxy.

    What I observed is that many men I've spoken with in Toronto already are aware that once the feminist sics the thugs in blue, there is no turning back for them.

    They are in avoidance phase as they know a feminist cry wolf accusation is a death sentence for Canadian men.

    I've witnessed middle aged men from India strategically avoiding bus seats near young girls, and there appears to be a growing divide between men and women in Toronto.

    But the Anglobitches don't mind stripping nude for school children or their pets. This is what makes the Anglobitch a bizarre creature.

  17. Rookh Kshatriya3 May 2019 at 10:41

    "It seems obvious that young ethnic males will be a potent force in such a revolt. They are starting to realise that Anglo-feminism is a potent form of racist hyper-hypergamy"

    This was evident while I was attending university in Toronto. White females were considered persons one couldn't flirt or even look at inadvertently unless one was a Sugar daddy sponsor or millionaire.

    There were campaigns to warn men that they will be expelled if they "harass" women on campus.

    The Anglobitch's lifestyle of putting anything between her legs, doing sex with dogs and under age children, and other repulsive acts are incompatible with a sane society, but we live in clown world.

  18. I have a 6th sense that this man was targeted for a secondary inspection because he was staying in Latin America for too long, and away from the Anglobitch Canuck whore.

    It wouldn't be surprising if the CBSA agents were fat, filthy, lesbian feminist dog-fucking cunts:

  19. What does it mean by women dressed in spandex tights pulling down their shirts and drawing attention to themselves, after they looked at me in private business places like supermarkets?

    I've noticed that this is getting quite an eyesore, quite literally... First it was the westernized Asian whore in that bus covering up her cleavage after dressing that way for work, and now loose women dressed in spandex tights covering up their asses when they see me from a distance of several feet.

    It's peculiar and bizarre to see some almost obese phat ass White woman staring at me for a second, and then turning her ass towards my line of sight to pull down her shirt to cover her stinking phat white cottage cheese ass.

    What is the hell they tryna prove?!

    Fuck feminist prudes and the majority of Canuck white women!

    It annoys me to see these white whores dressed like prostitutes, and then doing this bizarre shit to distract me from my daily stuff.

    Those same women who are doing this bizarre cover up their cleavage or ass shit wouldn't have a problem if it was a child or a dog. Heck, they would even strip down to their rancid holes for their pet dogs, while setting up countless innocent men for trumped up sexual harassment charges which are made up by Toronto courts.

    1. Some of this contradictory female behaviour (sexualized puritanism) is best described by my concept of Female Sexual False Consciousness, which is rampant in the Anglosphere.

      I described FSFC at length in an article I wrote for Relampago Furioso's tremendous blog:

      There are lots of excellent articles on there, though a lot of them have an alt right flavour.

    2. Feminist convert TV host Avery Haines lets her chest show when talking to a gay Jamaican battyman, but when she walks on the street (later in the video) her chest is covered up.

      Anglobitches have a weird relationship with gay men and the LGBQ-T community, excepting for the growing resentment of trans-people.

    3. She is probably a racist who thinks all straight black men are rapists, beneath her phoney liberal rhetoric. Her tits are so small they don't take much covering, but so she does. I thought she was a male in drag at first, tbh.

      I must say, I never really considered Canada when I was formulating the Anglobitch Thesis: I thought it largely applied to the UK and USA, which are obvious puritan strongholds because of their religious heritage. All this Canadian misandrist weirdness is a real eye-opener to me. I guess the homosocial/misandrist memes associated with American feminism must have filtered north across the border.

    4. Rookh, it's acceptable for White Canadian women to be racist against brown and yellow men, and they do encourage masculine Black men to become effeminate or gay.

      Canada is good at censoring complaints that are made publicly online. Recently, a few men have been charged with 'hate speech against women' for publishing an online and hard copy of a news rag which offended feminists.

  20. This summer, a man in Canada will see a white woman dressed in booty shorts, going to work as a summer day camp teacher, but if that man looks at her pussy flaps out of curiosity, she will call the cops on him.

    It's also legal for a woman in Toronto to be unclothed in public, even in workplaces!

    It is illegal however, for a man to criticize how the teacher's pussy flaps are showing from her booty shorts.

    It sounds very revolting, but Toronto was where the Slut Walk was born, and Canada had anti-feminist mass murderers way before the Sodinis of the 2000s and Columbines of 1990s.

    Canada is a feminist dictatorship.

    1. I remember being hugely surprised when Marc Lepine (Gharbi) killed all those foids in the engineering college back in the 80s. Since he was not obviously a victimised incel gamma like Cho Sui Seung, my initial instinct was that he was mentally ill. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that Canada has a misandrist/racist underbelly which antagonises ethnic males, causing crimes of this type (that Minassian truck guy was also an ethnic). Coming from traditional cultures where males are more respected, ethnic males obviously feel/experience this misandry much more intensely that white males, who just 'grin and bear it'.

      But what historic and cultural factors lie behind Canadian misandry? It does not have the same puritanical heritage as the US, for example.

  21. It has something to do with the 1776 war, and the Brits who fled America for Upper Canada, Family Compact.

    Canada also doesn't have free speech laws like the USA, so any criticism of Canada ends up being removed from media and online platforms.

    Regarding American women, I travel a lot to the southern states, and the women there seem more feminine than Toronto women.

    They actually have a submissive attitude to them, despite anti-male laws such as VAWA.

    Toronto women always act as if there are at war against men. Those who aren't brainwashed with feminism eventually absorb anti-male agenda like a sponge. Toronto media is more focused on women than the economy, or global affairs. The news must have a feminist lens.

  22. This teacher must have deliberately released her very explicit pornographic videos to her school, but Anglobitches are sacred beings, that the school district had to reach a settlement using American taxpayer dollars.

    She also looked like she wanted to be an attention whore and become famous a la Kim Kardashian sex tape of 2006.

    1. This is what Emily Salazar, a teacher who shares pornographic videos of herself, would have taught her high school science students (NSFW):

      I like that the Google interweb is scrubbing these sordid details of the teacher.

      The teacher also did not lose her license, but a male teacher should be lynched for similar accusations.

      Anglobitches are weird TBH. They act like prudes to men and their husbands, but they fuck like wild animals when it comes to their pets, their underage students or LGBTQ+ movements.

    2. Men lose their jobs without appeal or compensation, for "sexist" tweets, which means that if you offend Emily Salazar, she could report your employer for tweets.


      I don't know if I should be angered, or just laugh at the proverbial Whore of Babylon has no clothes.

    3. Don't forget about the Chads and Tyrones (the 5-20% of the heterosexual male population of the Anglosphere), Trini Youth. The vast majority of Anglopshere women have wild monkey sex with these men while acting like prudes towards the other 80-95% of the heterosexual male population.

    4. True. I've noticed that in the porn video of that teacher Ms. Salazar who was wildly talking huge black cock up inna her 3 holes.

      Wouldn't be scandalous one bit if she was also doing this to her students.

      But she would be covering up her breasts if she walks outside and sees subhuman males.