Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Six Forms of Sexual False Consciousness

Joe Buck projects his Sexual False Consciousness...

'Sexual False Consciousness
 is the widespread male delusion that young, attractive women hand out sex for free. Moreover, not only do they spend every hour of every day handing out free sex, they give it to ageing, blue-collar schlubs in pick-up trucks.'

To some extent, MGTOW is Sexual False Consciousness: autistic neckbeards pretending that women are queuing up to marry them. 'Conservative' MGTOWs (for example, Seung Hui Cho) would have us believe they are deliberately shunning 'promiscuous' women, not studiously ignored by them. Obviously, this is not true of all MGTOWS: some are Boomers stung by Anglo divorce settlements or Crimson Pilled men who want better relationships with non-Anglo women.

That said, many MGTOWs are viewing the contemporary sexual marketplace from the highest peaks of Mount Cope. However, SFC is a complex and curious animal that touches most Anglo-American men at some point in their lives. Without further ado, let us examine the various forms of SFC exhibited by males in the Anglo-American West.

'Shame SFC'

Many males, realising that sexual prowess is a key feature of male status, simply pretend they are having lots of free sex. Is this really SFC? In the strictest sense, probably not; the sexual bullshitter knows perfectly well he is a sexual loser. He is not deluded about his own situation, as in the most extreme forms of SFC. In fact, this form of SFC is so common as to be normal in the Anglosphere: virtually all men lie about their sexual success rates to other men.

'Generational SFC'

GSFC is most common among Baby Boomers, although many Xers also suffer from it (Silent Generation men are on another planet, and so fall outside this analysis). GSFCers simply do not understand that we are now in the Tinder Age, that women have their own jobs and receive endless validation from social media. They also grew up listening to rock music (or early rap music) telling them that women want sex with everybody, which further clouds their understanding of the 21st century sexual marketplace.  Jordan Peterson is a classic example of this type, although almost all Boomer males suffer from the same delusions. Another fiction they cling to is that looks don't matter, mainly because looks mattered much less when women were economically dependent on men in the 50s, 60s and 70s. They also fail to grasp that western society is now openly antagonistic to males and male sexuality (#metoo, #timesup). And then there is the blunt fact that their post-War world was genuinely more sexually liberated than its post-millennium counterpart.

Generational SFC is more impersonal than the other forms, tainting the sufferer's vision of contemporary sexual reality without necessarily warping their own self image. Deluded but not pernicious, they simply do not understand the 21st century and its psycho-sexual conditions. GSFC assumes everyone is white, middle class and having sex all day, completely blind to the the fact that a third of males under 30 are now incels in North America.

It is worth noting that GSFC is frequently 'borrowed' by men of later generations. This can either be caused by cultural osmosis (for example, listening to 60s or 70s rock music) or by direct transfer (for example, listening to the Blue Pilled sexual advice of older male relatives). Whatever the cause, the result is a Millennial or Zoomer completely detached from contemporary sexual reality.

'Conniving SFC'

David Futrelle falls into this category. These are men who peddle SFC in order to build online careers or get media time. Futrelle knows perfectly well that Anglo women are hypergamous and racist; he just pretends otherwise to keep the donations rolling in. We Hunted the Mammoth is his bread and butter, so he necessarily has to placate the assorted trannies, lesbians, post-Wall hags, White/Blue Knights and other coping losers who gather there. 

Again, conniving SFC is a facsimile of the real thing. Futrelle doubtless has a rich sex life with pre-pubescent boys he meets on the seedier backstreets of Chicago, while true SFC requires a high degree of sexual disenfranchisement

'Delusional SFC'

Delusional SFC is very much the real thing, however. DSFCers are typically ugly, fat men who seriously think model tier girls are clamouring to have free sex with them (in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence). What are the roots of DSFC? First, self-delusion: apparently, most men think they are more attractive than they are. DSFC is also fed by the lamestream Anglo-American media spinning Baby Boomer fairy tales about 'Beauty and the Beast' relationships and preaching the 'looks don't matter' myth.

Delusional SFC is strongly linked to low IQ, gullibility and low socio-economic standing (see Blue Knights).

'Cope SFC'

This is an important subset of delusional SFC. Faced with a loveless, sexless future, the Coper actually needs SFC to stave off depression and thoughts of suicide. In consequence, Copers have a hysterical rage against reality itself and many are rabid Blue Knights who hate all mention of the Black Pill and those who dare to preach it. In addition, CSFCers cannot endure any criticism of western women. Personally, I hate them above all other breeds of Anglocuck. Seriously, someone needs to take a Black Pill blowtorch to those people.

'Psychotic SFC'

This is the most extreme and Blue Pilled form of SFC. This is not lies, self-deceit or slight self-delusion; nor is it economic self-interest or merely being trapped in the values of a defunct eraPsychotic SFC involves complete departure from reality. The PSFCer actually believes he is having sex with models all day, even if he is in reality a virgin incel or banging low-tier escorts on the weekend. Many of the posters on the Inceltears reddit suffer from PSFC, especially the noob who runs it (he posts several hundred times a day). Seriously, those people need professional help.

And there they are, the six forms of SFC that daily dupe sexually disenfranchised western males. Unlike Black Pilled incels, I don't have any problem with Chads or Tyrones who are enjoying free sex with multiple women. If someone is gaming the system, power to them. I hate SFC cuckery far more intensely, partly because it is so idiotic but mainly because it is so cowardly, weak and unmanly.

Beyond that, SFC is a vital component in the late capitalist programme. It keeps the system ticking over as sexless mugs toil away like Trojans, thinking they will someday get model tier women if only they 'work a little harder' or 'get a promotion'. This is why the Anglo-American authorities have to stop the Black Pill spreading at all costs and why the Dark Enlightenment is in their cross-hairs.

Are you ready for battle?


  1. The media portraying white girls as clean, liberal, tolerant, peace-loving, law-abiding, open to sex and cultures when she is a cultural imposer and invader to push anti-sex feminism and sexual racism. The white woman also fucks dogs and dates thugs, while sending police on law-abiding men for complimenting her naked body at a feminist protest.

    1. Exactly.
      The white woman has become the 'golden calf' (Christian story) or 'golden deer' (from Ramayana)

      They have elevated themselves to the status of the divine, where people think the white female is good whatever she does. They have warped everyone's minds, and are basically free to act as badly as they want because nobody will call them out

    2. Look! A White woman in her natural habitat sending mating signals to a dog!

    3. Amazing. At first, I thought it was a cgi. She could actually be a four legged animal.

    4. UK Grime Rapper1 March 2020 at 17:56

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      I'm the next UK grime rapper. Ban me!

    5. You won't get any bans here, for producing such fantastic work.

      This Anglobitch Dogpill rapping needs to become a whole Grime genre, IMHO.

      Dogpill Grime.

    6. Rookh, UK rap is banned in the UK under public order and anti-terrorism laws. UK Drill is gaining traction because young men are rapping "nihilistic" and negative lyrics which expose the fraud of modern society (young men being left behind in a feminist society).

    7. It looks be an interesting genre but the women around the singers indicates pure Shame SFC, IMHO. You need to develop a Dogpill Drill style that reflects true incel nihilism, completely free of SFC. Believe me when I say this is what the authorities fear most, since SFC is the glue that keeps the system ticking over:

      *Get a haircut. Buy better clothes. Buy a fancier car. Buy buy buy, spend all your money on this worthless shit, and suddenly and magically she'll be interested in you!*

      Pull the plug on SFC and you pull the plug on the system.

  2. Today I took so many doses of anti-depressants and mixed it with a tiny bit of shrooms, which elevated my mood. I waited a few hours to reach normality.

    I decided to go shopping and I still had the after-effects of the high, but it was stopped instantaneously when I had to checkout my groceries. The cashier, a white attractive Greek-Mediterranean looking 18 to 20 girl with glasses began to treat me like pond scum. She wasn't nice to me. I felt like jumping the tracks on my way home. This is Toronto for you as a brown man. Beware!
    The white nationalist and the feminist HATES YOU. They view all brown men, from the jungles of the Amazon to the Buddhists in Southeast Asia as one RACE: MUSLIMS!

    1. All Anglo women from London to LA are one race: sexual Nazis.

    2. The white woman have shown her true colours. She only pretends to hate white patriarchies, while working as a slave for said white patriarchy and being a eugenicist when discriminating against men based on height, ethnicity and skin colour. White capitalist men are always tall, rich and handsome because they were born into riches. How the fuck can a white whore expect a brown man from the Amazon to become 6ft 5?

  3. Roohk,
    I think the guys are getting it. With the advent of Tinder, women have gotten so hypergamous that very few men are acceptable. In the face of that, delusions for men about the opposite sex are going to be shed like a snake's skin. That is why so many men are self reporting as incels. They have no more illusions. It's the women that have delusions with respect to the opposite sex. They have yet to come to grips with the sexual marketplace breaking down. They are going to have to be told by mainstream news that it is not just them but it is most women that have not been approached in a very long time.
    While I understand that women have made validation a substitute for sex, I have trouble coming to full acceptance. I have to wonder how long women can accept it as a substitute. To begin with, it won't make babies, which is the biological imperative. How long can women continue to buy into feminist lies?

    1. Fuzziewuzziebear,

      Here in Toronto, these #MeToo feminists eventually settle down with Chad or Tyrone; even if it means sharing Chad with 100 other foids. The ones who don't reproduce occupy government and political influence.

    2. My gut reaction to your post is that Toronto women aren't really female. As for women occupying government jobs, when is government going to see that they are under no obligation to provide employment to women with worthless degrees? What possible use can they be? As for sharing Chad, that has to be the result from indulging delusions.

    3. Canada declares war on men, that's why.

    4. I agree more men are getting it. How could they not?

      However, I think we in the Manosphere often exaggerate the reach and impact of our ideas. SFC is still strong because the system is still working, if you get my meaning.

  4. Get a haircut. Buy better clothes. Buy a fancier car.

    Buy buy buy, spend all your money on this worthless shit, and suddenly and magically she'll be interested in you!

    You need more money. Work harder, get promoted - then she'll go for you.

    Pity these assholes aren't interested in buying bridges.

    I'd sell them a bundle.

    1. Sudasa Dashjanya
      Answered Nov 27, 2018
      1. All the said advertisements about Canada being #1 for raising family is a baloney

      a. There are no jobs for anybody who is really skilled at their job and doesnt have family/insider connection here. In fact a person who has served as Technical/Management person for more than a decade with the biggest banks of world in USA is in Call Centre for last 3 years to get 'Canadian Experience' and is too over qualified to get lowest level management jobs. Though it is a known fact that taxi drivers and absolute novices can get the coveted job of Project Manager once the insider connection has been made by whatever means possible

      b.Wilful subjugation of Men - Right from a 5 year old who goes to the school it is repeated over and over that Girls are pure and Boys are corrupt bullies who need to be emasculated. Any signs of boisterness by boys are seen as signs of being a psychopathic nature . This happens ad nauseam in from early childhood to schools to Jobs and everywhere . Infact when asked for help a top women executive stated that men should be discarded and remain depressed as this is a womens country and only they have right to grow.

      c. The place is at least 50% pricier than comparative services in USA Housing rent is above $2500/per month for decent apartment and with a epidemic of bed lice for hightest rent in the world this can kill any savings you bring from home.

      d.The only good part about this is that TN visa can help you find a job in USA once you have citizenship.But with coming in of trump TN visa is very hard to get. So you are left with a Call centre job, risk pawning your family for livelihood and weather that can kill you if you forget put on six layers of clothes even for 30 seconds.

      Anybody who has a boy or is a family man risks his savings , his respect , family life and the boy turned into wimp, man into depressed beggar and their honor being sold .

      10.1k views · View 28 Upvoters · View Sharers

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  8. *Lesbian sex dykes broken like Utrecht,
    Flood the capitol
    with migrants
    tweet #rape culture
    White cracka shoot up a mosque
    but get no sex from her*

    I love the clever reference to 'Cope' SFC in these lines. The whole alt-right Blue Knight thing about defending white wimminz is utterly risible: defending women who fuck dogs and kids while spitting on sub-8 men?

    *White woman fuck anything, except men she perceives
    as sub8s, relegated into incelicy.*

    There it is, the nail on the head.

    1. UK DRILL rapper2 March 2020 at 10:22

      Incel rapper didn't even invest in a major label, yet almost has 500,000 views combined for his incel music. This famous one has almost 200,000 views:

    2. When you consider that a third of American males under 30 have not had sex in a year, you realise there is a huge market for incel-related products: tens of millions of young men.

      It amazes me that no one has seen that this is a huge consumer demographic just waiting to be tapped.

      Don't tell us about the incel Grime music you want to make... DO IT! The manosphere will take care of the concepts while you project them into the public sphere.

    3. Everything you say is true and then some. If some product manufacturer ever went there, the screeching from feminists would be unending. What an amusing concept to contemplate!

  9. This young man is a product of his post-feminist society. Can't blame him for trying to become an incel rapper doing cover songs of incel raps:

  10. Did a feminazi report your website?

    1. Yes, the hosting company received a complaint about 'Hate Speech'. I had already backed up all the articles from the site and will post them them on an alternative venue, if need be.

      However, I would suggest you make copies of all the articles and discussions on here, as Richard Scarecrow has done.

    2. Can you appeal or find out who complained? If in a court of law one has the right to see a plaintiff, then I guess that one can get a discovery process to find out who complained. One complaint seems bizarre for me...

    3. I haven't made copies of the newest stuff. And man am i busy lately. I'll try to re get everything this week...

    4. I have posted all the essays from on this site.

      They can be accessed at the bottom of the right sidebar.

  11. White women fuck dogs!

    1. Whitney Wisconsin fucks dogs! She drinks dog urine while preaching hate on men on her social media! This is a pic of the dog fucking white whore!

  12. Toronto is a feminist totalitarian state. They send lawyers on people who criticize the feminist teachers:

  13. What is the use of trying hard and living life in the Anglosphere?

    1. Just get a haircut and a shower bro, all the girls will love you bro, just tidy your room like 'Dr' Jordan Peterson says and everything will be all right bro, no problem.

    2. I hate Boomers.

    3. Toronto holes don't like me, but if I post this publicly, I'm viewed as the bad "incel". No wonder most of my male friends since high school have committed suicide or have died homeless in the freezing cold.

  14. Canada is a feminist shithole where if you are not the top 1% of the "white patriarchy", you are shunned, despised, hated, and treated as the patriarchy. Quite ironic. Toronto feminists fight against middle and blue collar classes of men, but they would keep it a secret if the CEO of Bridle Path Inc rapes them and feeds their aborted fetus to Jeffrey Epstein six months later.

  15. I'm slowly watching the demise of a Chinese photographer who is falsely accuse of sexual assault for taking photos of a model while she was nude:

    1. Toronto womyn love to go to Jamaica to get some BBC, but they falsely accuse a Jamaican of Chinese descent of rape. Wow.

  16. Whenever I go into the convenience store in Toronto, there is always middle-aged ethnic men, mostly brown men, who gamble all the time. They want to leave Toronto. The women are horrible, and ethnic women would take the side of the white nationalist than to listen to the struggles of their ethnic counterpart.

  17. Alek Minassian was a victim of the terrible Anglobitches of Toronto:


    1. FUCK MANE!
      As an ethnic, I feel totally trapped in Toronto. It's not like I can move somewhere warmer or in a smaller city because the white nationalist will harass me and bait me to fight back like a freedom fighter.

      The white woman is a dog-fucking pedowhore, but the thirst is real in Toronto that the feminist will ALWAYS get a man to marry.

    2. Toronto is a feminist police state:

  19. In 18 years from today that Hapa boy might wish that the Ford Raptor did run him over:

    White woman marries wealthy Chinese dude, but the son is a future incel unless he inherits money.

    1. He might well be a future incel even if he does.

  20. Hating Islam is just a mask to hide [anti-brown] racism.

  21. The white whoreman has taken the jobs away from men, while demanding the top 0.01% of income earners, and men over 6 feet in stature. She fucks a dog and sucks the cock of an underage boy, but she hates the bottom 99.9999% of men with anger, not knowing one day, she is the widow of an Alpha!

    1. This is an interesting snippet from Richard Scarecrow's blog, describing the women of his youth:

      'I had no girlfriends - when I approached women - and I did so too many times to count - I got extremely hostile reactions. For example, I would say something akin to 'Hello', and I would get responses like 'Fuck you', "Fuck off', "I am like way out of your league', 'Yeah right, I am too good to talk to you', 'Get lost', 'Don't look at me - I am too good for you', ...sometimes I would get laughter and a mumbly response like 'yeah right' - other times the women would just pretend not to hear me, roll their eyes and shake their head - you get the point.'

      A few years later the same cunts are wondering why men don't 'man up' and marry their disease-ridden asses.

    2. Rookh, some men complained (on YouTube) that in Toronto clubs, police are trained to be on call for any complaints of men approaching women in clubs.

    3. So why do they go to clubs at all? Why don't they just become lesbians and go to lesbian clubs?

      It is like they want to be 'selectively heterosexual', presenting as heterosexual but utterly hostile to heterosexuality. Their whole mentality is riddled with contradictions.

    4. They want Chads, Tyrones and dogs. This comic sums it up:

    5. The two lesbians should have met a large, well-endowed dog instead of Batman.

      Also, where did they get their bags of dollars from? Webcamming for simps?

  22. The Anglobitch is naked with her son who plays with her titties. If YouTube views it as legal and not violation of their TOS then it's okay to share:

  23. Approaching women in Australia is a hate crime:

    1. At base, Anglo-puritanical rags like the DM don't want people having sex at all. To them, normal gender interaction is a kind of blasphemy. Note how the pictures show 'predatory' non-white males, underpinning the sexual fascism endemic in the Anglosphere.

      Classic repressive, racist Anglo drivel from the 17th Century.

    2. The British media would be more than happy to upload a full size photo of a naked white cunt who is teaching her six-year-young son how to eat her pussy.

    3. True, but puritanism is inherently deviant.

    4. Teacher strips for GRADE 3 students:

  24. Feminists complain rape hoaxes to take the jobs away from innocent males.

  25. Being an 'incel' is stigmatized, yet if an 'incel' approaches women, he might go in jail to get raped by his fellow prisoners. Even then; he will still be labelled an 'incel'.

    Cruel world because of the Anglobitch. I wouldn't shed a tear if the Coronavirus mutates to genocide the racist Boomers and their fellow left-wing morons.

  26. rollerblading geek
    2 months ago
    They're not freaking out because of the suit, they're freaking out because they can see the teachers body shape, which is quite disturbing for any child.


    Anne r.a.m.
    Anne r.a.m.
    2 months ago
    You ever been to the gymnastics or swimming pool/beach?

    rollerblading geek
    rollerblading geek
    2 months ago
    Anne Ram not with a naked pedophile teacher no

  27. Have any of you ethics been on seeking arrangement?

    I am a decent looking brown guy in Australia and had some hot white women wanting to meet me.

    I gave them a couple hundred and they sent me pics of tits ass and pussy. One hot blonde even got insecure that I didn't message her for a few days lol. Thought I didn't like her body.

    If you can spend a few hundred on a woman a week, there are lots of hot white women wanting to meet

    1. Grade 3 students in Spain get to see Ms. Duque strip and flash her thong, FOR FREE! Where were these pedophile feminist teachers when I was 7?

    2. 8 yo students get FREE lap dances from their teacher, and likely some FREE sex which goes unreported:

  28. Toronto Police don't care if you are a brown man and attacked by school bullies who likely get to see their teachers naked to fuck the feminist teacher:

  29. UK DRILL RAPPER11 March 2020 at 02:17

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    1. Tremendous work.

      Also completely true - women can get any man locked up on a whim while fucking dogs and getting naked with children.

      You could not make it up.

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    4. Fantastic Dogpill rapping, right there.

      You might want to write some material about Blue Knight Anglofags with rampant SFC inventing sexual escapades and dissing ethnicels while the Anglobitches they idolise are fucking Fido behind closed doors.

  30. EDM Red Pill music:

    1. Female doctors in Toronto use police as strong arm agents of persecuting innocent men, while the thugs, gangbangers and rapists get off scot-free, and are loved by the Toronto WHORE:

    2. This is the second time that this incident has been pointed out. What happened to doctor/patient privilege? Also, didn't Alexander Solzhenitsyn warn us of this? My two cents is that this guy should hop on the next bus out of Ontario and not leave a forwarding address.The community has gone off the deep end. This does not bode well for rational men.

    3. Cop tells the man to "plead guilty" for criminal harassment!

    4. The yuge issue with Toronto is that gangbangers who possess stolen plates and firearms get probation for murdering people, while offending a feminist cunt can get one into a lifetime of trials, tribulations and imprisonment.
      Justin Trudeau gave Omar Khadr 10 MILLION CANADIAN DOLLARS for murdering US soldiers in Afghanistan working as a child soldier for the Taliban.

    5. I have seen that empty look on the faces of many anglo women, that is on the face of that blonde Toronto physician.

      It is a look of total emptiness- no humanity, no empathy, no warmth, no connection.

      Her brain is fried from so much materialism and thirsty male attention that she can't connect to another person

      It can be infuriating if you let it get to you.

    6. Trust me man. Toronto holes will make you go insane.
      During summer, they dress more skimpier than whores at the strip clubs, but if they see you, they immediately cover up their cleavage or ass, whatever was on full display.
      The Toronto foid is like a virus and a cancer that consumes the soul of a nation. No love unless you're Chad, Tyrone, the school bully or a dog.

  31. ZE WHITE FEMINIST whore has taken everything away from us young men.

    GONE are the days where you can find someone who loves you unconditionally

    GONE are the days that you can be a proud dad,
    because instead of seeing your daughter grow up to be a woman, or your son to continue your legacy, the WHITE FEMINIST WHORE will brainwash your daughter to HATE YOU and #MeToo you, and brainwash your son to become a transgender homosexual, while FUCKING your sons and daughters for sexual education classes.


    1. The Anglobitch Toronto cunt is nothing more but a public toilet for a dog. The world would be better off without these feminist cum buckets and toilets spreading toxic man-hating while giving free sex to dogs, school bullies and the top 1% of men.

  32. God should spread the coronavirus to mutate in a way that it affects these feminist toilets due to the STDs. This will be a day of glory once the corona mutates.

    Feminist doctor summons the York Regional Police, but the judge doesn't have the complaint!

    1. Why do I get the feeling that the Steve Katsikaris guy might end up on the front page of the Canadian and British newspapers in the future? He might become hated on for being an 'incel' and 'white male supremacist'. He might CHOose the path of a hERo for Canada.

    2. If the prosecution is witholding evidence, I would bet a honey glazed doughnut that there is enough there to make the case for the defense. I hate losing doughnuts. In the meanwhile, it would be a good idea for men to avoid Ryerson University's clinic. Doc-in-the-box can't be that expensive.Do you think they might figure that one out at Ryerson?

    3. Toronto is a heaven for women, but hell for men. I'm going to lose my apartment next month. Right now I'm dosing on some opiates right now. I can't stand the feminist women and the feminist culture. I can't find a job to leave this god forsaken city.

    4. Apartmentcel

      Are you ethnic/brown/Indian?

      Damn those cunts have priced it so high huh?

    5. Yes I am "brown". Half-Indian and Half-German.
      These Desi cunts from India are the same as the Anglobitches, though less tyrannical because the white woman is the God of Canada.

  34. Fuzzie, this isn't the first time that I've heard of men in Toronto being persecuted by the state for standing up to the feminist oppressor. The court order from the Ontario Principals' Council to several US District courts regarding libel was one of the most bizarre cases that I've ever seen in my life. Supposedly, after the Mary Gowans scandal, students and parents thought it would be okay to complain about teachers online---that is, until the teachers themselves starting suing for libel. However, male teachers continue to be falsely accused. The female in Toronto is considered a God.

    1. Torontocel,
      First question, why would US courts have to give any weight to a court order from outside the US?
      Second, so now it is alright to criticize male teachers while not a word is to be said against female teachers? Is this enforced by Canadian courts? I think we have a problem, one that sophistry is not going to solve.
      The more I hear about Toronto, the worse it gets. From where I sit, the cost of living is enough motivation to bail. Why do feminists have to pile on more?

    2. Female Toronto teachers are allowed to be naked around minor students. It was documented on a men's rights board before it was taken down. The Toronto Police stated on the record that a female teacher can't be investigated for a crime if she is nude in class. This could explain why the Toronto feminazi teachers are using libel chill to censor dissent. They don't want anyone to know the fuckery that goes on inside the classrooms regarding naked female teachers and feminist war on boys. The feminist teacher who wore a strap on dildo was actually teaching sexual education inside a Toronto elementary school.

    3. Torontocel,
      I am older than you. Had that happened while I was in school, people would have gone apeshit. The laws that would have applied then still have to be on the books. "Contributing to the delinquency of a minor" comes to mind. It is going to be a real shock to feminists when people lose patience with their antics and they get prosecuted.

    4. Fuzziewuzziebear,
      A few men told me during a men's right meeting a few years ago that they remembered their feministic teacher coming to class with nipples showing, wearing bikinis and talking with them alone in rooms---things that male teachers would be afraid of doing, even in the workplace with female co-workers.
      A few of the guys complained, but they were gagged by Toronto Police and threatened with jail time because most of the feministic teachers became school administrators and had more clout in the government hierarchy. Canada is a hell for sub8 mens.

    5. Torontocel,
      If the feminists have suborned the police, the town is not fit for men to live in. I left California with less reason. It was because of the cost of living. Don't reward the community with your service.
      I did have an amusing thought. If enough men leave, they may try employing bears to take out the trash.

    6. Fuzzie,
      Canada doesn't have as many cities or states like the USA. Toronto is a trap. There is no where else to leave. This is why I have to od on antidepressants and opiates every single day.

  35. In Re Application of Ontario Principals' Council, Gordana Stefulic, Vivian Mavrou, Varla Abrams
    Movant: Varla Abrams, Vivian Mavrou, Gordana Stefulic and Ontario Principals' Councel
    Case Number: 5:2014mc80186
    Filed: June 18, 2014
    Court: US District Court for the Northern District of California
    Office: San Jose Office
    County: Santa Clara
    Presiding Judge: Beth Labson Freeman

    1. Thank you. I seem to remember something else filed there that was overtly feminist friendly. There is probably a lot more.


    3. Applicants show nothing to demonstrate that the Giglinx subscriber and the
      defendant Topix user will be the same individual. The potential to draw numerous
      innocent internet users into the litigation, placing a burden upon them, outweighs
      Applicants’ need for the discovery. Granting Applicants the form of relief that it seeks
      would impermissibly allow them to subpoena an ISP to obtain the detailed personal
      information of unknown numbers of unrelated individuals that Applicants could never
      make party to its foreign suit and potentially subject them to onerous, invasive discovery.
      This risk is evident by Applicants’ failure to previously obtain this information despite
      the series of other similar discovery requests sought in other district courts throughout the
      United States. See In re ex parte Application of Ontario Principals’ Council, 5:13–mc–
      80237–LHK–PSG, 2013 WL 6073517 (N.D. Cal. Nov. 8, 2013); In re Application of
      Ontario Principals’ Council, 2:13-mc-00120-LKK-KJN, 2013 WL 6844545 (E.D. Cal.
      Dec. 23, 2013); In Re Application of Ontario Principals’ Council, 5:14-mc-80186-BLF
      (N.D. Cal. Jun. 18, 2014). Therefore, the Court declines to exercise its discretion and will
      deny the application. Accordingly,

  36. White upper class women complaining of the wage gap. Only ONE token black gurl was allowed for this video regarding a wage gap:
    Marc Lepine saw the righting on the wall and supposedly fought back.

  37. The Meme gender. Feminist cunt gets 'fucked' by snowman:

  38. Lifefuel: Corona Chad can last for days.

    Feminist bureaucrats who work in crowded government offices most likely to become infected.

  39. That body of the white woman that you admire - It sweats and produces rotten B.O like dog fur.

    That mouth that you long to kiss - It's a halitosis-smelling cave that shoots out gross chunks of vomit and Chad cum.

    That ass that you long to grab - It produces some of the most vile feces, diarrhea, and farts on a daily basis.

    That pussy that you long to fuck - It stinks like smegma, it sprays piss everywhere, and it menstruates a revolting red substance.

    When you think of all that, it's hard to imagine why anyone should even be attracted to these vermin.

    1. That is one of the most gripping, powerful pieces of writing that has ever appeared on here.

      I'm thinking of doing a post that celebrates the poetry of Anglobitch, and this piece would definitely be on there.

      I particularly like the way the poem engages all the senses, invoking the full horror of the Anglobitch. And white women do indeed smell like dogs when they sweat.

    2. I went through macdonalds drive thru to get a coffee other day,and the white woman who took my change smelled so profusely like the lard from fast food (I forgot what its called but it's what you smell like when you have a fast food diet).

      She had acne on her face and her pale skin was stinking.

      Looked and smelled like white trash.

      I had to hold my nose while paying.

    3. Not to divert the thread, but watching a documentary about people hitting up fast food places for used vegetable oil. They end up fighting cravings for french fries when they run their vehicles on it.

  40. Was this man falsely accused of harassing a feminist cunt?

    1. It has all the earmarks. May he rest in peace.

    2. You're right doc. A man who had a wife and two kids suddenly decided to kill himself because of paranoid delusions...Can't make this shit up:

      Who wants to bet that the man caught his wife getting fucked by the pet dog, or giving a free bbbj to a 12yo and the Toronto Police started harassing him for false allegations of domestic violence or misogyny?

  41. UK DRILL RAPPER18 March 2020 at 02:45

    White woman
    hate us
    but they can't break us
    their dog-fuck videos viral
    like coronavirus.

    White dog-fucking stinking whore
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    wait...close the borders
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    This ain't no mosque man.

    White woman blowjobs
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    K-9 cops in my hood
    White woman police MAN
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    White woman walking naked on the fucking street
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    Coronavirus should kill y'all Chads and Stacys, like the Spanish flu.

  42. UK Drill rapper18 March 2020 at 02:50

    White woman showing her anus
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    but if she feels objectified the police are summoned.

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    White woman perverted more than Satan.

  43. UK Drill Rapper18 March 2020 at 02:53

    He wanna be Adam Lanza
    abused as a child
    white woman called the cops
    because she was a pedophile.

    White woman abused him
    used him,
    told him that he was a rapist
    at age 5
    after seeing her naked
    at a Gay Pride

    He wanna be Adam Lanza
    when he grow up,
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    like Pearl Harbour

    White woman naked
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    crying rape
    to the lonely boy who was ashamed
    to see his teacher naked
    for sexual education
    He wants to be Adam Lanza when he grows up
    the white woman was his curse.

  44. UK Drill rapper18 March 2020 at 03:00

    Please don't harass that white lady,
    coz she stripping naked for school children,
    Get a public order charge
    time in prison
    If she complains,
    that You were looking

    What the fuck are you?
    You an incel?
    How dare you objectify white angels?
    No I'm not Marc Lepine
    but trust me
    if he was breathing
    he would jump off a bridge
    to sever ties with feminist society

    Please don't harass that white lady
    coz she gotta show her pussy to babies
    Public order charge if you offend her,
    It's her mandate to have sex with children.

    1. Fantastic work. I particularly like the references to incel idols and lore, such as Marc Lepine, Adam Lanza and the Dog Pill.

      It's also all true! Women can get away with literally anything in Canada and the rest of the Anglosphere, with the connivance of the cucked authorities.

      When is your YouTube channel going to become available?

    2. A thousand years of Dogpilled hate
      Make a brown man turn and question fate;
      Why, of all the times and places
      Are we trapped among these Anglo races?
      With their evil women showing kids their dugs
      Then looking hard down on the Blue knight mugs;
      Is this noble, a culture high
      Or an Anglobitch-infested sty?
      One law for women, another for men -
      Apartheid coming right back again;
      Bitches exalted on marble thrones,
      Brown janitor sits in his slum alone;
      Popping the pills for his trips exotic -
      Escape from the Anglosphere despotic.

      But enough of all this mournful flannel:
      We want this Dogpill music channel.

    3. UK DRILL RAPPER18 March 2020 at 11:15

      You make sicker rhymes than me Doc lol

    4. 'looking hard down' should 'looking down hard', though.

      That is what the Anglobitch does, she looks down hard on men she deems unworthy, while hurrying home to fuck a dog or molest a child.

      Hip Hop was strong in the 80s and 90s but has become mired in rampant SFC in recent years.

      It needs rescuing by Dogpill Drill, the music of critical inceldom.

  45. Probably a Dog-fucking pedophile racist Karen in Toronto harassing Asian girls at Metro grocery store:

    1. Toronto women will not be able to repair their reputation in their lifetime.

    2. There is no turning back when you become a victim of the Chanty Binx virus.

    3. I came to Canada with smiles on my face and dreams of a brighter future (2012).

      Now, I'm miserable as fuck, feel disenfranchised and am stuck in quarantine because a feminist cunt on the bus accused me of having the COVID19 virus and Toronto Police took her side. Fuck my life [2020].

      The white Anglobitch in Toronto is a Karen who sleeps with dogs, children and supplements to cock such as lesbians and dildos.

      The white woman WILL shorten your lifespan because there is NO ONE who cares fuck all if some red-haired man-hating cunts sends police and ambulance chasers on you.

    4. Toronto is a feminazi police state. Testimonies from political prisoner Steve Katsikaris who was a victim of Dr. Brooke Hogarth:

  46. UK DRILL RAPPER19 March 2020 at 21:55

    Incel Rap Mixtape by EGGWHITE:

  47. White woman
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    she sends the police
    orders from the Queen
    recolonise like Asian seas
    ricecel, currycel, blackcel
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    the pain in your eyes
    white woman want to fuck you over---Alive
    Adam Lanza where you at?
    The white woman caused your death!

  48. What do dogs and white women have in common?
    Neither one of them will have kids!



  51. Toronto women are hell for men that they roll like dogs on the subway tracks lol

  52. This is living proof that being a YouTube thot whore while working as a medical resident doctor is life on tutorial mode for this Canadian Anglobitch:

    1. American whores in nursing and doctors:

  53. There is something very wrong here. Sexual attractiveness has little to do with proficiency as a nurse. Maybe Clara Barton was right. Only hire ugly ones.

    1. Foids complain that they are being 'objectified' when they are pulling down their panties and skinning open their butt holes and pussy flaps with patients inside the medical offices and classrooms filled with children. Then they show the world their butt holes, tits and pussy flaps smdh

    2. The Anglobitch in her natural state while taking away job from men using bogus sexual harassment claims:

    3. Notice how Reddit allows porn pics yet bans MRA rights Reddit?
      r/shortcels has been banned from Reddit
      This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against posting violent content.

  54. YOU'RE A N-I-**ER, says racist Karen. I hope that she does this to a Tyrone and he murders her for being a racist cunt.

    Tyrone should also "accidentally" discharge his glock on her entire family who like to say the n-word too. Fucking racist feminazis. Feminazis on the streets but KKK in the sheets:

    1. It's a small compensation. The internet is forever.

    2. Fuzzie, the EU has the right to forget law. Female teachers who were on the news apply for search results to be removed regarding their teacher fucking student affairs.

    3. Anon,
      I have to wonder. Britain is out and a lot of member states are threatening to leave. We may see the end of the EU and their unworkable laws in our lifetimes.

    4. Google might enforce the law regardless. This doesn't stop those nurses from complaining that "incels" and "MRAs" are making fun of a picture that she uploaded on Reddit because she showed her anus and her pussy at the workplace.

  55. No wonder why American healthcare is expensive. The nurses get paid to show their assholes and pussy on the camera for the internet while at work:

    If someone compliments her anus while she does that at work, does that constitute sexual harassment as she is showing her anus for the world to see? Sheer shit these feminist cunts cause on men in the workplace.

  56. If men lose their jobs for posting "sexist" jokes on their college account while they were freshmen a decade ago, then I believe that these nurses should be reported for showing their breasts, pussy and anus for the internet. Who knows if underage patients get to see their nurse's or doctor's anus or pussy to fuck while the doctors get paid?

  57. There is a benefit to the "Gone Wild Scrubs". These women are revealing their character. It's not pretty.

    1. But they still have a job, but if a man makes a joke during his college years decades ago, he can lose his job today. How many men can lose their jobs for complimenting their nurse's anus on Reddit or Twitter?

    2. if this "doctor" shows you her pussy, does that constitute sexual harassment?

  58. #DogPill, #BlackPill, #Vantablackpill and now #NURSEPILL.

    Never have I seen cunts who slack off the job by posting nude selfies on Reddit boards that have almost 200,000 signed up members. Meanwhile, men are losing their jobs for browsing MRA sites not only at work, but at their private homes!

  59. This is the greatness of the American cunt. What comes from there is the only thing that the American whore has to offer to society...SSHIT!

  60. This Ameroskank nurse wears thongs to work, and her asshole has leftover shit in her crease. This is what they get paid for? To show their asshole and pussy for Reddit?



  62. When women pull this shit, it is telling me that sexual elitism isn't working for them. They'll stoop to doing anything to attract Chad who they call a douchebag behind his back.

    1. Femoid nurses, doctors and teachers aren't being reprimanded for taking pictures of their private parts during work hours though.

    2. The point is that it is not working. If women were getting enough, would they be pulling this shit? What they have done is to make sexual failures out of themselves. Hard to believe, but the evidence is right in front of our eyes.

    3. Foids are the Meme gender. They take pics of their pussy and anuses for Chad and Tyrone, but the sub8 men get police charges for criminal harassment. This is what happens when a cunt falsely accuses innocent men of harassment:

      What should shock you is that there might come a time where the nurse is showing her anus to a minor in the emergency room, and if you accidentally see her, she will accuse you of rape or objectifying her shit hole. These foids are messed up in the head. They belong in the mental institution. Which professional takes pictures of their pussy and anuses for a worldwide audience? Are they pornstars? Being a doctor doesn't pay well? Overpaid unionized teachers don't pay well either? Why show your pussy and your anus to a 12 year old audience on Reddit then feminaxi cunt while if a real man comments or complains, he goes to jail!

  63. This Anglobitch whore should be reported for taking breast pics at work:

  64. Not that I am going to go looking, but didn't Florence Nightengale have some harsh comments to make about nurses?
    After seeing some of the pics, I came to the conclusion that these women can't be taken seriously. On any subject.

    1. Those nurses are getting paid at least $25/hr to take pics of their poop holes and pussys for Reddit, using the public healthcare system tax dollars to fund their incompetence.

  65. The Meme gender:

  66. Hey brown men!
    Wonder why these white foids pull down their shirts or cover their body parts when they see you?

    They HATE you, because they show their bare asses, tits, shit holes and pussy holes for FREE on Reddit and to an audience of teenage boys!

    The white woman deserves to be sent to FEMA camps and left there to rot!

  67. This nurse's ass looks like it has a pox infection:

    This bitch is gonna spread a epidemic in this hospital where she is working by showing her bare pox ass in the workplace.

  68. This summer is going to be suifuel for young men. The foids will dress almost naked, while speed dialing the police or the neighbourhood thug to deal with "stare rapists". If there is a G*d, he should spread a pandemic which affects only the foids. Anon at March 31 02:12 mentioned that a nurse's butt has a pox virus. This could be the pandemic that nurses are starting when they show their holes on camera at a crowded hospital. Who knows how many patients are infected from the pox virus and the STD holes from the nurses? G*d should judge those whores. At least the street hooker doesn't spread her ass cheeks and take pics of her roast beef curtains and butthole in public spaces.

  69. UK DRILL RAPPER31 March 2020 at 22:22

    The white woman pussy showing
    in front of all these children
    I asked the bitch
    What the fuck hoe, what you doing?
    The bitch said
    "Dude, please you're misogyny
    Can you kindly go back to your shit country?"

    Fucking white hoe diss my country ain't it?
    25 to life just being patriotic?
    Fucking white hoe let those children see it
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    White woman taught little Johnny how to fuck her
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    wipe out these Anglobitches
    scorched earth policy
    The white woman
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    fucking trees
    Fucking everyone else
    but straight men.

  70. UK DRILL RAPPER31 March 2020 at 22:27

    White woman don't get my respect
    She fucking dogs and barely teens yet
    Thinking she is the moral judge
    while taking one from a baby in the crib

    White woman filthy vermin
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    Scotland Yard got warrants for me
    for offending these
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    What the fuckety fuck?
    She reported me to Hate crimes unit
    While she was naked with an infant
    yet I am the one to be the villain?

    The white woman is garbage and filth
    the world can do better
    without their ill
    The white woman pussy smell stink
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  71. The feminazi world is fucked up. We have to be wealthy, tall (a sign of good nutrition= money for quality food), and also have a big dick to get a chance to date an Anglobitch, yet the same Anglobitch has no problem showing her naked body to minors or uploading nude pics to school bullies for sex.

  72. This nurse used to work at a children's hospital. Look at how she is at work without a bra:

    The white woman covers herself more than a Muslim costume when she sees a man, but when she is around children, she is indeed naked with them. I really pray to God to end my suffering with these Anglo cunts. I feel like my life is at its end. I'm only 25 years old, and I feel like my life expectancy has reached it's decline.

  73. The white woman and the only thing that she can offer to society while working an essential service job in a hospital. God help us if she is a nurse at a children's hospital:

  74. Anon @13:19,
    Praying to God may be the best idea proposed here yet. After all, He made women. Appealing to them with reason is futile.

    1. This is what a white woman does at work:

      Why the fuck does she have a butt plug up her ass? Do we, the taxpayer, have to pay for her future health issues?

    2. Also, a wedding ring without an engagement ring.

    3. Wedding ring without an engagement ring:

    4. I don't know what is up with the rings. Could single nurses be wearing wedding rings for the hell of it? I thought that was one of the last social conventions that women would play with. I guess that they don't care anymore.

    5. Fuzziebear, they are married and they like showing off their pussies to hundreds of thousands of horny boys on Reddit. Yet men lose their jobs for using their personal accounts to post opinions on their private accounts.

    6. I shouldn't be shocked by this, but married women shouldn't advertise. It's cruel and unnecessary.

    7. Fuzzie there is no turning back. These bitches ain't Kosher. These empowered cunts are at a stage where only G*d has to intervene. Shalom.

    8. He doesn't need to intervene, but He could at least talk to us. We need a solution and logic doesn't work with women.

  75. Rookh once theorised that there is a business to cater to these independent wamminz...Wrong!

    Every company that caters to woman is a monopoly, including music and Hollywood. Thousands of pre-teen and teenage girls line up at Drake's Toronto mansion to offer their holes, while talented rappers are forced to cancel shows because of COVID19.

  76. Look at how that nurse spreads open her pussy to show her gateway to hell. Fucking filthy whore getting paid to show her pussy for the camera.

  77. Those nurses strip during work. Meanwhile:

    Did you know that Dr. Sarah Ellis takes videos of herself nude with her children, before she was reported? Now she is returning to taking videos of herself with her stomach exposed around her children. She might have sex with them soon.

  78. Where is Dr kshatriya?

    I hope he hasn't been killed by corona virus.

    1. He has been quiet, but I don't think he is dead. While he may be preparing for a pandemic, I hope that his services will not be needed. He does take long absences from the blog.

  79. This cunt has a "bad memory", and she also lived in both the same houses where Steve Katsikaris lives in Kawartha Lakes and his father live in Oshawa? Something doesn't add up? Coincidence or is it a conspiracy?

    1. This is what foids do to innocent men in Canada:


  80. Why is this former whore a nurse? Does she suck cock?

    1. Physical therapist Dr. Sarah Ellis is acting creepy when she allows her diaper wearing son to push his face in her ass while doing yoga. Makes one wonder why is she laughing when the toddler is putting his nose in her ass. Does she get turned on when she does these things to children? I pray to Jesus that Child services or some trigger happy cop goes postal in her home:

  81. Nice blog. You're a veteran of the manosphere. I am glad you talk about incels in this place.

  82. Stacy should have passed away from Coronachan. Fucking whore:

  83. When her son grows up and remembers the days of seeing Dr. Sarah Ellis naked and doing sexual acts with her, he will see these videos and eventually become a future incel.

    1. The problem is that fucking butch looked like the type of feminist cunt who falsely accused hundreds of men on campus of harassment and rape, yet she lets her son put his face in her ass crack. If there is a G*d, he should send a trigger happy cop to visit her home. Oh wait, she is a WHITE ANGLOCUNT and not a black woman. G*d please do something with that cockteasing "doctor" Sarah Ellis!

    2. This fucking cunt lives in a middle class American home with granite shelves, while the men that she most likely falsely accused in her younger days are homeless or dead.

      She lets her diaper wearing son to push his face in her ass and jump on her back while she walks like a dog lol.



  85. I wonder what the relationship between MGTOW and Incels is?

    Do incels actually move into MGTOWdom?

    1. I Hate white women11 April 2020 at 02:36

      No they do not coz r/incels contend that MGTOW is a cope made by Boomers who already had sex, but are now divorced while their ex-wives have sex with dogs, babies and man-hating women wearing dildos.

    2. While many mgtow men are divorced Boomers, many are just young incels in denial. Pretending sexual failure is a lifestyle choice, or something.

  86. We are living in the Last Days. Little do feminazis know that the Day of Judgement will come to assess them like a thief in the night. COVID-19 is a beta test for a future worldwide pandemic that is about to come.

  87. This is why we shoudnt give Anglobitches good paying and recession-free jobs:

    Patients would have to smell her stink pussy because she is wearing no underwear underneath her scrubs. Fucking despicable.

    1. Why does this nurse's pussy look filthy like spoiled tuna?

      Will that cunt sue me for sexual harassment for posting this? LOL

    2. I HATE WHITE WOMEN11 April 2020 at 18:53

      Is that a woman or a tranny? White women have some of the most disgusting looking holes, ever!

  88. What dafuq is wrong with Toronto cunts? They are either fat landwhales, or muscular Popeyes lol

  89. White woman walk naked on the street and have sex with animals and babies. Nuff said!