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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Untimely Meditations

Greetings, friends. Here, I unburden myself of various thoughts that have been building up a head of steam in me, as it were, in a spirit of complete honesty.

Why Are Women not Attracted to Intelligence?
This is much discussed on a variety of mra blogs and other fora. Indeed, their attraction to moronic sociopaths is even more significant as it helped create the dangerous Anglo-American underclass. As a medical Doctor, I have come to believe the answer lies principally in genetics. The male contributes an X or a Y chromosome to his offspring, which determines its gender. The X makes a girl (XX) the Y makes a boy (XY). So far, so good. The problem with the Y is that it is a stunted, error-prone chromosome that is largely reconstituted by the X. This is why males tend to exhibit more extreme characteristics than females - this reconstitution process produces an individual with greater variance potential. This is also why males take after the mother more than the father, or why females take more after the father - his genetic contribution to a female child is more complete, being derived from his X chromosome. Though intelligence is of primary adaptive value to males, intelligence is unlikely to pass down the male line (in that the male's Y chromosome carries little genetic data to his male children, while his X carries far more to his daughters - where it is 'wasted' in the case of intelligence, and regresses in subsequent generations). This could explain why females eschew intelligence in men - while of value in his own life, it is of no value as a heritable trait.

Indeed, these claims might not go far enough. The British neuroscientist Susan Greenfield alludes to evidence that the central nervous system and neurological conditions like epilepsy descend almost perfectly through the female line. This is almost exactly what we would expect if the foregoing discussion were true. Indeed, Schopenhauer supports these claims with reference to German folk-knowledge in his famous essay On Women: that intellect descends almost totally through the female line.

And this explains why women show little interest in intelligent men. A man like Einstein would not pass his intellect on to his male children, where it would be of primary adaptive value. And apart from his intellect, he was in every other sense a Gamma Male - of no interest to women. In any case, if the central nervous system is only descended from the mother, the father's intellect is entirely irrelevant to his breeding fitness. And this, my friends, is why women prefer morons.

How the Internet is Changing Men's Lives

There is an academic at the University of Bristol in the UK who says some interesting things about male underachievement. Broadly, he says that young males seldom really talk to adult men in the way young females talk to adult women. Consequently, they tend to be more influenced by the media in their goals and aspirations - wanting to be rock stars and professional athletes rather than pursuing realistic, middle class career paths.

However, one is continually struck by the profound observations of young middle class males in online mra fora. Apart from a few manginas, they are infinitely more clued up about women that us oldies over 28 ever were. And this is because the Internet is allowing males of different generations to communicate properly for the first time in decades (if not centuries). The young male can, with a click of his mouse button, communicate with males across the Anglosphere of all ages and classes. He can hear from guys living in trailer parks in Montana or slums in Manchester or Melbourne who were divorced by some bitch and taken to the cleaners. In short, the wily old boars can show their young brothers the pitfalls of consorting with the Anglobitch.

There can be little doubt this is shaping the Pan-Anglosphere Marriage Strike. And long may it continue.

The British Political Crisis

Britain is falling apart. The MP's expenses scandal, the recession, the rise of the BNP and Prime Minister Brown's grotesque social incompetence have created a situation unknown in living memory. However things go, what we are witnessing is a 'crisis of hegemony' as described by the Italian political philosopher, Antonio Gramsci. What this means, in short, is that the ideological 'cement' that binds Britain together is starting to crumble. As Britain is the ideological nexus of the Anglosphere, this crisis will be reflected from Alelaide to Calcutta, from Quebec to Miami, in various ways. The old ideological sureties are falling away. My friends, this is the time to advance our cause as never before and programme the Anglobitch meme (and the mra meme in general) into the new hegemonic structure that will emerge from this time of chaos. It is truly an exciting time to be alive and at the height of our powers.

'A Generation': The Weasel Words of Anglo-American Feminists
I think it is the Chinese who say, 'defeat is an orphan, while victory has a thousand fathers'. And so it is with feminists: women's rather measly contributions to civilization are enormously inflated and always proclaimed as exclusively female achievements. However, they are very quick to mask exclusively male losses/experiences/sacrifices using a variety of weasel words. For example, consider how often Western liberals/feminists describe the First World War as a disaster that befell 'a generation'. In fact, the ten million dead, and the many millions more maimed, were almost exclusively men. So, it wasn't 'a generation' at all: it was men who experienced/suffered in World War One, exclusively. The same with D-Day: it wasn't 'a generation' who liberated Europe from tyranny, it was men. There probably wasn't a single woman on those beaches, in any capacity. Men, keep alert to the weasel words of Anglo-American feminists and their underhand attempts to distort history, reality and everything else.

Why is Jessica Valenti so Irritating?
The most important meditation of all, since I have the answer: it's her mouth. Wet, twisted and crooked like the cunt herself. She has a certain inbred quality like the perverted British record producer, Jonathan King (his mouth is rather twisted, too). In the Middle Ages, people quite rightly believed that physical blemishes were a mark of God's disfavour - physical expressions of metaphysical taints. In the case of Valenti, when we consider her venomous views, the spiritual root of her physical disorder is entirely obvious.

Why Don't Women Post Here?
Why don't women post on this Blog? If they have rational objections to these views, why don't they come and call us out? On Dick Masterson's site, Anglo-American females are the majority of posters, continually berating their critics for being 'fags', having small penises or not 'getting laid'. OK, if they are so smart and their arguments so strong, why don't they come to Anglobitch and 'clean our dials' for us? Because their non-existent arguments would get trashed, that's why... and they know it.


  1. Bad Indian Gyal18 July 2009 at 23:18

    Why women don't post here? I'm a woman. I'm posting here. Still can't figure out why a desi dude is obsessed with anglo culture.

    And what's with this theory about anglo culture being repressed and puritanical? Maybe 100 years ago. Certainly not now. In current times its all about the O baby!

    Explain. I'm really not getting it.

  2. If American women came here to the Anglobitch blog and tried to present their non-existent arguments, they would get blown out of the water and they know it!

    American women can only present arguments that have no basis in fact. They have the intellect of an earth worm!

  3. Bad Indian Gyal:

    Hah - looks like Anglo culture has had its effect on you.

    Besides, you don't really make any coherent counter-arguments of your own. All you do is exhort Rookh to depart the Anglosphere and bring up how he is a 'Desi' to all and sundry.

    I also believe Rookh's theory about the Anglosphere still being quite puritan. Not only are people like Andrea 'sex is rape' Dworkin taken seriously, but a female candidate in America has EXPLICITY stated her desire to outlaw masturbation. If she stated that as a policy goal outside of America, she would've been laughed off the stage. A desire to outlaw masturbation represents a desire to restrict male sexual pleasure - as if it is a necessary evil permitted only for reproductive purposes (if that). I'm sorry, but aside from being utterly unenforceable in practice, that idea is puritanical and misandrist to the core.

    True, the Anglosphere (particularly America) is also quite hedonistic (the existence of people like Tommy Lee tells you that much), but that's why I consider America (the Anglosphere's most archetypal nation) to be the land of paradoxes.

    It also explains why Anglo women are drowning in their own cognitive dissonance - they revile male sexuality, but they also court it frequently (with sociopaths and plutocrats, mostly).

  4. I would like to see some evidence for the disturbing thesis you have presented that intelligence passes through the female line only. I don't believe that it is true and I hope that it isn't true. How does it square with the observation that men prefer less intelligent women? If your thesis is true, it would put an onus on men to reproduce with intelligent women.

    1. Hah, you can tell the Anonymous Anglo feminist wrote this. She's using that old Anglo feminist trope that "men are intimidated by intelligent women". I didn't realise that intelligence = unpleasantness?