Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dear Woman: White Knight Anglofags Abase themselves

For readers familiar with Anglo White Knights like Tommy Fleming and David Futrelle, this YouTube video will be eerily familiar:

After watching this, how can anyone seriously deny that Anglo-American males are programmed by their culture to pedestalize women in the most ridiculous manner? Note the token presence of a few non-Anglo males to 'smooth the message' (hired White Knights?).

Note also the studied lack of objectivity these buffoons display in describing Anglo-American women - typically bigots, drunks, sluts and home-wreckers. For the White Knight fanciers among us (and there are many), these specimens embody all that is sick within Anglo-American manhood. Indeed, they remind me of cultists following some strange, arbitrary belief-system; consider their glazed eyes, slack mouths and feminine features. Not H P Lovecraft himself could conceive a more disturbing sect of denatured abominations.


  1. How much heart did it take for the female teachers to recommend putting a million boys on Ritalin, in the UK alone?

    What compassion drove three times more women to denounce Jews to the GESTAPO, than men, during the 30s.

    What love drives mothers to kill their own children, twice as often as fathers.

    And what justice from the suffragettes, who goaded lads, themselves too young to vote, to an early death, with a white feather.

  2. Jimmy Giro;
    Not to mention the fact that over half of them today willingly bereave their husbands of their children and bankrupt them through divorce; or that trips to the abortion mills are nearly as frequent as those to the maternity ward.

  3. I feel like vomiting.

  4. The conscious men are doubtless well-meaning though, from the first tinkly notes, I find that video unlistenable and unwatchable; but it seems to me that they are a good example of (self-imposed) Stokholm Syndrome.

  5. What a bunch of MANGINA'S those guys in the video are! They put women on a pedestal and belittle men!

    Guys who are raised by single mother's tend to be the ones who hate men and put women on a pedestal. I feel sorry for these guys, they need professional help!

  6. James

    Professional help is the least of what they need... a public beating with iron-shod staves would do them no end of good.

  7. Rookh;

    The only problem with beating them with staves is that they would probably have some leather-clad, clipped-haired, feminist dominitrix beating them; and then these guys would apologize to the women and come back for more!

  8. Look up the Will Ferrel sendup on google.

  9. I don't know what is more depressing: If watching these White Knights abasing themselves or watching a retransmission of the Benny Hill Show where British men ridicule themselves just to try some sexual move on, let's say, colorful British women.
    And yes, not long ago they were broadcasting that show in Mexico.

  10. This video is nothing but men attempting to gain favor with women by appeasing them according to what women "claim" they like.

    In fact, these men disgust women if we are to believe the comments they make on various fora describing this video.

    We cannot save every man. Any man who would stoop to this level is unsavable. Pity is the sentiment for these men.

  11. White knights need others to be dependent on them for them to feel good about themselves and to have a sense of purpose. Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons not all white nights are male nowdays. The video is a dependency maintaining activity.