Saturday, 2 July 2011

Famous British Paedophiles: A Response to Anglo-American Puritanism?

A deeply disturbing, if interesting, site:

No further comment is needed...


  1. Wrong, they are all pederasts.

    'Paedophile' is a recent neologism created, I suspect, for the sole purpose of anti-father propaganda. Whereas 'pederast' is a well known term over the past centuries, but lacks the collateral potential of attacking heterosexual fathers, as pederasty was specific to homosexual activity: men-on-boys, and women-on-girls.

    My belief is that true paedophilia is extremely rare, especially by fathers, as it is against the hormonal chemistry: 'kittens and puppies are cute, not sexy'.

    Whereas the chemistry of homosexuals is by and large an evolutionary deviance; therefore the hormonal safeguards inherent in heterosexual fathers, is not guaranteed for deviant parents.

    I find it particularly galling, that our 'social services', mainly managed by lesbians and gays, seek to discredit, thence remove, biological fathers at the slightest hint of contrived impropriety; whilst advocating the 'virtues' of same-sex foster parents, which are at the front of the cue for subsequent 'state sponsored child kidnapping'.

  2. I'll second that. All on that list are pederasts, and there is only one true paedophile on that list - Lewis Carroll. When I say 'true paedophile' I mean paedophile by the true historic and meaningful definition - the sexual preference for pre-pubescent children. The definition before feminists inflated it to encompass normal male sexuality - i.e. the preference for nubile, fertile post-pubescent females.

    The commentator above is correct as to the motivations, but he left out half of the story - feminists also create the paedophile monster in order to deter men from seeking casual sex with any young female, even above the age of consent (which they themselves raised in the late 19th century). This motivation grows stronger as the sexual market becomes ever more open.

    1. 100% spot on, and deeply frightening for any normal male.

  3. Antifeminist:
    Especially so in the hyper-puritanical United States. Men, over about age 35 or so who show interest in younger women are shamed as 'dirty old men'; 'creepy older dudes', and 'middle-aged losers'.

    Not surprisingly, though, mature males who genuinely are dirty, creepy losers are not given the same treatment; in fact, such males have no trouble at all landing younger women and aren't stigmatized for it socially at all.

    There have been political proposals here to raise the so-called 'age of consent' to absurd levels and expand the statutory rape laws to cover age differences. This is assisted by rubber laws that blur that lines between 'childhood' and adulthood (e.g. the national 21 drinking age).

    All of this, of course, is aimed at putting more power and control in the hands of the feminists.

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  6. Off topic. I guess this makes it official. You're done, terminated, finished.
    It's time to leave Britannia while you still can.

  7. Santiago

    Well, at least it wasn't Sarah Jessica Parker...!

  8. link isnt working anymore