Friday, 7 August 2015

Pseudo Contests: The Rise and Rise of Pan-Anglosphere Women's 'Sport'

Age of the Uglies

In recent months, the British media has become fixated on promoting women’s ‘sport’. In particular, the England women’s football team has been lionized in every quarter (they came third in the recent women’s FIFA World Cup by beating Germany 1-0 by an extra-time penalty - big fucking deal).

Men are so physically superior to women that female ‘sport’ is, in truth, a feminist version of the Paralympics. Women lack strength, stamina, spatial awareness or any competitive spirit; moreover, they lack the communal skills men evolved for warfare and hunting that are so central to team sports. In sum, the sight of androgynous harpies scuttling aimlessly up and down a field remains utterly uninspiring to any right-thinking individual.

Third Place... so what?

Perhaps English-speaking countries have an ulterior reason for promoting women’s sport, however. The harsh truth is that England and the other English-speaking countries do not produce enough talented male athletes to win authentic (i.e. male) international sporting events. In the 2014 World Cup, for example, the men’s England soccer team were effectively ejected from their first round qualifying group after a mere two matches.

Retired player Chris Waddle, part of the England side beaten on penalties by West Germany in the semi-finals of the 1990 World Cup, blames a lack of world-class coaching: "The Premier League is different to any league in the world and that is our big problem. It's frustrating, because we have everything we need - money, facilities - but it comes down to coaching, and we have to get something right about producing players. The Premier League is a great advert for our football but it does our national team no good whatsoever."

Fair enough. Funny, though, how having a world class domestic soccer league has not stopped Spain winning everything in recent years...

I have an alternative explanation for the men's desultory performance. As residual misandry and the relentless march of Anglo-American feminism reduce masculinity to a scorned addendum at the fringes of society, it is no surprise that Anglosphere males have retreated from international sporting contests. This obvious lack of athletic prowess creates a vacuum which must be filled by something; even the rank absurdity of women’s 'sport'.

The Celebration of Nothing


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  2. When I have watched women's sports, I got the impression, that the only reason they were on T.V., is because somebody felt sorry for them.

    When I heard that T.V. producers, programmers - whatever - insisted on keeping them on the air despite incredibly LOW ratings - I knew that something seriously fishy was going on.

  3. Everyone knows it is a joke, but like the Emperor and his fine raiment no one must say so. In the days when I was a registered player with the F.A. I never came across a team of female players. I doubt that much has changed for on any Saturday afternoon young women can be found thronging the accessory shops in the local Mall.

    I find it hard to look at a picture of female soccer players without thinking of them in a sexual manner. I guess I am not alone, and thus that jumping up and down is just a strange extension of the usual female posing.