Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Six Forms of Sexual False Consciousness

Joe Buck projects his Sexual False Consciousness...

'Sexual False Consciousness
 is the widespread male delusion that young, attractive women hand out sex for free. Moreover, not only do they spend every hour of every day handing out free sex, they give it to ageing, blue-collar schlubs in pick-up trucks.'

To some extent, MGTOW is Sexual False Consciousness: autistic neckbeards pretending that women are queuing up to marry them. 'Conservative' MGTOWs (for example, Seung Hui Cho) would have us believe they are deliberately shunning 'promiscuous' women, not studiously ignored by them. Obviously, this is not true of all MGTOWS: some are Boomers stung by Anglo divorce settlements or Crimson Pilled men who want better relationships with non-Anglo women.

That said, many MGTOWs are viewing the contemporary sexual marketplace from the highest peaks of Mount Cope. However, SFC is a complex and curious animal that touches most Anglo-American men at some point in their lives. Without further ado, let us examine the various forms of SFC exhibited by males in the Anglo-American West.

'Shame SFC'

Many males, realising that sexual prowess is a key feature of male status, simply pretend they are having lots of free sex. Is this really SFC? In the strictest sense, probably not; the sexual bullshitter knows perfectly well he is a sexual loser. He is not deluded about his own situation, as in the most extreme forms of SFC. In fact, this form of SFC is so common as to be normal in the Anglosphere: virtually all men lie about their sexual success rates to other men.

'Generational SFC'

GSFC is most common among Baby Boomers, although many Xers also suffer from it (Silent Generation men are on another planet, and so fall outside this analysis). GSFCers simply do not understand that we are now in the Tinder Age, that women have their own jobs and receive endless validation from social media. They also grew up listening to rock music (or early rap music) telling them that women want sex with everybody, which further clouds their understanding of the 21st century sexual marketplace.  Jordan Peterson is a classic example of this type, although almost all Boomer males suffer from the same delusions. Another fiction they cling to is that looks don't matter, mainly because looks mattered much less when women were economically dependent on men in the 50s, 60s and 70s. They also fail to grasp that western society is now openly antagonistic to males and male sexuality (#metoo, #timesup). And then there is the blunt fact that their post-War world was genuinely more sexually liberated than its post-millennium counterpart.

Generational SFC is more impersonal than the other forms, tainting the sufferer's vision of contemporary sexual reality without necessarily warping their own self image. Deluded but not pernicious, they simply do not understand the 21st century and its psycho-sexual conditions. GSFC assumes everyone is white, middle class and having sex all day, completely blind to the the fact that a third of males under 30 are now incels in North America.

It is worth noting that GSFC is frequently 'borrowed' by men of later generations. This can either be caused by cultural osmosis (for example, listening to 60s or 70s rock music) or by direct transfer (for example, listening to the Blue Pilled sexual advice of older male relatives). Whatever the cause, the result is a Millennial or Zoomer completely detached from contemporary sexual reality.

'Conniving SFC'

David Futrelle falls into this category. These are men who peddle SFC in order to build online careers or get media time. Futrelle knows perfectly well that Anglo women are hypergamous and racist; he just pretends otherwise to keep the donations rolling in. We Hunted the Mammoth is his bread and butter, so he necessarily has to placate the assorted trannies, lesbians, post-Wall hags, White/Blue Knights and other coping losers who gather there. 

Again, conniving SFC is a facsimile of the real thing. Futrelle doubtless has a rich sex life with pre-pubescent boys he meets on the seedier backstreets of Chicago, while true SFC requires a high degree of sexual disenfranchisement

'Delusional SFC'

Delusional SFC is very much the real thing, however. DSFCers are typically ugly, fat men who seriously think model tier girls are clamouring to have free sex with them (in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence). What are the roots of DSFC? First, self-delusion: apparently, most men think they are more attractive than they are. DSFC is also fed by the lamestream Anglo-American media spinning Baby Boomer fairy tales about 'Beauty and the Beast' relationships and preaching the 'looks don't matter' myth.

Delusional SFC is strongly linked to low IQ, gullibility and low socio-economic standing (see Blue Knights).

'Cope SFC'

This is an important subset of delusional SFC. Faced with a loveless, sexless future, the Coper actually needs SFC to stave off depression and thoughts of suicide. In consequence, Copers have a hysterical rage against reality itself and many are rabid Blue Knights who hate all mention of the Black Pill and those who dare to preach it. In addition, CSFCers cannot endure any criticism of western women. Personally, I hate them above all other breeds of Anglocuck. Seriously, someone needs to take a Black Pill blowtorch to those people.

'Psychotic SFC'

This is the most extreme and Blue Pilled form of SFC. This is not lies, self-deceit or slight self-delusion; nor is it economic self-interest or merely being trapped in the values of a defunct eraPsychotic SFC involves complete departure from reality. The PSFCer actually believes he is having sex with models all day, even if he is in reality a virgin incel or banging low-tier escorts on the weekend. Many of the posters on the Inceltears reddit suffer from PSFC, especially the noob who runs it (he posts several hundred times a day). Seriously, those people need professional help.

And there they are, the six forms of SFC that daily dupe sexually disenfranchised western males. Unlike Black Pilled incels, I don't have any problem with Chads or Tyrones who are enjoying free sex with multiple women. If someone is gaming the system, power to them. I hate SFC cuckery far more intensely, partly because it is so idiotic but mainly because it is so cowardly, weak and unmanly.

Beyond that, SFC is a vital component in the late capitalist programme. It keeps the system ticking over as sexless mugs toil away like Trojans, thinking they will someday get model tier women if only they 'work a little harder' or 'get a promotion'. This is why the Anglo-American authorities have to stop the Black Pill spreading at all costs and why the Dark Enlightenment is in their cross-hairs.

Are you ready for battle?