Friday, 29 November 2019

History's Black Swans: Why Societies Which Regulate Female Sexuality Endure

Studying our own tumbledown age with a critical eye, it is easy to think that ancient people were far smarter than we are. Above all, they seemed to understand the reality of female nature much better than we do. Although they cloaked their insight in mystical trappings for the ignorant masses of their own times, the wisest of the ancients definitely seemed to know that allowing women unlimited sexual freedom leads inexorably to the cock carousel, rampant hyper-hypergamy, mass inceldom, the proliferation of Dark Triad genes and  social decay. Most of their laws and customs seemed to focus on strict regulation of female sexuality for this very reason, although it was seldom stated openly.

However, I do not believe the ancients all had Tesla IQs. It just seems that way because the ancient cultures which still exert an influence on our own time were only a small minority of those which ever existed. In truth, the vast majority  of ancient societies died forgotten because they failed to regulate female sexuality; 'successful' ancient societies which restricted female behaviour were unrepresentative Black Swans, not the normative standard. We know very little about the matriarchal Etruscans or Carthaginians compared to the patriarchal, co-alpha Romans who conquered them; and this is because matriarchal societies lose wars, achieve little and leave no imprint on history. This uneven impact on posterity distorts our perception of the ancient past, creating the false impression that all ancient cultures shared the same insights into female nature; in truth, they did not.

The Fall of Carthage: Matriarchies leave little beyond ruins

Doubtless some men in history's successful cultures did have the Tesla IQs necessary to create robust patriarchal memes in the first place; perhaps they studied history or the dysfunctional cultures around them, or simply observed the lower classes in their own societies. Smart men in ancient Greece or Israel must have noticed that their own national underclasses achieved very little compared to social elites, just as in our modern Anglosphere. Modern underclass 'culture' (rap-babble, tabloid newspapers, Netflix, sport) will be forgotten in 40 years, while the upper middle-class academic culture in the STEM departments of elite universities will endure for centuries. That is because upper middle-class culture is still rooted in monogamy and stable family structures, while underclass culture is built on the sociopathic chaos arising from unrestricted female mate choice; that is the only difference.

British Chavs: Underclass Chaos personified

Considered as a whole, the ancients were no smarter or wiser than we are; it just seems that way because we only 'see' the 'successful' patriarchal Black Swan cultures of history.