Friday, 24 January 2020

Farewell to a Glorious Decade


Having been writing on these themes for over a decade, I have come to a watershed. I have used all the ideas floating around in my notes as blog posts and feel I have now described the Anglobitch Thesis in all its potent totality. I was watching Incel TV’s channel recently, and he expressed pleasant surprise at how popular his videos have become. Although my ideas are distinct from his, I feel exactly the same way. When I started my blog and website a decade ago, I never thought I would have the better part of a million page views and fans all over the world of every race and profession. Even less did I dream that young men would have used my books and posts to build fulfilling romantic lives outside the Anglosphere.

But my ideas were unexpectedly popular from one reason: they are the truth. Once, truth could be suppressed by the mainstream media’s Sexual False Consciousness and other tricks of social manipulation: with the rise of the Internet, that is no longer the case. In addition, the Internet permits the instant transmission of knowledge and opinion to a global audience, exposing things long hidden or suppressed. The Dog Pill is a good example of this; it never occurred to me that a large minority of Anglo-American women prefer sex with dogs to men. Similarly, I never knew that Canada was a rabid stronghold of institutional misandry; in 1989, I thought Marc Lepine to be a pure anomaly.

Now I know better.

Yes, a lot of ideas have passed under the Bridge of Years during the past decade: MRA, PUA, the Red Pill, the Black Pill and even the Dog Pill. However, the Anglosphere has only grown more misandrist, (hetero) sex-negative and gynocentric in that time, with the result that at least a third of Anglo-American men have been sexually disenfranchised by female hyper-hypergamy. Meanwhile, the Anglo-American authorities have been pushing male-to-female transsexualism as a 'solution' to the crisis, offering 'escape' to weak men who cannot endure life in a misandrist gynocracy. Of course, a quick glance at the official mortality rates of MtF post-op transsexuals demonstrate that this option offers no real 'escape' at all.

These facts, coupled with the rise of the Internet and the attendant retreat of SFC, have only meant that my status has grown while people like Roosh, Paul Elam and Roissy have fallen into obscurity. Today, low-tier guys approaching Anglo women in the street can be imprisoned for harassment; ten years ago, that would have been unthinkable. Similarly, the whole 'man up' tradcon agenda advanced by older Boomers like Elam, Fleming and Peterson is a laughable relic in an openly misandrist society. Why on Earth should men shoulder traditional masculine responsibilities in a culture which ridicules and excoriates them? A man can lose everything - including his liberty - at the snap of a woman's fingers in the modern Anglosphere. With the social contract in tatters and women free to do whatever they like with complete impunity, men have nothing whatsoever to gain by adopting traditional male values. 

That is why my work has marched from strength to strength along a broadening path of glory, while theirs is already forgotten.

Though my ideas now attract a lot of incels (especially young ethnicels located in North America) and I am flattered by their interest, my ideas are still primarily aimed at non-incel Anglo-American males who simply want a functional heterosexual relationship. I am at core a Red Pilled thinker – or perhaps Crimson Pilled – rather than fully Black Pilled. Given the Anglosphere’s distinctive gynocentric puritanism, a normal (6+) white Anglo-American man can best achieve his romantic ambitions by emigrating and immersing himself in another culture. MGTOW is fine for awakened men who want to remain in the Anglosphere for personal or professional reasons; but the whole idea of ‘Going Monk’ smacks of crabbed and unhealthy Anglo puritanism, not something I would ever endorse.

While I won’t be posting as much as I did during 2019, I will still be active on this blog. I aim to post only when moved by important events, rather than expanding the body of theory I have shaped over the past decade.

If people want to send me guest articles exploring features of the Anglobitch Thesis, you are very welcome. I think ethnic experiences of Anglobitch sexual fascism in North America would make very powerful articles, as would stories from men who have fulfilled their sexual and romantic ambitions after leaving the Anglosphere.

In addition, I am working on a prophetic novella which imagines what the next decade holds for men across the Anglosphere. This work will project from present social trends and conditions to describe Anglo-American gender-relations as they exist in 2030.

What those are like, most of you can probably guess.