Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Deluded Shooter - the Target Brenton Tarrant Missed

The Man and his Work

While NZ shooter Brenton Tarrant's manifesto raises some valid points, it completely omits all mention of feminism - especially the overtly misandrist Anglo-American variant of it. This is astonishing, given that Anglo feminism is intimately implicated in all the social ills he enumerates: unrestricted immigration, environmental degradation, mindless consumerism, social collapse, falling white birth rates and much else besides.

Let us break it down:

  • Women, like children, are completely unfit for positions of leadership and responsibility. Yet because puritanical Anglo-American culture exalts them and artificially inflates their abilities, they now occupy far too many leadership roles. Observe everywhere the calamitous results.
  • Because white women abort millions of prospective citizens every year, the western birth rate has slipped below replacement levels. This is obviously most true of white Anglo-American women, who seem to consider killing unwanted children some kind of political statement. 
  • Because Anglo-American women are mindless consumers, their contribution to environmental degradation is vast. In fact, it would be fair to say that western consumerism is built entirely on the Anglo female's vacuous addiction to unnecessary trinkets and branded rags, and the male need to satisfy it in order to gain reproductive access.
  • Because low value women prefer physically robust, sociopathic males with low intelligence (and because feminism has permitted them to pursue such mate choices with full societal support), the quality of the white working population has dipped sharply in recent years. A proud, industrious working class has rapidly been replaced by a drug addicted, idle underclass which has no interest in education, training or work. Check out this documentary, where British workers fail to compete with eastern European workers doing the same jobs. 
  • Because Anglo-American Common Law is uniquely susceptible to feminist manipulation, and because the puritanical nature of Anglo culture inherently exalts women, awakened Anglosphere men now know that misandrist divorce settlements can lead to penury and even jail. This is leading to MGTOW, emigration and other forms of mass male dissidence, causing both white birthrates and white population quality to fall yet further.
  • Because women in a post-feminist and puritanical culture have to be palliated, yet most lack any real ability, a host of ludicrous non-jobs have been artificially created to accommodate their absurd ambitions. These include teaching assistants, social workers, human resource experts, administrators, divorce lawyers, counsellors and other 'human-interest' sinecures that frequently command huge salaries. Not only do these drain the west's ailing economies for no meaningful benefit, the vast student debt associated with such pointless roles is also calamitous for the economy.
  • Because Anglo-American culture is ruled by the residual, secularised dregs of religious puritanism, it not only exalts women but informally hates and criminalises men for being active sexual beings. This is experienced by marginalised males as systematic contempt, exploitation and exclusion in every sphere of life. Male unemployment, mental health issues, suicide rates, addiction problems and social exclusion are viewed as laughable interludes in the feminist-deviant group-hug that is contemporary Anglo-American society. Though Tarrant himself experienced this oppression, he was unable to identify its true origin: his own culture - or at least, the puritan-feminist currents within it.
  • Because Anglo-American culture is ruled by secular puritanism, its culture and institutions hate reality itself. This is why the many social and environmental problems Tarrant describes are never addressed in a rational or honest manner. The cuck-brained Anglosphere prefers infancy to manhood, fantasy to thought and delusion to honesty.
  • Because of secular puritanism and its exaltation of women, their dysfunctional behaviour goes unchallenged and unpunished. Indeed, the Anglo-American world bends over backwards to indulge it at every opportunity in the workplace, in divorce courts, in the media and in society at large.
  • Because Anglo-American women are defined by hyper-hypergamy (an attraction to impossible ideals derived from residual puritanism, colonialism, social media and extreme economic differentiation), vast numbers of Anglo-American men are now sexually disenfranchised and trapped in Sexual False Consciousness or other forms of existential despair. Deprived of masculine function and direction by post-feminist society, low status white males have become incel whipping boys and pariahs for the new gynocentric order. The only redemption offered is 'transition' into a pseudo-female, thereby atoning for the 'crime' of being male in a sex-negative, misandrist culture.
And yet our man Tarrant never mentions feminism once! Is he suffering from Down Syndrome, or something? None of the problems listed in his manifesto is directly connected to 'foreign' elements or conspiracies. All the maladies he lists spring directly from Anglo-American feminism and the institutions which support it. 

Lot of slogans and culprits - but no mention of feminism