Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Anglo Trans Revolution: Co-opting the Female Pedestal

The Anglosphere's LGBTXYZ Fixation Rolls On...

The Anglosphere’s recent ‘progressive’ obsession with transsexuals (especially male transsexuals) is curious. Everywhere one looks, transsexual rights are in the spotlight; they formed a prominent plank of Hillary Clinton’s failed Presidential election campaign, while the UK media obsesses over the issue. I doubt that transsexuals of any kind constitute much more than 0.01% of the Anglo-American population; but listening to the mainstream media, one would think around half were considering 'transition'. But as always in the Anglosphere, nothing is ever what it seems. While ‘trans rights’ seem naturally affiliated to progressive political agendas, they are in some respects the ultimate expression of traditional Anglo-American misandry. After all, what could be more misandrist than transforming men into women

Trans: the Anglosphere's madness of the month

Far from threatening the establishment, male transsexuals are in fact the Anglo matriarchy’s ultimate stooges. Transsexuality is not even a sexual orientation - it is a revolt against nature itself. The same hatred of biological reality also defines Anglo feminism, which views sexual intercourse as ‘rape’ and pregnancy as ‘slavery’. In fact, they are no such thing. Placental mammals reproduce by the male injecting sperm into the female’s body; the growing young are nurtured in the womb until the female gives birth to them. Only a sick and deluded mind fuelled by a terrible rage against reality would label these biological facts ‘crimes of oppression’, as Anglo feminists seek to do. As usual, whenever they attempt to ‘stick it to the man’ the feminazis invariably regurgitate the same old puritanical, anti-life themes of traditional Anglo culture.

Stooge for the Anglosphere...

Similarly, while their ‘trans’ protégés consider themselves ‘gender revolutionaries’ they are in truth cheerleaders for the Anglosphere’s institutional misandry. After all, male transsexuals are the ideal of any matriarchy: men who want to be women. No wonder the pan-Anglosphere political and legal authorities are clamouring to rubber stamp ‘trans rights’ legislation. In some respects Anglo transsexuals are like Diaspora Jews: people prepared to subsist in a hostile environment at literally any cost. Transsexuals in Anglo nations have effectively foresworn their very identity as men, or as natural human beings; they have internalized Anglo misandry so completely that they prefer to become sterile women than exist as men.

Of course, the privileged status afforded Anglo women also factors into this decision. It is interesting how some of the male incel community are opting to ‘transition’ into transsexuals. Faced with the choice of a sexless, low-status male life and a sterile, high-status female life, many men will opt for the latter. Even as sterile pseudo-women, they automatically acquire a ‘victimhood Karma’ which is never extended to male incels (who are merely derided as disposable scum). And the system ultimately benefits, since angry sexless males are painlessly removed from the social equation. Is it purely coincidental that ‘trans’ agendas began to be pushed across the Anglosphere in the wake of various incel massacres

Is this the Incel Future?

However, sensing these incel pseudo-women co-opting their pedestals, Anglo feminists increasingly view their new ‘sisters’ with growing distrust and hatred. The repulsive Australian femihag Germaine Greer is one of these, having written numerous polemics against male transsexuals. This eruption of loathing is interesting, in that it highlights the utter hypocrisy and intellectual vacuity of Anglo feminists. While they reflexively condemn the very idea of innate human difference in every other sphere, they revert to neo-fascist biological arguments when their own unique gender-status is threatened.

Ultimately, for all their self-loathing, male transsexuals will never find the acceptance they crave from women or Anglo-American society at large. They have no reproductive potential or status – the master key to female privilege in the repressive Anglosphere.

Greer: Repulsive Femihag Cunt