Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Dog Pill: Ultimate Expression of Anglo-American Sexual Misandry?

Recent research revealing that 28% of American men under 30 have not had sex in a year has shaken America to its foundations. While this statistic is shocking enough, it only scratches the surface of male sexual disenfranchisement. How frequently were other American men having sex and with whom? If - as one strongly suspects - other males were only having sex a couple of times a year, or paying for sex, or engaging in deviant sex of one kind or another, the true proportion of sexually disenfranchised males would be far, far higher than 28% (which is quite high enough).

But those familiar with the Anglobitch Thesis will not be at all surprised by those figures. Residual Anglo-American puritanism (#metoo, #timesup, prohibition of prostitution, institutional and legal misandry) has long been masked under widespread sexual false consciousness (the media-induced delusion that America is sexually liberated at a mass level). However, the rise of the Internet has exposed this lie as never before, revealing the Anglosphere for the repressive and misandrist dump it truly is.

Even the most famous Anglo-American PUA writers - Roosh and Roissy - have come to accept that 'the juice is no longer worth the squeeze' in relation to PUA; that the meagre returns are no longer worth the effort, in other words. This is why these writers have shifted their efforts to promoting alt-right politics, in recent years. So with PUA defunct and male Incel rates soaring across North America - together with the triumph of #metoo and transsexualism - the Anglo-American male's sexual star has never sunk lower.

And the Dog Pill represents the ultimate, hideous expression of the Anglosphere's anti-male animus: the notion that men are less valuable than animals in the sexual hierarchy. Broadly speaking, the Dog Pill is the startling revelation that many (principally white, American) women prefer to have sex with dogs rather than human males:
“When women openly value pets over men, it makes sense why so many of them engage in bestiality.” This is a common rejoinder in conversations about dogpilling, with this particular one coming from the Reddit forum dedicated to Men Going Their Own Way, r/MGTOW.
“Why bother masturbating when you have a loyal sex slave that'll lick your pussy on demand as long as you have peanut butter and can't knock you up when they dick you? It'll probably be openly celebrated soon as the female ‘counterpart’ to MGTOW.” 
Other posts argue that the dogpilling supports the foundations of incel theory – that women won’t have sex with “nice guys” (not really - it shows women don't want sex with human guys in general - RK). One post on r/MGTOW from February tells a story of a friend, Sam, who is classed as a “solid dude”, who walks in on his girlfriend with her “Great Dane tied to her with a big puddle of cum and a jar of peanut butter next to them”.

“Ever since Sam told me about that shit while he was drunk, it totally changed my perspective of women who interact with dogs,” the user wrote. 
On this same post, many people joined in to say they had heard similar stories. “I knew a girl in high school that did this shit… I think a lot of these girls now a days are fucking their dogs,” one user replied. “When man and male dog become interchangeable, society is fucked,” replied another.
SOURCE: New Statesman, 2019

As usual, the mainstream media tries to downplay the extent of the problem. And as usual, the mainstream Anglo media is trapped in its 'all women are perfect' narrative. Yet a cursory glance at the uncensored British 'local' press (which is relatively free of overt political agendas) suggests a widespread Dogpill problem, replete with parties and a whole 'Dogpill culture' embracing many willing female participants and male voyeurs:
Woman who had sex with THREE dogs claimed she didn't know it was wrong: Carol Bowditch was filmed having sex with three different breeds of dog

A pensioner who had sex with three different breeds of dogs claimed she did not realise it was illegal. Carol Bowditch, 64, was filmed having sex with a St Bernard, a black Labrador and an Alsatian. Her activities were exposed as a result of an RAF Police investigation which centred on a man identified as organising a bizarre sex party at which owners watched their dogs having sex with women. Details of the event were later posted on an internet forum specialising in bestiality. Ultimately the investigation led police to visit Bowditch and when her home was searched officers found a dvd and a usb stick which both contained film of her with dogs. Victoria Rose, prosecuting , told Lincoln Crown Court "When the dvd was analysed it was found to contain extreme images. Those images portrayed persons committing penetrative sexual acts with dogs.

Also included were images of this defendant herself carrying out sexual activity. Included was an eight minute and 59 seconds video of Mrs Bowditch engaging in vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard dog named Oscar. When the defendant was interviewed she admitted she had penetrative sex with dogs. She accepted it had taken place over several years. She was unaware it was illegal. She identified the dogs. She said she had penetrative vaginal sex once with a Labrador and twice with an Alsatian. She recalled she had vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard."
Carol Bowditch: Dogpilling Anglohag

Miss Rose said that at least eight photographs were found of Bowditch having sex with dogs and 30 moving images. Bowditch, 64, of Evedon, near Sleaford, admitted a charge of having sexual intercourse with an animal between 13 November 2011 and 25 November 2014. She also admitted possession of 37 extreme pornographic images on 21 March 2016. Daniel Galloway, 65, of the same address, admitted aiding and abetting Bowditch to have intercourse with an animal. He also admitted charges of making indecent images of children, possession of a prohibited image of a child, distributing 1,861 indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornography. His sentence was adjourned to a later date.

James Gray, in mitigation, said "She is 64 and has no previous convictions. Both she and Mr Galloway have suffered considerable public humiliation (my heart bleeds - RK. They have been ostracised by their friends and family. They have suffered that added element of punishment which in less salacious cases would not be present."

Bowditch was given a community order with 12 months supervision and a 16 week night-time curfew (i.e. no punishment at all - RK). The maximum she could have faced for having sex with a dog was a two year jail sentence. Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told Bowditch "What you engaged in was first of all unlawful and secondly disgusting. I am told that you have received public humiliation as a result of the publicity that this case has attracted. That does not surprise me."

Source: Lincolnshire Live, 2017
So there we have it. While Anglo-American women have near total sexual freedom to abuse brute creation, men across the Anglosphere are gelded by #metoo, #timesup and a host of other memes and laws designed to curtail their sexual freedoms. But why should we expect any different? When a culture allows women to do anything, anything will inevitably happen. This is especially true in a culture with reflexive puritanical tendencies to pedestalize women (no matter how base) and vilify men (no matter how noble), such as that of the ailing Anglosphere.

Moreover, is not this burgeoning Anglobitch preference for dogs merely the supreme statement of their demented and all pervasive misandry? As a young American fellow once said to me in the earliest days of the Manosphere: 'These (American) bitches now think they're too good for guys - ANY guys'.

How right he was.