Saturday, 26 May 2018

David Futrelle – King of Sexual False Consciousness

If this guy can't wrangle sex from the Anglobitch, what chance has Futrelle?

In the wake of the Alek Minassian massacre, David Futrelle of Manboobz has been in much demand across the lamestream media. He has written about ‘online misogyny’ in outlets as varied as Glamour Magazine and the NYT. It is interesting how these outlets present him as ‘normal’ and representative – giving the impression he is someone with normal sexual experience: one of ‘us’ as opposed to ‘them’:

Benchmarks of an incel can include feelings of entitlement and resentment, with many feeling like sex is something that’s owed to them. “Some have even demanded that the government provide them with girlfriends and/or prostitutes,” says Futrelle.

Logic would dictate that these men have been consistently trying to find women to have sex with, but Futurelle says that’s not always the case.

“[Many] don't know how and think it's pointless. Incels hate women, but they also hate themselves, and many of them convince themselves they're too ugly or too short to ever be attractive to women," he says.

Glamour Magazine, April 2018 ‘What is an Incel?’

Tellingly, no picture of Futrelle ever appears in these articles. If it did, it would immediately destroy his 'normal' journalistic image by revealing him to be just as ugly and short as the avowed incels he attacks (if not more so).

The sex god that is David Futrelle...

Who is Futrelle trying to kid? He isn’t one of the sexual elite at all; just an ugly little man who has never enjoyed free sex with anyone. His whole 'feminized', cat-loving persona is just a coping mechanism to manage his sexual ostracism by women. As we know, transexualism is a popular mental coping strategy for such ‘loser’ males: if you can’t beat Chad, fuck him.

If Futrelle truly believes Anglo-American women are not grasping, selfish and superficial, why does he not show his picture in Glamour magazine? Because its vapid, pea-brained readership would hate him on sight, that’s why. If he were not wallowing in Sexual False Consciousness and self-delusion, he would immediately join a blog like instead of pretending to be some well-adjusted, sexually-experienced ‘winner’. Richard Scarecrow of Men-Factor is doing a interesting discussion of the recent Infowars attack on Incels conducted by Paul Joseph Watson. It appears Watson has an Asian girlfriend himself, despite his rabid critique of incel 'losers'. Sounds like yet another severe case of Sexual False Consciousness at work.

Futrelle: the voice of sexual success...!
In short, David Futrelle is the uncrowned King of Sexual False Consciousness. While he strives to project an image of heterosexual vigour and normality to the lamestream media, a man with his runtlike stature, blobfish features and flatline testosterone levels can only be a hardcore incel/degenerate himself. And no one is fooled by his self-deceit, not even the lamestream media and its gullible public; and certainly not the hyper-hypergamous females who 'read' Glamour magazine, most of whom would doubtless vomit at the mere sight of his blobfish ass.

Like all things sexual in the Anglosphere, it's all an act.

Joe Buck, eager to emulate the sexual prowess of David Futrelle...