Sunday, 13 July 2014

Discarding Delusions: Why Young Men Seek Jihad

Young ISIS Jihadist from the UK explaining his motivations

Since the late 1960s, Western males have been coerced into sexual false consciousness. That is, the 'mainstream' media have bombarded them since infancy with the delusion that 'everyone' is having a Don Draper life, enjoying free sex with blonde models on a daily basis. TV shows, movies, popular music and even video games all promote this delusion. Even counter-cultural institutions like rock or rap music pump out the same false messages.

However, with the rise of the Internet and social media, sexual false consciousness is being questioned for the first time in five decades. At last, reality has a voice. People can come to blogs like this to discuss sexual reality, not fantasy: that is, the obesity and hostility of most Anglo-American women; the residual misandry pervading Anglo-American culture; and the poor sexual opportunities for millions of men trapped in post-feminist Anglo nations.

This is why young men are, above all other groups, so hungry for the truths they find in MRA blogs and fora. Research shows that most males who access such resources are under 25 - the first males in fifty years to have escaped brainwashing by the 'mainstream' media. Moreover, the decisions they make are increasingly informed by online consensus, not the legacy media. The many school and university shooters that have emerged over the past twenty years are a good example. Trapped in lives of sexual disenfranchisement they knew would never change, their various killing sprees are already etched on the annals of legend.

In sum, the old hegemonic delusions are starting to crumble. What we are seeing is not the beginning of the end, perhaps; but certainly the end of the beginning. Despite what rap music or TV shows like Mad Men insinuate, an increasing number of men know perfectly well that no models will appear in their lives, much less a sex-starved army of them. They know, too, that it is better to die in glory than cling to such ludicrous pipe-dreams.

However, a new variant on this theme has emerged in recent years: the call of Jihad. In both Britain and North America, many young men have left the Anglosphere to fight and die for Islam in far-off lands (for more details, see here). Of course, this behaviour is motivated by many factors; boredom, despair, genuine fervour, the timeless appeal of vigorous action over futile debate.  However, an important precipitating factor is surely the Internet. Nearly all of these young warriors - Asian, black or Caucasian - have been 'radicalized' online after questioning 'mainstream' society and its associated media delusions.
The Call of Battle

Given this background, their decision to take up the Sword of Islam becomes far more understandable. Ever more liberated from sexual false consciousness, these young Jihadists realize that the West's major lure to young men - unlimited free sex with blonde models - is just a convenient fiction, a fable conjured up by unrepresentative elites to bind male consent to the existing social order. In reality, it won't happen; the small minority of slim, attractive Anglo-American women use sex as a weapon to part men from their money. And once young men grasp these crucial truths, new horizons open up for them.

Sorry kid, it ain't gonna happen... what the West promises but fails to deliver.

And so, liberated from sexual false consciousness and western society both, such young men are free to pursue more daring ambitions. Jihad is the answer to all their prayers: it simultaneously mocks western culture and its broken sexual promises, fills life with meaning and offers action and excitement. What more could an enlightened young man ask for?

With the 'mainstream' media shrinking by the day, male liberation from its stale fictions of unlimited free sex with models will only grow. And long may that trend continue.