Thursday, 11 January 2018

Fine Words from the North Wind

Someone called North Wind posted the following comments on my previous post. His insight and candour were so profound that I have reposted his comments in their entirety:

Great content and advice Rookh, I’m an int’l contractor and in the military before that, worked in dozens of countries, and years ago independently came to the same conclusions as you. The Anglosphere and its Stalinist family courts, divorce laws and alimony and child support slavery, based in puritanical Anglo culture and its cuck chivalry tradition combined with cultural Marxism, are uniquely disastrous for civilization and have made marriage and the family untenable in the English-speaking world. As you have, I’ve rejected the parallel but too often misguided claims of at least some corners of the MRA and MGTOW movements; sure they get some of the truth, but many draw incorrect or overgeneralized conclusions when they paint with broad brush and lambast “the West” instead of just “the Anglosphere” where the truly suicidal family law and divorce court practices are in place. It is still important for men to engage women and raise families, and civilization, including Western civilization, must be preserved.

But this must happen outside the Anglosphere, which is on a one-way course to civilizational suicide thanks to the madness of its misandry, crushingly oppressive marriage and divorce laws and the deeply rooted political correctness that makes it impossible to reform them. It isn’t just the indentured servitude and neo-slavery of unchecked child and spousal support obligations forced onto American and Anglosphere men. As we’re also seeing with the #metoo and #timesup media frenzy now, it’s the way Anglosphere Puritanism and dumb white knight chivalry give the most selfish, emotionally unstable women absolute power to ruin the livelihoods of productive men and businesses with inflated or wholly unfounded allegations. The solution is not complete disengagement from starting families or completely “leaving the West” as some MGTOW’s push for, it is ditching specifically the US or other Anglo countries to move to a place outside the Anglosphere and starting families there, especially in the European mainland and other parts of the non-Anglo West. Contrary to at least some MGTOW lore, which has been sadly polluted and distracted by the misinformed anti-Europeanism of neocon and even Breitbart style “conservatism”, 90% of the West is far more commonsensical and supportive of fathers and productive spouses than any of the suicidal nation-states of the Anglosphere. Not perfect, but reasonable enough that it’s worth it to be a father and start families there.

Yes, there is a good deal of foolish PC, feminism and maddening short-sighted policy and culture infecting the non-Anglosphere nations of the West, too. But the vulture-like and predatory style of divorce, the rent seeking and extreme high risk to men's finances, well being and very freedom, is unique to the Anglosphere and especially the United States and Canada, where destitution and prison terms face even high-earning divorced men. There’s a ton of good articles on why this is, and you’ve cited many of them. But the heart of it is the combination of legal precedent in Anglo common-law, plus lingering cultural precedents like Puritanism and the extreme cuck-ish nature of Anglo chivalry, have been absolutely toxic and suicidal for the Anglosphere when joined at the hip to feminism and cultural Marxism.

This is how and why even other Western countries with a lot of the same stupidity with feminism and cultural Marxism, like in Scandinavia, are in heavy contrast to the Anglosphere, surprisingly father-friendly and protective of the assets of a productive working man, forbidding alimony and being commonsensical with limited child support. They’re civil-law countries, and without the self-destructive cognitive dissonance of Anglo Puritanism and cuck chivalry, their social democracy systems and welfare states actually provide a much fairer and more rational environment for both spouses and children. These policies in the non-Anglosphere world remove the asinine profit incentive and high stakes profiteering in US family courts, not only reducing the divorce rate but making sure men don’t get “taken to the cleaners” in divorce as is routine in the US and Anglosphere.

Sweden stands out for this. Even with its own dumb forays into cultural Marxism, Sweden is one of the most pro-husband and pro-father countries in the Western world, with paternity leave, near forbidding of alimony in practice and none of this permanent spousal support BS like in the US. There’s also capped child support, tradition on shared custody and a requirement that any women initiating divorce have to go out and earn a living. Yes Sweden has feminism, but in the absence of Anglo cuck chivalry and Puritanism, divorcing women don’t get the “have your cake and eat it too” bullshit of the Anglosphere where they suddenly become needy dependents after divorce. In Sweden, the feminist credo of being an independent woman means what it sounds like, women after a divorce have to step up and work, without using the ex-husband as a meal-ticket. It’s similar or even better in the rest of Scandinavia, the Catholic countries of the Mediterranean and South America, the German and centrally European countries and especially eastern Europe.

In fact, my absolutely favorite places to get posted for contracts are in France and central and eastern Europe. The ladies there not only hot but sweet and chill about simply being sexy, even though they can be assertive and independent minded they don’t buy into the stupid misandry of the Anglosphere with its #metoo and “take the deadbeat Dad to the cleaners” mind-set. And they’re earnest about starting and maintaining families. Just look at the way Catharine Deneuve and other French women stood up and spoke out against the #metoo Salem witch hunt in the US and Britain recently, going so far as to write a major piece in the French Monde newspaper to support the importance of men being able to hit on women without getting tagged for harassment. This is what too many MGTOW’s and self-claimed “conservatives” don’t get when they blindly trash Sweden and lambast “the West” in general, it’s the Anglosphere, not the rest of the West, which has made both the process and aftermath of divorce so toxic for men or anyone who works and saves for a living, made marriage itself toxic and draining for men while making the workplace itself toxic for even the most innocent male to female interactions.

Some of these self-claimed conservatives will whine about how ditching the Anglosphere means the Muslims, Africans and Latinos will take over, but at this point it doesn’t matter, and it’s too late to stop it anyway. Anglo civilization has slit it’s own throat with this insane Puritanism and misandry. Winston Churchill was sadly deluded with all his triumphalism in the history of English speaking peoples, the civilization may have been sustainable back then before feminism and cultural Marxism infected the media and universities of the Anglosphere. But in combo with the cuck chivalry and Puritanism of the Anglo world, made worse by the profiteering of the common-law system, it means the ugliest decline and fall, and for the Anglo world it’ll be a lot worse than what the Romans saw. The birth rate and marriage rates of the Anglo populations in the Anglosphere keeps plunging farther and farther as the misandry of family courts and the overall culture continues to take it’s toll, so much so that Anglo families can survive only in the non-Anglo world now.

Nothing will save the Anglo countries in their current form. The coming demographic dispossession of the Anglosphere will be painful, probably means a lot of nasty civil wars and society upheavals in the near future. But the crisis and complete re-set may be the only thing to save at least a portion of the Anglosphere by forcing it to look squarely at the suicidal madness of what’s become Anglo culture.

How brilliant is that? I read Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy recently, and it seems as much a prophetic vision of the contemporary Anglosphere - harrassed by imperial overstretch, intellectual decline, internal conflict and gynocentric consumerism - as it is a work of speculative fiction. As North Wind suggests, perhaps the time has come to salvage the most durable aspects of this ailing culture before it implodes completely.