Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Trans Revolution: Just the Same Old Tune?


While the burgeoning Anglo-American LGBTXYZ agenda presents itself as a revolutionary challenge to the existing social order, reproductive sterility and gender confusion are really conforming to the Anglosphere's traditional sexual agenda and dancing to its tune. As I showed in my previous article, the Anglo-American colonial elites imposed puritanical values on subject groups as part of a strategic social control policy, not for religious reasons. By stigmatizing virility as 'unclean' they could keep subect populations low and thus exploit them without fear of revolt. And this programme worked very effectively for several centuries.

Deviants rule the Anglosphere - and always have

When considered in this cynical light, the whole Anglo-American anti-sex, gynocentric and misandrist agenda becomes wholly explicable. It also best explains why the United States - with its overmastering need to regulate the reproductive fecundity of slaves, convicts, non Anglo-immigrants, indentured servants and Native Americans - should be the most misandrist and sex-negative of all the Anglo nations. Further, the well-attested racist and elitist currents underlying American feminism are best explained by its origins in a post-colonial society.

Mere Bland Conformity?

Like feminists, the LGBTXYZ lobby claim to be in revolt against the prevailing social order while identifying with all its primary agendas. Anglo feminists hate sex with all the vehemence of a New England spinster; meanwhile, the non-binary coalition hate heterosexual freedom with all the zeal of an Alabama slave-master... go figure. Seldom in history was anyone more deluded as to their true inspiration or motivations.

Anyway, here's a Happy Christmas to you all.

Heterosexuality is not an Offence...

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Another Factor in the Ascent of Misandist Anglo-Feminism: The Colonial Heritage

The Face of Evil: Anglofoid Gloats Over Lynching Victim

Why has misandrist feminism been so successful in Anglophone countries? This question has begun to haunt me. Too many anti-feminists use conspiracy theories to explain the rise of misandrist Anglo feminism. While there have certainly been a number of social, political and religious groups promoting feminist agendas, their writings would never have achieved mass or institutional support if such support did not already exist. The Frankfurt School and other pro-feminist intellectual movements can only flourish if the social soil is already receptive to their message. For example, the Frankfurt School only adopted an infiltration agenda when its calls for a proletarian revolution failed in affluent post-War North America. There is also the issue of institutional compliance. Some nations or cultural blocs have pre-existing institutions which are especially ripe for subversion. For example, the Anglo-American Common Law legal system has proved incredibly susceptible to feminist manipulation in recent years. Similarly, existing historical memes or traditions can hinder or facilitate subversive agendas; and one of these is my topic here.

A former corrections officer gave us an extended essay in which he argued that the distinctive cultural heritage of the Anglosphere countries had a major role in the emergence of misandrist feminism. His view was that Anglo feminism exploits the residual resistance of former subject races in post-colonial Anglo countries to lever outrageous and unwarranted privilege for entitled white women.

While this assessment is accurate enough, I have begun to detect another pro-feminist dynamic in the colonial legacy. This is kind of residual racist puritanism deriving from a distinctive Anglo-Saxon obsession with limiting the reproductive fecundity of 'subject' races or classes. It is no surprise that this obsession is strongest in the Anglo countries with a troubled colonial past built on slavery and genocide, such as Australia or the United States. After all, those nations had most to gain by regulating or limiting the reproductive fecundity of slaves and ‘subject’ races.

Aboriginal Heads on Display

This realization came to me from free discussions with Hondo Solomon, an insightful black American writer who teaches the virtues of polygamy. In his view, the Anglo-Saxon obsession with imposing sexual repression on subject peoples is largely to keep their numbers low, thereby minimizing the threat of revolt. In addition, Hondo also claims that Anglo-puritan monogamy was also promoted to keep subject populations at a low genetic standard by deliberately preventing the natural proliferation of alpha genes for leadership and intelligence: a kind of soft dysgenics.  Judging by the hunchbacked, autistic morons inhabiting English towns and cities, this policy has proved fairly effective in the British Isles – its original testing-ground. Hondo also claims that the American obsession with professional sports also derives from its colonial legacy – the obsessive measurement of physical attributes and performance originating in the slave trade.

Wingspan: The American Sports Fixation

Returning to The Anglobitch Thesis, if we focus on the sexual elements of Anglo-American colonialism we see a ubiquitous and concerted attempt to associate religious guilt with sex among subject populations. We also see a determined attempt to replace religions which celebrate reproductive fecundity (voodoo, Islam, Catholicism, Judaism and Hinduism) with guilt-laden Anglican Christianity and its sickly cult of reproductive sterility. Let us note that this insidious campaign is colour blind: it oppresses Highland Scots or the English lower classes as much as is does Black Americans, Aryan Hindus or Black Africans. Wherever he goes the patrician Anglo-American tries to impose his woman-worship, guilt and latent homosexuality with one goal in mind: to limit subject populations’ numbers and genetic quality, thereby reducing the threat of revolt against his rule.

Even though its original inspiration has long gone, the same repressive spirit persists as a habitual residue in all Anglosphere countries. Moreover, it is one of the residual memes that has contributed most to the rapid rise of sex-negative misandrist feminism across the Anglosphere. As usual, Anglo-feminism draws strength and succour from the very forces it claims to oppose

Anglofoids enjoy Lynching
Anglo feminism has nurtured a racist seed since its very inception, so such an alignment should come as no surprise when we consider the colonial origins and uses of Anglo-American Puritanism. Lynchings and other Anglo-American race-crimes typically represented a working collusion between early feminists and imperialists, typically framed as a hysterical campaign to ‘protect’ exalted white women from the animal lusts of black slaves. This sexual Nazism still contaminates Anglo feminism, albeit at an unstated and subliminal level (consider feminist Reclaim the Night marches through black areas, which covertly assume that all black men are rapists). Of course, inculcating the colonising race with puritanical values also serves the colonial enterprise by inhibiting interbreeding with subject peoples, with obvious benefits for the colonial project. It is far harder to maintain a colonial culture of exploitation when many of the exploited share genes from the colonising race. The ‘Pretty White Girl Syndrome’ which saturates the Anglo media is entirely dedicated to exalting white Anglo girls as unattainable deities beyond all reproach; surely another warped legacy of colonial Anglo-elitism.

Too Good for You: Anglofoid Sexual Elitism

My thought has reached a crucial impasse on the issue of sex-negative, misandrist Anglo feminism. It is no longer enough to consider the Anglosphere’s puritanical religious heritage the only force underpinning the Anglo-feminist agenda. Other countries have a strong Protestant tradition (Holland, Germany, Denmark) yet still lack sex-negative feminism of the Anglosphere variety. Other factors must underlie misandrist Anglo-feminism, while sustaining its agenda. Obviously, malleable Common Law is one of these; other prime candidates are genetics, empirical machine values, homosociality and class distinction.

However, the post-colonial dynamic also serves and abets Anglo-American feminism, as we have seen. Its legacy gives Anglo feminism its distinctive racist, misandrist and sex-negative character, especially in those countries where colonial oppression was strongest.

Anglofoids: Exalted Deities?

Saturday, 24 November 2018

The Anglocuck: Some Excellent Posts and Resources

Relampago Furioso has just published an excellent article on the state of the Anglosphere. In this cutting piece, he argues that the Anglo-American world is now peopled by the exalted Anglobitch on one side and the exploited Anglocuck on the other. The Anglocuck is defined as a deluded sucker who continues to 'buy into' antiquated fables about his cultural and social superiority even while being a sexually-disenfranchised, disposable wage slave. He cultivates Sexual False Consciousness to cope with his degraded condition, kidding himself with unattainable fantasies of sexual salvation. Too dumb to see that his own culture's puritanical exaltation of women is the root cause of his cuckdom, he only defends it with ever greater vigour
Anglocuck: Totally emasculated male provider unit turned exploited serf on the tax farm. Easily deceived by women, invaders, and politicians this male pushover still believes in America even though its ruling class threw him overboard 50 years ago. The Anglocuck thinks voting will fix his problems and you’ll find him obsessing over politics on social media sites which increasingly limit what he can say to defend himself while the culture at large paints him and his vision of America farther and farther into a corner. The sad sack Anglocuck believes his innate reason and rationality will win him friends, even though to his enemies these “virtues” only demonstrate how gullible he is. Obsessively plays by the rules that have been stacked against him, happily supports his own demise by showing up to work on time, paying his taxes, and saving for “retirement” so that others can benefit from his productivity which is forcefully taken from him by a behemoth government. Remains the loyal “company man” even though the company was long ago sold to a corporate conglomerate that doesn’t care if he falls on the floor dead. Frequent masturbator and sexless wonder who begs for leftovers from well-worn carousel specimens, while the Anglobitch brazenly cucks him with other men (especially invaders and those that mock the Anglocuck) then sends him the bill for her subsequent offspring.
While this is a definitive description of the Anglocuck, a quick scout around the Internet suggests the meme is actually quite well-developed. Compiling the following list of articles, I was struck by a total lack of acknowledgement. Although my own writings are more-or-less the starting point for this strand of manosphere thought, my name is never once mentioned. But then, as Ghengis Khan once said of his own people: 'They will wear the finest clothes, embrace the fairest women and rule between sunrise and sunset - yet they will forget the man to whom they owe everything.'

Here they are:

Most Anglo Men are Cucks (from ROK)

Women's Suffrage will End Western Civilisation (from XYZ Australia)

Ethnik Men Brutally AMOG Racist Anglo Cuck (from Lookism.net - discussion not article)

This free book - 'Tyrants of Matriarchy' - does not specifically relate to the Anglocuck, but offers a general disussion of male complicity with feminist agendas in the Anglo West.


Sunday, 4 November 2018

Scott Beierle: Another Incel Shooter Unable to Cope with the Anglosphere's Contradictory Demands

It can be horribly gratifying to be proven right. Yet in the wake of another incel shooting by Scott Beierle, it is obvious that many of my worst predictions about the Anglosphere are coming to pass. With the rise of misandrist feminism in the English-speaking world (but especially North America and Britain), males are being placed under unprecedented and unreasonable pressure. A toxic combination of residual sex-negative puritanism, rabid woman-worship, fraying economic status, sexual false consciousness, traditional expectations, sexual disenfranchisement and good ol' Anglo-American aversion to reality have conspired to produce some of the most tormented males in history.

I knew Beierle was an incel shooter the instant I heard about events in Florida. The fact that the two fatalities were middle-class white females and that the shooter was a single white male rendered his motivations almost self-apparent:

Another 'incel' shooter: yoga studio killer wanted to crucify 'American whores'
Tallahassee: The man police say killed two women at a Florida yoga studio before turning the gun on himself expressed deep-seated misogyny that he said was caused by repeated rejections from women with whom he tried to engage romantically.

Scott Beierle, 40, shot six people and pistol-whipped another after walking into the yoga studio on the second floor of a shopping plaza on Friday night. He killed a Florida State University student and a faculty member before shooting himself, police said.

Police said Saturday that they were investigating what prompted the shooting, but a series of videos he posted to the internet in 2014 paint the picture of an apparent "incel," or someone who had been involuntarily celibate, with a seething rage against women.

Beierle had been arrested twice in the past six years by the university’s police, according to criminal records. The first time was in 2012. He was charged with trespassing in 2014 and told he was banned from campus after following an FSU volleyball coach into a gym.

The same year he was detained again for trespassing in a dining hall. Charges were dismissed for both of Beierle’s university arrests, but he agreed to a plea deal after a final arrest by Tallahassee police in 2016.

According to a police report, he was living in an off-campus apartment in his late 30s – noticeably older than the other residents – and one day offered to put lotion on a 19-year-old sunbathing by the pool. When the woman declined, she told police, Beierle ‘‘slapped her butt, and grabbed it and then shook it’’.

Beierle posted 15 videos in a span of three days in August 2014. Some have since been deleted. In one video, "The American Whore Pt. 2," he discusses potential forms of "appropriate" punishment for promiscuous women.

"I would vote for crucifixion myself," he said. "The most heinous crime warrants the most heinous punishment."

In another video, titled "The Rebirth of my Misogynism," Beierle says that his hatred for women started in eighth grade, when he discovered the "collective treachery" of girls his age. He lists the names of several girls who he said sparked his misogyny.

He said his feelings toward women went dormant until he went to college at Florida State University, when women already in relationships gave him their phone numbers and one woman called the police on him for visiting her at work.

"Again, this mentality (of) 'let's just run to the authorities when our feelings are hurt,'" he said. "I had committed no wrong. I was just trying to court this particular female."

He also mentions one romantic interest from his college years who he said would repeatedly cancel planned dates.

"I could've ripped her head off," he said. "The treachery that a female is capable of when her sensibilities are offended to me is astonishing. The lengths that they will go to - lying, exaggerating, outright lying."

Beierle, who served in the military and was a Florida State University (FSU) graduate, had been arrested in 2012 and 2016 on charges of grabbing women's buttocks at an apartment complex pool and at a campus dining hall. He was charged with trespassing in 2014 and told he was banned from campus after following an FSU volleyball coach into a gym.

His victims were 21-year-old Maura Binkley, a student at FSU, and 61-year-old Dr. Nancy Vessem, a faculty member and the chief medical director for a health maintenance organisation. Witnesses told police that Beierle posed as a customer to gain access to the yoga studio, which was in session when he started firing, according to the Associated Press. Police have not yet disclosed what kind of gun Beierle used.

"Malevolence can idle or it can manifest itself into something," he said in one video. "I believe in karma. I believe in what comes around goes around. And those that engage in treachery will ultimately be the victims of it."

Beierle, who posted videos under the pseudonym Scott Carnifex, also criticises the societal "expectations" of male adolescents in America, who he said are programmed into believing that sexual conquests are intrinsically linked to manliness.

"I'd like to send a message now to the adolescent males ... that are in the position, the situation, the disposition of Elliot Roger [sic], of not getting any, no love, no nothing," Beierle said in one video, referencing the 22-year-old mass murderer who also expressed frustration at being a virgin and being rejected by attractive women.

"This endless wasteland that breeds this longing and this frustration. That was me, certainly as an adolescent."

After Rodger's killings in 2014, he was idolised online by members of the so-called "incel" community. Rodgers killed six people and injured fourteen others near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara, before killing himself. He had also expressed frustration at being a virgin and being rejected by attractive women.

One Rodger supporter was Alek Minassian, the 25-year-old man accused of plowing his van into a crowd in Toronto in April, killing 10. Minassian declared the ‘‘incel Rebellion’’ had begun. Beierle also expressed his hatred for African-Americans, whom he called "disgusting."

In one such video, titled "Dreadlocks are the Black Man's Mullet," Beierle lists six reasons why he hates African-Americans and their "thuggery" while repeatedly using racial slurs. He said dreadlocks were considered "vogue" only among the "gutter of our society," and he said the hairstyle made it "tough for me to still remain an NFL fan," referencing the National Football League.

He also rails against "mongrelisation" and interracial dating, calling black women "ugly, disgusting."
In other videos, Beierle also expresses a hatred for the police, the "expectations" for adolescent males in America and the "dangers of diversity."
"I don't think a female can ever understand the societal pressure that's put on an adolescent male to unburden himself of this stigma that has society has put on him, this virginity burden and having a girlfriend," he said. "I wish I had someone to talk to me at that age."

Sydney Morning Herald, 04/11//2018

Just one way out of impossible demands.

At 40, Beierle was the perfect age for an incel shooter: an older Millennial trapped in the contradictory expectations placed on males by pan-Anglosphere post-feminist secular misandry, there was no solution to his torment beyond murder and suicide. As he himself opined, the informal pressure on adolescent males to be sexually successful (as measured by sexual activity with sexualized young women) is incredibly intense; male virgins are seen as impotent, deviant losers (not least by women themselves, albeit at an unstated level). Sexual false consciousness - the fantasy that women are roaming around wanting sex with everybody - raises this pressure to unnatural levels: most young males still believe everyone but themselves is having sex with models all day. At the same time, Anglo-American males are castigated by 'progressive' social elements (including feminism) for any kind of sexual self-expression. This programme even involves encouraging males to 'transition' into transexual pseudo-women.

Need for Empowerment? Beierle posing with swords

Of course, other factors help explain the typical demographics of incel shooters: white, conservative and middle class. Obviously, affluent white males have a residual sense of personal sovereignty which derives from earlier phases of Anglo-American society, making them prone to revolt against their eroding status. However, since Anglo feminism is an obviously 'white' movement, white men also bear the specific brunt of feminist contempt and ridicule. This is why their targets are usually white, middle-class women - the true authors of institutional misandry in Anglo-American culture.

Predictable targets: white, advantaged and female

With an Anglo-American cultural establishment eager to advance women's rights (but not their obligations) at the expense of beleaguered white males in every situation, the stage is set for incel shootings to become a daily occurrence in North America. Couple this with mass male sexual disenfranchisement, institutionalised misandry, female hyper-hypergamy and the secular-puritanical denial of normal sexual needs, and the way ahead is clear to see.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The Triumph of Anglo-Feminist Misandry, and Its True Origins

Regular readers will know that misandrist Anglo-American feminism draws much of its power from the malleable Common Law legal system which prevails in most English-speaking countries. The following account from the Red Ice website shows just how pro-female that system now is, especially against males of low socio-economic status. However, like most White Nationalists, the journalist author predictably fails to blame the real culprit - Anglo culture itself - for these transgressions:

One of the county bar associations in Pennsylvania asked me to write a summary and analysis of major recent cases on “Protection From Abuse” orders and the means whereby these orders are signed by defendants. They were concerned that almost 97% of these were signed by the defendant without a hearing even though it means the loss of his home, children and most of his income. It is often treated as a criminal conviction though it is only a civil case. I was shocked by not only the laws and case law concerning these orders, but the tricks that are used to force men, especially the poor, to sign them without argument.

This assignment required me to interview men at these hearings and ask them about their motivations. In late 2015, I went to the county courthouse and asked the defendants their story. They were overjoyed that finally, someone was willing to listen to them. They were almost all very poor males and none had lawyers defending them. I was surprised that they didn’t know the difference between civil and criminal law or that judicial proceedings were public. They were not guaranteed a lawyer because these are civil cases, but they were all convinced regardless that it is a criminal trial.

On the other hand, the women are granted a free lawyer (on permanent retainer for life) and are actually dressed up by the feminist group supplying them. They are given lines to memorize and all are told to cry on the stand. However, it is very rare that they ever get that far. Many defense attorneys are loathe to challenge the local feminists.

I struck up a conversation with a very young-looking man, poorly dressed, wearing a terrified, pale expression. He looked like he was about to vomit. He was all alone and seemed younger than 18. He must have just come from his shop because he was wearing greasy work clothes and he had clearly made no preparations of any kind for his court date.
I approached him and asked if he was OK. He told me that he and his girlfriend just had a baby. Tiring of him, she issued a PFA against him without cause, warning or warrant. No evidence is required for these in the state of Pennsylvania. The day after it was issued, her new boyfriend moved in to his house. The restraining order forced him to pay $750 each month in child support or face prison. His ex quit her job and now both partners live off his forced support. When I asked what he makes here in a month, he say “about $850 or so before taxes.”

Worse, his ex-girlfriend now gets a free lawyer, free and unobstructed access to all social services (she cannot be turned down for welfare programs), and free weekly counseling. If his ex had any moral qualms about what she had done, there are a battery of counselors there to justify it and give their official sanction to her “act of self defense.” This young man was too small to be a threat to anyone but the most anorexic. I refused to believe he had done anything wrong, especially when he told me there was no criminal case concurrent to this.

I discovered that when a woman claims she was assaulted by her mate, police are constrained to arrest regardless of probable cause. The condition of bail is always that he cannot return to his home and he cannot have any contact with the “victim.” He is presumed guilty. The question arose: if this is the condition of bail, why use the PFA? If this woman had been assaulted, why not get him arrested? The answer was clear: that the young man never hurt a soul. A criminal case requires evidence, unlike a PFA. A criminal case will at least guarantee him a minimum of state-sponsored legal assistance. Furthermore, a PFA can contain a support order as well, meaning that a woman can pad her income merely by making this claim without evidence. Worse, her victim must pay all court costs and no cost can accrue to the claimant by law. Almost always, she never needs to testify or face cross-examination.
All manner of trickery is used to get the ignorant victim, usually a man never before in trouble, to sign and accept his fate. In Indiana County PA, it is common, for example, for the local feminist “victim advocacy” organization to use blackmail. They tell the terrified man that they will not leak this case to his employer if he just signs the PFA without a hearing.

Elsewhere, he’s told that he can sign it “without admission of guilt,” implying that a PFA is tantamount to a criminal conviction. Of course, no guilt is assumed regardless, as this is a civil matter and has no (official) punitive purpose. It is a rhetorical trick to ensure their client never needs to testify. Quite literally, the woman does not need to spend a penny or life a finger to destroy her mate’s life, assure herself an income, receive endless sympathy and control the behavior of her ex. She becomes a member of a noble class that has immediate access to all social welfare, highly motivated and specialized legal representation and weekly free counseling that exists solely to justify her actions.

It is men who pass these laws and it is men who justify them. This proves that women rule absolutely. When men pass these laws even they realize that they might well be the victim of them, female rule is complete and without historical precedent. A man is not secure in his home or in his property if a women is living with him. Muscular, powerful women, when attacked by weaker men, are seen as helpless victims.

This is just one example of not merely female dominance, but their utter irresponsible totalitarian domination of men. Women live almost a decade longer than men. They control almost all personal (that is, disposable) wealth, and are now almost 60% of all college graduates. Even wealthy women are automatically promoted and hired through affirmative action. Women suffer about 5% of all work related fatalities or accidents. They are victims of only 30% of all violent crimes. Men are sentenced far more harshly then women for the same crime in the justice system at all levels. Two-thirds of all health care dollars are spent on women. Men, unsurprisingly, almost all white, commit 90% of all suicides.

Feminism as an ideology does not demand power, it is a manifestation of power long institutionalized. It is a means to maintain power. The question here is why did feminism emerge when it did as a dominant ideological force unchallenged in academia. Female academics are often absurdly ignorant. This is not because they are inherently idiots, but because they have no need or incentive to study. The better looking the woman, the more privilege she receives. She can walk into any cocktail party, sit down, cross her legs and hold court: dozens of men will be there fighting one another to give her money and jobs.

We don’t see feminism in the Roman Empire, Egypt or Ming China. Why did feminism develop? The reason is that capitalism required wages to fall. Feminism came into existence at the same time as immigration laws were relaxed. This was also the height of union power and the zenith of male wages in the US. American males, from the capitalist point of view, were doing too well. Capitalism created feminism, “anti-racism” and mass immigration. It served their interest in obvious ways, but the clearest and most fundamental way was to lower labor costs and discourage cooperation.

The example of the Pennsylvania “Domestic Violence” laws above is considered mild by national standards. It is proof beyond doubt that the US is a violent gynocracy. It is proof that women, especially if they are attractive and not too obese, are an aristocracy with more power than any that ever existed. The question, however, is where did it come from? How did such an absurd view get the support of all elites and both parties?
Women as the New Nobility, Red Ice, 04/07/16

The article predictably concludes that misandrist feminism is a leftist conspiracy cooked up by corporate America to suppress wages and living standards. However, the real source of Anglo-American institutional misandry and gynocentrism arises from the intersection of two things: Anglo-Saxon Puritanism and feminism. Alone, these things are not calamitous; but when they make contact the result is female deification, male ostracism and social destruction. A good analogy for this process would be a light bulb and a battery linked in a simple circuit. Before the circuit is closed, there is no tangible effect; but when it is, the bulb lights up and the whole environment is completely transformed.


Puritanism offered women reasonable protection from arbitrary ill-treatment in traditional patriarchy; but once feminism arose, gyneocratic misandry became the default setting of the pan-Anglosphere institutional establishment. The extreme sexual scarcity associated with Puritanism artificially inflates female sexual market value to unnatural levels in a nominally 'equalist' society, instantly turning men into slaves and women into deities.

This is why Anglo feminism is so reflexively sex-negative: residual Anglo-American Puritanism underwrites all its primary positions.  Conversely, the Anglo-American state (abetted by its malleable Common Law) reflexively supports feminism by its very nature. Relampago Furioso describes America's latest assault on American sexual freedom, an underhand attempt to ban its few legalised brothels in Nevada:
The new gynarcho-tyranny formerly known as America continues to expand its utterly insane War on Sex. Two of its “heroic” Police State USA units have hit three Nevada brothels (all owned by charismatic pimp Dennis Hof) with what basically amounts to false charges.

Cockblocking cops from Lyon County Sherriff’s Office and Immigration and Customs Enforcement claim immigration violations are occurring at Hof’s brothels, even though they’re the very agencies responsible for conducting background checks on the prostitutes who work in the brothels when sex work cards are issued by government officials.

It’s truly one of the most astonishing cases of the fox guarding the hen house ever heard of. Nonetheless, a heterosexual hating press chimed with glee:

An investigation of three legal Nevada brothels owned by a reality TV star and candidate for the state legislature found immigration violations and indications of possible human trafficking, the county sheriff said.

Thus said Reuters, member of the propaganda wing of the Deep State establishment. (You know, the people who constantly screw with your psychology through advertising, public relations, and fake news operations.) Surely, this hit couldn’t have anything to do with Hof running for office, and being the favored candidate to win a Nevada assembly seat? To ask the question is to answer it.
Police State USA Hits its Nevada Brothels with False Charges, The New Modern Man, 09/10/2018

Of course, other factors are implicated in the rabid misandry engulfing the Anglosphere: for example, the soulless post-industrial machine tendencies Relampago Furioso writes about; or the homocentric tendencies discussed by Richard Scarecrow; or the feminist infiltration of Anglo-American legalism identified by many learned commentators on this site.

However, all these things are in themselves harmless; they become misandrist weapons only in the presence of Anglo puritan-feminism.


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Is the End in Sight? The First Mammal is Born to Two Mothers


A leading British newspaper recently carried some chilling scientific news:
Never has a major scientific breakthrough carried such sinister implications for mankind - specifically, for men.

“Sorry, chaps, you’re obsolete": that may as well have been the headline of an announcement that gripped the research community on Thursday, as the birth was revealed of the world’s first mammal born to two mothers.

A team at the Chinese Academy of Sciences stunned geneticists by revealing they had effectively rewritten the rules of reproduction, and in the process discovered exactly why some animals, including humans, need to have sex. The breakthrough came in the form of 29 mice successfully born to same-sex (female) parents.Not only were the animals born healthy, but they went on to have babies themselves.

A similar experiment using two male parents failed, however, the pups dying within days of being born.

In achieving the successful births, the researchers proved they had identified and overcome the factor that makes joint male-female involvement in reproduction essential for humans. Commentators said the study may pave the way for single-sex humans to reproduce in the future, although not any time soon. Mammals can produce offspring only through sexual reproduction using an female egg fertilised by male sperm.

Not all the natural world uses the same process.Some female birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians are able to reproduce alone, with hammerhead sharks and Komodo dragons some of the more colourful examples. The Chinese team set out to identify the genetic process that takes place at the point of mammalian conception that demands genes from both sexes.

They focused on a phenomenon known and “imprinting”, where for roughly 100 genes, only the copy that comes from the mother or only the copy that comes from the father ever becomes “switched on”. In human embryos, the male genes make up for the females ones that are not switched on and visa versa. It means an embryo made up of same-sex genes will effectively have some missing.

To overcome this barrier, the scientists obtained some embryonic stem cells from a female mouse and used the gene-editing Crispr-Cas9, which has been likened to a genetic pair of scissors, and were able to remove maternal imprinting by “snipping” out a single letter of genetic code from three crucial regions. The edited stem cells were then injected into the egg of a second female mouse, which successfully formed an embryo. Two-hundred-and-ten embryos were created to yield the 29 live mice.

Co-senior author Qi Zhou said: "This research shows us what's possible. We saw that the defects in bimaternal mice can be eliminated and that bipaternal reproduction barriers in mammals can also be crossed through imprinting modification."
Dr Teresa Holm, from the University of Auckland, said there is a chance in the long run that the technique could be developed to apply to humans. "[The research] may even lead to the development of ways for same-sex couples to reproduce healthy children of their own,” she said, although she pointed to “significant ethical and safety concerns that would need to be overcome”.

The researchers also produced 12 full-term mice with two genetic fathers, using a similar but more complicated procedure. These were transferred, along with placental material, into surrogate mothers. The bipaternal mice pups only survived for 48 hours after birth.

A spokesman for the Progress Educational Trust, a charity concerned with the ethics and law of genetic-assisted reproduction, said: "Creating a genetic offspring from two mice of the same sex is an exciting achievement. The scientific challenges and legal barriers that would need to be to overcome to make this possible in humans are huge and so make this unlikely to happen any time soon. That said, we should start discussing whether this is a noble endeavour."
SOURCE: UK Daily Telegraph - 11/10/2018

The legal and scientific 'barriers' this spokesman speaks of are so much moonmist and hot air. In the Anglosphere, the law is a feminist plaything. It has ensured that virtually all reproductive  rights and decisions are now firmly in female hands, with fathers little more than disposable sperm-donors and ATM machines. As we also know, the whole essence of the Anglosphere is gyneocratic misandry, an inevitable expression of its residual puritanism and attendant anti-life agendas. This culture detests masculinity, originality, virility and other masculine virtues; it prefers men to be desexualized pseudo-women, hence the endless support for the 'trans' subculture emanating from every orifice of 'mainstream' Anglo-American society.

In sum, this scientific news must have sent the Anglo elites into paroxyms of joy: their dream of a man-free society bereft of dissent, honour, reason and progress is at last in sight.