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The Triumph of Anglo-Feminist Misandry, and Its True Origins

Regular readers will know that misandrist Anglo-American feminism draws much of its power from the malleable Common Law legal system which prevails in most English-speaking countries. The following account from the Red Ice website shows just how pro-female that system now is, especially against males of low socio-economic status. However, like most White Nationalists, the journalist author predictably fails to blame the real culprit - Anglo culture itself - for these transgressions:

One of the county bar associations in Pennsylvania asked me to write a summary and analysis of major recent cases on “Protection From Abuse” orders and the means whereby these orders are signed by defendants. They were concerned that almost 97% of these were signed by the defendant without a hearing even though it means the loss of his home, children and most of his income. It is often treated as a criminal conviction though it is only a civil case. I was shocked by not only the laws and case law concerning these orders, but the tricks that are used to force men, especially the poor, to sign them without argument.

This assignment required me to interview men at these hearings and ask them about their motivations. In late 2015, I went to the county courthouse and asked the defendants their story. They were overjoyed that finally, someone was willing to listen to them. They were almost all very poor males and none had lawyers defending them. I was surprised that they didn’t know the difference between civil and criminal law or that judicial proceedings were public. They were not guaranteed a lawyer because these are civil cases, but they were all convinced regardless that it is a criminal trial.

On the other hand, the women are granted a free lawyer (on permanent retainer for life) and are actually dressed up by the feminist group supplying them. They are given lines to memorize and all are told to cry on the stand. However, it is very rare that they ever get that far. Many defense attorneys are loathe to challenge the local feminists.

I struck up a conversation with a very young-looking man, poorly dressed, wearing a terrified, pale expression. He looked like he was about to vomit. He was all alone and seemed younger than 18. He must have just come from his shop because he was wearing greasy work clothes and he had clearly made no preparations of any kind for his court date.
I approached him and asked if he was OK. He told me that he and his girlfriend just had a baby. Tiring of him, she issued a PFA against him without cause, warning or warrant. No evidence is required for these in the state of Pennsylvania. The day after it was issued, her new boyfriend moved in to his house. The restraining order forced him to pay $750 each month in child support or face prison. His ex quit her job and now both partners live off his forced support. When I asked what he makes here in a month, he say “about $850 or so before taxes.”

Worse, his ex-girlfriend now gets a free lawyer, free and unobstructed access to all social services (she cannot be turned down for welfare programs), and free weekly counseling. If his ex had any moral qualms about what she had done, there are a battery of counselors there to justify it and give their official sanction to her “act of self defense.” This young man was too small to be a threat to anyone but the most anorexic. I refused to believe he had done anything wrong, especially when he told me there was no criminal case concurrent to this.

I discovered that when a woman claims she was assaulted by her mate, police are constrained to arrest regardless of probable cause. The condition of bail is always that he cannot return to his home and he cannot have any contact with the “victim.” He is presumed guilty. The question arose: if this is the condition of bail, why use the PFA? If this woman had been assaulted, why not get him arrested? The answer was clear: that the young man never hurt a soul. A criminal case requires evidence, unlike a PFA. A criminal case will at least guarantee him a minimum of state-sponsored legal assistance. Furthermore, a PFA can contain a support order as well, meaning that a woman can pad her income merely by making this claim without evidence. Worse, her victim must pay all court costs and no cost can accrue to the claimant by law. Almost always, she never needs to testify or face cross-examination.
All manner of trickery is used to get the ignorant victim, usually a man never before in trouble, to sign and accept his fate. In Indiana County PA, it is common, for example, for the local feminist “victim advocacy” organization to use blackmail. They tell the terrified man that they will not leak this case to his employer if he just signs the PFA without a hearing.

Elsewhere, he’s told that he can sign it “without admission of guilt,” implying that a PFA is tantamount to a criminal conviction. Of course, no guilt is assumed regardless, as this is a civil matter and has no (official) punitive purpose. It is a rhetorical trick to ensure their client never needs to testify. Quite literally, the woman does not need to spend a penny or life a finger to destroy her mate’s life, assure herself an income, receive endless sympathy and control the behavior of her ex. She becomes a member of a noble class that has immediate access to all social welfare, highly motivated and specialized legal representation and weekly free counseling that exists solely to justify her actions.

It is men who pass these laws and it is men who justify them. This proves that women rule absolutely. When men pass these laws even they realize that they might well be the victim of them, female rule is complete and without historical precedent. A man is not secure in his home or in his property if a women is living with him. Muscular, powerful women, when attacked by weaker men, are seen as helpless victims.

This is just one example of not merely female dominance, but their utter irresponsible totalitarian domination of men. Women live almost a decade longer than men. They control almost all personal (that is, disposable) wealth, and are now almost 60% of all college graduates. Even wealthy women are automatically promoted and hired through affirmative action. Women suffer about 5% of all work related fatalities or accidents. They are victims of only 30% of all violent crimes. Men are sentenced far more harshly then women for the same crime in the justice system at all levels. Two-thirds of all health care dollars are spent on women. Men, unsurprisingly, almost all white, commit 90% of all suicides.

Feminism as an ideology does not demand power, it is a manifestation of power long institutionalized. It is a means to maintain power. The question here is why did feminism emerge when it did as a dominant ideological force unchallenged in academia. Female academics are often absurdly ignorant. This is not because they are inherently idiots, but because they have no need or incentive to study. The better looking the woman, the more privilege she receives. She can walk into any cocktail party, sit down, cross her legs and hold court: dozens of men will be there fighting one another to give her money and jobs.

We don’t see feminism in the Roman Empire, Egypt or Ming China. Why did feminism develop? The reason is that capitalism required wages to fall. Feminism came into existence at the same time as immigration laws were relaxed. This was also the height of union power and the zenith of male wages in the US. American males, from the capitalist point of view, were doing too well. Capitalism created feminism, “anti-racism” and mass immigration. It served their interest in obvious ways, but the clearest and most fundamental way was to lower labor costs and discourage cooperation.

The example of the Pennsylvania “Domestic Violence” laws above is considered mild by national standards. It is proof beyond doubt that the US is a violent gynocracy. It is proof that women, especially if they are attractive and not too obese, are an aristocracy with more power than any that ever existed. The question, however, is where did it come from? How did such an absurd view get the support of all elites and both parties?
Women as the New Nobility, Red Ice, 04/07/16

The article predictably concludes that misandrist feminism is a leftist conspiracy cooked up by corporate America to suppress wages and living standards. However, the real source of Anglo-American institutional misandry and gynocentrism arises from the intersection of two things: Anglo-Saxon Puritanism and feminism. Alone, these things are not calamitous; but when they make contact the result is female deification, male ostracism and social destruction. A good analogy for this process would be a light bulb and a battery linked in a simple circuit. Before the circuit is closed, there is no tangible effect; but when it is, the bulb lights up and the whole environment is completely transformed.


Puritanism offered women reasonable protection from arbitrary ill-treatment in traditional patriarchy; but once gyneocratic feminism arose, misandry became the default setting of the pan-Anglosphere institutional establishment. This is why Anglo feminism is so reflexively sex-negative: residual Anglo-American Puritanism underwrites all its primary positions.  Conversely, the Anglo-American state (abetted by its malleable Common Law) reflexively supports feminism by its very nature. Relampago Furioso describes its latest assault on American sexual freedom, an underhand attempt to ban its few legalised brothels in Nevada:
The new gynarcho-tyranny formerly known as America continues to expand its utterly insane War on Sex. Two of its “heroic” Police State USA units have hit three Nevada brothels (all owned by charismatic pimp Dennis Hof) with what basically amounts to false charges.

Cockblocking cops from Lyon County Sherriff’s Office and Immigration and Customs Enforcement claim immigration violations are occurring at Hof’s brothels, even though they’re the very agencies responsible for conducting background checks on the prostitutes who work in the brothels when sex work cards are issued by government officials.

It’s truly one of the most astonishing cases of the fox guarding the hen house ever heard of. Nonetheless, a heterosexual hating press chimed with glee:

An investigation of three legal Nevada brothels owned by a reality TV star and candidate for the state legislature found immigration violations and indications of possible human trafficking, the county sheriff said.

Thus said Reuters, member of the propaganda wing of the Deep State establishment. (You know, the people who constantly screw with your psychology through advertising, public relations, and fake news operations.) Surely, this hit couldn’t have anything to do with Hof running for office, and being the favored candidate to win a Nevada assembly seat? To ask the question is to answer it.
The New Modern man, Police State USA Hits its Nevada Brothels with False Charges, 09/10/2018

Of course, other factors are implicated in the rabid misandry engulfing the Anglosphere: for example, the soulless post-industrial machine tendencies Relampago Furioso writes about; or the homocentric tendencies discussed by Richard Scarecrow; or the feminist infiltration of Anglo-American legalism identified by many learned commentators on this site.

However, all these things are in themselves harmless; they become misandrist weapons only in the presence of Anglo puritan-feminism.


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Is the End in Sight? The First Mammal is Born to Two Mothers


A leading British newspaper recently carried some chilling scientific news:
Never has a major scientific breakthrough carried such sinister implications for mankind - specifically, for men.

“Sorry, chaps, you’re obsolete": that may as well have been the headline of an announcement that gripped the research community on Thursday, as the birth was revealed of the world’s first mammal born to two mothers.

A team at the Chinese Academy of Sciences stunned geneticists by revealing they had effectively rewritten the rules of reproduction, and in the process discovered exactly why some animals, including humans, need to have sex. The breakthrough came in the form of 29 mice successfully born to same-sex (female) parents.Not only were the animals born healthy, but they went on to have babies themselves.

A similar experiment using two male parents failed, however, the pups dying within days of being born.

In achieving the successful births, the researchers proved they had identified and overcome the factor that makes joint male-female involvement in reproduction essential for humans. Commentators said the study may pave the way for single-sex humans to reproduce in the future, although not any time soon. Mammals can produce offspring only through sexual reproduction using an female egg fertilised by male sperm.

Not all the natural world uses the same process.Some female birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians are able to reproduce alone, with hammerhead sharks and Komodo dragons some of the more colourful examples. The Chinese team set out to identify the genetic process that takes place at the point of mammalian conception that demands genes from both sexes.

They focused on a phenomenon known and “imprinting”, where for roughly 100 genes, only the copy that comes from the mother or only the copy that comes from the father ever becomes “switched on”. In human embryos, the male genes make up for the females ones that are not switched on and visa versa. It means an embryo made up of same-sex genes will effectively have some missing.

To overcome this barrier, the scientists obtained some embryonic stem cells from a female mouse and used the gene-editing Crispr-Cas9, which has been likened to a genetic pair of scissors, and were able to remove maternal imprinting by “snipping” out a single letter of genetic code from three crucial regions. The edited stem cells were then injected into the egg of a second female mouse, which successfully formed an embryo. Two-hundred-and-ten embryos were created to yield the 29 live mice.

Co-senior author Qi Zhou said: "This research shows us what's possible. We saw that the defects in bimaternal mice can be eliminated and that bipaternal reproduction barriers in mammals can also be crossed through imprinting modification."
Dr Teresa Holm, from the University of Auckland, said there is a chance in the long run that the technique could be developed to apply to humans. "[The research] may even lead to the development of ways for same-sex couples to reproduce healthy children of their own,” she said, although she pointed to “significant ethical and safety concerns that would need to be overcome”.

The researchers also produced 12 full-term mice with two genetic fathers, using a similar but more complicated procedure. These were transferred, along with placental material, into surrogate mothers. The bipaternal mice pups only survived for 48 hours after birth.

A spokesman for the Progress Educational Trust, a charity concerned with the ethics and law of genetic-assisted reproduction, said: "Creating a genetic offspring from two mice of the same sex is an exciting achievement. The scientific challenges and legal barriers that would need to be to overcome to make this possible in humans are huge and so make this unlikely to happen any time soon. That said, we should start discussing whether this is a noble endeavour."
SOURCE: UK Daily Telegraph - 11/10/2018

The legal and scientific 'barriers' this spokesman speaks of are so much moonmist and hot air. In the Anglosphere, the law is a feminist plaything. It has ensured that virtually all reproductive  rights and decisions are now firmly in female hands, with fathers little more than disposable sperm-donors and ATM machines. As we also know, the whole essence of the Anglosphere is gyneocratic misandry, an inevitable expression of its residual puritanism and attendant anti-life agendas. This culture detests masculinity, originality, virility and other masculine virtues; it prefers men to be desexualized pseudo-women, hence the endless support for the 'trans' subculture emanating from every orifice of 'mainstream' Anglo-American society.

In sum, this scientific news must have sent the Anglo elites into paroxyms of joy: their dream of a man-free society bereft of dissent, honour, reason and progress is at last in sight.


Sunday, 7 October 2018

Tales from Gilead: Why 'The Handmaid’s Tale' is Utterly Deluded Cowshit

The Oppressed Anglo-American Woman... Yeah, right

The Handmaid’s Tale is all the rage among Anglo-American women. Everywhere I go they seem to be babbling about it - as if, at literally any moment, they were going to be stuffed into Victorian dresses and forced to bear rich men’s children. In truth, The Handmaid’s Tale is failed science fiction: despite falling birth rates around the industrialised world, no advanced democratic country has done anything to limit female reproductive freedom. In fact, most countries have actually extended it (Ireland being a notable recent example). Moreover, the West is becoming more secular on every measure, with the average Christian now an affluent white female (the same demographic who watch The Handmaid's Tale, oddly enough). 

This image really reflects female life in 2018...

So why, then does this lame 80s novel and its various spin-offs retain such a strong hold on the female imagination? It bears no relation whatsoever to existing affairs and social currents are moving ever further from the scenario it describes. 

The following article shows the terrifying reality – that the Anglosphere is now an open matriarchy where women can get away with literally anything, including (in fact especially) the grooming and sex abuse of minors: 

Teacher who Groomed Student avoids Jail

A NSW teacher's aide who blamed a weight loss drug for dramatically increasing her sex drive before she groomed a student for sex has received a suspended 12-month jail sentence.

Today, Newcastle Local Court magistrate Robert Stone said Jackie Hays was remorseful, unlikely to re-offend and would continue psychiatric treatment in the community which was not available in prison. The 51-year-old sobbed in court while being sentenced.

She was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond after the magistrate accepted she was "immensely sorry" for the inappropriate behaviour which had been out of character.

The magistrate said Hays, who's been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder, was disappointed with herself and had learned from her mistakes.

Hays pleaded guilty to grooming the 15-year-old student for sex in 2015 after becoming infatuated with him. She sent him numerous explicit text messages. The 51-year-old turned to the boy's mother on Wednesday and said "sorry darling" before leaving the courtroom.

Hays had blamed the weight loss drug Duromine for causing her sex drive to dramatically increase and impair her judgement, but Mr Stone found the drug had no significant impact on her predatory behaviour.

Legal Aid lawyer Gillian Jewison had argued Hays started taking Duromine four months before she began targeting the teenager. While there was no medical evidence linking the drug to Hays' offending, Ms Jewison said the mother of two's friends noticed she seemed to be ''off the planet'' and acting bizarrely.

When Hays was interviewed by detectives she described the text messages sent back and forth to the boy as "filth." Hays, who was 47 at the time, was willing to have sex with the teenager who attended the same Hunter Valley school where she and the boy's mother worked. But she claimed she wanted to wait until he turned 16.

Mr Stone said the mother of three had been in an unhappy marriage and her emotional needs were not being met when she began sexting the boy. She would have faced a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail if the case had been heard in the District Court, but prosecutors agreed to have the matter dealt with in the Local Court where the maximum penalty was two years.

Hays was initially charged in mid-2017 with five offences alleging she had been sending explicit text messages and phoning two students, but four of the charges were dropped after she agreed to plead guilty to one count of grooming a child for unlawful sexual activity.

© Nine Digital Pty Ltd 5/9/2018

So there we have it: women can now groom and abuse minors with complete impunity. What feminist still seriously dares to claim a man would have escaped a jail sentence for the same offences? Given the well-attested privilege women are shown in the education system, in job selection, in the media, in reproductive matters, in healthcare and before the law, one is left completely baffled by the popularity of The Handmaid’s Tale.  In reality, female power and privilege expand with each passing year. The Anglosphere is an openly misandrist, gynocentric matriarchy, yet Anglo feminism still insists – or needs to insist – that women are somehow sexually oppressed and downtrodden. 

Is this how Anglo women seriously view themselves? Mad.

I have already written about the Anglo-American fixation on meddling in the affairs of other countries, a project designed to mask the various dysfunctions of the Anglo-American bloc itself. This fixation allows Anglo feminists to claim female oppression in Mozambique or Iran somehow applies to themselves (as 'women'), thereby occluding the gynocentric misandry that prevails in countries like Australia and the United States. The Handmaid’s Tale is merely the next step in this project of obfuscation and self-delusion, with a hypothetical fantasy world replacing the 'global misandry' so beloved by Anglo feminists.

I have a theory. Women are now so exalted across the Anglosphere, so obviously advantaged in every sphere of life, they can only feed their need for victimhood by retreating to a fictional world of imaginary persecution. The triumph of Anglo-American feminism has been so total that its devotees can only maintain their cherished victim status by confusing fantasy for reality. 

In sum, they have lapsed into insanity.

A Womyn's Studies Class...

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Update on the Progress of Distant Shores

Just a brief update on the book I am currently working on, Distant Shores.

I am making good progress, having written over 200 000 words. Because of superb reader input over the past year, I am now working to a more profound, original and ambitious design than I had ever foreseen. This encompasses the structural deficiencies and unique misandry of Anglo-American law and politics, not just the cultural issues for which my writing is famous.

I have created a large appendix of reader comments as reference material. To be blunt, these commentaries on my Thesis by learned academics and lay people alike surpass all other manosphere discourse by a country mile; old style MRAs like Warren Farrell are simply nowhere. I cannot begin to say how inspired I was by comments posted by the former corrections officer, law professor and various others on the topic of Anglo-American jurisprudence. Their wholly original perspectives are now central to my new and expanded thesis.

As I write, I am integrating commentary from the appendices into my own work to brace and inform it, while also acknowledging the debt I owe to contributors. This takes time, much more than I had originally envisaged. However, the book will be complete before Christmas and is shaping up to be the most revolutionary work ever written on men’s issues. 

Thanks for all your brilliant contributions and continued support.


Saturday, 1 September 2018

She wants YOU! Why Incel Sex Ads are so Last Century

She wants YOU, blue collar nothing!

Nowadays, anyone with a broadband link and a functioning brain cell knows that the small minority of Anglo women who are thin and attractive systematically use sex as a weapon to manipulate and exploit men.  This is surely true of the males using, who have experienced a lifetime of female indifference and contempt.

Yet that infamous blog is full of sex adverts like this one:

And this:

And worst of all, this:

Have the guys who run that site got the memo? While the lamestream media  cheerfully presents beautiful girls as promiscuous angels offering sex to everybody, only the most naïve, blue-pilled idiot still believes the average schlub has any chance with one. In these enlightened times, only females listen to love songs sung by attractive young women – at heart, all men know such women are hypergamous, selfish harpies and that their tuneless warblings about 'undying love' are utterly fake. As we learned from last year's Manchester bombing, Ariana Grande’s concerts are exclusively attended by young girls and gay men with ‘identify’ with her: heterosexual men are almost completely absent except as chauffeurs, stooges and chaperones

In short, Sexual False Consciousness died with the lamestream media.

Which begs the question: if the average Joe Blow can see Anglo -American women for what they are (and their bullshit for what it is) why can’t the enlightened administrators of Some well-chosen adverts for holidays and sex-tours outside the Anglosphere would be far better received by their members than these lame-ass ads that belong in 1978.

Anyway, let’s conclude things with a picture of a nubile young woman who, to quote my good friend Richard Scarecrow:

  • Thinks she’s too good for you
  • Would laugh if your dick got cut off
  • Thinks that you’re her oppressor
  • Would laugh if you got raped in prison

Does anyone really think girls like this want sex with incels?

Monday, 16 July 2018

Big Thanks from Ondate: And Thanks from a Winner is Life's Sweetest Reward

Pack your bags, boy...

Some recent comments from a poster called Ondate legitimized my whole perspective. Not only is his commentary lucid and incisive, it is also inspirational. This is because he actually got off his butt and left the misandrist, repressive Anglosphere for a better and more liberated life abroad. Most gratifying of all, Ondate has drawn resolve from my blog (and the many erudite guest articles which grace its humble pages) to make a complete success of his new life. Read his words carefully: with a little more willpower and courage, you could be him. Speaking of inspiration, I have punctuated his thoughts with some pictures of nubile (non-Anglo) lovelies spotted at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. What more could you ask for?

David Futrelle is the typical white knight moron who thinks that he'll get a free-pass for selling out other men so that the #metoo and #timesup extremists will target them rather than him. And as the anon above said, correctly, like just about everything else about the Anglosphere these days, he and all he says is inflated hot air. Same thing with the debt-inflated false economy of the US, UK and Canada which is staying a-float only due to tens of trillions of dollars in debt instead of real production, or the impression offered by the White Knight fools that they're somehow "getting some" which they're absolutely not.

In fact having known a lot of these pathetic suck-up beta male White Knight sycophants, I can all but guarantee you they're the proverbial 40 year old virgins. Because as much as so many of these sad, pathetic Millennial and Gen-Z girls pretend to buy into the metoo witch-hunt fanaticism, deep down they want a man to actually be a man and dominate. After all the most popular literature in the past 2 decades has been the 50 Shades of Grey series, which, oh so curiously hit it's peak right amidst the #metoo extremism when it went off the rails from legitimate gripes against the Weinstein style creeps and into open false accusations against decent men (and even a few women) in authority. Even to the point that many of the 3rd-wave metoo feminists like Jessica Valenti and Emily Lindin of Teen Vogue were openly tweeting that women should make up false accusations out of thin air.  
A double dose of Brazilian magic...

Actually on that point, one ironic thing I've been seeing about these cucked White Knights is that a disproportional number of them are very educated Jewish American and Canadian men. I say ironic because you'd think these fools would realize that the "send the crocodile to eat the other guy first" appeasement of 3rd wave feminists gives them zero protection. In fact in at least some industries like entertainment, I think up to a third of the metoo attacks have been levelled at these very Jewish white knight "male feminists" who thought they'd be safe, some guilty but many apparently innocent. The idiots fail to realize that by simply bringing up the #metoo memes with their names associated, even if they express support and try to throw other less "woke" men under-the-bus, they themselves become targets for the witch hunt since the essence of the #metoo mccarthyism is the lack of any due process for the accused.
One big example, Eric Schneiderman, the NY Attorney General who's been at the forefront of many white knights within the "mainstream" sending public kisses to the metoo accusers, before getting accused himself. The same for Robert Iger of Disney, that asshole Jeff Zucker of CNN (who's been responsible for a lot of the media pushing of #metoo) and Jeff Weiner who tried to jump on board the #metoo bandwagon and encourage mentoring, before their own Twitter followers shot them down with perceptive comments:
As one of my old college profs and a business starter himself told me when we met up earlier this year, "Hire a woman, hire a lawsuit!" And this was a major Obama and Hillary Clinton supporter BTW who's come to realize that in the #metoo era, the social media lynch mobs with no due process have made all women in the workplace (at least young and attractive women) effectively toxic. He's stopped hiring women for his company and will never, ever mentor one for obvious reasons. Even the "open door" policy doesn't work, 15 years down road she could make up any bullshit accusation long after there's any contemporary information and ruin the guy so that he couldn't support his family. No man with any sense is going to take that risk anymore.
No comment required...

And a BTW a thanks to all those expats who were posting some weeks back I guess around the time all those expat conventions were going on. I learned a lot from them and I'm now set to become an expat from the US (and Canada, where I was born) myself. I had a nagging feeling couldn't put my finger on to, even before all the #metoo mccarthyism started stinking up the air, that the crazy 3rd-wave feminism of the Anglo countries had gotten to the point of becoming societally destructive, so that basic tasks like just getting work done, dating, let alone starting a relationship, getting married and having kids while avoiding financial catastrophe from divorce, were becoming impossible. I'd known too many fellow guys, and even young women who were rational and non-crazy, become casualties of divorce and bullshit (or generally trivial, "he didn't flirt with me the right way') sexual harassment crying-wolf accusations even before #metoo. 

A woman - not a fat, man-hating #metoo fuck-up

Reading your blog and what the expat guys were saying, made me realize it was something systemically sick with the Anglo culture and society. I started taking some intermediate French courses, I'd done beginner French in H.S. and looking at expat job forums. And then just recently I landed a nice webmaster job in Lille, a beautiful city in NE France right up next to the Belgium border near Mons, a Belgian city I'll be commuting to 3 months out of the year (where my company in France has a satellite).

Funny thing is, I could do the same basic job in the US but why would I stay here when being a man, esp. a white man is like having a damn target painted on my back every day at work or on the dating scene? In the US I'd be in fear every day that a female co-worker could accuse me any-time, for any reason of sexual harassment and wreck I career I've trained a decade for. Or that if I marry here, I'll lose my home, kid and savings in a divorce like so many men hit with alimony spousal and child-support demands from the family kangaroo courts.

IOW in the US or Canada, or anyplace in the crumbling Anglosphere, I'd be unable to safely do two of the most basic things for any responsible man-- build my career and raise a family. 
France and Belgium aren't paradises but like all your expat commenters were pointing out, their workplace and family laws are actually rational, maybe on due to that civil law heritage the legal experts were saying as oppose to the common law cucking of the Anglosphere.

I don't really care, all I know is that I can have a good promising career and start a family security in France-Belgium which I can't do in the Anglosphere anywhere. I earn around the same money, even more in Lille and Mons if you can handle a bit of Dutch or German, with same taxes-- don't listen to any moron saying the US is "lower-taxes", that's BS when you look at the hidden taxes like FICA/pay-roll and local. But I also get low expense health care without having to worry about going broke if I get an appendicitis and stuck in hospital, if I have to take college courses in Lille they're cheap and affordable, no student loans. And I get 6 weeks of vacation every year! I'm entrepreneurial so like a lot of people there and in Germany, I'll be using those opportunities to kick-start my own business. Which I won't have to worry about giving up in the event of divorce, unlike far too many American and Canadian men caught up in the parasitic system of divorce here.

And here's an England fan... excuse me while I vomit

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Broken Branches, Stranger Growths: The Anglosphere Gets Odder and Odder

The Anglosphere deviates ever further from canonical thought...

In the wake of the Alek Minassian massacre, male incels have been under public scrutiny as never before. One strand of this focus involves lamestream media commentators exhorting incels to undergo counselling or psychotherapy in order to 'manage' (i.e. suppress) their sexual drives. Here is David Fatrelle:

Remarkably, there have been some very patient "normies" who have waded into these hateful spaces in an attempt to convince the obviously damaged incels to seek out the professional help they so sorely need to sort through their deep resentments and build up a healthy self-esteem.

But most incels are too devoted to their own dysfunction to even consider it. And the few who have given it a try seem bent on sabotaging any chance it might make a difference. On Reddit's main forum for incels, one recently complained that, after ten therapy sessions, "I haven't changed at all. I've not grown taller. My face hasn't become any more attractive. I haven't become any more attractive to girls. Therapy was the most useless thing I've ever tried in my life."

Therapy only works when patients truly want to change. And the sort of person that complains, absurdly, that therapy hasn't made them tall or better looking - well, they aren't likely to get much out of it.

David Futrelle, Can the Radicalization of Incels be Stopped? The Globe and Mail, April 2018

The handsome Futrelle gives advice...

But why are the incel's complaints about 'therapy' so absurd? In an era where young women outnumber men at college and have no economic reliance on men, looks and height have become key factors for young men seeking to attract a mate. Does Fatrelle seriously deny this? Is he still living in 1958, when relatively few western women attended college or held professional status? What he REALLY means by 'change' is incels accepting and adjusting to their 'undesired' status and living like monks; or, failing that, becoming transsexual paedophiles, like himself.

Great. What a result.

However, anyone with the most perfunctory grasp of psychotherapy and classical psychology in general knows that its founding fathers insisted on the importance of a healthy sex life for robust mental health. Freud, Maslow and Reich were all absolutely insistent on this: and modern Anglo-American psychology demonstrates total ignorance of its own foundations in promoting 'adjustment' to an asexual, denatured condition.

As usual, Anglo-Saxon culture lapses into insane puritanical denial of normal human needs when confronted with the detritus of its failed gynocentric agendas. Here we are in the early twenty first century, seriously expecting healthy young males to live like monks or 'transition' into sterile females because the Anglo-American cultural establishment failed to predict the social fallout of promoting misandrist feminism in a culture defined by residual puritanism, female entitlement and institutional misandry. It truly seems as if the Anglosphere has returned to Victorian times - if indeed it ever left them.

Not only is the Anglo-American world sexually and socially primitive,  its increasing detachment from the canonical roots of western thought was never more obvious. The modern Anglosphere represents an evolutionary dead-end on the tree of occidental culture, severed by centuries of dehumanizing repression from the well-springs of psycho-sexual health and normality. It no longer even knows its own sources; clear proof of its fractured and degenerate nature.

Marc Lepine: The Monk's Habit did not Fit...

Saturday, 26 May 2018

David Futrelle – King of Sexual False Consciousness

If this guy can't wrangle sex from the Anglobitch, what chance has Futrelle?

In the wake of the Alek Minassian massacre, David Futrelle of Manboobz has been in much demand across the lamestream media. He has written about ‘online misogyny’ in outlets as varied as Glamour Magazine and the NYT. It is interesting how these outlets present him as ‘normal’ and representative – giving the impression he is someone with normal sexual experience: one of ‘us’ as opposed to ‘them’:

Benchmarks of an incel can include feelings of entitlement and resentment, with many feeling like sex is something that’s owed to them. “Some have even demanded that the government provide them with girlfriends and/or prostitutes,” says Futrelle.

Logic would dictate that these men have been consistently trying to find women to have sex with, but Futurelle says that’s not always the case.

“[Many] don't know how and think it's pointless. Incels hate women, but they also hate themselves, and many of them convince themselves they're too ugly or too short to ever be attractive to women," he says.

Glamour Magazine, April 2018 ‘What is an Incel?’

Tellingly, no picture of Futrelle ever appears in these articles. If it did, it would immediately destroy his 'normal' journalistic image by revealing him to be just as ugly and short as the avowed incels he attacks (if not more so).

The sex god that is David Futrelle...

Who is Futrelle trying to kid? He isn’t one of the sexual elite at all; just an ugly little man who has never enjoyed free sex with anyone. His whole 'feminized', cat-loving persona is just a coping mechanism to manage his sexual ostracism by women. As we know, transexualism is a popular mental coping strategy for such ‘loser’ males: if you can’t beat Chad, fuck him.

If Futrelle truly believes Anglo-American women are not grasping, selfish and superficial, why does he not show his picture in Glamour magazine? Because its vapid, pea-brained readership would hate him on sight, that’s why. If he were not wallowing in Sexual False Consciousness and self-delusion, he would immediately join a blog like instead of pretending to be some well-adjusted, sexually-experienced ‘winner’. Richard Scarecrow of Men-Factor is doing a interesting discussion of the recent Infowars attack on Incels conducted by Paul Joseph Watson. It appears Watson has an Asian girlfriend himself, despite his rabid critique of incel 'losers'. Sounds like yet another severe case of Sexual False Consciousness at work.

Futrelle: the voice of sexual success...!
In short, David Futrelle is the uncrowned King of Sexual False Consciousness. While he strives to project an image of heterosexual vigour and normality to the lamestream media, a man with his runtlike stature, blobfish features and flatline testosterone levels can only be a hardcore incel/degenerate himself. And no one is fooled by his self-deceit, not even the lamestream media and its gullible public; and certainly not the hyper-hypergamous females who 'read' Glamour magazine, most of whom would doubtless vomit at the mere sight of his blobfish ass.

Like all things sexual in the Anglosphere, it's all an act.

Joe Buck, eager to emulate the sexual prowess of David Futrelle...