Monday, 31 July 2017

Salman Abedi Update: A Sexually Disenfranchised Killer

Salman Abedi: The Truth is Out

In the immediate aftermath of the Ariana Grande bombing atrocity in Manchester, I made several predictions about the killer:

  • He would be single and sexually disenfranchised 
  • He would have retreated into religion to cope with his sexual disenfranchisement. 
  • He would hold a grudge against ‘liberated’ white girls for not having sex with him.

All the evidence suggests that Salman Abedi was self-motivated, having planned and executed his attack with little external help. He chose the venue himself, for his own reasons, and was certainly no ISIL puppet. Despite their best attempts to frame the crime in religious terms and deny the killer’s real agenda, the authorities and their lackeys in the ‘elite’ lamestream media have been unable to do so:

The Manchester suicide bomber mostly acted alone in the days before the attack, police have said. Salman Abedi is thought to have purchased the main components for the bomb and assembled it himself before blowing himself up and killing 22 others at the Manchester Arena last week. Greater Manchester Police said they were still working to establish if he was part of a wider network, but believe he was acting alone in the four days leading up to the atrocity.

Daily Telegraph, 31 May 2017

However, an interesting article in the populist Daily Star just before the MSM pulled down the shutters on serious discussion of Abedi’s motivation, revealed the following uncomfortable truths:

Sex-starved Manchester bomber 'wanted revenge against Western girls who rejected him'

JUG-EARED terrorist Salman Abedi targeted an Ariana Grande concert in a twisted revenge attack on pop-mad Western girls who rejected his advances, ex-school pals believe. The gangly killer could not land a girlfriend because of his giant lugs which earned him the nickname 'Dumbo’ after the Disney elephant.

Instead he told pals he paid prostitutes for sex. Rejected by scores of girls in his home city of Manchester he ditched his booze-swigging, pot-smoking student lifestyle and devoted himself to militant Islamism – even confronting an Imam who tried to lecture him on anti-extremism.

Schoolpals reckon his grudge against Western girls could explain why he targeted a gig by US pop star Ariana. Abedi, 22, who was himself a fan of gangsta rap, knew the audience would be packed with legions of the 23-year-old singer’s young girl fans when he detonated his suicide bomb. Seven of his 22 victims were 18 or under – one just eight.

One former pal of Abedi’s from Stretford Grammar School in Manchester – where the killer got nine GCSEs including chemistry – said he was known for the size of his ears and his bad luck with girls.

''They called him Dumbo after the elephant in the Disney film,’’ his pal said. ''He was useless with the girls, man. He just couldn’t get a woman. It used to really wind him up. He always claimed he wasn’t a virgin because he said he’d been with prostitutes in Libya where his family came from. We all thought he was talking c**p. It really got to him that he could never get a girlfriend.

“He was surrounded by all these teens wearing next to nothing on nights out but none of them would look at him twice. He tried to impress by turning up with cider or vodka and crisps and that which he said he’d 'taxed’ from the supermarket - meaning they were stolen. But looking back he probably bought them to try and show off to us.

''In the end he started to pull away from our group and became really withdrawn. He became more religious and said he didn’t like the Western ways any more. We all reckoned it was because he wasn’t having anything like the fun the rest of us were.

''Donald Trump called him a loser this week and that really is what he was. But we never imagined he’d do anything as evil as this. It has left all of us numb. The girls who knew him back in school reckon he picked on Ariana’s fans to get some kind of revenge for all the rejections he got over the years. Why else would he target kids like that?

Daily Star, 27 May 2017

'Dumbo' Abedi: Incel for life
The usual Anglo-Saxon fiction that men are all having sex with models every night runs through this article like a thread of shit. In truth, most of Abedi’s erstwhile ‘friends’ were probably just as incel as he was, not ‘having fun’ at all. Such fools seriously think divas like Ariana Grande want sex with low SMV nobodies like themselves, when she actually sees them as disposable pond-life.

However, the story indicates the lengths the pro-feminist MSM will go to quash all perspectives that refute their outmoded narratives. Indeed, we have now reached a stage where only the MSM aimed at a lumpen-proletarian audience (and thus not truly MSM) dare express anything remotely resembling the truth about gender-related issues in the Anglosphere.

Even still, the Daily Star article shunned any serious exploration of Anglo women’s ethnic hypergamy, a telling omission. Speaking bluntly, giving out the absolute truth would simply create too many 'waves' in a feminist dictatorship governed by secular Puritanism. Instead, the Anglosphere prefers to duck reality while the bodies keep piling up and male sexual alienation reaches epidemic proportions. 

Ariana pretending she wants sex with everybody


  1. In Anglo countries, in the movies and TV shows, it looks like all men are having sex all the time. Of course we know nothing could be further from the truth.

    Men will even lie to their friends and say they are getting laid all the time. In truth, it's very difficult to meet women in Anglo countries (women in Anglo countries are afraid of men and only meet men through their friends).

    The PUA community only exists in Anglo countries because it's so difficult to meet women in those countries, that men have to learn PUA "techniques" just in order to get a date with a woman.

    No wonder why so many men are either going MGTOW or they are moving to non Anglo countries.

    1. *In Anglo countries, in the movies and TV shows, it looks like all men are having sex all the time. Of course we know nothing could be further from the truth.

      Men will even lie to their friends and say they are getting laid all the time. In truth, it's very difficult to meet women in Anglo countries (women in Anglo countries are afraid of men and only meet men through their friends).*

      All true. These truths have to be carefully hidden, however, or else the system would break down completely. Men need to believe they are having sex with models all night (or that such a thing is possible) or else they would flee the Plantation. The delusion has to be maintained through Sexual False Consciousness:

  2. Why is it, that a young woman prancing around half naked on stage attracts young women, and NOT young men???

    Scary too - I was nicknamed dumbo too..

    1. Anglo-American homosociality is your answer - the logical extension of Anglo puritanism:

  3. According to the Religion of Love detailed by CS Lewis in 'The Allegory of Love', women do not owe men either sex or affection.

    Sex & affection are believed to be divine gifts which are bestowed on worthy men by women as reward for acts of humility, virtue, sacrifice & service and, according to holy writ, neither sex nor affection can be compelled by marriage or contract.

    Those men who do not receive sex & affection are therefore portrayed as undeserving sinners:

    They are thought prideful & greedy if they expect reward; they are thought lustful & gluttonous if they desire reward; they are thought slothful & envious if they fail to receive reward; and they are thought angry & demonic if they resentful.

    Thus, we blame the worshiping male supplicant for his sexual poverty, instead of blaming the female monopolist for creating an artificial shortage, because sex & affection are falsely portrayed as an over-supply, and the sex-starved male can only blame himself when all those sluts appear to be just giving it away...

    Until men start talking to each other and discover how badly they've been mistreated & deceived.

  4. I guess what I mean to say is this:

    Anglobitch Feminism arises from a slavishly humble puritanical devotion to the Religion of Love, rather than from Puritanism itself as actual Puritans had a zero tolerance policy towards both female & male vanity, entitlement and self-centeredness.

    Loved your recent post @ TNNM, btw.

  5. I saw some "Christian" woman write an angry denunciation of Ariana Grande after she looked into the lyrics of her most popular songs and found it contained stuff like "ride dick bicyles" and "wrist icicles"(nut dripping down her arms after jerking guys off.) This woman made the assumption that Grande herself thought up these lyrics. I really doubt that such stuff is what is on the mind of Miss Grande and strongly suspect her material is written by homosexual men behind the scenes. Same goes for Taylor Swift whose recent platinum album involved her singing about how promiscuous she is and "loves the players." If that is the real Miss Swift, and not ghost written lyrics from queers, then why was she so outraged when a DJ put his hand on her ass for a quick photo that she dragged the poor nobody into court for crisake?

    1. I recall reading that sexualized TV shows like Sex and the City are not written by women at all, but by gay men. Gay men are also responsible for weird fashion trends, like boyish women. I'm wondering how much of the 'sexualized' female perspective in modern society is really the handiwork of male homosexuals. Women are simply not smart (or sexualized) enough to create such a cogent media niche, while gay men have not only higher IQs than most people, they are extremely prominent in the media. And obsessed with sex, of course - especially 'wrist icicles'.