Saturday, 23 August 2008

Oranges and Lemons

The oddest thing about the contemporary Anglosphere is the prevailing concept of feminine beauty. For what makes a woman with lemon-hued hair and orange skin ‘beautiful’?

Anglo-Saxon women are physically disgusting: by the age of thirty (sometimes even twenty-five) they are dry, wizened oranges, their ludicrous Permatans hanging in pachyderm folds on their crooked bones. But this decline is in the script: the Anglobitch spends most of her younger life lounging under sunbeds, yearning to turn her skin that peculiar shade of orange so celebrated across the microencephalic Anglo-American media.

No doubt this Anglo yearning for sunshine reflects some Nietzshean obsession with the Dionysian; some Keatsean fixation on the warm south, Provencal song and sunburnt mirth. And this is perfectly understandable, for a people locked in a puritanical prison of their own devising. Unfortunately, Anglos struggle with the sun: their thin, pasty skins sprout cancerous growths or, failing that unlovely fate, soon hang in fluorescent folds. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of the Anglobitch who, by age thirty, is a waddling monstrosity cased in thickening rind like a wizened, dried-out orange.


  1. I know a man who is 27 years of age who is currently dating a girl of 16. At one time, I knew a man who was 29 years of age who was in an intense relationship with a girl of 16 who eventually turned out to be 13. Besides having a fetish for extreme youth, what do these men see in adolescent girls that they find so captivating? Sounds like a case of plucking the fruit from the tree without waiting for it to fully ripen... or that some men will fuck anything that moves. Should I also mention that these men are of lower socio-economic status as well? Maybe that explains why they are attracted to such lower quality mates.

    1. what do these men see in adolescent girls that they find so captivating?

      What an odd question. I would have thought the answer self-evident. The adolescent girl is at the peak of her youth, beauty and sexual appeal. All men want one. This is the precise reason why paedophilia has been artificially extended to include the prime teenage years and that men's natural preferences have been demonized, shamed and criminalized - so they are forced to go for those long since past their prime.
      That these girls go for men of lower socio-economic stature is a different issue. All women prefer thugs and those of low IQ, and those are the only type of men available to those at that age; no sane, intelligent man is going to risk his freedom and liberty to pursue such forbidden fruit under the repressive Western regime, no matter how much natural biology wants him to.

  2. Western women, especially those of the Anglo-Saxon variety, are vicious, selfish cunts.

  3. It seems to me that those Keatsean-fixated, lemony, orange-complected ones would do well to embrace their cold, northern, "puritanical" roots. Such a policy, at any rate, would have honesty working in its favor. . . ;)

    And it would paradoxically make them "hotter" in the realm of sexual allure. In my humble opinion, anyway.

    Healthier, too!