Thursday, 18 December 2008

Ghost World: More Anglo Delusions

A film based on the famous graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, Ghost World is a magic-realist paean to the tempestuous years between adolescence and adulthood. The protagonists are two American teenaged girls, one clearly Jewish, the other a fair-haired Anglo-Saxon.

Aside from the casual ridicule of the male sex so typical of these Anglo-American media productions, both the comic-book and the movie make a cardinal error in their depiction of teenage girls in general (and Anglo-American teenage girls in particular). This folly is common among sexually-troubled middle-aged men who choose to include young women in works of art or literature: for they project too much of their own life's wisdom into these wafer-thin personalities. In fact, teenage girls are not some complex blend of Dostoyevsky, Derrida and Ian Curtis: they are one-dimensional, shallow and negatively programmed by a matriarchal Anglo-American mass media that exalts them.

In other words, the heroines of Ghost World are not even believable fiction: they are figures entirely unrepresentative of real Anglo-American teenage girls. These are not alienated philosophers, Mr Clowes: not delicate aesthetes, political warriors or religious mystics. No, they are programmed, standard and plastic: the slime of the Anglosphere. And no, your 'mid life crisis' gives you no excuse to pretend otherwise.


  1. Spot on. Nothing to add.

  2. I have not seen this movie but most movies like this are fantasies that have no bearing on reality.
    The teenage girls around me, I see these common traits:

    Self-centerednes - they are only concerned about self severing things.

    Liers - Zero concern for telling the truth this is because everything said is self serving.

    Ruthlessness - This is especially true towards men. If a lie were to destroy a man, even if this means death, they will have no problem with it. One of the main reasons this attitude is very common is lack of consequences for this immoral behavior.

    One of the very common illusions guys have about women is they are unselfish and giving. But the exact opposite is what is actually common.

  3. 'Clearly Jewish', huh? Woooooooooaaaaaaah!!! Actually, it's strange that you should write casually racist remarks when you are plagiarising the urban dictionary entry for ANGLOBITCH ('wafer-thin... personality' again!) which states that the Anglobitch is 'characterised by offhand racism.' I mean, aside from your own implicit racism, I don't know which is sadder/ more desperate - plagiarising someone else's words or repeating your own phrase (assuming you authored the UB entry) because you think it sounds good. Clearly this entire blog is a cut and paste job!!!

    1. The quintessential troll post? One hopes so...

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  4. Yes, it's depressingly true, isn't it? The illusion of women put out by the mainstream even in fiction (let alone all out deliberate propaganda) just does not match the vapid, cruel, narcissistic reality. What a letdown they turned out to be.