Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More Untimely Anglobitch Meditations

The Anglobitch Poll: More Votes for Mackinnon, Please!
Thanks for your votes on the 'top Anglobitch' poll. One thing surprises me though - no votes yet for Catherine Mackinnon! This evil piece of repressive Anglo shit has done her utmost since the Seventies to advance her twisted Anglobitch 'rights without responsibilities' agenda. Worse yet, she yearns to ban pornography and prostitution, reducing all men to the level of denatured eunuchs. Of all women cursed with the name 'Anglobitch', this one deserves roasting over a slow fire above all others.

Why Women are attracted to Moronic Thugs
Juvenile delinquents typically have IQs of 80, in the semi-retarded range. These 'live wires' are, in fact, mentally dead. And this explains why women are attracted to them. According to sociobiologists, 'like marries like' in terms of height, weight, ethnicity, race, IQ and general coloring. Given that women's IQs are typically lower than those of males, women find violent delinquents attractive because their semi-retarded levels of intelligence are naturally closer to their own. Women feel little attraction to men of eminently superior intelligence since their own IQs are so much lower. Research indicates that most people marry/date those within 5 IQ points of themselves. This goes a long way to explaining why men of great brilliance such as Newton, Sidis, Beethoven or Kant found it impossible to form relationships with women.

Declining Male Fertility and the Rise of the Anglobitch
Over the past thirty years, the male sperm count in most western nations has steadily fallen. In the UK, for instance, almost 30% of males now cannot father a child without medical intervention. No doubt pollution and other testosterone-reducing factors in foodstuffs and the built environment have contributed to this sad state of affairs. However, an interesting tangent is the perfect correlation between falling sperm counts and the rise of the Anglobitch. Could this Medusa have arisen had men been strong, virile and at the peak of their manly powers?

Little Princess Syndrome and the Decline of the Anglosphere
The most devastating proof of Anglo-American gynocratic supplication to the Anglobitch has to be the Little Princess cult that has turned nearly all young Anglo-Saxon females into venomous, entitled young reptiles. Read more about it here.

If women truly wanted equality, no one would mind. The problem is, they only want equality when it suits them. The rest of the time, they want to 'play Princess' - especially when it comes to draft registration or healthcare equality.

The Perils of Chauvinism: Eschatological Assumptions Rampant
Eschatology is broadly the study of 'end times', the notion that we are living on the last days of the Earth. Many theologians argue that the early Christianity of Jesus and his disciples cannot be understood without reference to eschatology; for example, Jesus' wildly impractical injunctions to give away all one's possessions. In the modern context, chauvinists like Dick Masterson have seemingly adopted the same Neo-Christian 'eschatological consciousness'. How so, and why is this dangerous?

Chauvinism can be an amusing approach to challenging Anglo-American feminisms, but in some ways it is fraught with peril. The problem with most chauvinists is that they operate with an eschatological consciousness; that is, they tend to assume that women are in (or will shortly assume) traditional roles. Unfortunately, Anglo-American women are now dominant, such that Anglo-American cultures have to be considered matriarchies; and there is no evidence that this is going to change in the immediate future.

Given this reality, the perils implicit in chauvinism become clear. When chauvinists call for women to be kept out of the Army and return to the kitchen, they play right into the feminist's hands. Why? Because it allows Anglo women to cherry-pick rights, while eschewing responsibilities. Women certainly don't want to join the Army, but the reality of their position is such that they can still collect inflated salaries in public sinecures.

The point is, chauvinism assumes that women's rights have been dissolved in the here and now, when in fact they ride the crest of a wave of enormous privilege that is most unlikely to be reversed. Adopting a chauvinist outlook with female entitlements in place just leaves men with obligations, while women continue to bask in rights and privileges. This is the primary danger of chauvinism.

New Videos Added!
I have added to (and upgraded) the videos on my Anglobitch YouTube site. You can find these by just searching for 'Anglobitch' on YouTube. More often than not, you will find links to them at the foot of this page. Happy viewing!

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