Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nailed by an Anglobitch?

Anglobitch debating society in session! Well, sorry to disappoint you all, but the following arguments mustered against the Anglobitch Thesis probably wouldn't trouble a Neanderthal - and a pretty dumb Neanderthal, at that. This blistering critique appears on the following feminist website, run by one 'Tangerine Peach':


Below, I intersperse my pithy, inimitable comments amidst her puerile, demented ramblings:

Despite this lameness however (of the Internet - RK), there’s also countless awesome stuff you can do of course – one of my favourites include checking out the blogs or articles of my sisters or friends, or interesting feminist opinions from feministing.com or thefword.org.uk. But it is the freedom of speech and sharing of views that is also a problem: because morons who know nothing about a subject can write any old shit about it and post it on the ol’ virtual noticeboard.

Heh, you knew where I was going with this, didn’tcha. Thanks to “Anglobitch” the blogger for providing hilarious views that I could directly quote (NOT out of context)…

“Why Feminism is a failure”, or, “Why We Don’t Need Feminism” and similar articles dot the internet, newspapers, stupid gossip magazines and even TV reports.

Why IS Feminism a “failure”, hmm? I have yet to come across a good argument for this ridiculous view. The main reason is they didn’t convince morons writing such articles because said morons would not ALLOW themselves to be persuaded, because they are ignorant, stupid fuckers who would rather bash everyone else than be part of something positive and potentially society-changing (we hope), something that actually points out the oppressed opinions and cultures, something that sheds light on issues affecting women. Oh that’s right, women don’t matter.

If people are going to be such pleborons, then frankly, we don’t want you in our movement. And they become bitter. And make up arguments like, “Oh, Feminism hasn’t solved world hunger, OMG ITS A FAILUUUREEEEE”.

Well, has it solved world hunger? Yes or no? In fact, has it has any positive effects on Western civilization at all?

Grow up, idiot. Feminism is for equal rights, for the vote, for equal work experiences and opportunities, pro-choice, stopping rape, incest and abuse, for LGBT rights, anti-racism, access to birth control, smooshing the patriarchy, etc. What the fuck is your problem? Because we’re not living in all-female communes and starting from Year Zero we’re not real Feminists? Because some of us still like to wear make-up and dresses (because it looks lovely) we’re not real feminists? Who the fuck is anyone to say what feminism is when they don’t know anything about it?

“[...]enormous damage has been done to the family, to Marriage and other traditional institutions ” – oh, has it? I wasn’t aware that PLANNED families or families where the parents aren’t married or straight were damaged ones.

Well, what all about the single-parent, Welfare-dependent families that are the direct products of feminism?

“Nearly all the Feministing women who post on YouTube are obvious avatars of bourgeois respectability: straight, pearly teeth, carefully applied make-up and costly designer clothes. If these women were truly opposed to the extant social order, they would dress with complete indifference to traditional female standards. Self-evidently, they retain a knee-jerk affinity to the existing social order and its values. Yet this, according to them, is an oppressive patriarchy that militates against their social and emotional well-being.”

Need I even comment on the above?

Yes, it might be a good idea. If these women are so opposed to patriarchy, why do they insist on retaining its trappings? If your stated goal is to 'smoosh the patriarchy', surely its myriad achievements must be 'smooshed', too?

“Moreover, the computers they use, the publishers who print their turgid books, their cosseted university enclaves – are all products of the patriarchy they profess to despise. If they want to reject patriarchy, why do they not jettison their attachment to these creations of ‘oppressive’ patriarchal society? Why not live in feminist communes in the wilderness and ‘start again’ from ‘Year Zero’ like Pol Pot, using an exclusively feminist science and technology?”

This is so stupid it makes me laugh heartilly. This is…. well, utterly ridiculous. I don’t even feel I NEED to say anything against that – I thought it w just plain commical and entertaining enough to throw in there.

It is interesting how this semi-literate feminist actually refuses to comment on my arguments, claiming that my points are 'too ridiculous' to confront. Clearly, feminists dwell in such an insular cocoon of irrational sentiment that they cannot muster rational arguments against coherent thought. One might as well be arguing with an earthworm or centipede, a creature entirely bereft of reason. In short, they give no reasons for what they believe because they have no reasons for what they believe!

The blogger then bashes Jessica Valenti for a bit: “This is not an African-American male maimed in Vietnam living in a trailer on a pittance; this is a hyper-advantaged individual profiteering from hollow rhetoric.”

Because we all know those are exact opposites. Grow the fuck up.

I don't understand this at all. Can someone with a background in psychotherapy please explain what she is trying to say? Or are we back in earthworm/centipede territory?

I’m glad idiots like this haven’t joined (so to speak) feminism.

Me too!

People like that don’t care to know what they cannot scoff at: if they knew what it was really about, if they had bothered their lazy ass to even research it a little bit, they’d realise that what they have written is complete bollocks. Despite providing hilarious reading material, it is also frigging annoying having so-called “educated” people make such decisions.

If it is 'complete bollocks', why are so annoyed about it? More retarded comments from the Anglo-feminist cult of unreason...

If it’s not for you, Fine.

OK. Fine. I'm sure we can all live with that...!

But don’t talk about shit you don’t understand. If you love the internet so much, how about using it for research than bitching on your blog.

AFTER you’ve done research is when you can bitch all you want.


My regular readers are well-acquainted with my research methods, and their intellectual weight.

You don’t say to an African-American, “Hey, slavery has been abolished, why are you still whining about racism???” Just because most white feminists have been to Uni and don’t live in poverty does not mean they cannot care about all women who have been/going through such times. And why only mention the white feminists?

Well, one reason why Anglo-American MRAs tend to focus on white, middle-class feminists is that Anglo feminists are overwhelmingly white and middle-class. And, in the case of Marie Stopes, racist and fascist, to boot.

The Anglobich blog is… awful. If you read the one on gay people in ”anglo-society” you will get mad, trust me.

Don't worry - if you're an Anglo feminist, you're probably mad, anyway. But remember - sanity is just an oppressive patriarchal construct. Well, so is the Internet, not to mention all great works of art, music and literature, science and engineering. Of course, since feminist 'cherry-picking' is in operation, they like to keep those particular 'oppressive patriarchal constructs'.

And there we have it, pure gold. By the way, don't bother posting any comments on this feminist's blog, as she is too cowardly to allow posts. Obviously, 'smooshing the patriarchy' (what patriarchy, the Anglosphere is a misandrist matriarchy, for f**k's sake!) is easier to say than to do...


  1. Feminist sure get angry easily. They also don't like to debate things because they know they have no chance at winning a debate.

    The feminist movement is filled with a bunch of angry, bitter women. I truely feel sorry for them

  2. Hi, my name is ScareCrow, and I am a stupid ignorant fucker (lol)!

    "Feminism is for equal rights, for the vote, for equal work experiences and opportunities, pro-choice, stopping rape, incest and abuse, for LGBT rights, anti-racism, access to birth control, smooshing the patriarchy, etc."

    The term itself "feminism" is gender-biased. It is just as jack-assed to say that "Matriarchy" means equality.

    Women already vote.

    Women have unfair work opportunities via affirmative action.

    Rape is a hate-crime, not a crime of lust - feminism has over-stated statistics to get government funding to stop it. In doing so, they make the problem worse - level headed, non-biased research is the only way to stop hatred. Biased research and false statistics will only increase hatred.

    anti-racism - Virginia Woolf - one of the old-school feminists was a racist. It is just absurd to suggest feminism is somehow against racism.

    access to birth control - women already have this.

    smooshing the patriarchy - Patriarchy never existed. If it did, women would have been fighting all the wars, while the men stayed at home being "oppressed" and lounging on their fat-arses eating chocolates and watching a T.V. show with a male host, "Harpo Winfrey".

    "Who the fuck is anyone to say what feminism is when they don’t know anything about it?"

    Dr. Kshatriya has read many books written by feminist authors - this is her idea of "not knowing anything about it"???? What a ditz.

    "This is so stupid it makes me laugh heartilly"

    I strongly doubt a person like this ever laughs...

    Like all feminist rants, so easy to pick apart.

  3. What would be fun, is an AngloBitch to English Dictionary:

    About TangerinePeach
    I am a hermit crab who enjoys dancing with seahorses, chatting with barnacles, sharing jewellery with clams and crunching on crispy, potato-based snacks. Numnum. Also Tangerines and popcorn.


    About TangerinePeach
    I am socially inept with a warped sense of reality - people have actually witnessed me talking to streetlights, whilst shouting that they were forms of sea-life. I over-eat junkfood and am fat. Numnum. Sometimes I accidentally eat something healthy like a tangerine only because it tastes good, but I quickly douse it with some more junkfood like popcorn.

  4. If you're catching flak, you're close to the target.

    And yeah, feminists LOVE free speech, until someone says something they don't like. Then that person shouldn't be allowed free speech. Derp a derp derp

  5. Don't be too hard on her. She was trying her best to gather as much material as she could from her smaller brain.

    Gender equality(and by feminist association female supremacy) is bullshit, a fantasy, a delusion and a logical impossibility.

    Feminists can't clear this very basic hurdle to establish their own credibility, so your best bet is to disregard and dismiss these 'children of a larger growth'.

  6. The anglobicth necessarily and naturally poses as a millitant against the very system that she feeds off morally and materially.

    That is her part of the bargaing. That is to pose as an oppressed minor of a system she infact gains very much from.

    The key thing to remember is that her every pretense is what is demanded of her by those traitorous males in public office and authority. That is to keep her eternal parasitism alive and her male sponsors as usurpers of authority in business.

  7. Spot on Poiuyt. These creatures gain their entire existence from the perpetuation of the racket known as modern society, in which the biggest losers are your average working males who hand over the product of their toil to the major beneficiaries, females and a small portion of men who control the guns and control the media.
    After all, feminism was sanctioned and funded by men, and its policies are enforced by them. Traitors indeed, down to the very last one.
    Women are only glad to play along- and vote with their feet whenever they can to stick it to the average working male- more tax, more oppression, less freedoms - for men.

    Big daddy guv, plenty of Alpha cads to fuck, and a mass of working males to do the dirty work and to fall back on should trouble arise - women wouldn't have it any other way.

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