Friday, 14 January 2011

Anthony Ludovici (1882-1971): Precursor of the Anglobitch Concept

Throughout his thirty-odd books on subjects as varied as ideal marriage partners, Nietzschean philosophy, private property, the sculptor Rodin and elitism, the penetrating and well-informed Ludovici always lays his cards on the table. Every page he wrote sparkles with incandescent ideas that stimulate debate.

Virtually alone among Western thinkers, Anthony M. Ludovici unravels the sickness afflicting modern art; argues that men should never have given the vote to women; and discusses the evolutionary ethics that mankind needs for survival in a hostile universe.

Perhaps Ludovici's favourite among his many subjects was the relationship between the sexes. He treated it in over a dozen works of fiction and non-fiction, arguing that men differ sharply from women in their psychological make-up.

For Ludovici's attack on feminism and his belief that Anglo-Saxon feminism represents a misogynist agenda, read Enemies of Women and the 10-part essay, Woman's contribution to Britain's national decline.

Most of Ludovici's ideas and arguments are eerily relevant today. He touches on such perennial issues as: -

- Why 'boyish' women are the Anglo ideal (this preference derives from the homoerotic undercurrent in Anglo culture, NOT 'patriarchy' as feminists aver).
- Why Anglo feminists, NOT men, are misogynists (an entirely obvious observation).
- The influence of Anglo puritanism on gender-relations (Anglo repression leads to the absurd idealization of women so widespread among Anglo males).
- Why anti-feminists are NOT misogynists (entirely self-evident: it is FEMINISTS who hate femininity and - by implication - women).

I envy anyone who has not read Ludovici and is about to...

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  1. I plan on reading some of Ludovici books soon. He sounds like he was well ahead of his time! I like how he believes feminists hate femininity (how true that is).

    By the way, I have NEVER seen an attractive woman who was a feminist. All the feminist I have seen (in person and on tv) were as ugly as sin!

    It seems as if one of the reasons feminism was invented was to give unattractive women more access into mainstream society!