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Skewed Tales: The Tale of Harry Potter and the Misandrist Anglo Media

Ryan Walker: a much maligned young man

 A recent case of violent self-defence in the UK highlights both the appalling attitudes of post-feminist Anglo-American girls towards boys and men in general and the Anglo mass-media's complicity in this casual misandry. However, on the plus side, it also shows that public opinion is shifting against this misandrist hegemony. The following article is taken from the UK's most popular left-of-centre national tabloid, the Daily Mirror:

Teenager stabs girl in the face and beats another black and blue because they called him HARRY POTTER

Ryan Walker snapped - shouting 'die, die' during his brutal attack - after two teenage girls said he looked like JK Rowling's boy wizard.

A teenager who stabbed a girl in the face and smashed another's head against a fence because they called him HARRY POTTER has been jailed for more than four years. Ryan Walker wears glasses and has short black hair like the boy wizard created by JK Rowling, and played by actor Daniel Radcliffe in the hit movies.

But the 19-year-old snapped after the girls called him Harry Potter, stabbing one in the face so hard the blade of his vegetable knife broke. Walker then smashed the other's head against a fence and shouted "die, die".

He claimed he launched the ferocious attacks in Southampton after being goaded repeatedly by the girls. Victims Emma Keeble, 15, and 16-year-old Leah Pearce, are still coming to terms with their injuries, which left their faces battered, cut and bruised.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Walker returned to his family flat after shopping for his mother and had to pass the girls sitting on the stairs. One touched his shopping bag before verbally abusing him and telling him he resembled Harry Potter. Outraged, Walker saw red and came back downstairs with a milk bottle full of water and threw it over the girls.

He then went back into the flat and re-emerged with a vegetable knife before walking to a local park - knowing the girls would follow him. Walker then lost his temper, stabbing Leah in the face, who then started bleeding profusely. He attacked Emma, flooring her with a series of punches and kicks, before smashing her head against a fence, shouting "die, die".

After his arrest he made a full confession, describing his actions as "monstrous". He pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, attempting wounding with intent and possessing a bladed article. Walker's defence barrister Keely Harvey told the court he was bullied at school and seen as a "wimp".

She said: "He finally lost it. He flipped and attacked them in this most horrific way, not justifiable, but I hope they can now see where it came from."

Passing sentence, Judge Peter Ralls QC, said the girls may have been rude, but there was no justification for what Walker did. He said: "It was deliberate and planned. It was a sustained attack in which you used the knife as a weapon and your foot as a weapon."

Walker was sentenced to a jail term of four and a half years. After the sentence, Leah's mum Claire Pearce, said: "The injury has left a scar on Leah's face that will be there for years."

Daily Mirror, February 2014

Well, that was the general idea. A picture says more than a thousand words, it is said, and the two images below speak volumes:

Emma Keeble - the face of defeat

Emma Keeble - wearing the wounds of misandrist bigotry

The words I highlighted in the original article were emphasized for the purpose of critical analysis. Firstly, the girls were not attacked for saying walker looked like Harry Potter: at least, not exclusively for that. If we read the article carefully, it says one of the girls touched his shopping bag and verbally abused him before calling him Harry Potter. A quick look at the Southern Daily Echo’s more detailed – but equally misandrist – report, suggests that Walker did not just 'lose his temper' in the park, as the Daily Mirror suggests. Rather, further provocation and abuse occurred:
Walker then went back to the flat and re-emerged with a vegetable knife before heading to a recreation ground off Hinkler Road, knowing that they would follow him. There the girls further goaded him and, it was claimed in court, spat at him. Walker then lost his temper, stabbing Leah in the face with the knife. She fled, bleeding profusely.

So the Daily Mirror headline is somewhat misleading: it pretends Walker ‘snapped’ in the park, while he was in fact reacting to further verbal abuse and being spat at. I suspect the abuse was homophobic: Anglo-American women are renowned for homophobia. In time, this may well lead to a successful appeal on Walker’s part.

Note how the abusive girls are described in all these articles as ‘Leah’ and ‘Emma’, in order to dignify and humanize their abusive actions. Ryan Walker is always described using only his surname, belying his young age (just19) and abused victim status.

Despite containing a much more detailed report, the regional Southern Daily Echo is even more misandrist than the national Daily Mirror. Their article ends with the usual pro-female pedestalization exercise that defines the mainstream Anglo-American media:

Parents say sentence should have been longer
THE parents of the two girls have criticised the length of the sentence handed down to Walker. And speaking to the Daily Echo they relived the horror of hearing that their daughters had been attacked.
Leah’s mum, Claire Pearce, said that after being called to the flats in Thornhill she saw the 16-year-old Woodlands Community College student covered in blood and with a gruesome 1.5in gash on her face. Claire, of Dryden Road, Southampton, said:

“Leah was shaking and really hot and her heart was beating very fast. When I saw her she shouted ‘Mum’ and we cuddled. The whole thing was awful. The injury has left a scar on Leah’s face that will be there for years. Leah has suffered panic attacks and has needed therapy because of anxiety.

“She is no longer her carefree, laughing (shouldn't that be abusive, misandrist - RK) self. She was quite outgoing but is not any more – she’s just too afraid. I don’t think the sentence was enough for what he did. He admitted that he flipped and that it was the final straw. I think he is a dangerous man (he is only 19 - RK) given he flipped like that and attacked the girls. He needs to be locked up for longer than he is. I feel sorry for the next person that calls him a name.”

Funny, I thought they were spitting at him and trying to steal his shopping, not just calling him names - but I digress. As usual in the Anglosphere, only female suffering counts. No interviews with Ryan Walker’s mother for her perspective: the same old reflexive misandry prevails. What is especially interesting is that nowhere have the parents of these girls expressed regret for raising their children to abuse people. Nowhere is there an admission that these problems could have been obviated had their daughters behaved like decent human beings. And nowhere have these girls expressed contrition for their actions. As per usual, men bear responsibility for everything while post-feminist females get the ubiquitous pussy-pass.

However, the news is not all bad on this fine February day. Walker will be out in less than two  years, if all goes well. More important, the British public are 100% behind him, despite the misandrist attitudes of the mainstream British media. Here are a few of the most popular comments on these newspapers’ websites:

I know that he was wrong to use a knife and to even react violently but I can't help thinking that these nasty girls brought it on themselves they didn't have to verbally attack him because of the way he looks and they didn't have to follow him so that they could further provoke him. In these circumstances I think that the sentence was harsh, still I bet the girls think twice before bullying some poor kid in the future - Barry Hainsworth, Daily Mirror
Hope they have learnt their lesson - Alex Pajak, Daily Mirror

it was a bad way to react but after these girls constantly following him, hanging around where he lived and calling him names, basically severe bullying I don't blame him. There could have been a better way for these girls to learn about how cruel bullying is but unfortunately they have learned the hard way - Debbie Monaghan, Daily Mirror

You can never judge how someone will respond to insults. Perhaps they'll think twice before taunting someone else - Allie, Daily Mail

How come I feel more sorry for him than them? - Harris Pilton, Daily Mail
He went way too far, but that doesn't mean it's ok to insult and try to bully people you don't know. The mum's comment - 'I feel sorry for the next person that calls him a name' is ridiculous - Mr Common Sense, Daily Mail

Yes, the times they are a-changing. Maybe the lamestream media needs to wake up to the fact that no rational person any longer believes that women are discriminated against in any Anglosphere country.

Emma Keeble, 15: decidedly less smug nowadays...


  1. Another great article Rookh. I am surprised that the people in the UK are actually waking up to the fact that misandry exists. There is hope yet for people in the UK.

    Putting women up on pedestals exists in every anglo country. Our liberal media bias here in the US is off the charts. You only hear of stories of missing girls and never missing boys. Also, female teachers who have sex with underage boys usually get no jail time and often times go on talk shows and become mini celebrities.

    Men are finally starting to wake up. Marriage rates in anglo countries are at an all-time low. This is a good thing, what man in his right mind would want to marry an "anglo-bitch."

  2. Who wants to even look at an Anglobitch, let alone marry one!

    1. Rookh wrote, "Who wants to even look at an Anglobitch, let alone marry one!"

      Your right, when I think about the idea of marrying an Anglobitch, I don't know whether or not I should laugh ........... or vomit!

  3. Western women are deeply evil people with no sense of conscience or morality. Hell, white women will even MURDER THEIR OWN CHILDREN and blame someone else, usually a man.

    Western women are monsters, thank fucking god men are finally waking up and at the least, boycotting these cunts and refusing to marry them. Let these evil women all grow old alone with their 10 cats.

    This just highlights how bad it has gotten in the West. These women are animals who need to be beaten, literally. That kid should be given a fucking medal, not sent to jail.

    1. Anonymous 03:34

      You are right, western women display the signs of a psychopath, or at least a sociopath.

      Psychopaths are known as callous, whimsical, pathologically selfish, egotistical and manipulative control freaks, and some studies also claim that there are more male psychopaths than female ones, which i find rather curious and another proof that the West is being feminised, as psychopathy is clearly the "default" female setting.

      Interestingly, Quran teaches that there are more women than men in Hell. Islam is very anti-male religion. Like Christianity, Islam venerates the golden uterus and turn the male into a suicide candidate. In fact, blowing oneself up is regarded as an honour in islam. Could Islam's misandry be any more apparent?

      Women in Europe are all over the muslims, and anytime some muslim man is accused of rape or violence (particlarly towards women), feminists, even the most militant ones, cry racism and hate crime.

      I think this is because anglo women get off on the heightened level of danger - in other words they want the "bad boy", one who treats women like filth and spit on the caring, loving men.

    2. Nothing wrong with having 10 cats

  4. Rookh:
    What I noticed in the article was that the boy chose to arm himself because 'he knew that the girls would be waiting outside.' These actions suggest to me that he felt under a considerably greater threat---this is how a man would behave if he saw some threatening thugs out on the street.

    IOW, I'm sure these 'entitlement princesses' were doing a lot more than name-calling and pulling at shopping bags---they sound like they were preparing an ambush.

    BTW---this reminded me of your earlier story about Ruby Thomas kicking the man death---are British women usually this violent?

    1. This female violence is pretty much par for the course, here. They are especially dangerous when consumed with drink.

    2. I wondered about that. American girls are violent too, but they rarely randomly attack men like this. Mostly their violence here is directed at girls whom they consider 'too pretty'.

  5. I am reminded of that incident at McDonalds - a man employed by McDonalds defended himself against two rabid women - the news MISSrepresented it as "McDonalds Employee Violently Attacks Two Women". I do not know why I did not think of it then - but I wonder - what if enough people had written letters to McDonalds, and told them that the media was slurring it's name by misrepresenting the "big story" as "Two Women Attacked by McDonalds Employee"...?

    And - in this case - I wonder where the parents of the two girls stand on "Bullying".

    If it were me I would have just asked the two "Wanna go for a ride on my broom stick" - but that would have made him a sex offender wouldn't it?

    1. I love your satirical take on this article. You even got the accents right:

      Cor blimey, mister Scarecrow!

    2. I'm waiting for the death threats - I'd guess about two months before they come rolling in.

    3. Don't worry - irate Brits would have to learn to use a gun, first.

  6. I wonder what Thomas Fleming would have to say about these kinds of violent outbursts? I suppose if Walker had simply gotten down on one knee and uttered some paens to the Purity of British Womanhood, they would have swooned and fallen into his arms...LOL

  7. Again, it is important to remind ourselves that women are born to serve men, not the other way around. A female that believes herself to be equal or superior to men is an abomination, an aberration.

    Sadly, the media and "studies" have bombarded us with an unnatural version of the truth, and now many, conciously or not, swallows the lies pushed on us. We are being brainwashed.

    Equality and other such ridiculous terms are empty words, devoid of truth and dignity. In nature, there can be no equality. A female is to submit to male without guestion, without doubt and in blind faith.

    A day will come when the world is healed and women put in the place they belong, at the feet of men.

    Whether such day will come is not the guestion, the guestion is whether it will come through cooperation with women or whether it is forced upon them.

    1. You're absolutely correct. The pendulum is going to swing in the other direction. Things are going to get ugly

    2. I hope a woman chops your ignorant, misogynistic cock off. You give the rest of us men a bad name and I honestly feel sorry for any woman who has the displeasure of knowing you.

    3. Dude, just emigrate to Saudi Arabia and your wet dream comes true

      We dont need you here, we like our women and dont need to succumb them.

      So fuck off!!!

  8. The face of misandry is a beaten up little girl? Tell me again how oppressed you are...

    1. Anon609:
      Like the femihags aren't high-fiving each other when women mutilate men, right? In fact, I've seen them do it on TV talk shows!

    2. @Anonymous 0609

      You're either an anglobitch/feminazi scumbag or a white knight pussy. Do the world a favor and just kill yourself.

      Women are meant to be slaves of men, without rights and freedoms whatsoever. The social ills such as feminism are the result for women gaining rights and freedom.

      Women belong in shackles, and whoever decided that women should have rights was an terrorist and a vile piece of shit.

    3. Comments like that are enough to reassure me that feminism is a cause still worth fighting for. Keep up the good work.

  9. I'd kill myself before I ended up in the same room as you, that's for sure.

  10. Right. So, all those times in my teens when men and groups of men made sexual and/or threatening comments at me; instead of walking away feeling shaken and angry I should've gone after them with a knife or blunt instrument, is that what this blog post is saying?

    1. Were you also being spat at? Were the perpetrators trying to steal from you?

    2. Snork Maiden:
      It sounds more like you should have hung around with some real men instead of chasing thugs.

    3. @Eric:
      That's some impressive hamstering you've done to come up with that straw man. Though I agree with you that real men don't harass women on the street.

      So, if I had been spat at, or robbed, you're saying I would've been justified returning to the scene with an offensive weapon?

    4. @snork maiden
      If you are a woman, than yes you are justified in any violent actions you take as long as your victim is male. Don't even wait for them to do anything. Don't worry when he goes to the cops saying he was stabbed in the face by a woman, they'll call it karma. At least that's how it is here in Canada. Any man knifed by a woman it is instantly called Karma here. Everytime a woman assaults a man everyone pretends it didn't happen. Only a woman can punch a cop and get away with it. Men can't even say "pig" near an officer without disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.
      At least women can call the cops, men are expected to defend themselves.

    5. Assuming you're the same anonymous, what point are you trying to make here?

      My point is that I while I have, during the course of my life, been spat at, insulted, harassed and on a couple of occasions robbed by men I would not be justified in perpetrating premeditated violence upon them, and had I done so I would've had to face the consequences just as Ryan Walker did. I do by the way understand Walker's rage, since I know how it feels to be treated like that, if he had only thrown water at them I would have approved of his actions.

      However many of the comments here are stating that Walker WAS justified in luring two girls to an isolated spot and violently assaulting them, and I'm wondering if they would see me as equally justified in behaving in such a way. From your comment it's clear you believe that women already behave like that, which is another matter of debate, I don't live in Canada. But judging by your attitude it sounds like rather than put a stop to this you just want to see men act in the same apparent way.

    6. I would like to know what happened after you attempted to inflict harm on males who are faster, stronger and if you are feeling really brave...bigger than you.
      You can make fun of their penis sizes while they pin you down and rape and sodomize you with their small genitals

  11. Unfortunately, Ryan Walker has been sentenced to 4 years in prison.

    I have been following this story closely.

    The strange thing is this - the comments on the various news sources are in his favor - yet, according to follow up articles - he is getting death threats over the incident.

    I wonder - is he safer in jail that not in jail?

    If he is safer NOT in jail - I might just inquire as to what his bail is.

    Too bad I do not live in the UK - I would be asking him...

  12. Richard

    If he is considered to be in grave danger from White Knights or fem-bots after his release, he will be given a new identity and sent to live in a different part of the country. My own concern is for his possible ill-treatment in prison by moronic underclass animals. As we know, the retarded criminal underclass will reflexively defend women in almost any circumstances.

  13. I'll be the one to ask:

    Where the hell were those rotten little bitches' fathers when they were out harassing young men?

    As Captain Capitalism is fond of saying, 'Could not be reached for comment' I guess is the answer.

    See if one of them was my daughter, they'd be more scared of what I would do to them if I knew they were behaving like that.

    1. Their fathers are most certainly white knights, who could care less what their little princesses are up to.

  14. oh, rookhiepoops...

    have you seen this blatant case of misogyny???

    This poor oppressed Australian womyn had her expensive car dented by a male cyclist....

    Oh, how dare they make it a crime for a womyn to update her facebook while driving...

    but the idiot cyclist got what he deserved, he'll likelybe a parapalegic-but this poor darling lost her license-the horror, the horror

  15. Poetic justice I say, and serves them right. Stabbing was way over the top though. One thing's for sure: they won't do it again!

  16. I actually do agree that this article is really biased against the guy and supportive of the girls who sound like provocative bullies. However, I am somewhat baffled by your unhealthy attitude to women....! The media has definitely been pretty supportive of Ryan for the most part. But it does sound a little bit like you've been rejected by one too many women, or maybe your mother didn't love you enough, and you've turned that little bit irrational....

  17. Saw the 2 girls being interviewed, one of them. actually started laughing when they were describing what happened, couldn't care Less. Vile little bullies. I feel sorry for the guy.

    1. If they were as traumatized by the event as they (and the lame-stream media) insinuate, would they be laughing? One suspects that the extent of their injuries has been somewhat exaggerated for misandrist effect.

  18. So this is all about women being horrendous. Think you will find that the majority of all the �'ll'mo most horrific things to have ever taken place in the history of humans have been orchestrated by men. All you women hating men probably have ridiculously small penises and you certainly are some of the biggest shit talking cunts i have ever have had the displeasure to witness spouting drivel. You dont like western women then fuck off out of the west. Hope your wives find real fucking men and leave your neolithic arses! Slaves to men!!? Lol. Never happen. We got the vote mother fuckers!