Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sweets, and Illusions: Survival Strategies of the Post-Menopausal Anglosphere Female

The PM woman ponders her dwindling options...

The lame-stream Anglo-American media endlessly sings the virtues of female 'empowerment', as if the average woman was a superhuman paragon of multi-tasking intelligence. However, when we observe the ludicrous life-strategies most women adopt after menopause, the reality is very different. Why? Because, beyond their reproductive age, women are essentially worthless. Even White Knights have no use for them. In prehistoric times, we cannot doubt that most women were killed by a blow to the skull after raising their last litter of children. Feminism, Theosophy, finger-painting, husband-beating or handing out sweets on the train: the post-menopausal (PM) female will do almost anything to disguise/obviate her essential worthlessness. Let us now examine these desperation strategies in more depth.


We must suppress male sexuality at all costs!

The big one. Or should I say big two? Feminism and Anglo-American Christianity have an identical fixation on restricting male sexual freedom. Many PM women suddenly immerse themselves in either 'the sisterhood' or tradcon Christian drivel, and for exactly the same reason: both ideologies neutralize the effects of their plummeting SMV by chastising (or seeking to ban altogether) the dynamic, ageless force of male sexuality. Never mind that most prostitutes are happy in their profession, or that sex-trafficking is a myth, or that Anglo-American men should be perfectly free to marry foreign women if they so choose: male sexuality must be reflexively demonized in order to raise the PM woman's ailing SMV. Of course, many unattractive younger women share the same obsessions; but rarely to the same extent or extremity. After all, they still have reproductive potential, even if most men hardly notice it.

In some respects, the whole feminist project is designed to navigate the reality of post-menopausal female worthlessness. By giving women pseudo-education and faux-status, it hopes to neutralize the deleterious effects of their plummeting SMV. We have Pretty White Girl Syndrome, not post-Menopausal Old Boot Syndrome; and, sensing their impending sexual invisibility to men, old or near-old women will believe anything – literally anything – to avoid the SMV scrapheap.Which segues neatly into Strategy 2:


PM woman mastering the regenerative power of crystals

Alternatively, many post-menopausal women latch onto mumbo-jumbo peddled by the post-60s counter-culture. Fake religions like the Qabala. magic crystals. Homeopathy. Chatting to geraniums. Reading tarot cards and tea-leaves. Because lots of PM women share such irrational fixations, UK 'businesswoman' Anita Roddick built a vast fortune pandering to their whims and fancies. Indeed, Roddick created one of the 90's most successful retail chains (The Body Shop) simply by slapping curvy, female-friendly labels on her queasy products.

When menopause strikes, many Earth Mothers also start engaging with the post-everything echo-chamber that is modern art: ape-house paintings and junk-yard sculptures; formless poems scrawled in indigo ink; or turgid, pornographic novels. Funny how PM women never take up physics, engineering or something useful, is it not?

Is this ‘Earth Mother’ persona authentic or just another attempt to avoid being ignored, abused or killed? My guess is the latter. In the hunter-gatherer context, a PM woman with some kind of shamanic presence in the tribe was more likely to survive than a PM woman with no presence at all. Other women would intercede for her; she knew the herbs to trigger abortions; she was their link to the Great Goddess.

In sum, the PM woman's immersion in primitive superstition suggests a huge level of existential insecurity. Stripped of sexual power, despised by even the lowest of men, she throws herself on the mercy of imaginary beings like a savage caught in an earthquake. Sadly, healing crystals and geranium roots cannot boost her lost SMV. For men have no interest in her Coke-can sculptures of Bingu, the Earth goddess; only fresh young pussy.


Eat, eat... only please don't hurt me!

After menopause, it is notable how women start trying to placate everyone. Many an entitled cunt turns forty and suddenly starts handing out sweets to taxi drivers and smiling at passing strangers. Cakes and pastries, pies and Mars bars; her bounty is endless. Remember to treat such women with unmerciful, unprecedented and unrelenting harshness as you pluck the sweets from their hands. Such losers are also good for sport fucking.


Queen of Self-Delusion

The Tradcon Anglo mass-media - at least that aimed at women - remains fixated on the supposed charms of past-prime women. Madonna remains their default icon, a spidery old cunt ugly even in her prime. Because women lack self-awareness, they suck up this delusional nonsense like Dyson hoovers. Even educated middle-class women actually believe that men find ugly old boots with wrinkled tits and desert-dry pussies sexually attractive. Indeed, I found the following article in the Daily Mail this very day:

Madonna and I have a few things in common. We are both 56. We’re hard-working. We have both been addicted to exercise: Madonna to yoga, me to Pilates. Madonna is rumoured to have had plastic surgery to counter ‘gym face’, I have had plastic surgery to counter a lifetime of disappointment.

When I first saw her provocative, vaguely sado-masochistic photo shoot in Interview magazine, I was full of admiration.

Through sheer force of will (and Photoshop, RK) , Madonna looks fitter and prettier than she did at Live Aid in 1985. Any 20-year-old would be lucky to look this good! You go, material girl! She is proving that post-menopausal women are still vibrant, powerful, sexual beings! If Madonna can do it, so can we!

Do PM Anglo-American women actually believe this rubbish? Do they really believe that any heterosexual man in his right mind finds Madonna 'vibrant' or 'sexual'? Do they really think Madonna is more attractive than the average 20-year old? Are they mad? This 'Sexy at 60' nonsense is particularly strong among tradcon PM women with overt misandrist tendencies - in my extensive experience the most unpleasant of all Anglo-American females.

Heads up, PM ladies. Men evolved to find young, thin women with symmetrical features, long legs and large breasts attractive. No matter how hard you kid yourselves, these male preferences are genetically hard-wired and unlikely to change any time soon.


The Best Solution of All...

Just my own suggestion. Since healthy men have no interest in old, ugly PM women, why don't they just kill themselves? We can do quite happily without misandrist feminists, repressive Christians, crazy Earth Mothers and self-deluded old hags. A wise suggestion: unfortunately, most PM women lack the guts to act on it.


  1. hello fellow men,

    well here's something us White Nationalists learned from the Greeks like Alexander the Great-manlove is good for buildng cohesive military units. I've gotten sooooo much ass since penetrating (hehe, I said penetrating) the man-0-sphere. Don't worry Rookh, we might let you in the club if you get HBD Race Realist paperwork like Roosh V did. Hehe, there's nothing like a race realist white guy getting mad that he's getting penetrated by a non white guy. Then telling him, he's really a white guy with a tan, he has his HBD paperwork from Steve Sailor. Hehe, if he really was that high on the HBD scale, he'd know it was spelled Sailer. Hehe, we've played that trick on Clarence in Baltimore and Chuck Rudd from GL Piggy many a time. Y'know who I'd like to get to my next man-0-sphere hot tub meat up? Paul Elam, I heard he's got a nice Mangina.

    1. Jack:
      I don't doubt that you have considerable success on Game/PUA blogs, and predict that you'll have even easier time at AVfM.

      But seriously, dude, most who follow this blog aren't into that stuff. Still, they're interesting stories, I've had a suspicion about Clarence for a long time LOL

    2. Eric,

      You know Clarence? Could you please tell him to wipe better next time? It's kind of a turn off to smell pooh when your ready to get busy. And, like a good manly man-0-spherian, I smoke cigars so I don't have that girly overdeveloped smell but it was strong...

    3. WTF? THIS WN IS DTF-that's down to fuck...

      you ready to play white boi with a tan like Roosh???

    4. The scary part is I don't know if Jack is joking or not. LOL At any rate, this probably is the proper venue for discussing it since he's not going attract those types HERE.

      I don't want to speculate on what they're doing on the other blogs, though LOL

    5. Correction: I mean 'not the proper venue'. (Sorry for typing while laughing)

    6. Eric,

      dudebro, if I was less secure in myself, in response to your "joking" comment, I'd say, "the only joke is in your hand when your jacking off, fella." However, since I'm a ver masculine man with a triple digit notch count, I can say I ain't joking.

      As far as proper venue/not proper venue... I hope your not one of those creeper sissy boys like Clarence who say "Stick it in uncle jack." "Nonono, your raping me prison style."

      Well, we got a legal way out. We get 'em really drunk and sign a form saying only M(h)RA's can be raped and man-0-spherians ain't M(h)RA's....

      and what the fuck is it with that h? Are they trying to get confused for NASCAR so some masculine men finally join their limp wristed movement???

    7. Jack is a huge picaresque character who deserves every encouragement.

    8. picaresque, is that you limey English bastards way of saying "pecker"--well, if so, I wish t was huge. Mere;y average, but since I like but sex that's a good thing. No tearing of internal organs. Now as far as the encouragement, does that mean you are "enthusiastically consenting"?

    9. Jack:
      I think what he means is that your presence here will keep us from getting trolled by the Game/PUA crowd. LOL I notice none of them have shown up to defend themselves from anything you've said. LOL

    10. Yeah, they're usually too sore after a night with uncle Jack. So, uh, Eric, you a white guy who wants to learn about "masculinity?"

    11. Jack:
      Yes and no. Yes, I'm a white guy; but no, I prefer displaying masculinity on the OPPOSITE sex.

      As for the Game/PUA guys, I'm not condemning what you're doing with them. They need as many masculinity lessons as they can get! LOL

    12. Looks quite impressive:

    13. However, these 'why are males dropping out' arguments so beloved of American MRAs fall into the feminist trap of comparing white middle class women with ethnic/working class men. When we turn our attention to lower class women, a very different picture emerges. It ain't pretty:

    14. Oh, hai Rookhie Pookhie....

      Well, in "muriKKKa, we don't call 'em underclass. We talk about HBD and Race Realism. Yup, Chuck Rudd is a major proponent, and an absolute studmuffin bottom. Would you be my bottom, or would you preffer to top? --Just don't tell anyone I let you top me, m'kay, sweetcakes....

  2. Rookh:

    Back in pre-femihag days, PM women never worried about their SMV. Instead they became grandmothers. Feminism seems to have produced another double-bind for women, it shames young women for being sexually active and then shames older ones for acting like grandmothers when they're well past their prime.

  3. Great article Rookh, it's funny how older woman are worshipped in Anglo countries. What man in his right mind would rather date and marry a post menopausal woman rather than a young, attractive woman?

    The phrase "sexy at 60" or "50 is the new 30" is complete rubbish! When I think about the idea of getting involved with a post menopausal woman, I don't know if I should laugh ............ or vomit.

  4. Madge was hot in Desperately Seeking Susan. I liked that one.

    I was once at a party and in the kitchen and this menopausal woman said to me 'Do you believe in rebirth?' I humoured her. She continued 'I used to be a handmaiden at the court of Queen Nefratiti'. I slipped away. Funny they are always in servile positions rather than Nefratiti herself. Revealing, rather.

  5. I like they way you have "FEMINISM/CHRISTIANITY" grouped together like the same thing because I strongly suspect THEY ARE the same thing, just as society has become more secular it has manifested this fundamental undercurrent in a different way. Both represent the repression of male sexuality for feminine interests. The rise of Christianity can be seen as the feminization of Rome during it's downfall. Warlike kings managed to get a handle on this sissy theology infesting the West and we had the rise of the middle ages, but with the rise of anglo puritanism once again the feminist core of Christianity came to the forefront which led to nosy 19th century "moral reform" anglobitch causes and the more secular "womens movement" of today.

    One of the cores of Christo-feminism is the brainy, spoiled, bourgeois female, but the homosexual element is another element in the war against heterosexual male virility. The Catholic Church cloistered it's homosexual population in monasteries, with the rise of protestantism angry, repressed gays and lesbians now roamed free to preach a philosophy of celibacy for all as revenge for their misery. We may think of gay men as all living it up with wild promiscuous nights at the clubs. But a significant number STILL are closeted and repressed and gravitate to theology (i.e. my downlow cousin who is on fire and obvious to all but the "churchy" squares he runs with and his naive small town wife.) The role of lesbians in feminism is self evident and has probably always been there from the start. However, with the decline of gay persecution, the lesbian element in this has been emboldened to take it's inherent hatred of straight male sexuality to new heights---thus the rise of the "Dworkan" school of feminist thought.

  6. Suicide won't happen. As long as they can make men as miserable as they are - they will, "From Hell's Heart, I Stabbeth Thee".

    In youth, they play men's attractions against them. When they are done doing that, they claim how evil men's attractions are.

    Something that is left out - women are shamed for finding older men attractive too - I believe the correct term is "Gold Digger" nowadays.

    Awkward how that term is also used in many man-o-sphere blogs.

    As far a Christianity/feminism being grouped into one - I think it is just the anglo culture in general - which is predominantly Christian...

    BUT - I recently watched a documentary on ex-porn-stars. It was interesting to note how many female "actresses" had become avid Christians or (lmfao) "Born Again Christians".

    1. ScareCrow, there are a lot of women in western countries who are gold diggers. Heck, most American women are gold diggers, they see men as a walking ATM machines.

      Tom Leykis has talked about this a lot. That's why he tells men not to spend more than $40 on a date with a woman. Women will always try to get as much money out of a man as possible.

      Western women are taught to see men as financial objects. Avoid these gold diggers by not spending a lot of money on them. Like Tom Leykis says, spend as little money as possible on them and get as much sex as you can from them. LOL

    2. oh lala,

      Scarecrow, that sounds really masculine.

      Are you a white guy? Sexually frustrated, there? I could, a, help yah releive some stress. Nothing too gay, I promise...

    3. No thanks fag - I got a GF for that.

    4. stop being Hom-0-phobic....

      I won't tell yer GF-lottsa guys are down low-Chuck Rudd, Clarence in Baltimore, WF Price, Bernie "ohlala" Chapin. I'm sure even Rookh expiremented a little if ya get my drift...

    5. Homophobia masquerading as humour or argument is so... passe. Like most feminist perspectives.

    6. Hey Rookh,

      why haven't you banned that faggot, Jack?

      Now, i'm not homophobic, but it pisses me off that this fag thinks every man in manosphere is a fag, or even bottom.

      Jack is almost as insane and delusional as feminists, if such thing is possible.

    7. hey studmuffin,

      the only diff between str8 and gay is about half a bottle of liquor....

      ...your the one who sounds like a feminist with RAPERAPERAPE--it's just boys being boys...

  7. Right on Rookh!

    That's my new phrase, stop being passe-give up the asse!!!

    Bernie Chapin put up a ton of Last Minute Resistence, however I read Roosh, and uh, pushing past no's and tears yeilds excellent results. We even cuddled afterwords. And , no I didn't tell his GF...

    1. Fuck off, faggot, nobody gives a shit about your sexlife.

      I can assure you, that if you'd even try to dominate me, i'd murder you right where you stand, no questions asked and quarter given.

      Eat shit and die, you faggot piece of shit.

    2. ooopsie, looks like one of them darkies read somethin' head didn't like and his pwesish feewing got all buttass hurt...

  8. Oh Jackie boy,
    I'm a white man. So are you saying you raped Bernie? I would like to meet you sometime. You make yourself sound like a real Alpha top lmao. Give up the ass lol. I'd love to meet you, I'm not a fag, but I would humble you.
    It sounds like you couldn't get no pussy, so you found feminine men lol Or you just don't like pussy or your just a fag on here talking shit because on here, you can be whatever you want to be. You asked scarecrow if he was white. What are you? I've delt with predatory fags like you in the joint. Like I said, I would make you so humble. I miss those days. Destroying predatory (tops) lmao. the weak prey on the weak. I bet your a punk for real. But like I said, you can be whatever you want to be on the internet.

    1. Dudebro,

      Stop being so hom-0-phobic...

      You hom-0-phobic guys are usually the best in the sack after 15 drinks though...

      Nothing as good as a hatefuck....

      ohlala, violence-sounds like you are into some serious S&M, maybe we can recreate the shwer scene from American History X...

    2. Fuck off, faggot.

      If you'd ever offer a drink to me or even talk to me, i'd kill you where you stand, queer.

      You are typical predatory faggot who thinks he's some big bad alpha stud. You're pathetic piece of shit, nothing more.

    3. you must be one of those eville MigToe guys my good buddies David Futrelle and Hugo Schwyzer have warned me about...

      Portland ain't like it was in the 90's where you could follow a good looking guy into the bathroom and No meant maybe, and No, Please stop meant go harder...
      now guys carry knives and sometimes they cutt and the po-lice ain't doing their job when a good looking gay guy like me gets attacked for being persistent-it's a fucking hate crime don't ya know...

      Next thing, guys will think their bodies are their own and no one will sign up for military service...

      ...what's this world coming too????

  9. How about YOU kill yourself, you worthless piece of shit?

    You and your followers are fine reason why i believe that males should be castrated at birth. Ironically, your vile blog justifies the misandry and male hatred, and why we definitely need more feminism and misandry..

    You also sound like a rapist -and rape, of course, is entirely justified in the minds of degenerate scum like you. How many women and children have you raped yet, swine? Your name sounds like you come from India, and everybody knows India has some of biggest rape epidemics.

    And, no i'm not some bitter PM woman...i'm actually a male who believes that men are little more than mindless, sex crazed brutes and stupid animals who belong in zoo. Male sexuality is rightly vilified and demonized.

  10. Mr.Rookh, i apologize for my earlier outburst (i'm the same guy as Anon 12:14).

    You see, i'm not only a son of a single mother, but an Post Menopausal one to boot. As you can no doubt imagine, this has fucked up my life quite nicely.

    Did i mentioned she's an fanatical, brainless Christian sheeple as well (and Christianity is for suckers and idiots)?

    Just to piss her off i showed her this site and told her how accurate you are about women and their retarded mating choices, but surprisingly she didn't fly into rage; instead she did what anglobitches are good at: making excuses.

    So, i hope knowing this you'll understand why this article really pushed my buttons, as i know what you're talking about -too well, in fact.

    And please, keep writing, your articles are right on money.

  11. Rookh,

    is this shit true???

    um, does it also apply to Injun men???

    if so, I'll just stick to white guys and the occasional arab like roosh who pretends really hard to be white...

  12. Just came across this while searching for something else. None of the comments above were made by Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Men.

    1. Sir, we are honoured by your presence! However, I doubt many of us seriously confused Jack Don-O-Van with your illustrious self.

    2. The fellow posting that almost certainly is the former "stonerwithaboner" who frequented many manosphere blogs years back. He has never moved on apparently.

  13. This article is cruel, man. Women need to exist too, even old ones.

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