Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Warrior has Fallen! Chris Harper-Mercer and the Anglosphere's Urgent Need for Social Reform

Chris Harper-Mercer in classic Incel Pose...

Only kidding - Chris Harper-Mercer was no warrior, by any definition. Shooting down defenceless college students because one is a hardcore incel (involuntary celibate) hardly qualifies someone as Alexander the Great. However, his case provides important insights into this kind of crime and those who commit it.

I went to Wikipedia to find the major spree-killings committed in the major Anglosphere blocs: the UK, the USA and the former Commonwealth (Australia, New Zealand and Canada). The three lists can be seen below, with long-term incel perpetrators marked in bold:

1987 – Micheal Ryan – incel
1996 – Thomas Hamilton – gay paedophile, probable incel
2010 – Derrick Bird – non-incel

1927 – Andrew Kehoe – non incel
1949 – Howard Unruh - incel
1958 – Charles Starkweather non-incel
1966 – Charles Whitman – non-incel
1984 – James huberty – non-incel
1986 – Patrick Sherrill – incel
1989 – Patrick Purdy - incel
1991 - James Pough – non-incel
1991 – George Hennard – incel
1999 – Klebold and Harris –incels
1999 – Larry Ashbrook - incel
1999 – Mark Barton – non-incel
2007 – Heung-Sui Cho - incel
2009 – Michael McLendon – incel
2009 – Nadal Hasan – non-incel
2009 – Liverly Wong – formerly married but probable incel at time of shootings
2009 – George Sodini - incel
2011 – Jared Loughner - incel
2012 – James Holmes - incel
2012 – Adam Lanza – incel
2013 – Alexis Aaron – incel
2013 – John Zawahri - incel
2014 – Elliott Rodger - incel
2015 – Dylann Roof - incel
2015 – Chris Mercer - incel

Australia/NZ/ Canada
1965 – Len Hogue -  non-incel
1967 – Victor Hoffman - incel
1971 – cliffard Bartholomew - non-incel
1981 – Fouad Daoud – non-incel
1984 – John Brandon – non-incel
1987 – Joseph Schwab - ?
1987 – Julian Knight – incel
1987 – Frank Vitkovic – incel
1988 – Dennis Rostron - ?
1989 – Marc Lepine – incel
1990 – David Grey - incel
1990 – Paul Evers – non-incel but in relationship with half-sister and relationship threatened
1991 – Frank Wakum – incel
1992 – Mal Baker – non-incel but relationship threatened
1992 – Brian Schlaepfer – non-incel
1996 – Martin Bryant – non-incel
1996 – Mark Chahal – non-incel but relationship threatened
1997 – Steve Anderson - incel
2014 – Geoff Hunt – non-incel but relationship threatened       

It is notable that recent UK killers seem to be older men, sexual deviants as opposed to incels. Only one killer, the infamous Michael ‘Rambo’ Ryan, fits the picture of an enraged young incel (he tried to rape a young mother before embarking on his killing spree). The lack of British spree killers in general demonstrates the efficacy of the UK’s anti-gun laws in preventing such crimes – but I digress.

The US figures are especially interesting. Up to the mid-1980s, spree-killings are generally executed by non-incels. After the mid-1980s, incels sweep to the fore and come to dominate the ranks of spree killers. Also, from that time on they are typically younger men in their teens or early twenties. Mass murderers from earlier eras were often married, middle-aged, sometimes even elderly. After the mid 80s, all that changes: spree-killers become young, single and incel, almost overnight.

Commonwealth mass killers seem to follow a similar pattern to their US counterparts, with killings up to the late 1980s typically executed by non-incels. More recent mass killings are typically performed either by incels or males in jeopardized relationships. The latter seem rather more likely to massacre family members than incel mass killers.

The prevailing Manosphere perspective claims that feminism became a powerful force in the late 1960s or early 1970s, with women free to exercise their hypergamous biological prerogatives from that time onward. We would therefore expect to see the first generation of post-feminist Anglosphere males hitting early adulthood around the mid-eighties.  There would be many victimized and alienated incels among this group, if our projections were correct.  And in the US, this is clearly what we observe. Not only that, there are far more spree-killings in general from that time onward, almost two a year. We notice a further escalation in 2007, perhaps reflecting the rise of the Internet and the fall of the legacy media.  Beyond this date Sexual False Consciousness contracts as young males start to discuss real-world female behavior in online enclaves, free of feminist censure for the first time. Once that hegemonic breakdown occurs, spree-killing predictably becomes almost a regular event in the United States.

In general, the figures imply that the mainstream media’s fixation with mass killers’ mental health is completely irrelevant, at least in relation to contemporary mass murder. The dominant precipitating factor for multiple murder is incel singleness or being in a jeopardized relationship. Were complete figures available, I have no doubt they would show far more incels among multiple murderers than the general male population; and that involuntary celibacy is now the prime causal factor in Anglo-American spree killings.

However, inceldom is but the tip of the iceberg. History shows that men can endure incel status if they are provided with adequate social or economic compensations (Medieval Catholic clergy being a good example). However, this would require radical restructuring of the Anglosphere – not likely to happen any time soon. Still, implementing the following across the Anglo-American world would restore sufficient status to alienated males to greatly reduce the incidence of incel spree-murders:

  • Make women register for the Draft in the United States: an important symbolic statement showing true commitment to public gender-equality.
  • Legalize prostitution. A reform with countless self-evident benefits to both incel males and female sex workers.
  • Ensure proper punishment for female criminals, especially female sex criminals. At present, males are ten times more likely to receive a custodial sentence for a first offence. If women want equal rights, let them lose their privileges.
  • All anti-male propaganda in the Anglo media must be rooted out. 
  • 'Women only' resources/agencies must be eliminated or matched by similar investment in male resources/agencies.

    If Anglosphere governments were to implement these reforms, many potential incel spree-killers would immediately be stripped of the ideological motivations for their heinous and pointless crimes. However, the Anglosphere’s reflexive neo-puritan misandry will doubtless prevent these simple, direct actions that could save hundreds of lives

    Go figure.

    Act, Mr President...


    1. Wow. Crazy. Psychologists should be looking at this.

    2. Predictably, the MSM is pushing a Satanic narrative to hide Mercer's clearly 'Incel' motivations for the massacre:

      Mercer might have adopted Satanism to boost his tarnished ego sufficiently to undertake the killing. However, his hardcore Incel status undoubtedly provided the primary impetus. Had he been banging 18 year-old models every night, neither Satanic pablum nor thoughts of mass-murder would ever have tainted his consciousness.

      1. I agree with that - his mind would have been focused on whatever woman/women he was having relations with.

        Far too busy to contemplate shooting sprees.

    3. I saved this page to my computer because I believe your recommendations are spot on.

    4. The USA needs to legalize prostitution immediately as this would solve a whole host of problems. The feminists and religious groups are doing everything they can to keep prostitution illegal here in America.

      Not only would men be able to get their sexual needs met by legalizing prostitution but the billions of dollars in tax revenue the government would get would help pay down the national debt.

      1. They are currently pushing the "Human Trafficking" hoax to keep prostitution suppressed. In the 80s TV shows like HUNTER etc the hooker was a portrayed as a sleazy character responsible for their own fate. This "Human Trafficking" narrative didn't exist back then. It had to be conjured up to spoon feed to a different generation brought up with "sexual freedom" propaganda that are in conflict with the Victorian prostitution laws we are still stuck with.

    5. I really like the list of reforms you have - and I wish America would do these things...

      But - as the saying goes - wish in one hand, and crap in the other - and see which piles up first.

    6. Two major reforms that could benefit the US are:

      1. Lowering the Age of Consent

      2. Abolishing about 90% of the restrictions on foreign marriages and other interactions with foreign women.

      These two things would drive up the pool of available females; and the Anglosphere suffers badly from a shortage of them.

      1. The Anglosphere does suffer badly from a shortage of females and a shortage of good looking, physically fit females!

        Half of the women in Anglo countries are overweight. Also, very few of the ones in shape are actually attractive.

    7. Nidal Hasan was most definitely an incel

      1. Meant to say NOT an incel.

      2. Look at the chart - that's exactly what I say.