Saturday, 20 August 2016

A Crock of Tinder: The post-Internet travails of the ‘Mainstream’ Media

The Game is up: unless you are a wealthy
celebrity, this girl considers you worthless trash
and is completely unattainable....

The mainstream media are struggling. More and more newspapers close down by the month, or are given away for free. Viewing figures for terrestrial television fall year on year. Over the past ten years alone, dozens of UK lifestyle magazines have either retreated to the Internet or closed down altogether. The rise of outsider political candidates such as Trump or Sanders suggests that representative democracy (a fancy way of saying trans-generational Power Elite dominion) is giving way to the real thing. Still, even in its present reduced condition, the legacy media plays a vital role in deluding the masses into giving their consent to the social order.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the sexual arena. The legacy media are strongly committed to presenting sexual life in Anglosphere nations as a smorgasbord of priapic vitality. A recent programme on UK television – The Secret World of Tinder – was a perfect example of this agenda. In sum, the documentary claimed that Brits in London are having lots more sex because of Tinder. It dealt with the sex lives of seven people:

  • A homosexual male 
  • A homosexual deviant male
  • A lesbian with children
  • 2 Heterosexual males
  • 2 Heterosexual females

While the footage presented to us displayed predictable Anglo patterns of rampant compensatory deviance and heterosexual repression, this truth was carefully filtered to give the viewer a misleading impression of heterosexual plenitude and prowess. And this is how Anglo-American nations maintain the delusion of widespread sexual freedom.

According to the Anglobitch Thesis, the culture of pro-feminist heterosexual repression in Anglosphere countries informally promotes a compensatory culture of male sexual deviance. Meanwhile, heterosexual men are kept continually thirsty (and compliant) by limited sexual access to women, a state of affairs decisively maintained by misandrist feminism (strongly opposed to prostitution and other forms of recreational sex) but also embedded in the residual Anglo-Saxon culture, which is characterized by centuries of puritanical repression.

The people featured in the show were living evidence of this. The male sexual deviant was indeed making full use of Tinder to hook up with other men interested in role-playing as puppies, as was the ‘conventional’ male homosexual. Of course, this ease of sexual access explains why so many Western males are drawn to homosexuality: it permits them to have far more sexual partners (and more varied erotic experiences) than a nominally hetero orientation. The mainstream media’s fixation with gays also helps to present Anglo societies as redoubts of liberation – after all, they really are having far more sex than most people. The woman told the interviewer she was endlessly hooking up with a string of partners and, since she was the mother of two children, we assumed she was referring to males. However, it soon transpired that she only had one partner, another woman, and everything she had previously said about her rampant hetero sex life was blatantly false.

Like, this girl would really fuck a garbageman...

The two heterosexual males were full of tall tales about their sexual escapades. One – a particularly ugly knave – claimed to be enjoying sex with eight women a week via Tinder. Smelling Anglo bullshit, and seeing no evidence for these thunderous claims, I waited avidly for the predictable revelation of his real sexual status. This turned out to be a conventional date with a middle-aged four, to whom he was clearly committed. So much for his ‘eight women a week’ – sexual self-delusion at its worst.

The final heterosexual male (a rather better-looking guy than the bullshitter) had an unsuccessful date with an entitled, uptight female. Predictably, no sex emerged from this encounter. Game over.

In short, the reality we observed differed vastly from the agenda projected – that ‘everyone’ was enjoying vast amounts of recreational sex via Tinder. Of, course, some people were having lots of recreational sex – in classic Anglo fashion, the male homosexuals. In sum, the documentary  amply demonstrated the essential truth of the Thesis, in every respect. Aside from the deviants, there was no evidence of widespread sexual liberation anywhere.

However, the producers were careful to project the illusion of universal sexual liberation despite the contradictory evidence before our eyes. And this is how Sexual False Consciousness works: a sub-textual assumption of liberation is maintained at all times, even in the face of alternative evidence. SFC is like Hitler’s ‘Big Lie’ or the Emperor’s New Clothes: the more often it is told, the more likely people are to believe it. Proof or verification matter little; mass subordination to the shared fantasy is all. Indeed, all the Anglosphere nations operate an informal system of ‘sexual reality shaming’ wherein anyone daring to break ranks from SFC to discuss sexual reality is ridiculed or labelled a deviant. For example, Elliot Rodger’s flatmates ridiculed him for admitting his Incel status; however, as Asian-American geeks they were almost certainly hardcore Incels themselves.

More unattainable unicorns...
However, the lamestream media’s carefully-maintained façade is beginning to crack. The rise of the manosphere is beginning to undercut the delusions which sustain the Anglosphere. In the UK, this can be seen in the steady decline of ‘Lad’s Mags’ that systematically sell SFC to young males. These publications now barely exist – fifteen years ago, there were over ten in circulation, selling millions of copies per week:

Loaded ended in 2014
Nuts ended in 2014
FHM ended 2015
Zoo ended in 2015

And the remainder subsist as online shadows of their former selves. Of course, the instant availability of online porn has hastened their end; but online porn is far more honest than these ailing publications. For in their heyday, ‘Lad’s Mags’ promoted the absurd fiction that famous models and actresses were sexually available to the average Joe. All utter nonsense, of course – but prior to the Internet, the mainstream media could tell the masses anything and get away with it. Now, a whole climate of online opinion has made it plain even to the stupidest man that models and actresses only want males of the highest status and view 'ordinary Joes' as disposable trash. Hell, even ugly Anglosphere women consider the bottom 80% of men as disposable trash, let alone models and actresses!

Blue collar mugs discussing hot women they will never have sex with...

In short, sexual reality can no longer be denied. Before the onslaught of the Red Pill, the sexual delusions promoted by the mainstream media are under unprecedented attack. The Anglosphere nations are not the sexual, social and economic utopias the mainstream media claim them to be; and the Manosphere is spreading this realization as never before. 

Post-Manosphere, only lobotomised imbeciles 
still think girls like this want an ‘ordinary guy’!


  1. Wow Rookh, you hit the nail on the head my friend. I live in America and believe me, the US is a sexual prison for men. The only guys who are getting laid, are guys who are married or guys who have girlfriends.

    There are so many fat and ugly women here that, even average looking women are getting hit on left and right and have lot's of dating options.

    Rookh, why is the mainstream media in Anglo countries lying and saying that every man is having sex with lot's of women?

    Now I know why so many men from Anglo countries visit the Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and Brazil. So they can meet some women and get laid.

  2. James, it is kind of obvious to me that the Anglo countries have a pressing need to pretend that they are the best places to live and that their male citizens are privileged to be living there. This might relate to shifts in the global power structure, with nations like China on the rise and Anglo countries like the UK or the USA in obvious decline. Aside from this, all countries have to keep their citizens 'onside' (why else would they work and study?) and pretending that 'everyone' is having sex with models every night goes some way to ensuring this. Remember, until the Internet and the rise of the Manosphere, the overwhelming majority of men accepted these fantasies without a word of protest! Even large parts of the manosphere still wallow in such delusions, in fact. However, my own view is that the Anglo media have also got into the 'habit' of saying 'everyone is having sex with models' because it has generally worked and they don't want to break a winning formula. Then again, most people are weak; they do not want to 'break ranks' by admitting they are not having sex with models every night (even though the vast majority of men are not). Remember, huge pressure is still directed against men who reject the 'male disposability role' and this extents to men who question their personal situation in general. Without men being 'on side', no country can survive for long. Realizing this, the Anglosphere authorities and their media/legal lackeys plough enormous effort/resources into keeping men from self-realization and independence. Keeping men in a state of Sexual False Consciousness is the spine of this agenda.

    1. That makes a lot of sense Rookh, Anglo countries want to keep their men from moving to foreign countries.

      Just imagine if you suddenly had millions of men move out of the UK, US, Canada and Australia. It would cripple the economy (there would be millions of less tax payers).

      I read a recent article that stated, in America, there are more men moving to foreign countries now than there was ever before. This trend will likely continue as more men realize the Anglo countries are sexual deserts and other countries (like the Philippines, Thailand and Brazil) are a sexual paradise.

  3. Sebastian Hawks30 April 2016 at 17:32

    The questions of course are:

    1. Is this a deliberate attempt to delude the masses as this article suggests?

    2. Are these media representations in fact written by gay men about their own exploits thinly veiled with heterosexual characters? (HBO's "Sex in the City" being the most prominant example of this phenomenon.)

    3. Is this priviledged Hollywood executives projecting their own exploits with the casting couch (in fact more similar to prostituion than ordinary heterosexual dating) as indicitive of the typical heterosexual male?

    4. Do Hollywood writers know women aren't really like this but want to try to influence them to put out as easily as promiscuous gay men by creating this false reality?

    5. Is this simply the way to sell your media product and make money?

    1. Perhaps a combination of these factors interlock to produce the total effect? Remember that individual agents in the media or elsewhere may not be consciously aware of their contribution to hegemonic coercion. In Hollywood Vs. America, Michael Medved similarly argues that a variety of factors - elite naivety, commercial self-interest, pseudo-consensus and sheer habit - work together to explain the media's detachment from mass opinion or experience. It isn't a conspiracy as such, but in the absence of an alternative media narrative it might as well might be.

    2. "in fact more similar to prostitution than ordinary heterosexual dating"

      ...What is the difference? Either way, the male in question is using resources or status to barter for the female's sexual access.

      Unless you are still under the gross delusion that women actually see dating as anything other than a transaction where they place their vagina on sale to the highest bidder.

    3. I seriously doubt Sebastian thinks that, TR.

    4. Perhaps, but then I would be curious as to what Sebastian would consider "ordinary heterosexual dating" to be.

    5. No I don't think ordinary heterosexual dating is prostitution. If every woman is a prostitute then no woman is a prostitute. Yes I get that women's interactions with men are primarily motivated by economic gain, but there is a vast difference to someone who will throw off their clothes and start fucking a total stranger as soon as they meet and money is laid on the table and one who is too reluctant to engage in socially deviant behavior and requires endless strange rituals of wining and dining and small talk to go on for an extended period before allowing you to have some rather anticlimactic sex. The first is a social outsider, a sexual rebel who's actions put her out of the mainstream, the second are the vast majority of typical boring lemmings who follow the cultural mores.

  4. Sebastian Hawks30 April 2016 at 17:41

    Trump is the genuine deal as far as Alpha males go. Not since Clinton have we had one like this and Clinton negated himself by his unholy alliance with feminism. Trump on the other hand hates political correctness and shits all over it every chance he gets. The oligarchs seem to have preferred sexually ambiguous types in power due to their ease of blackmail and manipulation. Turns out the former Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency, Dennis Hasteret was punking out adolescent boys rear ends for his jollies and just got busted for bank fraud wiring a million dollars to one of the victims in a blackmail scandal. Bush Jr. didn't seem like to virile of a guy and Obama has been plagued by down low rumors for a long time. Whether true or not he is definitely not the typical virile black male which is why ninny prude anglobitches love him so much.

    1. The American public is changing but the GOP grandees have not worked it out yet. Over a quarter of Americans are religious 'Nones' but the GOP establishment still assumes everyone to the right of Sanders is a Bible thumping dimwit. Trump's success has shown them to be leading phantom armies - he is tapping into an increasingly secularized, anti-Semitic America that wants 'Americans-first' fiscal conservatism coupled with isolationism and informal pro-white eugenics. The emergence of a secular American right is the key to his success and that demographic is the product of the Internet - simply put, online debate kills Christian belief.

    2. Christianity is little more than massive confidence trick played on the gullible masses. Just look at Jesus; a hippie who preached love and tolerance, and urged his followers to be submissive, non-aggressive bitches.

      I personally doubt Jesus ever existed to begin with, but the destructive effect his cult had on civilization is just the same.

  5. I contemplated several of my white male acquaintances in the UK who are single. They are mostly in their 30s and have good jobs. They are not super hunks but they are decent looking I think and would be considered a decent catch in any other era and many other countries today. The vast majority seem to be INCELs and one or two I suspect are virgins. However, they are all very hard working and dedicated to their jobs, some even regularly working weekends. They can't possibly believe they are in a sexual utopia but probably still hope to marry and have children some day. One or two however seem to be not even having this hope, and seem to just work and go through life like zombies. I doubt that any of these people have even heard of MGTOW.
    Oddly, many of these people have plenty of single female friends and acquaintances. I guess that this makes them orbiters who have been friend zoned.
    Some of these men have admitted to considering moving to another country. This is the only evidence that I have of this lot being aware of their condition. I also see no anger or resentment in them, which suggests that they are placeable in the blue pill chump category.
    One aspect of all this is the pride that all Westerners (including women) have that makes them need to save face. They can't admit that their lives aren't great because to do so would be shameful. This aspect of Western life needs to be examined more, the shaming of those who are not successful, be it economically or sexually. It is a destructive aspect of Western life as it prevents issues from being discussed or even acknowledged, though the internet has changed this to a great extent.

    1. What I have always found about Britain (and by extension, the other Anglopsphere countries) is that a massive gap exists between what really goes on in those places and what the authorities SAY goes on there. This touches every sphere of life but is especially strong in gender relations. I think this 'reality schism' partly exists because the Anglo countries (but especially the UK) have archaic class systems dominated by out-of-touch elites who are privately educated and live in specific locales such as New York, LA or London. These people tend to run the legacy media, and, in consequence, the legacy media promotes their idiomatic values and lifestyles. Of course, social media have exploded their 1958 fantasies.

      The point about shame is very interesting but I doubt the problem is exclusively western - non-western countries have far higher suicide rates than their western counterparts, and not just Japan:

      However, Anglosphere countries are by far the most individualistic, and promote a world-view where 'everyone is their own project'. This is especially hard on those who are unsuccessful in sexual/economic terms; perhaps this is why the Anglo media go to such lengths to deny mainstream social reality. Instead of a structural explanation, the Anglo nations prefer to assume personal shortcomings must lie at the root of all sexual ills; hence the need to disguise an arid sexual reality under bluster and denial.

      Even this excellent article discussing male life crises accepts various unverified sexual claims which are dubious in the extreme:

      For example, I seriously doubt the veracity of the following story:

      *There is 45-year-old Lee, who has just “gotten divorced” and has, in the course of a month, slept with 15 women.*

      He probably slept with 15 prostitutes but, of course, the article insinuates the women were free and willing. Perhaps a certain degree of Sexual False Consciousness is now essential for the maintenance of social order in the Anglo nations. The arid truth would simply raise too many awful implications for the authorities or their apologists to contemplate.

    2. Regarding shame, I think that the false image given by the media is making males not be able to admit that anything is wrong. While suicide is a terrible thing and to be strongly discouraged, at least a suicide has been able to admit that things haven't gone well. By contrast, a typical Anglo male cannot admit that there is anything wrong at all. An Anglo male cannot even show any disappointment let alone complain without being shamed and made to feel like a pariah. This is quite rigidly enforced and self-enforced. Yet under the surface, so many Anglo males are quite angry and unhappy, but in an unfocused way, and wont be happy with anyone prying into it.
      I can see my incel friends ending up being middle aged men who feel lost. In fact any other possibility seems unlikely.

  6. Here's a good line from "Jack Reacher"...

    Jack: "I'm on a budget Sandy, I can't afford you".

    Sandy: "I'm not a hooker."

    Jack: "Well then I REALLY can't afford you."

    Makes me laugh.

    This was another excellent article, but, it did not touch on how - when women who look like the women on the covers of the magazines are found in everyday life (a rarity - America is the most obese country on the planet) - they hook up with thugs and are often killed by such thugs.

    That is, the so-called "Mega Hotties" wandering around in everyday life are turned off by ordinary men - and often even turned off by successful men.

  7. One more comment, a point that I have been trying to emphasize.

    All the "Mega Hotties" on the covers of those magazines are women who:

    would laugh if you got your penis cut off

    think that men getting raped is funny

    scream bloody murder when a woman gets raped

    shouts "you go girl!" when a woman hits her spouse

    screams bloody murder if a man were to hit his spouse

    thinks you are "sexist" for being a heterosexual

    thinks she is out of your league

    thinks she is too good for you

    thinks she is too good to talk to you

    would be happy to spend all of your hard-earned money on shoes and not give a crap if you had money left over for food

    will do EVERYTHING to her ability to play your sexual attractions AGAINST you

    make you feel guilty for being sexualized.

  8. @Scarecrow
    I totally agree with every point you've listed above (also found throughout your excellent blog), but with only one MAJOR difference: It does not only apply to "Mega Hotties", typically found on the covers and inside the pages of those magazines...
    I believe we could safely assume nowadays, that your bullet list applies to ALL women, at least to all young Anglo women.
    I know many grossly overweight and unattractive (single or divorced of course), women aged between 20 and 45 years old who could add yet more uniquely feminist BITCH personality attributes to your list.
    Needless to say, all of these entitled princesses are destined to become CHRONIC spinsters, raising large feline families and, needless to say: will BLAME MEN for the miserable lifestyle they created and chose to live, along with ALL of their other (both real and imagined) 'problems'...

    1. You know what - you are right. Fat land monsters also are the same way...

      Next post - I'll put a land whale at the end of it with the usual caption...

    2. LOL! Thanks Scarecrow, can't wait to see the contrasting pictures yet the mindsets of those depicted the SAME.

    3. In the Anglosphere, even the most hideous landwhale is 'one helluva gorgeous chick!'

  9. Excellent post by Rookh. Rookh if western societies arent sexually liberated havens for men, then what are they?

    1. They are puritanical sexual deserts for men. Men will have MUCH better social lives and sex lives by living in Europe, South America or in Asia.

    2. They are of course utopias of sexual freedom where every male is sleeping with sweet-natured models every night...

  10. @ Rmax

    fucking hell, bro.

  11. Interesting article suggesting that both sexes lie about sex to conform with gender stereotypes: men claim more partners than they have really had, women claim fewer:

    "Women not linked up to the lie detector reported having had fewer sexual partners, being older when they lost their virginity and having had fewer one-night stands. Men reported the opposite: Those not linked up to the lie detector reported having had more sexual partners, being younger when they lost their virginity and having had more one-night stands. According to the researchers, these results show that people are likely to lie about their sexual history to make their experiences line up with gender stereotypes."

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  13. The sad thing is this anglo feminism is catching up in Asia as well and soon there will be an incel problem too. I live in Asia am average and a little overweight. When I came over I thought I struck gold but to this day I am still single because I lack "game" or whatever it is called.

    1. There is no such thing as "game". Frankly, women decide within seconds or minutes whether they are interested in you or not and furthermore whether their interest in you is sexual or financial.

      I too, am ugly, overweight and an minority. Nothing short of making gross amounts of income would make women interested in me, and I would have no interest in becoming some parasites meal ticket.

      Female nature is absolutely deplorable and I gained much personal peace when I learned to give up on them and focus on other things.

      It is clear women are only interested in a small subset of men (I prescribe to the 20/80 rule) and that all other men are useful to women only as subhuman slaves.

      I actually was reminded of this simple fact today while at work. Western women love to come in wearing little to nothing, where in many cases their shorts are so small that when several wore long shirts I couldn't tell if they were even wearing lower garments or not. Naturally they do this with purposeful intent to garner attention. However, they take offense depending on who looks or not. If an unattractive male such as myself "dares" to look, I am labeled as a creep, stalker or rapist. If an attractive male (such as my co-worker) looks than that is considered amicable. Women have also made it clear they are more than willing to place males in prison or socially ostracize them for the "crime" of being unattractive.

    2. Well. A few years ago even if you were unattractive as long as you were a decent man earning an honest living you were still guaranteed a life partner. However nowadays women even in SEA are earning a salary they no longer are going to put up with "ugly" men like me.

    3. Even in that scenario, the woman is merely tolerating your presence for purely financial reasons. There is no infatuation or anything differing her than a long-term prostitution contract, just a simple exchange of your resources for her sexuality.

      I do not accept such a contract for many reasons, the most prominent here that the implication being my sexuality is worth nothing and I must became a work horse in order to be "worthy" of the parasite in question. Have more self-respect for yourself.

      Women will never love men anyways. The lesson to take here is to learn to love and accept yourself.

    4. Women will never love men anyways. The lesson to take here is to learn to love and accept yourself.

      Excellent comment and advice - I couldn't have said it any better than that.

  14. I guess many women will be in for a big suprise when society collapses. Any thoughts?

    1. Don't count on it. Anything short of a violent anarchy setting will be in women's favor. Humans and society have a tendency to bend over backwards for women.

      In anycase when the chips are down, women will do what they have always done which feign innocence, piety and trade their bodies in exchange for resources.

    2. Where will the feminists be when society collapses? I won't be helping them out if society does collapse, they don't need a man to help them out (like they always like to say).

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