Saturday, 14 December 2019

It's a Mystery: Why do a few Low IQ Feminists and Mentally-Ill Transsexuals Exert so much Power over the Anglosphere?

According to both Anglo-American tradcucks and the alt-right, Jews and gay men are omnipotent in the Anglosphere.

A Jewish/Gay societal hegemony is at least understandable, if not actual: Jews and gay men have much higher IQs than other lobby groups. Their dominance of many fields is merely testament to their superior abilities, focus and cohesion (women's 'fashion culture' is largely the creation of gay men, for example). However, this Gay/Jewish intellectual advantage is certainly not available to feminists or trannies, whose best response to rational criticism is to quote discredited 'research' from the flabby social 'sciences'. Their more typical response is to launch hysterical, witless tirades against anyone who dares criticise their ludicrous opinions.

Moreover, feminists are infinitely more powerful than all other groups in the contemporary Anglosphere: Jews like Weinstein and Epstein have been the main targets of #metoo allegations aimed at them by the feminist hate-industry.

Which leads to a profound question: How have a handful of low-IQ feminists and mentally-ill trannies wrangled things so that even able, powerful elites tremble before their preposterous claims and accusations? How have they managed to get such omnipotent leverage in so short a time? And how have they managed to normalise views that only a few decades ago would have been considered mentally ill?

Make no mistake - despite their intellectual shortcomings, half-witted feminists and deluded trannies are now the gods of Anglo-American civilisation. The slightest criticism of their views is met with a torrent of rabid invective backed by the strong arm of the law. They are universally lionized by the media, academia and the legal establishment.

5 decades ago, this critter would have been certified.

Many have tried to explain the situation by recourse to anti-Semitic and homophobic arguments. But no one tells the Anglobitch to fuck dogs, murder babies or engage in hyper-hypergamy; such degeneracy is entirely self-created and maintained by Anglo women themselves. Aside from the limitations of racist/homophobic conspiracy explanations, refusing to blame women squarely for their misandry, idiocy and deceit smacks of Anglo-cuckery. Since the Anglosphere's cucked Knights cannot dare to blame women for their crimes, they are forced to blame external agencies (Jews, gays) instead.

In short, Jewish Conspiracy nuts are just losers trying to justify their own life-failings by blaming people smarter and more industrious than themselves. And while gay men exploit female vanity to forge careers in the fashion and media industries, most of them are not especially pro-feminist or even pro-woman. But if feminists and trannies have no elite protectors or sponsors, how did they become so powerful in so short a time?

The Anglosphere is now dominated by 'Petticoat Government'

The Anglobitch Thesis is the best answer to this riddle. Due to the residual puritanism of Anglo-American culture, women are sacred deities who can do or say no wrong, in any circumstance. Women in the Anglosphere are playing life on idiot mode with infinite hacks; indeed, they are now the de facto nobility of Anglo-American civilization. The following extract from my book Hope on Distant Shores explains the historical and cultural origins of this situation in more detail:
As has been well-established, the Anglosphere harbours a deep tendency to Puritanism. The Anglo-American obsession with policing public sexuality for ‘the public good’ owes much to this unstated agenda, as does the long-standing (and bogus) Anglo assumption of moral superiority over other cultures. Of course, Anglo-American feminism has co-opted these agendas, as well as the Puritanism underlying them. It will be noted that Anglo feminists presume the right to ban paid sex work or regulate sex tourism without a moment’s thought, as if this were morally right by definition.

However, Anglo feminism also has a strong misandrist cast distinct from other forms of feminism. Again, this hatred owes much to prevailing Anglo-Saxon values, although it has amplified their misandrist elements a thousandfold. This misandry uniquely defines the Anglo brand of feminism, and explains its adversarial, rapacious and destructive nature.
Not so sure about the 'new'...

Since male sexuality is by definition active, potent and vigorous, it automatically offends the infantile morality of the Anglosphere. In a normal, life-affirming culture, potency and vigour are positive qualities. In a denatured culture which has severed all links to the primal wells of life and joy, these virtues acquire sinister associations. Little wonder then that the Anglosphere now tacitly views men as unwelcome interlopers, party crashers and defective females.

However, Anglo feminism has taken the deep-rooted Anglo-Saxon distrust of male sexuality and twisted it into a creed of hatred. Since the Anglosphere is by definition a matriarchy, feminism has effectively remoulded mainstream Anglo culture into a ‘girls only’ playpen from which men are systematically excluded (despite having to maintain and even defend it). Consider male exclusion from higher education, the burgeoning rates of male suicide and depression, the instant institutional acceptance of ‘#metoo’ hysteria and now calls to imprison all male incels – all products of post-feminist feedback, yet all ultimately rooted in misandrist Puritanism.

So much for the roots of feminist and female power. What about trannies and their burgeoning cultural might, before which even feminists are beginning to tremble? This quote from another chapter in Hope on Distant Shores offers the best explanation:
The privileged treatment white women receive across the Anglosphere is now so obvious as to be acknowledged even by some feminists and cultural Marxists. However equality is defined, men are treated as third class citizens in every Anglosphere country. The whole culture exists to serve white, Anglo-American women who are viewed as faultless deities and the existential benchmark to which all others must aspire. This gynocentric agenda is absolutely dominant in the lamestream Anglo-American media, where straight men are routinely depicted as criminals, abusers or dangerous malcontents. Outside of professional sports, the heterosexual male viewpoint has been largely banished from the media. Gone are the days of Walter Kronkite: newsreaders, talk-show hosts and even weather reporters are now typically female, usually heavily sexualized and indoctrinated by sex-negative misandrist feminism. 
In the Anglosphere, only female sexuality matters: straight males are tacitly viewed as destructive interlopers and their sexuality vilified. Female wants and requirements transcend all other considerations; in sum, society exists to serve them. The ‘Soyboy’, ‘cuck’, ‘White Knight’ or ‘male feminist’ is a disturbing response to this systemic oppression. These sad individuals have completely internalized the Anglosphere’s misandrist narrative, idealising women and shunning all semblance of a healthy masculine identity. However, these men still rank very low compared to gay and transsexual males in the Anglosphere’s misandrist caste-system. In a puritanical society with a reflexive revulsion of the male sex, women are invariably at the top and heterosexual men at the bottom. In between are various types of pseudo-female, who are now the official ‘spokespeople’ for masculinity...
So there it is: the mystery of feminist power deconstructed and explained in a few paragraphs. There is no 'Jewish conspiracy' underlying the exalted status women enjoy in Anglo-American countries; their status springs entirely from the puritanical, repressive nature of Anglosphere culture. Women and trannies could be lobotomized and their inane 'arguments' would still be sanctioned by the Anglo-American cultural establishment.


  1. "The whole culture exists to serve white, Anglo-American women who are viewed as faultless deities and the existential benchmark to which all others must aspire."

    It's interesting you say this Rookh, as since I have started reading Havoc, my eyes have been opened. I was at the gym a couple of nights ago, and while on the treadmill I looked at the pictures on the 5 different TVs playing on the wall. All the 5 free to air channels in Australia, at about 9.30pm.

    The amount of ads and shows that were basically deifying white/anglo women was unbelievable. Almost 50%, of pictures over the 30 mins I spent on the treadmill were like that.

    On one they had Charlize Theron naked in a pool of golden liquid, in another it focused incessantly on a white woman's legs/feet (like the above picture in your article). The shows were largely scenes of mediocre or marginally attractive white woman being intimate with very attractive white and black men.

    For a time where the Anglo feminist preaches 'equal representation', there wasn't much equality in the ads and shows! It was basically entirely about the white woman expressing her sexuality, and having it seen as the ultimate beauty.

    No wonder men are brainwashed today.

    1. Havok explains this deification process in detail. As Anglo society has become more secularised, the same puritanical sentiments that once had a religious focus have been transferred onto women (and men who mimic them). This is why they are often depicted in 'angelic' settings, like the women you saw on the screens.

      By the way, I titled Havok 'Havok' (not 'Havoc') because a book called Havoc had already been published and I did not want to risk a copyright infringement.

    2. My bad, I will refer to it as 'Havok' in any future comments

  2. Like you've always said Rookh, feminism is an extension of puritanism. Just look at the fact that women in Anglo countries get less jail time than men (sometimes they get no jail time for committing horrible crimes).

    Is it any wonder that men in Anglo countries are starting to avoid women like the plague? Marriage rates around the Anglo world are at all time lows, so are birth rates.

    The MGTOW movement is taking off like gang busters in Anglo countries and will continue to do so.

    I wonder what the future will look like in 20 to 30 years in Anglo countries with the continuation of the decline in marriage and decline in birth rates.

    1. *I wonder what the future will look like in 20 to 30 years in Anglo countries with the continuation of the decline in marriage and decline in birth rates.*

      I'm writing something about that very subject.

  3. I live in a Jewish community within Toronto and can tell you that they don't dye their hair red or fuck dogs like the Anglobitch. They are very strict and they don't even allow their daughters to protest in those naked marches and campus feminist activities. The few that do are exiled from the community as "secular Jews".

    The "Anglobitch" is the main problem, but the Alt-Right would rather shoot up a Synagogue temple or Muslim mosque than to complain that the "Anglobitch" is nude with dogs and children while covering herself up when in the presence of sub-8 males.

  4. Your Anglobitch theory explains the Greta Thunberg phenomenon admirably, as I can think of no other reason for her popularity, her influence or even her relevance to the global climate change debate.

    Though prepubescent, ill-raised, petulant, intellectually disabled & rude, we are asked to respect and acquiesce to Greta's will because of her implied female gender?

    I think the West has finally lost its collective mind if it thinks that it can continue to sell a scarcity good like sex when it no longer has any goods left to sell.

    Social collapse is already here.

    1. Greta has a vagina. Therefore, she knows everything.

  5. Excellent article, Rookh. You are spot-on regarding why women have so much power in the Anglosphere and why the Tradcucks and the Alt-Right look like total morons when they use anti-Semitism and homophobia to explain why gender relations in the Anglosphere are in the shitter.

    In addition, the men of MGTOW reject what the Tradcucks and the Alt-Right are saying in regards to why women are the way they are today (You only have to look up Turd Flinging Monkey's and Sandman's videos to see that MGTOW rejects the Tradcucks and Alt-Right for the blue-pilled pussy beggars they truly are and outright reject anti-Semitism because Jewish men in the Anglosphere and the Western world are copping the same shit from women as the majority of men).

    1. Absolutely. The causality of tradcuck conspiracy theories doesn't add up in relation to Anglo feminism. How does a Jewish guy working on the NYSE or a gay guy running a fashion empire 'influence' the Anglobitch to fuck dogs, munch carpet or get naked with children? They are completely unrelated phenomena.

  6. I am glad that you have condemned the Jew-baiters. For centuries, they have had all manner of stuff blamed on them and they end up suffering. In the meanwhile that stuff persists because the wrong source is blamed.
    There is something else, there is something awful about feminism that meshes with the baser instincts of women, but the level of misandry we see presently is new to this culture. I also have to ask you about India. Why is it so acutely vicious there? The culture is very different.

    1. Indian culture was strongly tainted by British puritanism during the Raj (I describe this process at length in Havok, my first book). The early British colonisers greatly admired Indian sexual freedom before an army of evangelising Christian shitheels (many of them women) arrived to 'convert' the 'natives'. Although they failed in this, they left an indelible puritan stain on Indian culture.

      I think Anglo-American misandry is now so extreme because male labour power is less relevant due to the automation of manual tasks. Also, since religion has declined the puritan Anglo instincts are now solely focused on women as the 'meaning of life'.

    2. Thanks, I can see church ladies doing precisely that. Killjoys!

  7. Yup. We all know how those Jewish accountants (men) are just rolling around in mountains of pussy...


    In the grand scheme of things, I'd wager a guess that jewish men are probably one of the highest incel classes around. I work with a few - no girlfriends or wives ever spotted.

    1. Anglo tradcons are living in a fantasy world.

    2. It' funny because their anger towards the imaginary bogeyman of the jew is just getting greater and greater.

      As they get more inept at controlling their women, they get more riled up, and they now truly obsessed with the jew.

      Won't work out well for anyone

  8. It's probably the other way around. The Anglobitch, a dog-fucking pedophile who sucks the dick of children under her care, corrupting Jewish women, rather than Jews corrupting society.

    Hitler murdered a large number of Jews 70+ years ago, and a few Alt-Right cucks gunned down a few dozen Jewish congregants in their Synagogues, yet the Anglobitch would rather fuck a dog or suck a baby Chad's cock than to respect a man.

  9. Anglo women are selfish as shit. Dont want a dominant man, man with game, a man on his purpose, a man exuding actual masculinity. Women in other cultures naturally respond to such a man.

    Anglobitch just wants to control a man and loot his genetics/looks to feel she is taking his seed (even though she will abort).

    A lazy, selfish shit. And many cuck anglo men will just go to any lengths to make sure she's happy.

    In this way it makes sense that cuckoldry is so big in the anglosphere. Anglo men just cant say 'no' to their women.

  10. The Epstein/Maxwell operation would recruit young attractive girls and then provide powerful and important men with access to these girls. Why would they do this? Was it just out of love for people like Prince Andrew? How come no one is inviting you or me to their house to eat and drink for free and introducing us to young girls?
    Obviously, this was a honeytrap operation, probably by Mossad. Epstein and Maxwell are Jewish, and it was revealed by Victor Ostrovsky that Maxwell's father, media tycoon Robert Maxwell was an Israeli agent. Now that this operation is under scrutiny, the media is making this all about Prince Andrew, a minor player in the story, because he is not very powerful, because he is a gentile and also to scare the bigger fish gentiles who have been caught doing worse by this and similar honeytrap operations.
    All of that aside, it appears that the whole of Anglo society is a honeytrap operation designed by the Jews, to trap all gentile males and to control them. To achieve this, the Jews have done the following three things:
    1. The Jews have spread sexual false consciousness on a massive scale through their control of Hollywood, Television, pornography and print media. They have popularised the idea of the "sexual revolution" and "recreational sex", and made it seem easy to obtain abundant sex for normal men.
    2. The Jews have used their vast money and control of the media to suck in vast numbers of attractive girls into being wannabe actresses, pop stars, models, soft porn stars and hardcore porn stars, using these women to create the sexual false consciousness in the minds of normal males, and while using these women for their own gratification (like Epstein and Weinstein) also pimping these women to select important gentile men to get favours from them or to control and blackmail them. At the same time the Jews are depriving vast numbers of normal men from having these women as mates in normal relationships. The women eventually end up burned out and useless to anyone (e.g. Rose McGowan). On top of this, there is a large amount of actual smuggling of women into prostitution (of which Israel is a major center) and into Epstein style honeytrap operations, which in turn deprives many normal males of these women. This is why there is an actual scarcity of women in the Anglo World, seemingly worse than in countries like China that have an actual gender imbalance from birth. Because in China, the shortage of women is spread across all women, whereas in the Anglosphere, the shortage applies disproportionately to attractive women who are the ones being filtered out by the Jews.
    3. The Jews are using their power in politics and the judicial system and the media to condemn and criminalise male behaviour and attempts by men to get sex, and promoting concepts like "rape culture" and scaring women into clamming up and effectively being celibate.
    So between these strands, normal males in the Anglosphere are trapped, on the one hand encouraged to sleep with countless girls and have a high notch count, on the other hand deprived of access to attractive girls for any kind of relationship long term or short term, and then criminalised by the heavily Jewish controlled establishment for attempting to practice game or even trying to befriend one of the scarce number of attractive women who are left.
    Whether we like it or not, we need to give blame where it is due, at least to understand the problem. Most major figures in the manosphere understand the Jewish role. Some, like Roosh V have explicitly expressed it, while others, like Rollo Tomassi consciously ignore it. But to deny it outright will come across as disingenious and even the Jews will see it as an attempt to curry favour with them which they look down upon. And the Jews do not promote those who curry favour with them as the Jews are not interested in any independent voices at all, and only in those that they themselves can control, which is why the Jews are bringing about censorship on a massive scale to bear on everyone else.