Thursday, 8 January 2009

'Anglobitch' Entered on Urban Dictionary!

The word 'Anglobitch' has found its way onto 'Urban Dictionary'. It seems to have been placed there by a certain 'Chauvin', clearly a man of intellect and breeding. The pithy (and eerily accurate) entry reads thus:


An Anglo-American woman or girl, usually white, with a pronounced sense of personal entitlement. The term usually refers to females under thirty, who have grown up with post-feminist 'rights' along with traditional feminine privileges (exemption from personal responsibility, Draft registration or any kind of criticism).

The Anglobitch usually has a wafer-thin, hypocritical personality, an absurdly narrow world-view and is utterly self-absorbed. She wants equality, but only on her own terms (rights without responsibilities). The Anglobitch has emerged in Anglophone countries because such nations tend to have a repressive, puritanical undercurrent; in consequence, Anglo-American females grow up with an overriding sense of being 'owed' something by the world in general, and men in particular. The Anglobitch is also characterised by offhand racism, homophobia and 'classism' - largely due to the absolute exemption from criticism she enjoys.

Virtually any young female in England, America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand can rightly be called an 'Anglobitch'. The Jury remains out on whether the Anglobitch is the product of Anglo-Saxon culture or some intrinsic personality flaw among Anglo-American females.

An estimable entry indeed; and clear proof that our message is reaching out into the wider society. An Urban Dictionary entry is inarguable proof of cultural permeation; a demonstration that the Anglobitch Thesis is achieving widespread acceptance across the Anglosphere.

The revolution moves forward apace...


  1. It's great to know that the "anglobitch thesis" is achieving widespread acceptance across the anglosphere.

  2. A beautifully accurate summation.