Saturday, 31 January 2009

Man-Choice in Child Gender Selection

It is well known that men are in charge of everything. However, a good many men are simply unaware of this. For example, most men are ignorant of how changes in their lifestyle or diet can significantly influence the likelihood of having a son or a daughter. Any knowledge that puts power in the hands of men and removes it from women is to be applauded. This especially extends to reproductive knowledge, where women retain undue influence; for this undue influence enhances their power.

Indeed, it is no surprise that the mass use of female contraception is intimately associated with the rise of feminism; and the Anglosphere's collapse into a misandrist matriarchy.

For a man to father a girl, he must bear the following in mind:

For a girl:

Girls tend to be born to older parents.
Girls tend to be born to parents with more children.
A low-salt diet supplemented with potassium produces a daughter.
If you are in a stressful job you are more likely to have a girl.
Men who work in the alcohol industry have more daughters than sons.
If both partners work with more women, they will be more likely to have a daughter.
Slower sex usually results in a girl.
Health practitioners are recommending diets high in calcium for parents-to-be wanting girls.

To father a boy, a man must consider the following facts:

Research reveals that the more easily conception occurs, the greater the likelihood of having a boy.
First babies are often boys.
More boys are born during the first 18 months of marriage.
A diet high in salt and potassium and low on dairy products is likely to produce a son.
Full-on lusty sex produces a boy.
The more sex you have, the greater chance you have of producing a son.
If both partners work with more men, they will be more likely to have a son.
More boys are born to couples who have come into contact with health hazards such as factory fumes containing iron, manganese or nickel.
Scientific evidence shows that tea and coffee drinkers tend to have boys.
A stress-free work environment increases the likelihood of a son.

The source of these wondrous strategems may be found here:,23599,23435583-2,00.html

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