Saturday, 14 March 2009

Suicide Bombers and Virginia Tech: the Anglobitch Connection

Over the past few years, a new phenomenon has arisen to stalk the Anglo-Saxon world. This is the murderous Asian malcontent, represented by the Islamic terrorists who bombed London in 2005 and the Korean school shooter Seung-Hui Cho who massacred 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007. As usual, bereft of the profound analytical tool that is the Anglobitch Thesis, the so called ‘experts’ are left scratching their heads about these desperate acts, dismissing them as foibles of the perpetrator’s personality or entirely driven by ideology.

However, to someone schooled in the Anglobitch Thesis, one fact shrieks out in all these cases: the perpetrator(s) came from a patriarchal culture that failed to inure them to the misandry of the Anglo-American matriarchy. In Cho’s case, he came from Korea, perhaps the most ‘macho’ of all oriental countries. The four British suicide bombers who killed 52 passengers on a London bus had all been raised and educated in England, while adhering to the strict tenets of the Islamic faith. Now, to the typical Anglo-American male, female cant, hypocrisy, entitlement, double-standards and misandry are just casual facts of life that individuals accept and adapt to. It is entirely ‘transparent’ – indeed, acceptable - to most Anglo-American males when female miscreants are excused with perfunctory sentences; or when millions are spent by Police on detecting missing white middle-class females, while missing males are viewed with tacit indifference. By contrast, Asian men have experienced cultures where men are valued and respected; and thus they are not inoculated to these outrages as Western men are.

Hence, in the formative years young Asian males reared in Anglo-Saxon countries incubate a sense of grievance on two counts. First, males are viewed with tacit disdain across all Anglosphere nations; second, women are set atop pedestals, overvalued, pandered to and allowed to square rights with privileges. The anger this must instil in individuals whose patriarchal instincts are strong must be immense. For example, in an Islamic Court a woman’s testimony is worth less than a man’s – but in the Anglosphere, a man can be summarily imprisoned on a woman’s word. Indeed, Anglo women can commit murder and escape retribution because of their sex. In sum, males reared in patriarchies are poorly adjusted to life in Anglo-Saxon matriarchies, across every existential index: how could it be otherwise? And this, surely has a bearing on why Asian males are increasingly alienated from Anglo nations - and ready to declare personal or collective war against them at the first opportunity.

In educational terms, the male children of Asian immigrants to the Anglosphere perform outstandingly. Why? Unlike indigenous males, they reject the anti-male animus endemic in Anglo societies. This is why Anglo educationalists frequently mis-label Asian youths ‘arrogant’ or ‘overbearing’ – in fact, they are just normal young men who refuse to let their self-esteem be eroded by Anglo misandry or grovel before insolent Anglo-American 'Bratz' armed with rights and privileges. To Asian males from cultures where males are not reflexively vilified, such expectations are an outrageous assault on their identities. This is why so many Asian immigrant youths have begun to reject the received Anglo culture outright - and why some are starting to fight back, albeit in a misguided fashion.

One of the traditional right’s preoccupations is encouraging immigrants to conform to the parent culture. A problem with this approach is a willful refusal to critically examine the parent culture for flaws. It is notable that most Anglosphere immigrants have accepted consumerism and the work ethic, but not Anglo Puritanism and its associated misandry. Unlike the indigenous population, they have not been inoculated to signs in public spaces reading ‘This Desk is For the Use of Women Only’, a generation of women armed with rights and privileges, arrant misandry in schools, pro-female legal practices, and other abuses. In fact, the firm patriarchal Asian family structure is responsible for that community’s educational and commercial success – no wonder they protect it. By contrast, single-parent households characteristic of Anglo culture seem to breed only failure.

As an addendum to the Asian theme, most Western men prefer a respectful oriental woman as a partner over a post-feminist Anglobitch who hates men. The Internet and the global village have given men that choice for the first time, with very predictable results. In a few years a new elite may well arise in the Anglosphere: the high median IQ of Oriental mothers coupled with the authoritarian drive of solvent Caucasian fathers will produce offspring of an eminently superior type. By contrast, the dysfunctional offspring of Anglo-American single mothers will devolve into a mulatto underclass characterised by crime and failure. To some extent these outcomes are already present in Anglo-American society. If Caucasian males increasingly opt for reproductive marriages with oriental brides (a burgeoning lifestyle choice) highly able citizens of Asian descent will eventually monopolise the power-elite positions in American society. Given also that Anglo-American women have ever fewer children, the stage is set for a radical demographic shift in power relations across the Anglosphere.


  1. Immigration is not ideal. As a world traveller I see that cultures are so different from each other, why anyone would want to live in a country/culture vastly different than their own, for an entire lifetime, is beyond my understanding.

    I love travelling. But I love coming home to my base as well. And if I were going to bear children, it would be in the country of my birth.

    People should consider keeping roots in the place where they have roots.

    1. Who are you to tell anyone where they should and should not live. If that is what you want for yourself, that's fine. But to say that's what everyone should be doing is very narrow minded and shortsighted and has al the signs of racial prejudice. You nor anyone else have no right to subject a person to a locale they don't want to be. Who died and left you in charge of anything.

  2. Morrissey’s gay

  3. With American women, they are reaping what they are sowing. Asian women blow away American women in every way, shape and form! Just say no, to the American hoe!

  4. "Just Say No, To The American Hoe!

    Spot on! Jolly Dandy!

  5. I read an article that delved a bit deeply into Seung-Hui Cho's psyche.

    To their credit, many counselors and friends did what they could to help Cho, but after reading this article, I've come to see that their approach was simply all wrong. They were merely fighting against his anger, but never against the cause of that anger.

    Like you said, they had been too hopelessly inundated with the rampant misandry of our culture to be of any real help. And the few who truly knew what was bothering him only laughed or ran away from him in fear.

    And the sad fact is, for all his anger against females, Cho still desperately loved women and even more desperately wished to be loved by them in return.

    This was evidenced by several of the Shakespearean love sonnets and verbs he text-messaged several women - all of which served to creep the girls out even more, increasing Cho's social alienation further and further still. I dunno, I guess nobody gave him the memo that only LOSERS worship women, the poor bastard.

    Anyway, at some point he cracked up and carved himself an imaginary girlfriend named "Jelly" (whose existence was revealed by Cho to his friends when they managed to get him drunk one night) to deal with his crushing loneliness and isolation.

    Yes, an imaginary girlfriend. And before you laugh, allow me to inform you that IGFs are the way of the future. With the advent of advanced sexual entertainment on the rise, the Virtual Girl will become the girlfriend of choice for tomorrow's sexually disenfranchised male; well, for those who are too poor to expatriate to a country where they appreciate and respect males, at any rate.

    But you know what? You really don't need such things to create an imaginary girlfriend. Just your brain and the ability to retreat into the Realm of Fantasy. Men have been doing it for centuries.

    Anyway, back to Cho, my point is he should've been conked on the head and shipped off to Puerto Rico or Thailand or any other country where men are still loved and respected. He would've been happy there and one more wannabe Rambo would've aborted.

  6. man... dunno why he didnt move back to Korea... check out those girls from SNSD, they`re hot stuff :D