Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Canadian MRA Blogger Facing Jail

The power of an argument can be measured by its resilience. The same bold principle can be applied to a host of activities, from the martial arts to engineering. We put our trust in engineers whenever we board a plane, use a train or drive a car. If their design and construction skills were conspicuously lacking, we would soon perish. In short, engineering as a discipline proves its worth by being continually tested, and triumphing over the most arduous obstacles.

The same can be said of the martial arts. Gracie Jiu Jitsu operates the Gracie Challenge, wherein a fighter from any other combat discipline can challenge a Gracie champion. In this way, Gracie Jiu Jitsu demonstrates its worth as a martial art. It does not hide in theory, or boast unseen victories: like engineering, its exposes itself to refutation in the most demanding arena possible.

By contrast, if we take a look at Anglo-American women's studies, this fearless masculine desire for 'trial by proof' is completely lacking. Anglo feminists live in obscure academic enclaves, talking only to other feminists who share exactly the same opinions. They seldom (if ever) venture beyond these reassuring confines to face public 'trial by fire'. This is because feminist academics invariably have a 'soft sciences' or liberal arts background, where sentiment and opinion outweigh evidence or proof. Indeed, as Richard Feynman argued, 'soft sciences' like psychology and sociology (let alone the liberal arts) are not really sciences at all, since they are not open to disproof or verification in quarantined test environments. Little wonder, then, that feminist 'research' produces such wild claims as, 'a million girls die of anorexia in the US every year' (the true figure is 100). When there are no criteria of objective proof governing an academic discipline, it becomes prey to such preposterous statements. In sum, Anglo-American feminism retains the thought-patterns of the African peasant.

The execrable Jessica Valenti is a prime offender, pushing her witless books to clueless feminists on her tedious website (from which all dissenting opinion is conveniently banished). Then, she has the gall to excoriate MRAs for not 'standing up in their communities' and openly proclaiming their beliefs. Well, the following story shows exactly WHY Anglo-American men must be wary about publicly expressing their opposition to feminism. The Anglosphere is now so matriarchal that even keeping a satirical blog ridiculing feminism can lead to jail:

A Quebec man facing charges of making online threats to kill women has been denied bail after a judge described him as a "time bomb."

Jean-Claude Rochefort will remain in custody until mid-February pending his trial on charges of uttering online death threats against women. The 61-year-old Montreal man has been in custody since December, after authorities arrested him following repeated warnings to stop posting contentious messages on his blog.

During Rochefort's bail hearing Thursday, Judge Claude Leblond described him as a "time bomb" who demonstrates a visceral hatred of women. The public would lose confidence in the justice system if he were granted freedom before his trial, the judge added.

Rochefort's blog, described by observers as anti-feminist, paid homage to Marc Lépine, the gunman who murdered 14 women at Montreal's École Polytechnique in 1989.

Forensic psychiatrists have declared Rochefort of sound mind and fit to stand trial. He is due back in court on Feb. 16.

Source: CBC news, Feb 5th, 2010

Clearly, pan-Anglosphere feminists are so averse to trial by proof that coercive force is their sole response to rational criticism. And in the new Anglo Matriarchal World Order (NAMWO), they have the legal and political backing of 'elite' Manginas to impose their infantile opinions. Unlike engineers or Jiu Jitsi practitioners, feminists will stoop to any depths to avoid the 'reality test' so crucial to worthwhile endeavor. Ultimately, when one's opinions are logically and morally bankrupt, there is no other option.

As Isaac Asimov opined, 'violence is the last refuge of the incompetent': now, what does that tell us about Anglo feminism? The case also reveals another feminist (indeed, female) flaw - their crushing lack of humor or irony. The Lepine blog was quite plainly satirical. Only a poker-faced feminist could possibly take it seriously.

Uber-feminist Andrea Dworkin: in serious need of a humor transplant


  1. Clearly he isn't facing jail, he is in jail. This evil has come about by positive-feedback.

    Engineers, mathematicians, and physical scientists, are aware of the inherent instability of positive-feedback; for stability you require equilibrium, and that comes from negative-feedback.

    This is how 'perfection' becomes the enemy of the good; for utopians have no need or basis for checks and balances, as they perceive themselves as morally ne plus ultra.

  2. This case is exemplary of the creeping intrusion of the state into internet discussions and matters of which anglosphere nations wish to exert greater repressive control.

    In england, original homeland of puritanical sex repression and hypocracy, for example, a state agency by the accronym of CEOP is in full online operation.

    The methods employed by this agency is to bully and insinuate itself onto social networking websites on the pretext of securing the health, safety and security interests of vulnerable children and adults.

    What its real objective is, is however to establish an online beachhead in the form of an internet embeded platform for the monitoring and policing of peoples private thoughts and expressions.

    Only in this underhand and pernicious manner can panaglosphere nation agencies maintain control of the obvious dissent and subversion it is aware of as inevitable reactions by its oppressed peoples to an unnatural system.

  3. This the VERY interesting topic, and not for first time I read such from your Blog !

    Now, as for me, the Ukrainian woman, I say you that I am unclear exactly as to a feminists mind and motive.

    For the woman that seeks the equal wages, the equal behaviour towards her, the absence of sexual gesture such as rear slap etc, this the normal struggle all women should strive for I believe.

    But, I have friends who have left Ukraine and live with their men, 1 in USA, 1 in Uk, also 1 in Poland and 1 in Austria. These girls have said me much about what occurs in these nations, including about feminist movements, and, it seems to us that such movements do not seek to further equality for women but, to bash the man, denounce him as a lesser being. To chastise his every compliment towards woman, to force him into a submissive role in this life. This is not for me, nor my girls, we are Ukrainian women, with the traditional view of relations between man and woman, proud to be, we enjoy wear the female clothing, we like when man looks, compliments, admires from distance and, when we choose, admires close up. We simply wish not to be handled when against our will, and earn the equal wages when engaging in employment of equal tasks.

    So, now I wait the attack from these women from their computers, they surely would not try to come in Ukraine to denounce me, their overt feminism would betray them at our border, and our guards would say them “GET OUT” :-)

    Rivne – Ukraine.

  4. Marina,

    Something tells me you are going to be ankle-deep in love letters before too long...

  5. Hello again to you !

    You do not keep me away from this your Blog for too long, and I am in appreciation for some the kind comments after I posted my view here, thank you for it.

    From the understanding that I have, most girls in the Former Soviet Union have the same mind as me and my friends, I throw the figure of 98.5%, I do not say you this is of absolute fact shown by official stasitic, as no such survey has been commisioned, I just say you what I believe, that women in my nation Ukraine, in Russia [largest nation on earth] Belarussia etc have traditional view of relations between man and woman, and the feminist with the strong overt agenda has no place in our nations. Maybe 1 day it will arrive to us, as many other things from the West are slowly arriving, but I think not, overt feminism will be resisited, just as Ukraine can never become a multi-cultural nation, men of the black skin, and people who follow extreme faiths do not walk our streets with arrogance, as in the West, they are simply too few here, and, sadly, can be in the danger, I say you truth, many of our men, sometimes our women too, can disply the racism towards such people, a small number of murders of these people have occured. So overt feminism would never stand the chance of becoming strong here, of this I am of certainty !

    Anyway, I want to say you thank you for allowing me to write here, I like coming here, it interesting for me :-)

    And, do not allow to be bashed by those Western women who have lost their way, and forgotten natures 'rules' on who we are, if they do not want you, many of our girls here in Ukraine do ! Other FSU nations too there are millions of women happy to settle with a good foreign man, please be sure !

    I say you goodnight, from Ukraine.


  6. The irony in this is so delicious. Forty decades ago, westerners would scoff at the east's lack of freedom under soviet rule.

    Now we have westerners cowering in their homes awaiting the police if they so much as type a politically incorrect comment on their blogs, whilst angels like Marina a free to speak as they see.

  7. Marina sounds like the type of woman I would love to meet. She sounds humble, friendly, feminine and loving. In other words, she is just the opposite of most women here in the USA!

    No wonder so many guys from the USA are going to eastern europe and Russia to meet women. I may go overseas to meet some good women from eastern europe or Russia myself someday.

  8. Well, its all quiet here my boys, are you all in the sky above Kiev about to touch down ?



  9. "Well, its all quiet here my boys, are you all in the sky above Kiev about to touch down?"

    I wish I was about to meet some nice, attractive women from eastern europe but alas, financially I won't be able to travel anytime soon.

    So, in the meantime I will save my money so I can travel and try to avoid the angry, bitter fat and ugly women here in America!

  10. We, men and women, all have a tough time getting through the day. The dangers are just different, is all. A man might not fear getting raped as he walks home at 3am, but he might get beaten up and robbed.
    Likewise, there are a hundred or more ways in which we are similar or the same. Drawing attention to differences arbitrarily ascribed to gender is pointless.
    Feminists like Solanas had a horrible, horrible life in which they encountered many an asshole or a shark. Because most of them turned out to be male, she concluded it was a flaw in the gender. Her manifesto should be read as the ramblings of a woman gone mad by a mad world.
    Similarly, I think every man who hates women, in reality hates only one woman (usually his last lover) and is in a healing process. Once that process is complete, the man will be better able to realise the fundamental truth that people are people.

  11. No, it's pretty much all women.

  12. Anon May 26, 2010: i am divorced and have tried to meet other women in this anglosphere. Swallow the red pill and you will see and NOT hate. You will see that people are people and women's nature is very predictably HYPERGAMOUS