Saturday, 8 May 2010

Dorsai Game: a New Mating Strategy for Anglo-American men.

Gordon R Dickson's Dorsai novels present some interesting ideas of great value to Anglo-American men looking to leave the Anglosphere for more equitable climes (i.e. as far from the Anglobitch as humanly possible), or at least seeking normal relationships. The emerging discipline of evolutionary psychiatry casts an intriguing perspective on these books, and offers some profound insights for Anglo-American men wishing to wash their hands of the venomous Anglobitch.

In Dickson's remote future, different planets have genetically-distinct populations who specialize in different skill-sets. The Dorsai are warriors who hire out their military expertise to other planets at vast expense. Dorsai! the first book in the series outlines the adventures of one Donal Graham, a young Dorsai of great ability, among the planets of this loose economic federation. What is immediately apparent in the novel is his immediate and obvious attraction to women. Of course, he is a young, handsome warrior/near-thug, all qualities intrinsically appealing to women. However, another factor at work is his exotic foreignness. As an outsider among non-Dorsai, Donal carries an inherent mystique into every situation.

If we submit this trope to analysis from the standpoint of evolutionary psychiatry, it makes perfect sense. Initiated by British psychiatrists John Price and Anthony Stevens, evolutionary psychiatry is a relatively new discipline that argues many modern mental illnesses were actually adaptive in a hunter-gatherer context. One of their more interesting claims is that schizophrenia persists in modern populations because schizoid individuals (those most prone to schizophrenia) must have indirectly offered early human communities certain adaptive advantages. Their compelling argument claims that schizoid individuals would have prevented community overcrowding by becoming charismatic leaders and founding new communities. Interestingly, schizophrenia occurs in about one person in a hundred, which would have engendered community splits at beyond fifty individuals, about the right figure to prevent over-exploitation of natural resources and social calamity.

So far, so good. However, for the strategy to work effectively, the schizoid/sociopathic individual (if male) must have been able to woo sufficient women away from the main group to found a new community. This doubtless explains why women have retained a primordial attraction to sociopaths and psychotics - the Rosetta Stone of Game.

The case of Charles Manson is a good example of this psychotic 'wooing' process at work. Clearly a schizoid psychopath deeply alienated from mainstream society, he was quickly able to seduce a number of young, fertile women to his deranged 'cause'. Of course, we all know women are strongly attracted to such 'charismatic' psychotic male types - and evolutionary psychiatry begins to explain why.

Dorsai Game incorporates some of these concepts, permitting Anglo-American males to maximize their sexual success in settings beyond the Anglosphere. Essentially, the foreign traveller is an outsider in wahtever country he finds himself, and this 'outsider' status mimics the alienation of the psychotic, charismatic group splitter of ancient times, naturally attracting women. There is also the messianic frisson of being the wandering, foreign cult-founder come to found a new society.

With all this this evolutionary baggage lighting his way, the wandering Dorsai Gamester will find foreign women putty in his hands. Merely adopt a mysterious, eccentric air, and the women will flock to you. Consider also that non-Anglo women are generally free of the awful Pedestal Syndrome that makes Anglo women so insufferable, are generally thinner and more attractive, not to mention free of Anglo misandry, making the Dorsai Game Plan absolutely indispensable.

In short, travelling to foreign lands and courting their women is a vastly-advantageous option for nearly all Anglo-American men. What is the alternative? Remaining in misandrist matriarchies like Britain, Canada and the United States, where you have a 50% chance of losing 80% of your wealth in the more-than-likely event of divorce, and spending the remainder of your life in a trailer-park?

Besides, when a male travels abroad another biological factor comes into play. For most of history (and indeed, prehistory), a foreigner moving unmolested through any community would have been an elite alpha - a merchant, diplomat or military advisor like Donal Graham: in short, a wandering Dorsai. Hence, just by being a foreigner, you raise your sexual status exponentially. This is especially true for Americans, since America is the world's most glamorised and powerful nation. While American women infused with Anglobitch feminism despise American men, foreign women will see you as a wandering elite knight swathed in exotic radiance. Carl Jung's studies of the animus - the template of male attraction embedded in the female mind - correspond closely to the Dorsai Game concept, in that the animus is usually a wanderer from some foreign, distant city, come to sweep the female away into a new world. Valentino's character in the Sheik also embodies the principles of Dorsai Game - a sociopathic, schizoid foreigner of high social standing, indifferent to Anglo-American mores.

By nature, men must have strong inducements to marry, and a fifty percent chance of losing 80% of your personal wealth is hardly a strong inducement - not when American males can simply jet down to Mexico, Venezuela or Puerto Rico to enjoy a nubile string of Latin lovelies. Moreover, most Anglo-American women are rampant narcissists armed with wholly unrepresentative expectations of life, work, relationships (and pretty much everything else), rendering marriage even more absurd. Armed with the principles of Dorsai Game, and knowing his true power and mystique in situations outside the Anglosphere, the Anglo-American male is now primed to avoid these pitfalls and exploit the unique Game opportunities afforded by exotic destinations.


  1. "In short, travelling to foreign lands and courting their women is a vastly-advantageous option for nearly all Anglo-American men. What is the alternative? Remaining in misandrist matriarchies like Britain, Canada and the United States, where you have a 50% chance of losing 80% of your wealth in the more-than-likely event of divorce, and spending the remainder of your life in a trailer-park?"

    How true! What man in his right mind would marry an anglo women (an anglobitch) and run the risk of her divorcing him and taking most of his net worth with her. Not to mention child support and possibly alimony.

    I'll take a foreign woman from eastern europe, russia, south america or the philippines any day over an angry, bitter, man hating anglobitch!

  2. It does appear that women lean toward the exotic male; white girls falling for black men, and black girls falling for white men; young for old, and old for young.

    Though the outcomes don't always lead to happy ever after. Take the example of the Bounty mutineers; they swept the Haitian girls off their collective feet, and absconded with many of them to Pitcairn Island. But after some time there was a great falling out, with as many as 15 of the mutineers being killed, some by the women folk.

    And the surviving generations on Pitcairn suffered a legal and political shock to their isolated culture in 2004:

  3. Rookh,

    How truth what you say in your post! I can relate at both sides of the Dorsai Game.

    Here in Mexico there is a small but increasing number of Cubans who legally arrive to Mexico, they are basically Cuban students or relatives of Cuban officials who work for some UN Offices based in Mexico City. Well, Cuban men have a field day the very moment they reach Mexican soil. Mexican women crave for them. Why? Well, aside from being excellent Salsa dancers, they are openly and virtuously dominant and chauvinist. They don’t care showing off a huge collection of women who line up to date them. The more lovers they have, the more attractive they are. Cuban men are clearly different from Mexican men who day after day are more feminized, “sensitive”, and domesticated as political correctness demand. There is a countless number of stories of young Cuban penniless men who came to Mexico, married upper middle class women and now have a good living, while keeping their private harems on the side.

    As for me, two years ago I was in Russia and Ukraine. Man, it’s Paradise! The mating game is completely down slided on your side in those countries. First of all, there is a shortage of men. Second, there are families where a masculine figure has been absent in two generations, basically for WWII and the shortage above mentioned. So, young women look for a male figure in their lives. You just need to go some public place and ask for whatever a thing in a foreign language and girls are attracted. Young, slim, feminine WOMEN, not the fat, nagging, disgusting and bitchy things Mexican women are becoming these days.

    Globalization is not that bad after all.



  4. You are singing my song friend! However, please strike Puerto Rico from your list of recommended places. It is more feminist and state-enabling than the US mainland.

    Homosexual men are exploding in number there, and the women are becoming more divorce prone than their mainland sisters.

    Other latin locations are far safer.

  5. 與其爭取不可能得到的東西,不如善自珍惜運用自己所擁有的........................................

  6. Puerto Rico cumple ciento doce años como territorio Americano y fue iremediablemente americanizado . No hay diferencia sociales entre la isla y los estados. Son uno come el otro. No se dejen engañar.

  7. Hello, it me once again, Marina, from Ukraine !

    I just read your topic, not for first time do you write something well, and of the high interest as for me !

    And, as usual, you attract the comments to your topic from men, it very good, but I wish to say to your commentors, please, DO come in Ukraine, our girls here certainly ARE traditional in their minds and, many wait you!

    Our girls do not possess the heavy configuration because we do not have much American Sandwhich establishments here such as McDonalds, oh, and electroinc machines that wash the dishes after meal, they are absent here, except maybe, in our Politics peoples homes !

    So, what do you men wait for ? What more of the invitation can a girl give to you ? !

    Sincerely, as always,


    Rivne [Rovno] UKR.

  8. Alas Marina, I'm only a man of leisure, not of wealth.


  9. Sorry Marina, but I'm in love with Onan's daughter.

  10. *I like your blog...*

    I like your name...

  11. I know a guy who goes to Brazil twice a year and says that since he's been going there he can't even mess with American girls anymore.

    1. It's more or less what happens with Brazilian guys when they know Latin American women. A Brazilian man even has to soften a bit the game because if he acts with a Latin girl the way he needs to get a compatriot, probably she'll be scared and the guy won't get the results he intended.

  12. Haha, I'm Brazilian and I agree with the anonymous above: A guy coming from the U.S. can have as many females he wants without ever lifting a finger. They come to him naturally, even if he doesn't have any more attributes other than being an American.

    I don't care, since gringos coming here are good for my business (i'm a freelancer translator/interpreter)and the females would get fucked anyway either by me or some other bloke.