Monday, 1 December 2014

Fiona Woolf and the Great MRA Ideas Theft: We’re Not as Marginalized as Feminists Say We Are

Fiona Woolf - voice of the abused and oppressed...

Feminism is usually seen by conservative MRAs as being intrinsically allied with Marxism or socialism. If this were true, however, why we do we see so many feminist/Christian alliances against pornography and prostitution? Clearly, the reality is much more complex.

While Anglo-Saxon feminism pays lip-service to ‘socialism’ and ‘equality’, it is really a smokescreen designed to hide the fact that women of different races or socio-economic strata have divergent interests and concerns. In truth, feminism is designed to gull low-income or minority women into thinking that upper-middle class white women ‘share their pain’. Ridiculous, of course: but such a narrative suits kleptocratic consumer capitalism all too well. Underneath its socialist rhetoric, Anglo-Saxon feminism is racist, repressive and elitist, imbued with puritanical misandry and indeed, contempt for all women outside its charmed circle.

Until recently, with the rise of the Internet, poor women working as servants in the homes of wealthy white women actually believed they shared common cause as the ‘oppressed’ gender.  Indeed, this theme is central to all post-feminist media: that gender is far more important than ethnicity or status. How odd it is that, while the left are quick to identify racism as a fraud designed to fool the masses, they remain blind to the fact that feminism serves exactly the same purpose and uses the exactly same methods. 

With this in mind, it is worth noting that a second woman has been removed from leading the official enquiry into historical child abuse in the UK. Since the death of paedophile entertainer Sir Jimmy Savile three years ago, 'historical child abuse' has become a national obsession. Australian children's entertainer Rolf Harris is currently serving time in prison for historical sex crimes and it seems that the 80s Conservative government (are we seeing a connection here?) not only shelved dossiers on abuse, they also engaged in it. The removed woman in question, the hyper-privileged and wildly unrepresentative Fiona Woolf, is not acceptable to the British public for a number of reasons:

Fiona Woolf finally resigned as chairman of the government’s sex abuse inquiry last night after days of intense pressure over her links to Leon Brittan. But she refused to apologise to abuse victims for failing to make her connections to the Tory peer clear.

Mrs Woolf, a solicitor and Lord Mayor of London, quit hours after victims’ groups said she was unsuitable to run the inquiry, which would be ‘a dead duck in the water’ if she remained. She maintained claims of her links to Lord Brittan were mere ‘perceptions’ and appeared to blame the Press for her downfall.

She attacked ‘negative comment and innuendo’ about her connections to the former Tory Home Secretary, who is at the centre of allegations of an Establishment cover-up of sex abuse claims in the 1980s. Mrs Woolf’s departure is a humiliation for Home Secretary Theresa May after the previous chair of the inquiry, Baroness Butler-Sloss, also had to quit because her late brother Sir Michael Havers was attorney general in the 1980s. It leaves plans for the inquiry in disarray, with Mrs May now beginning a desperate search for a third chairman in only four months since the inquiry was announced.
Daily Mail, 31 Oct 2014

Why is this important?

Because elite women are starting to be seen as members of corrupt, abusive class, not as ‘women’ – the ‘oppressed’ half of humanity.  The entire Anglo-American feminist agenda, with all its absurd assumptions of monolithic female identity, is beginning to disintegrate.

Further proof of this can be found in the systematic theft of our ideas by the mainstream media. British politicians have recently been seen sporting ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T Shirts. The right-of-centre Daily Mail consequently ran a front page article showing the sweat-shop conditions of non-white workers in sweat shops where these T shirts are produced. The bourgeois, hypocritical nature of Anglo-American feminism is starting to filter down to the lamestream media, at last.

Despite what the academic feminist establishment claims, the Men’s Movement is making real waves in the wider culture. Until recently, the fact that Anglo-American feminism is a racist, elitist movement was seldom discussed outside the Manosphere.  Now, major political and legal decisions are being made that reflect our views. Either we are having a direct effect or, more likely, the public is getting very tired of feminist nonsense spouted by white, upper-middle class women sporting T-shirts made by slave-labourers.

UK politicians with their slave produced feminist T-shirts...

This why Woolf’s expulsion is such a victory for our movement. Two women were elected to head this enquiry because women are generically presumed to be innocent of sexual malfeasance and to share, at least informally, victim status.

Victims of elite child abuse, however, did not see things that way. Woolf, like Butler-Sloss before her, was seen rather as a wildly unrepresentative upper class individual with close affiliations to the abusers and those who covered for them, which ultimately led to her dismissal. She was a close confidante of Leon Brittan, who shelved a detailed dossier on elite child abuse in the 80s.  Her predecessor, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss experienced the same vote of no confidence due to her association with Nigel Havers, Attorney General during the alleged period of child abuse (the early 1980s).

Another upper-class woman with troubling connections

Moreover, Wolf was felt to know ‘nothing’ about child abuse, indicating that simply belonging to the female gender is no longer sufficient to garner public trust.

If that is not a favorable revolution in perceptions of gender, what is?

Woolf: sling yer elitist, racist hook, fuckface...


  1. Rookh:
    Interesting analysis---what I think has happened here is that Feminism has finally caught itself in a double-bind. As 'Antifeminist' points out at his blog, feminists are largely motivated by a bias against male sexuality: hence they can't prohibit from men from pursuing 'underaged' girls without denying a corresponding female sexuality. IOW, they can't condemn someone like Jimmy Savile without condemning young, sexualized women: the antithesis of their whole 'Girl Power' message.

    I think that's why we've also seen feminism trending more and more towards embracing the homosexual agenda and moving away from a 'women's rights' position. They can't deny male sexuality without denying their own.

    1. They embrace the homosexual agenda because most of them ARE HOMOSEXUALS. They organized a movement pretending to represent the interests of all women because homosexuality was simply too taboo in the 60s to organize openly as lesbians for lesbian interests.

  2. Rookh wrote, "Anglo-American feminism is a racist, elitist movement."

    Your absolutely correct Rookh, feminism is a group made up of white middle class women who couldn't give two shits about women who are minorities.

    Feminists are racists and of course they are also sexists, they absolutely despise men. I have NEVER seen a feminist who was black, Asian or Hispanic. They are ALWAYS white and middle class to upper middle class.

    By the way, I have also NEVER seen a feminist who was good looking. All the feminists I have seen were absolutely hideous looking! As unattractive as they are on the outside, they are even more unattractive on the inside.

  3. Feminism is not white. Feminism is Jewish.
    That distinction is critical.
    In the future, please note this fact

  4. The Jews are controlled by the catholic church, the catholic church is controlled by the sun cult

    Feminim, along with Marxism & communism are christian cults, they all originate & come from the bible

    Marxism,communism & feminism all have puritanism & define sexual morality as hatred against men

    There's only one religion on earth which practices nothing but puritanism, & that's the catholic church

    Any movement containing extreme amounts of puritanism is a Christian Catholic movement

  5. You guys will never guess how many man-0-spherians I've gotten to "bend over" for the white race by pretending to anti-feminist.

    In fact, White Nationalists are feminists in diguise...

    Now prove that you guys aren't misogynist's and bend over for Uncle Jack...

    1. Not gonna happen, buddy; unlike the men you have encountered, there is not a submissive bone in my body.

      If anything, how about YOU bend over and take it in ass? Chances are that's exactly what you want;)

      And no, i don't really hate women, i just don't want to have anything to do with them.