Sunday, 4 November 2018

Scott Beierle: Another Incel Shooter Unable to Cope with the Anglosphere's Contradictory Demands

It can be horribly gratifying to be proven right. Yet in the wake of another incel shooting by Scott Beierle, it is obvious that many of my worst predictions about the Anglosphere are coming to pass. With the rise of misandrist feminism in the English-speaking world (but especially North America and Britain), males are being placed under unprecedented and unreasonable pressure. A toxic combination of residual sex-negative puritanism, rabid woman-worship, fraying economic status, sexual false consciousness, traditional expectations, sexual disenfranchisement and good ol' Anglo-American aversion to reality have conspired to produce some of the most tormented males in history.

I knew Beierle was an incel shooter the instant I heard about events in Florida. The fact that the two fatalities were middle-class white females and that the shooter was a single white male rendered his motivations almost self-apparent:

Another 'incel' shooter: yoga studio killer wanted to crucify 'American whores'
Tallahassee: The man police say killed two women at a Florida yoga studio before turning the gun on himself expressed deep-seated misogyny that he said was caused by repeated rejections from women with whom he tried to engage romantically.

Scott Beierle, 40, shot six people and pistol-whipped another after walking into the yoga studio on the second floor of a shopping plaza on Friday night. He killed a Florida State University student and a faculty member before shooting himself, police said.

Police said Saturday that they were investigating what prompted the shooting, but a series of videos he posted to the internet in 2014 paint the picture of an apparent "incel," or someone who had been involuntarily celibate, with a seething rage against women.

Beierle had been arrested twice in the past six years by the university’s police, according to criminal records. The first time was in 2012. He was charged with trespassing in 2014 and told he was banned from campus after following an FSU volleyball coach into a gym.

The same year he was detained again for trespassing in a dining hall. Charges were dismissed for both of Beierle’s university arrests, but he agreed to a plea deal after a final arrest by Tallahassee police in 2016.

According to a police report, he was living in an off-campus apartment in his late 30s – noticeably older than the other residents – and one day offered to put lotion on a 19-year-old sunbathing by the pool. When the woman declined, she told police, Beierle ‘‘slapped her butt, and grabbed it and then shook it’’.

Beierle posted 15 videos in a span of three days in August 2014. Some have since been deleted. In one video, "The American Whore Pt. 2," he discusses potential forms of "appropriate" punishment for promiscuous women.

"I would vote for crucifixion myself," he said. "The most heinous crime warrants the most heinous punishment."

In another video, titled "The Rebirth of my Misogynism," Beierle says that his hatred for women started in eighth grade, when he discovered the "collective treachery" of girls his age. He lists the names of several girls who he said sparked his misogyny.

He said his feelings toward women went dormant until he went to college at Florida State University, when women already in relationships gave him their phone numbers and one woman called the police on him for visiting her at work.

"Again, this mentality (of) 'let's just run to the authorities when our feelings are hurt,'" he said. "I had committed no wrong. I was just trying to court this particular female."

He also mentions one romantic interest from his college years who he said would repeatedly cancel planned dates.

"I could've ripped her head off," he said. "The treachery that a female is capable of when her sensibilities are offended to me is astonishing. The lengths that they will go to - lying, exaggerating, outright lying."

Beierle, who served in the military and was a Florida State University (FSU) graduate, had been arrested in 2012 and 2016 on charges of grabbing women's buttocks at an apartment complex pool and at a campus dining hall. He was charged with trespassing in 2014 and told he was banned from campus after following an FSU volleyball coach into a gym.

His victims were 21-year-old Maura Binkley, a student at FSU, and 61-year-old Dr. Nancy Vessem, a faculty member and the chief medical director for a health maintenance organisation. Witnesses told police that Beierle posed as a customer to gain access to the yoga studio, which was in session when he started firing, according to the Associated Press. Police have not yet disclosed what kind of gun Beierle used.

"Malevolence can idle or it can manifest itself into something," he said in one video. "I believe in karma. I believe in what comes around goes around. And those that engage in treachery will ultimately be the victims of it."

Beierle, who posted videos under the pseudonym Scott Carnifex, also criticises the societal "expectations" of male adolescents in America, who he said are programmed into believing that sexual conquests are intrinsically linked to manliness.

"I'd like to send a message now to the adolescent males ... that are in the position, the situation, the disposition of Elliot Roger [sic], of not getting any, no love, no nothing," Beierle said in one video, referencing the 22-year-old mass murderer who also expressed frustration at being a virgin and being rejected by attractive women.

"This endless wasteland that breeds this longing and this frustration. That was me, certainly as an adolescent."

After Rodger's killings in 2014, he was idolised online by members of the so-called "incel" community. Rodgers killed six people and injured fourteen others near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara, before killing himself. He had also expressed frustration at being a virgin and being rejected by attractive women.

One Rodger supporter was Alek Minassian, the 25-year-old man accused of plowing his van into a crowd in Toronto in April, killing 10. Minassian declared the ‘‘incel Rebellion’’ had begun. Beierle also expressed his hatred for African-Americans, whom he called "disgusting."

In one such video, titled "Dreadlocks are the Black Man's Mullet," Beierle lists six reasons why he hates African-Americans and their "thuggery" while repeatedly using racial slurs. He said dreadlocks were considered "vogue" only among the "gutter of our society," and he said the hairstyle made it "tough for me to still remain an NFL fan," referencing the National Football League.

He also rails against "mongrelisation" and interracial dating, calling black women "ugly, disgusting."
In other videos, Beierle also expresses a hatred for the police, the "expectations" for adolescent males in America and the "dangers of diversity."
"I don't think a female can ever understand the societal pressure that's put on an adolescent male to unburden himself of this stigma that has society has put on him, this virginity burden and having a girlfriend," he said. "I wish I had someone to talk to me at that age."

Sydney Morning Herald, 04/11//2018

Just one way out of impossible demands.

At 40, Beierle was the perfect age for an incel shooter: an older Millennial trapped in the contradictory expectations placed on males by pan-Anglosphere post-feminist secular misandry, there was no solution to his torment beyond murder and suicide. As he himself opined, the informal pressure on adolescent males to be sexually successful (as measured by sexual activity with sexualized young women) is incredibly intense; male virgins are seen as impotent, deviant losers (not least by women themselves, albeit at an unstated level). Sexual false consciousness - the fantasy that women are roaming around wanting sex with everybody - raises this pressure to unnatural levels: most young males still believe everyone but themselves is having sex with models all day. At the same time, Anglo-American males are castigated by 'progressive' social elements (including feminism) for any kind of sexual self-expression. This programme even involves encouraging males to 'transition' into transexual pseudo-women.

Need for Empowerment? Beierle posing with swords

Of course, other factors help explain the typical demographics of incel shooters: white, conservative and middle class. Obviously, affluent white males have a residual sense of personal sovereignty which derives from earlier phases of Anglo-American society, making them prone to revolt against their eroding status. However, since Anglo feminism is an obviously 'white' movement, white men also bear the specific brunt of feminist contempt and ridicule. This is why their targets are usually white, middle-class women - the true authors of institutional misandry in Anglo-American culture.

Predictable targets: white, advantaged and female

With an Anglo-American cultural establishment eager to advance women's rights (but not their obligations) at the expense of beleaguered white males in every situation, the stage is set for incel shootings to become a daily occurrence in North America. Couple this with mass male sexual disenfranchisement, institutionalised misandry, female hyper-hypergamy and the secular-puritanical denial of normal sexual needs, and the way ahead is clear to see.

Don't say you weren't warned.


  1. Something that is always missed...

    This man had some bad wiring upstairs. It's that bad wiring that led him to go on a killing spree.

    That said... How many men are out there, just as alienated, disenfranchised who DO NOT have bad wiring, and hence won't go on a killing spree.

    Just imagine how completely FUCKED the anglosphere would be if they gathered in harmony with one goal in mind...

  2. Agree; to paraphrase a post from many years ago:

    "Most disenfranchised men don't go to the extreme that [this guy] did, but many more commit suicide, drift into substance abuse or succumb to other forms of less overt discouragement."

    Technically, this guy was a Gen X, not a Gen Y/Millenial like Elliot Rodger.

    However, he was clearly influenced by Rodger, which should worry the Anglosphere for it suggests that Rodger's sentiments transcend generations and so cannot be put down to youthful folly or the like. Focusing on young men therefore won't address the problem and as Rookh notes, this problem is very unlikely to be fully solved within contemporary Anglo culture (and will indeed probably worsen as time goes on, in line with current trends). Even Great Britain, with its very tight firearm laws, has people like Salman Abedi committing atrocities within its borders.

    1. I think demographers say 22-37 is Millennial in 2018; but a 40 year old X-er will be much closer to a Millennial than a 55 year old. It's probably right to say Beierle was an interstitial figure, generation-wise.

      In my analysis, the anglosphere's anti-male agenda began to mass-impact men from about 1980 onward. However, Millennials and younger males have probably had things a lot worse than X-ers ever did, simply due to the acceleration of institutional misandry during that period. This is why the manosphere is primarily a Millennial movement.

      For example, check out the openly misandrist language used in this Canadian article about the attack:

      Reading this loaded drivel, we can see why awakened Canadian men are such vociferous opponents of misandrist Anglo-feminism.

    2. Yeah living in Canada the division is clear. Two groups of men have emerged in society, the total compliant who base their entire identity on female approval and unironically call their beau "their better half" who is so much smarter than him.

      And the outsider like this fella.

      Its no surprise the most extreme opinions on each side are coming out of Canada, a place referred to by a first-wave feminist who visited as "the Saudi Arabia of feminism"

    3. I would aver that most Anglo males base their identity on female approval, whether they be 'incel', successful, or in between.

      Even self-styled MGTOW's frame their identity in terms of opposition to female approval.

  3. Predictable targets, white female and privileged...AND MASQUERADING AS "OPPRESSED"

  4. Note how the lamestream media are falling back on their 'men should be self-sacrificing cucks' narrative by extolling the imaginary heroism of some fool who got pistol-whipped by Beierle. The lamestream media is now so out of touch with consensus reality it isn't even funny:

    1. Somebody needs to tell the lose in that story that he still isn't gonna get matter how many lies he makes up

  5. Hi Rookh what are your thoughts on white women in America voting 59% Republican in the last two elections? White male vote around 70% Republican but all other races vote more for Democrats. Is it a oh shit moment where they are turning more to white men, a younger generations who don’t hold the beliefs or something else?

    1. I don't have a lot of praise for Anglo-American conservatives since conservatism in the repressive Anglosphere just means ever more sexual repression with its associated exaltation of women and denigration of men. Politics does not really challenge or change the underlying culture or its associated institutions, which are all-important for understanding institutional misandry. The NMM has just published an interesting post on this very topic:

  6. In Canada, it's legal for female teachers to strip naked while teaching minor students, because Toronto Police and the LGBTQ+ community have declared that "nudity is not sexual".

    Now we have UK "professor" Victoria Bateman prancing around naked on Cambridge campus.

    Incels who wish to go postal should consider that the apparatus of the state, such as female teachers and feminist professors and think tanks, are also part of the problem. Why would anyone celebrate Elliott Rodger when he knifed innocent Asian foreign students?

    Mark Lepine was the only incel shooter in the history of North America, to have targeted only "feminists" rather than going postal on innocents.

  7. A conservative Anglo woman worshiper posing as a radical: