Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Sexual False Consciousness Rampant: Blue Collar Chumps, Incel Tears and the Great 'Trickle-Down' Delusion

Underclass loser: Doubtless banging models all night...

My concept of Sexual False Consciousness is gathering pace and traction across many different Manosphere channels. Youtube, blogs and other fora are clamouring to discuss the concept. One of the most interesting is VVS, whose latest video makes interesting viewing. In this, he dissects the recent finding that, contrary to the mainstream media myth that the US is a sexual Wonderland, half of all young Americans are now single:

One of the funniest things is the way American cuckservatives ascribe this sexual drought to 'choice' or the re-emergence of 'Christian morality' among the young. The real answer - as we all well know - is the well-described cocktail of residual puritanism, sex-negative feminism, homosociality, misandry, racism and hyper-hypergamy that governs Anglo-American gender-relations. With the rise of social media, the impact of these forces has wrought terminal damage on male-female interaction.

Despite this obvious truth, the mainstream media spin on the study referenced above is riddled with evasion and denial. The usual self-appointed 'experts' are wheeled out to cloud the real issues in time-honoured fashion. Aside from the robust statistical evidence indicating widespread repression and male sexual disenfranchisement is the baffling lack of common sense underpinning these denials. Do mainstream media people really think that the average Joe working a blue collar job is bouncing around in bed with models every night? Given the obvious hyper-hypergamy of most Anglo-American women - and their withering contempt for the bottom 80% of males - is it not entirely obvious that male sexual disenfranchisement is a modern pandemic? A person with Down's Syndrome ought to be able to see that the 'mainstream' narrative - that 'everyone' is having orgies with models all night - is complete nonsense.

Despite feminist claims, there never was a 'trickle-down' of sexual freedom into the male working class; to the contrary, feminism saw low-value males cast into the sexual wilderness. Although they bleat endlessly 'around the houses', social 'scientists' (cough) will never admit the true cause of lower class males' aggression, intolerance, suicide and violent criminality: widespread sexual disenfranchisement. It is entirely obvious that persistent sexual frustration makes blue collar chumps belligerent and sadistic: blue collar racism and homophobia also derive from the same effect.

The 'Mainstream' Media: Hallucination?

Although the Internet is inevitably more honest and objective than the mainstream media, it still contains islands of utter self self-deceit. One of these is the IncelTears Reddit, which boasts insane  levels of Sexual False Consciousness. This bizarre online redoubt spends most of its time critiquing the posts made by avowed incels on the blog. Yes - this bizarre bunch of omega males and transitioning transsexuals sit around criticising the 'truecels' as if they themselves were enjoying orgies with models on a regular basis! The only difference between the two blogs is Sexual False Consciousness: while the true incels on accept their sexual disenfranchisement, the IncelTears brigade carefully hide it behind a fake subtext of sexual bounty. This unstated narrative - that everyone is enjoying orgies every night - flickers around nearly all sexual discussion in the mainstream media and those deluded by it. Do these people seriously think that? Are they really that deluded?

Maybe they are. But here are a few alternative explanations for their studied denial of reality:
  • Maybe people who deny the Anglobitch Thesis are mad? At least, are their views of social reality so deluded as to be hallucinatory? The French philosopher Jean Baudrillard argues that the mainstream media occupy a hallucinatory realm which has no reference to reality. Baby Boomers, women and others still snared in this fantasy world continually confuse it for reality itself. It is interesting that the Manosphere is largely a Generation X, Y and Z phenomenon; perhaps this relates to the fact that the mainstream media has less hold on the young?
  • The Anglosphere is notable for its denial of historical, political, social and (especially) sexual reality avoidance. As I wrote at length in my first book, Havok (2009),  this aversion to reality is a  cultural expression of Anglo-American puritanism. Accepting that life is not ideal for large - in fact, very large - numbers of people means accepting reality; and that is not something the evasive Anglosphere is particularly comfortable with. When the problem is sexual - as is the case with Sexual False Consciousness - the discomfort elicits draconian repression. Hence the tendency to shout down, ridicule or ignore males who openly discuss sexual disenfranchisement - either their own or anyone else's.
  • As a regular poster called Sebastian Hawkes has said, the mainstream media is dominated by unrepresentative males with enormous wealth and power. Is the popular delusion that women are clamouring for sex with everyone largely a product of the casting couch? Also, the fact that much of the sexualized media aimed at women is created by gay men projecting their own sexual fixations onto their female audience, creating the modern pandemic of female sexual false consciousness.
  • Simple fear of breaking ranks and giving voice to truth plays a prominent role. One is reminded of the Emperor's New Clothes: no one dares speak the truth because of social pressure.
  • Maybe SFC is just a by-product of mass stupidity? Most SFC types either study soft, non-STEM subjects or are blue collar chumps - in short, not the brightest tools in the box. In the UK, one person in three cannot divide 65 by 5 with pencil and paper. It may just be that most Anglochumps are just too dumb to see though SFC. If television told them the moon was made of cream cheese, they would most likely believe it.
  • During the 60s and 70s, the Anglo-American masses bought into the notion that the destruction of monogamy would result in a lifelong orgy with thousands of warm, willing females pandering to their every whim. Well, it did: but only if you were a rich, famous, high value male. The Average Joes who cling to SFC will never admit that they were gulled by post-war 'liberation' rhetoric. At best, they cling to a 'trickle down' model of sexual relations; that they will get the dregs of the banquet, at some undisclosed point in their miserable lives. However, the grim reality of female sexual liberation in the Anglosphere is hyper-hypergamy, which almost no 'real' male (not even highly successful ones) can live up to. Accepting that you were duped is hurtful in the extreme; SFC helps men to manage the natural shame of their own naivety, stupidity and sexual failure.
  • Accepting one's own SFC means accepting the reality of female nature. Because men in the Anglosphere nations are raised to pedestalise women due to residual puritanism, it is especially hard for them to accept that women are imperfect
However, media lies and mass self-delusion can only go so far. Given the the arid sexual reality of North American existence, the post-Internet decline of the mainstream media and the rise of our rampant, unregulated Manosphere, the dysfunctional nature of Anglo-American gender-relations can no longer be hidden. The Red Pill will never be 'mainstream' but ever more self-aware, solvent and educated men are deconstructing the Matrix.

Drunken Britscum: Is mass SFC simply a product of low IQ?


  1. Dating is very tough in Canada. Men have complained on numerous occasions that if they approach the wrong woman, they could end up in prison for "criminal harassment".
    Toronto Police are sometimes called at the clubs to caution men who approach women without their consent.
    Pay-for-play is very costly and the authorities look like they are stopping men from purchasing sex in the commonly known "red light districts" of Toronto.
    Some have joked that men would only get laid in Toronto if they were wealthy as George Soros, tall as the CN Tower and effeminate as Justin Beiber.

    1. It does sound as if Canada is a totally 'cucked' and sex negative country. Of course, a situation where heterosexual men are persecuted and ostracised is exactly what feminists want; partly for pure ideological reasons, mainly because artificially increasingly the 'scarcity value' of sex gifts women insane levels of power.

  2. VVS is the channel to watch.

    1. Turd Flinging Money and Sandman are channels worth watching too.

  3. Mr. Kshatriya, is the treatment of Bob Kraft, New England Patriots owner a good example of anglobitch repression? A seventy year old man, widower and multimillionare condemned by the media for a "blowie"! Repression and neopuritanism in spite of the so called sexual revolution and all that other BS. A spate of articles and hit pieces followed in an attempt to conflate Mr. Kraft with "human trafficking" violations, the latest synthetic epidemic to further clamp down on prostitution, massage parlors or any release valve for men. Admittedly, he got off on the solicitation charges because he is rich, prominent and connected. The media message to the average man is threatening however.

    1. Friend, it is a PERFECT example of Anglobitch repression. I have read about this case extensively and it proves beyond doubt that the ‘Sexual Revolution’ that supposedly ‘changed everything’ in the 1960s is a farrago of rhetorical bullshit. Labelling a single older man who pays an agreed price for recreational sex as some kind of sex-trafficking monster demonstrates how puritanical North America remains; and how unstinting is the American state’s legal support for sex-negative puritanical Anglobitch feminism in both the United States and Canada. It is a sad thing, but it actually seems that man-hating Anglobitch feminism has gotten steadily more VITRIOLIC and ever more POWERFUL over the past decade. When I created the Anglobitch Thesis in 2009, my perspective was viewed as theoretical and abstract relative to other Manosphere commentary. Now, with heterosexual North American men being routinely persecuted for the ‘crime’ of having a sex drive, my perspective is more valid than ever. While this is intellectually gratifying, it is also sad that heterosexual men in Canada and the United States are now in such a perilous, marginalised and persecuted situation. As many wise commentators on here have said, being rich and powerful like Mr Kraft is no protection for North American men; in fact, such men are now the primary TARGETS of sex-negative Anglobitch hysteria.