Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Dog Pill: Ultimate Expression of Anglo-American Sexual Misandry?

Recent research revealing that 28% of American men under 30 have not had sex in a year has shaken America to its foundations. While this statistic is shocking enough, it only scratches the surface of male sexual disenfranchisement. How frequently were other American men having sex and with whom? If - as one strongly suspects - other males were only having sex a couple of times a year, or paying for sex, or engaging in deviant sex of one kind or another, the true proportion of sexually disenfranchised males would be far, far higher than 28% (which is quite high enough).

But those familiar with the Anglobitch Thesis will not be at all surprised by those figures. Residual Anglo-American puritanism (#metoo, #timesup, prohibition of prostitution, institutional and legal misandry) has long been masked under widespread sexual false consciousness (the media-induced delusion that America is sexually liberated at a mass level). However, the rise of the Internet has exposed this lie as never before, revealing the Anglosphere for the repressive and misandrist dump it truly is.

Even the most famous Anglo-American PUA writers - Roosh and Roissy - have come to accept that 'the juice is no longer worth the squeeze' in relation to PUA; that the meagre returns are no longer worth the effort, in other words. This is why these writers have shifted their efforts to promoting alt-right politics, in recent years. So with PUA defunct and male Incel rates soaring across North America - together with the triumph of #metoo and transsexualism - the Anglo-American male's sexual star has never sunk lower.

And the Dog Pill represents the ultimate, hideous expression of the Anglosphere's anti-male animus: the notion that men are less valuable than animals in the sexual hierarchy. Broadly speaking, the Dog Pill is the startling revelation that many (principally white, American) women prefer to have sex with dogs rather than human males:
“When women openly value pets over men, it makes sense why so many of them engage in bestiality.” This is a common rejoinder in conversations about dogpilling, with this particular one coming from the Reddit forum dedicated to Men Going Their Own Way, r/MGTOW.
“Why bother masturbating when you have a loyal sex slave that'll lick your pussy on demand as long as you have peanut butter and can't knock you up when they dick you? It'll probably be openly celebrated soon as the female ‘counterpart’ to MGTOW.” 
Other posts argue that the dogpilling supports the foundations of incel theory – that women won’t have sex with “nice guys” (not really - it shows women don't want sex with human guys in general - RK). One post on r/MGTOW from February tells a story of a friend, Sam, who is classed as a “solid dude”, who walks in on his girlfriend with her “Great Dane tied to her with a big puddle of cum and a jar of peanut butter next to them”.

“Ever since Sam told me about that shit while he was drunk, it totally changed my perspective of women who interact with dogs,” the user wrote. 
On this same post, many people joined in to say they had heard similar stories. “I knew a girl in high school that did this shit… I think a lot of these girls now a days are fucking their dogs,” one user replied. “When man and male dog become interchangeable, society is fucked,” replied another.
SOURCE: New Statesman, 2019

As usual, the mainstream media tries to downplay the extent of the problem. And as usual, the mainstream Anglo media is trapped in its 'all women are perfect' narrative. Yet a cursory glance at the uncensored British 'local' press (which is relatively free of overt political agendas) suggests a widespread Dogpill problem, replete with parties and a whole 'Dogpill culture' embracing many willing female participants and male voyeurs:
Woman who had sex with THREE dogs claimed she didn't know it was wrong: Carol Bowditch was filmed having sex with three different breeds of dog

A pensioner who had sex with three different breeds of dogs claimed she did not realise it was illegal. Carol Bowditch, 64, was filmed having sex with a St Bernard, a black Labrador and an Alsatian. Her activities were exposed as a result of an RAF Police investigation which centred on a man identified as organising a bizarre sex party at which owners watched their dogs having sex with women. Details of the event were later posted on an internet forum specialising in bestiality. Ultimately the investigation led police to visit Bowditch and when her home was searched officers found a dvd and a usb stick which both contained film of her with dogs. Victoria Rose, prosecuting , told Lincoln Crown Court "When the dvd was analysed it was found to contain extreme images. Those images portrayed persons committing penetrative sexual acts with dogs.

Also included were images of this defendant herself carrying out sexual activity. Included was an eight minute and 59 seconds video of Mrs Bowditch engaging in vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard dog named Oscar. When the defendant was interviewed she admitted she had penetrative sex with dogs. She accepted it had taken place over several years. She was unaware it was illegal. She identified the dogs. She said she had penetrative vaginal sex once with a Labrador and twice with an Alsatian. She recalled she had vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard."
Carol Bowditch: Dogpilling Anglohag

Miss Rose said that at least eight photographs were found of Bowditch having sex with dogs and 30 moving images. Bowditch, 64, of Evedon, near Sleaford, admitted a charge of having sexual intercourse with an animal between 13 November 2011 and 25 November 2014. She also admitted possession of 37 extreme pornographic images on 21 March 2016. Daniel Galloway, 65, of the same address, admitted aiding and abetting Bowditch to have intercourse with an animal. He also admitted charges of making indecent images of children, possession of a prohibited image of a child, distributing 1,861 indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornography. His sentence was adjourned to a later date.

James Gray, in mitigation, said "She is 64 and has no previous convictions. Both she and Mr Galloway have suffered considerable public humiliation (my heart bleeds - RK). They have been ostracised by their friends and family. They have suffered that added element of punishment which in less salacious cases would not be present."

Bowditch was given a community order with 12 months supervision and a 16 week night-time curfew (i.e. no punishment at all - RK). The maximum she could have faced for having sex with a dog was a two year jail sentence. Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told Bowditch "What you engaged in was first of all unlawful and secondly disgusting. I am told that you have received public humiliation as a result of the publicity that this case has attracted. That does not surprise me."

Source: Lincolnshire Live, 2017
So there we have it. While Anglo-American women have near total sexual freedom to abuse brute creation, men across the Anglosphere are gelded by #metoo, #timesup and a host of other memes and laws designed to curtail their sexual freedoms. But why should we expect any different? When a culture allows women to do anything, anything will inevitably happen. This is especially true in a culture with reflexive puritanical tendencies to pedestalize women (no matter how base) and vilify men (no matter how noble), such as that of the ailing Anglosphere.

Moreover, is not this burgeoning Anglobitch preference for dogs merely the supreme statement of their demented and all pervasive misandry? As a young American fellow once said to me in the earliest days of the Manosphere: 'These (American) bitches now think they're too good for guys - ANY guys'.

How right he was.


  1. I thought I had as good an imagination as anyone; but even I never heard of or imagined any of this crazy shit...

  2. I guess it's true that in the declining days of a culture you see more decadence and deviancy...

    1. It is certainly telling that only deviants and degenerates are afforded legal and media support in the contemporary Anglosphere. Meanwhile, heterosexual males are systematically persecuted and vilified as potential criminals.

    2. They say that it's a crime if a feminist merely complains that a male was watching her inappropriately while she was standing on the busiest intersection of Canada in the nude, and blocking traffic.

      There is even a court case of a feminist who forced several American-based hotels in Ontario to allow her to swim nude in the hotels recreational facilities.

    3. *There is even a court case of a feminist who forced several American-based hotels in Ontario to allow her to swim nude in the hotels recreational facilities*

      Yup. And then there are people - not just feminists - who actually think Anglo-American women are 'oppressed' and 'downtrodden'.


  3. How effen ironic!

    I've noticed that many white females here in Toronto look at me, and other men, as scum and lowlifes.

    What is worse for us men is that the Alt-Right perpetuates the feminist rhetoric that male migrants are rapists and criminals.

    Many of us Trinis of Asian roots are generalized with that of Arabian migrants, even us Hindus are harassed on the streets of Toronto by cucks.

    I honestly hope that I can move back to T&T, but the white woman is already in Latin America and the Caribbean region to promote her dog f*cking and anti-male agenda.

    The cucks who rule Ontario have frozen wages that a labourer working in Trinidad or hey, even in poorer countries like Guyana or Suriname will have a higher purchasing power wage than a sexless male serf working in Toronto and having to pay 1st world prices.

    Furthermore, p4p is very easy as Venezuela is close to every country mentioned.

    On the other hand, Canada is following America when it comes to the adult entertainment scene, as if escorts and strippers really want to work for pennies a day at Wal Mart or Tim Hortons.

    1. Both the Anglo-American alt-right and cuckservatives are curiously united with misandrist Anglo-feminists on sexual issues. This is why both these movements are so utterly toothless when it comes to resisting Anglo-feminism; indeed, they essentially abet it in every circumstance. Happily, our vibrant online culture has quietly demolished the Anglobitch pedestal without reference to lame-assed, hypocritical cuckservative rhetoric.

      I'm not sure about Canada following the US, though; your posts suggest it has a left-fascist misandry more akin to the British model.

    2. Canada is making it a criminal offence to post or write content deemed misogynist, though it's not encouraging hate crimes or violent acts. Meanwhile, the Alt Right are allowed to host speeches and public gatherings denouncing immigration and non-white men, but the second they start to complain of feminism, in particular, White feminism, they are shut down.

      There was a pick up artist who was publishing anti-Jewish and white supremacist content for years, but once he started to post rants against feminists and suggesting that white women revert to traditional values, the police arrested him and he has to serve prison time.

      Regarding the idea of lefto fascism, it's laughable that hundreds of female immigrants are brainwashed with feminism and to hate men, while they are working for piss poor wages under the supervision of the corporate feminist shill who buys clothing that was made using forced labour of trafficked women somewhere in Europe or Asia.

      IMO Feminism is corporatist right wing that relies on using socially liberal elements as a Trojan horse.

      It's only in Toronto that a rich White woman is considered a victim class, but a sex-changed man to woman from Africa fleeing his to her country because of anti-gay violence is considered an oppressor of that white woman, though that refugee is a transgender African refugee.

      White women are our oppressors.

    3. *IMO Feminism is corporatist right wing that relies on using socially liberal elements as a Trojan horse*

      Based. It is perfectly obvious that the whole left-right distinction no longer means anything in the Anglosphere; for example, the 'left wing' British Labour party is overrun with racists and anti-Semites even while it preaches wealth redistribution and 'equality'.

      The real Anglosphere division is (and perhaps always has been) ethno-gynocratic, with heterosexual men being exploited and ostracised while white, Anglo-American women are exalted as deities. The current transsexual 'revolution' is of course the ultimate expression of this principle.

      The point is, trying to resist institutional misandry using the old 'left-right' paradigm is like taking a sword to a gunfight. The real battle lines are elsewhere, as I have explained above.

  4. If you think the marriage rates are low now (in the USA only 50% of all adults are married, the lowest number in America's history) just wait 10 years when the marriage strike and the MGTOW movement really becomes mainstream with all men.

    1. I am well aware that American marriage rates are very low. This is a healthy vengeful response to the low levels of sex responsible American men are experiencing in their twenties. Clearly, these males are refusing to marry post-Wall Anglobitches with thousand-cock stares; and all power to them. Why should solvent and successful men bother with women who shunned them for thugs and criminals during their prime years? Especially when hot young ass is waiting on sun-kissed beaches only a short plane ride away...

    2. I agree with you Rookh, it's actually a good sign that the marriage rates in America and other Anglo countries is at all time lows.

      I wonder what feminists and the government will do when the marriage rates drop to ridiculously low numbers in 10 to 20 years. Will they enact laws that force single men to marry women?

    3. It's a good question. Back in ancient Rome the authorities simply introduced a heavy tax on single men, which forced them to marry Roman women. However, back in ancient Rome there were no no-fault Divorces or feminist Judges inventing anti-male laws as they went along, so Roman men lacked the strong disincentives to marriage which modern American men are all too aware of.

      The thing is, the American authorities/mass media are still trapped in the assumption that everyone gets married and everything in America is rosy, so it will probably be too late for them to do much before 'No Marriage' becomes a true crisis in the next 10-20 years.

      Then they will strike back hard, jailing men who use foreign dating sites or who travel abroad to meet or marry foreign women. Also expect draconian punishment for all displays of male sexual freedom, including pornography and sex tourism. In fact, this campaign against heterosexual males has already begun. The point is, the authorities will resort to hard measures when the soft measures inevitably fail.

    4. Here in Canada, they have started to monitor "Canadians" (or codeword for only men) who leave the country.

      It's even a policy by the UniversityofT, Ryerson University and other Canadian universities to report to law enforcemnt any male who rants against women and dating and who also aspires to leave Toronto or Canada.

      Men are getting placed on no-fly lists and it's happening. But why would feminists do this to men who dislike them? Isn't it better for men to leave at their own accord than to put them on no-fly lists for feminist reasons?

    5. Yes, the war against men is already hotting up. But really, it makes a lot of sense: they have to keep the slaves toiling away on the Plantation or the whole enterprise collapses. These measures you describe are just more dogs (lol), fences and overseers to stop the slaves (men) escaping.

    6. It makes one wonder if that Great Wall that Trump is building is actually intended to prevent Mexican border jumpers, or if it's a feminist-tradcon alliance to prevent American men from getting out.

  5. I called BS on this story. I did research though, and about 2 hours of googling later (and almost up chucking my dinner), this is real.

    Women are having sex with dogs. I tried to search for men doing the same...but no. It seems women have now surpassed men at beastiality.

    So, in addition to seeking males with the mentalities of children, or seeking actual children, women are hitting new lows, and choosing flat out dumb animals as their sex partners.

    I guess all that talk about "Men not respecting women for their minds" was not only complete bullsh*t, but psychological projection too!

    Just plain wow.

    1. Wow indeed.

      But think about it: the Dog Pill checks all the boxes of Anglobitch degeneracy, hyper-hypergamy and eugenics. Sex with a low value human male is fraught with eugenic issues like having to bear his children and accept his 'lowly' socio-economic or ethno-cultural status (as they see it).

      However, sex with dogs allows them to indulge their degenerate appetites without any loss of status in the Anglosphere's ethno/socio-economic status hierarchy. It makes perfect sense, from their point of view. Any loss of social status this Bowditch woman experienced on being discovered dog fucking was relatively mild; and of course, most of these female degenerates are never discovered.

    2. I kept thinking that...these are only the ones getting caught - usually because they are dumb enough to post photos on social media.

      So not only are the reported numbers showing this trend, the UNREPORTED numbers must be way way higher.

      Truly pathetic.

      Young men being rejected and clawed at by these disgusting things known as modern women MUST be enlightened as to what exactly is rejecting them.

      P.S. many of the women doing this were quite beautiful.

    3. No surprises there. The more beautiful the woman, the more evil and debased she generally is.

  6. "The real Anglosphere division is (and perhaps always has been) ethno-gynocratic, with heterosexual men being exploited and ostracised while white, Anglo-American women are exalted as deities"

    This is exactly what the controlled opposition of Alex Jones, The Red Pill, MGTOW, MRAs and PUAs will never acknowledge.

    Anglosphere countries cater to the white woman's feelings, and only for the white woman. Feminism, by extension, exalts the white woman and oppresses everyone else.

    1. Trini Youth,

      You'll be surprised by the large number of men who follow MGTOW who are aware of the fact that the vast majority of heterosexual men in the Anglosphere are ostracised and exploited while the women are exalted as deities, regardless of her looks.

      Because of that, they've washed their hands of the women of the Anglosphere and have "gone their own way" to a better life.

  7. *Anglosphere countries cater to the white woman's feelings, and only for the white woman. Feminism, by extension, exalts the white woman and oppresses everyone else*

    The whole idea that Anglosphere countries oppress women is completely ridiculous: Anglosphere countries exist to serve women. All their laws, traditions and institutions are gynocratic in purpose.

    1. Hey you know a common joke that is said of Anglosphere women?

      Feminists usually summon police at any law-abiding male for stare rape or harassment, but they would defend to the death a thug or pimp who violently raped them to settle a drug or prostitution debt.


    2. When you consider that many Anglosphere women would prefer to have sex with dogs than male humans, you realise they are capable of anything.

    3. True. But it's also exotic women who have been brainwashed by an Anglosphere Canadian woman.

      To recall a recent story- My friend was seated in the bus, when an Asian woman dressed in those cleavage showing lingerie looking tops underneath her business jacket entered the bus.

      My friend was looking ahead to see where the bus was taking me as he was not accustomed to this route doing a detour.

      The Asian woman stared directly at him, and sat in the front side rows, but sat weirdly while zipping up her business jacket to hide her cleavage.

      What made matters worse was that the driver told everyone that the bus would go out of service soon, and that there is a bus waiting at the intersection.
      Guess what?

      My friend exited the back doors, while the Asian woman exited the front doors, but it appears that she waited for him to be of a "safe distance" before disembarking.

      He quickly ran towards one of the buses, but the Asian woman didn't enter the bus, and entered a different route bus.

      The Asian woman dressed like a prostitute to appease her boss, but acted this strange when she looked at my friend, a Trini fellow who is considered short to growth hormone milk-drinking countries of 6 foot plus tall men.

      The Asian woman is probably getting her peanut butter covered poohsee eaten by her pet chihuahua!

    4. It sounds like she has bought into Anglo-feminist conceit hook, line and sinker. A major feature of this conceit is sexual schizophrenia: adopting a 'sexualized' persona and dressing like a ten dollar whore to manipulate high status males, even while preaching feminism and equality. Meanwhile, they view low-status males (ethnics, blue collar workers) as 'creeps' while paying lip-service to 'equality' and other SJW memes. I suspect this hypocrite was also a racist, despite being non-white herself. Anglo-feminism is a concatenation of dissonant factors (misandry, racism, equalism, repression, dog pill sluttery) which grants foids total freedom while stigmatising men and shackling their sexual freedom.

      Death is far too good for such hypocrites.

    5. Rookh, I'm a give you a laugh.
      Hear this one.

      The company I used to work for was planning layoffs.

      On the week of the announcement, many of the female staff started to dress skimpier, presumably to keep their jobs.

      "Sexual schizophrenia" is indeed a suitable term for these empowered thots.
      The weather will get warmer soon and I need modesty glasses like the Orthodox Jewish men who were chastised for wearing them. Believe it; men being shamed for what they wear, and they are considered a protected class.
      Feminists + Nazis= FemiNazis.

    6. *On the week of the announcement, many of the female staff started to dress skimpier, presumably to keep their jobs*

      In the UK, thots dress like ten dollar whores during their driving tests in order to curry favour with male examiners. And female examiners give them an easy ride, anyway. The result? Licensed thot drivers who don't know the speed dial from the steering wheel.

      Such oppression!

    7. I've noticed that there are more foids driving luxury sedans here in Toronto than they are men.

      A man has to pay higher insurance premiums from 17 to 29, ~$500+ a month for basic car insurance.

      And like most men living in a feminist gulag called the Toronto-area, my pay is only ~$1,700-$2,000 a month, and $1,500 of that goes toward rent and electricity for a 1-bedroom shoe box located in a suburb of Toronto.