Sunday, 18 January 2009

Kondratieff Long Waves and the Decline of Anglo-Feminism

Take a look at this Kondratieff chart, showing long-term economic waves of growth and decline since the late Eighteenth Century. Nikolai Kondratieff, a Soviet economist murdered by Stalin, believed the economy moved in Long Waves of growth and decline corresponding to the four seasons. Did the long economic boom that began after the Second World War start its long fall in the year 2000? Is the West moving into long term economic decline? Our guess is yes – because the world is changing on other fronts, too: feminism is under attack.

Today, there is nowhere feminists can spout their riddles unopposed. Even liberals – long-standing champions of Marxist feminism – now accept that Anglo-Saxon women enjoy privileged status. Feminist writers have to acknowledge the widespread existence of misandry to maintain any measure of credibility.

Could this be because of the financial disruption happening around us?

Men are risk-takers and heroes. As Schopenhauer argued, women take no objective interest in anything because it is only through the agency of some man can they actually change anything. While female ‘social skills’ are effective in the ‘Summer’ period of an economic upswing, as the Kondratieff wave moves into its Autumn and Winter period, men take the reins of power once more. This is because the human male thrives on harshness; and only his creative prowess can kick-start another Long Wave with fresh ideas and inventions.

In the Winter period of an economic down-swing, we are thrust back into Boot Camp Africa 4.5 million years ago – when the hunter’s iron hand and tireless cunning were all that stood between our hominid ancestors and the day of doom. The dark was full of fearful predators, big cats with perfect night-vision; the savannah was littered with kills that had had be scavenged with rough stone tools. To be blunt, that was no arena for ‘people skills’, ‘human resources’ or good, old-fashioned female manipulation. No: that was an age of raw reality when only the male’s individuality, strength and imagination could ensure survival. How effective would a female ‘focus group’ be, when the task was to drive ravenous hyenas from a kill? How useful would a ‘degree’ in Women’s Studies be, when the task was to resist a fearsome predator like dinofelis?

Absolutely none.

When the chips are down - when backs are to the wall and circumstances are desperate - only the male can perform: history has always shown this. Consider the Wright Brothers – the pioneers of powered flight. They were guys with vast, throbbing balls willing to strap themselves to bits of tin and balsa wood, pitting themselves against the sky for the sheer challenge of it. All risk-takers, all trail-blazers, all innovators may be known by this trait: they are MEN. Testosterone is intimately associated with daring and invention: oestrogen is not. Female ‘achievement’ invariably flutters about the pole of sociality – novels, fashion design and bad art... in other words, ephemera.

Matriarchy is a privilege of economic success. It is no surprise that contemporary feminism arose in the ‘Summer’ period of the present economic wave: the lax, liberal Sixties...

But when times are hard, the male’s diamond hard physique strides into history once more - as on that ancient savannah. The feminist themes are thrust aside as real challenges are confronted and overcome.

Rejoice! As the present economic compact crumbles in chaos, Anglo-American feminism must perish also. Expect the Anglo-American matriarchy and its collectivist obsessions to retreat as harsh reality asserts itself.


  1. All men will rejoice if feminism dies! The sooner it dies the better! Die feminism, die!

  2. is in the same vain. Hard times and war are coming. An instant end to feminism is by conquest. This is one possible outcome. Anglo women will literally instantly forget feminism and the special entitlements and be falling over themselves to get with the conquerors. They will have endless scorn for native Anglo men.
    I agree matriarchy rides on the back economic success brought about by men.