Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chavs and Anglobitches: Anglo Feminism and the Anglo-American Male Crisis

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetentIsaac Asimov

Aaron Kipnis shows how the United States has the highest rate of boys and young men incarcerated in juvenile halls, jails, boot camps, mental hospitals, recovery hospitals and adult prisons compared to any other nation (Kipnis, 2002). Unfortunately, Kipnis, a psychologist wastes large amounts of ink on a ‘psychological’ explanation. Not that there is anything amiss about the causes he lists: ineffectual and irrelevant education; father absence; sexual and emotional abuse, not least by women; poverty and economic exclusion; spiritual poverty; lack of positive role models; anti-male bias in the media; anti-boy bias in schools; the list is virtually endless.

But all of these ‘psychological’ factors only can be explained by cultural and social forces. In an open question to Dr Kipnis, we ask: why are you begging the question? The cause of these iniquities is easily identified: Anglo-Saxon culture! Why else would Anglo-Saxon countries find it hardest to integrate males? It must be that Anglo-Saxon culture embodies values that ostracise, damage and exclude men: for the only difference between Anglo-Saxon countries and the rest of the advanced world is culture itself.

A Brace of British Chavs:

The other Anglo Saxon countries, notably Britain, have similar problems with males: for instance, Britain incarcerates more young men than any European country (Riddell, 2006). Indeed, the public misbehaviour of feral 'chavs' (moronic underclass youths) is rapidly becoming a national crisis. Now, if England and America had a diet of peanut butter-and-jello sandwiches, and young males habitually ate such sandwiches, before long every half-baked ‘expert’ under the sun would be shouting: “Peanut butter-and-jello sandwiches are pushing our young men off the rails!” But, amazingly, the true distinguishing feature – namely a puritanical culture that ostracises men as sexualised beings – is never mentioned at all.

Isn't She Lovely? The New Breed of Anglobitch:

Again, why do women flourish in Anglo-American countries in a manner unthinkable anywhere else in the world? Why are there hundreds of courses in women’s studies in universities across England and America, and not a single comparable course in men’s studies? Again, the answer is simple: Anglo-Saxon culture. Because it is puritanical, it automatically places women on pedestals of existential supremacy, since they possess sex in a repressive social context. Consequently, Anglo-American media, politics and education reflexively lionise women, while offhandedly vilifying men as child abusers, morons and cannon fodder. And then the authorities querulously wonder why men are in revolt! Or why young Anglo-Saxon males are confused, hobbled with low self-esteem; or why they are increasingly a danger to themselves and others, suicidal or blowing away their teachers and classmates in high school. The answer is obvious, not elusive: culture, culture, culture!

The Fall-out from Anglobitch Feminism:


  1. eh, is that sign for real?

  2. Generally accurate in assigning blame to the culture, yet the post doesn't go into much detail. In addition to the feminist nazism that reigns in the two mentioned nations - U.S. & England, its also the increasingly materialistic, and military-industrial complex, dumbing down of the societies by over-consumerism, and lack of objective, non-gender influenced intellectualism, to name a few sources of the problem.

    Summary, we are an overconforming, materialistic society on the moral decline. Game over. Learn another language and move.

    1. So long as it's not a Western European one, you'll be good. Germans and Swedes are Nanny States similar to Australia, and the cancer extends to not Anglo Eastern Europe. Our ony hope comes from Muslims, which is less than optimal for a whole new bunch of reasons...

  3. Your right Rookh, anglo-saxon culture does place women on a pedestal and vilifies men as perverts, creeps and losers.

    English speaking countries are repressive and puritanical. Here in America, women get only 60% of the jail time that men get for committing the same crime!

    It's unbelievable what women get away with in english speaking countries. Well, I guess it's time to learn a new language and seek out a country to live in that does not hate men.

  4. Anglo-Saxon culture does not vilify men, it merely reports crimes - the vast majority of which are committed by men. For example, for the year 2011-12 men were responsible for 88% of crimes against the person, 90% murders, and 98% sexual offences in the UK.

    Fathers are absent because they want to be absent, for the most part. But sometimes because he poses a threat to his wife and/ or children - let's not forget Julian Stevenson, the man who recently cut the throats of his young son and daughter during his first unsupervised post-divorce meeting with them.

    The underclass was created by the decline of manufacturing in industrial towns and cities. In the countryside sons no longer follow their fathers into agriculture because it is no longer sustainable or profitable. We now import most of the goods we buy. It is capitalism and globalisation to blame - economic change combined with a reprehensible, post-imperial class system and greedy, corrupt politicians.

    It would better if men took a good look at themselves and took responsibility for their actions. Place blame where it belongs, be critical of yourselves for once. Improve yourselves without trying to oppress others of different race or gender.

    1. Sebastian Hawks9 May 2014 at 18:41

      Fathers are absent because they want to be absent, for the most part.

      Women CHOOSE these losers, and then they fail to get abortions, which are legal in ALL 50 STATES. They men who would be responsible fathers just aren't "exciting" enough to hang out, have fun, and get knocked up by. These men are doomed to a sexless existence until Amerika is finally overrun by Asian and Hispanic immigration and Christofascist culture is destroyed once an for all. Good Ridence.

    2. Anonymous Anglo feminist,

      You do understand that the vast majority of men are not criminals right?

      Also, men are more likely than women to be given custodial sentences after committing an indictable offence.

      Plus it amazes me to see a supposedly left-wing feminist lecture men about 'personal responsibility'. That's usually something your conservative opponents do. Not so different, maybe? Both shame men, just in different ways.

      Sebastian, this woman is British and according to Rookh has attended Oxford University.

    3. Fuck you bitch you should get raped and sodomized non stop

  5. Agonisingly accurate. Politically incorrect though, and we all know that's the ultimate crime in Anglo culture these days. Truth tends to be, I've noticed...

  6. You have been 100% right all along about this issue. Anglo-Puritan thought is the uncontested, imperious world-hegemon when it comes to sexual mores. We're now experiencing a new puritanical spiral/singularity focusing on non-existent "pedophilia", locking men up for fake (and often outright fictitious) "crimes" that victimize no-one, such as when a 17 year old dude and a 14 year old chick -- who may or may not have lied about her age -- have consensual sex.

    The "age of consent" laws did not exist until the Anglo-Saxons invented them, and even then, at first it wasn't even about an arbitrary age but rather about basic, healthy sexual maturation both physical and mental as begins to manifest during puberty, and then it was in the 10-12 range.

    (Even the Anglo-Saxons were sane enough back then to allow all wives, even if not yet sexually mature, even if 9 years old, to sleep with their husbands -- a sexless marriage is no marriage at all, after all, though this truism had long ago been forgotten. Young teen marriage has been the norm throughout much of history, and it's healthy and beneficial for real monogamy, builds a deep bond that most people today can't imagine)

    Now the whole of government and cultural organs are insane in the entire world -- namely, insanely puritanical, seeing pedophiles under their own beds and inside their own closets. It's not for nothing that they are called the "Eternal Anglo"!

    Mencken was perfectly right about the real nature of Anglo-Saxons.

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