Friday, 22 November 2019

The Rise and Rise of Anglo-American Lesbianism: Introducing the Vantablack Pill, the Pill Beyond Cope

In an earlier post, I touched on the Dog Pill; the Anglo female's sexual preference for dogs over sub-8 men. In this post, I want to discuss an equally potent factor contributing to mass male sexual disenfranchisement: the Lesbian Pill. Few people in the manosphere grasp how widespread lesbianism actually is; yet it is a major force in the West's ongoing sexual crisis. As ever, the homosociality of the Anglosphere makes it even more common in Anglo-American countries.

The Dog Pill: A Rampant Force across the Anglosphere?
Although lesbianism has a relatively low media profile and receives much less discussion than male homosexuality, the consensus of scholarly opinion is that it is far more widespread. Unlike male homosexuality - largely restricted to the upper and middle classes - women of all social stripes engage in lesbianism:
Do All Women Experiment with Lesbianism at College?
Based on 13,500 responses, almost 10% of women ages 22 to 44 with a bachelor's degree said they had had a same-sex experience, compared with 15% of those with no high school diploma. Women with a high school diploma or some college, but no degree, fell in between. Six percent of college educated women reported oral sex with a same-sex partner, compared with 13% who did not complete high school.
SOURCE: Medical News Today 
Although a little dated (2012), the figures clearly show that homosexual attraction is somewhat more common among females. Almost all studies tend to replicate these findings, showing lesbianism to be far more common than male homosexuality. My own view is that female sexuality remains poorly evolved (conventional psychology misnames this tendency 'sexual plasticity'), since intra-male competition and social dominance simply obviated the 'need' for coherent female preferences for most of human history. When Ghengis Khan co-opted women into his harem, female sexual preference simply did not matter; sexual dissenters were terrorised into submission or simply killed. Moral questions aside, that was how things were.

The steady rise of overt institutional misandry in the Anglo West has eroded the last vestiges of male authority, allowing women to do whatever they please with complete impunity. Released from societal expectations and economic dependence on men by misandrist common law and feminist pseudo-careers, disordered female sexuality is now given free rein across the Anglosphere. Fucking dogs, abusing children and a massive increase in lesbianism are the inevitable results:
Psychologist John Buss estimates that for most of human history, perhaps 2% of women have been lesbian or bisexual. Not any more. Recent surveys of teenage girls and young women find that roughly 15% of young females today self-identify as lesbian or bisexual, compared with about 5% of young males who identify as gay or bisexual.
 SOURCE: Psychology Today
And so we see an obvious cause of the mass male sexual disenfranchisement engulfing the Anglosphere: many women are simply opting out of heterosexual relationships relative to men, leaving a large surplus of sexually disenfranchised males. Why so many otherwise awakened Manosphere commentators cannot see this astonishes even me.
But, as Professor Roy Baumeister at Florida State University and others have shown, sexual attraction in many women seems to be more malleable. If a teenage girl kisses another teenage girl, for whatever reason, and she finds that she likes it—then things can happen, and things can change. If a young woman finds her soulmate, and her soulmate happens to be female, then she may begin to experience feelings she's never felt before. 
Especially if all the guys she knows are losers.
 SOURCEPsychology Today
With typical Boomer gynocentrism and Anglobitch-worshipping self-delusion, the author blames male 'losers' for the increase in lesbianism. He then sails into a diatribe against male 'immaturity', completely ignoring female racism, lookism, heightism and all the other bracing goodies in the hyper-hypergamic package. Of course, admitting the reality of Anglo female hyper-hypergamy would mean actually accepting that Anglo-American women aren't 'perfect': and that is a bridge too far for any Anglo-American academic in the present age of Anglo-cucked degeneracy.

Indeed, the Dog Pill and the Lesbian Pill are so degenerate that they transcend normal Black Pill classification and deserve a new colour classification all their own: VantaBlack . Vantablack is a material developed by Surrey NanoSystems in the United Kingdom and is one of the darkest substances known, absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light (at 663 nm if the light is perpendicular to the material).

Vantablack: the World's Blackest Black

Most Black Pills arise from an individual's personal issues (autism, shortness, ugliness, ethnicity, poverty) and are thus manageable in psychological terms. However, the Lesbian Pill (like the Dog Pill) is infinitely more pernicious since it arises from factors transcending any individual, namely misandrist Anglo-American culture, raw female degeneracy or being born into the post-patriarchal Matrix as a victimised male Xer, Millennial or Zoomer.

Lesbianism and the other VantaBlack Pills are like tsunamis or earthquakes, terrible forces which leave men numb with impotent despair. The blunt fact that many western white women prefer sex with dogs or other women over sub-8 men automatically renders all remediation attempts (other than expatriation, which costs time, money and effort) utterly futile, pre-consigning millions of Western males to sexlessness, childlessness and existential despair.

When the VantaBlack Pill strikes, abandon all cope.


  1. College campuses across North America teach females that all men are rapists, but encourage women to scissors and fuck dogs and horses.

    Young men have no future, no savings, no job security and a life of sexlessness for sure!---perfect tools for cannon fodder or to be recruited into Anglobitch agencies like gay rights or white supremacy.

  2. Any criticism of women is labelled as misogyny. Most academics and journalists are too spineless to stand up to the degenerates women have become.

    1. Criticism of white women. Non-white women such as African-Americans and Muslims get shot up by the Polish-inspired white nationalist in America or New Zealand. The white woman is a protected class. The white woman is using affirmative action laws to get quota jobs for herself.

    2. LOL don't get me wrong white women in America are some of the most vile creatures to walk the earth but a lot of good women have been murdered by feral African Americans who are the most violent group of people in America and often the most racist.

    3. How many 'feral' African Americans have sex with dogs like white women?

      It's the white woman who have taught my sisters to hate on their fellow non-white men.

      Feminists are SJW on the streets, but KKK in the sheets. Every woman who listens to the white woman ends up going for only tall, wealthy and affluent white men.

    4. *Every woman who listens to the white woman ends up going for only tall, wealthy and affluent white men.*

      Or failing that, dogs, minors and other women. In fact, they seem to prefer such sex partners even over 8+ white men with six figure salaries.

      *Feminists are SJW on the streets, but KKK in the sheets.*

      That is an instant classic.

  3. Honestly, women in the USSA are extremely disappointing and depressing. I just recently had to cancel on a girl because not only was she lying to me but turned out to be manipulative and a slut. She told me she was a virgin until 22 and was scared she would never have a meaningful relationship so what did she do? Got on tinder and starting hooking up with rando dick and she complained it wasn't good and she couldn't orgasm LOL.....well no shit you moron. This girl had that girl next door look too but now she is quite damaged and became extremely demanding of me before we even went out and showcased insecurity about guys just leaving her....which obviously they will since she just fucks and can't get commitment.
    This is the type of women that America has....she will squander her virginity for rando dick then becomes damaged and starts making men jump through retarded hoops to date. The whole time she told me she wants a relationship but still wants to hook up like wtf you moron noone is going to commit to you that way. LMAO
    Quite frankly these women are delusional, dysfunctional, and very damaged. They have no idea how to cultivate their sexuality and get to know a man before making sure they will get into a relationship. All in all the cock carousel makes women extremely SELFISH.

    1. Only Chad gets to pump & dump, the non-Chads get reported for "rape" and sued in court.

      The Anglobitch is destroyed beyond repair that even the dog she is having sex with might decide that enough is enough and attack her to the point of killing her.

      White Angloskanks and their foot soldiers are a cancer and they are fucked up in the head because they fuck dogs and give bare back blowjobs to only the Grade One students while calling the cops on sub8s who try to approach her.

  4. The Anglobitch has Tinder to get pumped & dumped by Chads and Tyrones, her dog to fuck her before she sleeps alone in her condo or penthouse, her Grade One students to do bare back blowjobs on, and also she can have sexual explorations with other women as a bi-sexual dog fucking pedophile who hates men.

    Sub8 men would revolt if they heard such a BlackPill; the ultimate pills of pills.

    1. The thought of having sex with a woman who has had sex with a dog is disgusting to any normal man. If more men knew about the Dog/Lesbian Pills it would create serious 'waves' across society. Instead of blaming themselves, they would see that the Anglobitch simply prefers dogs and women over men, even 8+ men.

      The pro-feminist Anglo MSM is always telling lies about men; so we need to keep dropping Vantablack truths about the 'perfect' Anglo women they think so highly of.

      In the end, the truth will out.

    2. There are way too many cucks and simps who would not mind if a woman has sex with dogs and children, and in fact, would celebrate it and shame men for criticizing such a dog-fucking pedophile White woman.

      White women can do no wrong. They are the rulers.

      Most of the cucks also recall seeing their mother naked and getting free bareback bjs and sex at ages that would be considered pedophilia if a male was accused of doing such acts with his daughter at that age.

  5. About lesbianism, nowhere in the Bible is it mentioned. My guess is that, in a book where everything can be found, it was so infrequent to be not worth mentioning.
    Something terrible has happened to men in the meanwhile. The culture has taken every opportunity to vilify us. As late as the nineteenth century, women could see and remark on the beauty they could see in men. That is true no longer. They can only see beauty in women.

    1. Men are being vilified to the extent that the Anglobitch wants all avenues of sex and adult entertainment banned for men.

      Canada is clamping down on Asian owned erotic spas, and this is from a white Anglobitch cunt:

      “When you see the signs saying, ‘Girls, girls, girls; new girls every week,’ that’s trafficking,” argued Michelle Spear, a Scarborough resident.

      Who wants to guess if Ms. Spear has sex with her dog or lets her toddler son fuck her doggy style when her husband is at work like a cuck?

    2. It's not just sex. Men are being vilified for any and every conceivable contribution they can make. We just went through Remembrance Day. I 'll bet you didn't see much enthusiasm from feminists.

    3. In the contemporary Anglo Clown Society, all the women's magazines are filled with pictures and articles about women. Men never appear on the covers, just women. Men's magazines (those few that remain), are literally full of female flesh. To me, it is quite obvious that the Anglosphere's puritanical homosociality has segued seamlessly into mass lesbianism; far higher than the 15% cited. I suspect the real figure is closer to 30%, at least. This alone would explain the recent explosion in male inceldom across the Anglosphere.

    4. Any educator in Canada/USA/UK can attest that as soon as these Anglobitches hit puberty and then go to college in their early adult years, they are bi-sexual dog-fucking whores who only experiment with other female classmates, let their dog eat them every night, and also use their 'sexuality' to entice Male Boomers Professors to give them higher grades.

  6. Feminists push #Me Too, while forcing their dog or a toddler to have sex with them.

    Feminists push for racial equality and anti-discrimination, yet they would call the police on an ethnic 5 foot 5 male for being near her, but would immediately pursue the 6 foot tall Chad.

  7. The Anglo Bitch is naked with children and giving her pussy away to Fido, while of course, expressing hatred against men who don't supply her with drugs (Tyrone), or doesn't form part of the 1% (Chads).

    This feminist way of thinking trickles down to all women who listen to feminist ideology; sub8 men who are at the bottom of the 80% are practically undateable and even p4p is getting harder for the bottom 80% of men due to criminalization of prostitution and #Me Too vilifying men who purchase sex.

    It's over.

  8. "Feminists have taken control here in Canada far more in the United States. There are far more anti-male messages in our media and every year on December 6 all flags on government buildings are lowered to "honour" the 14 women that were shot. If this was a woman who killed 14 men, it would be seen as a "cry for help". (Editor's Note: Marc Lepine's father was alleged to have betean him severely as a child, and female students used to make racial slurs to Lepine because he was bi-racial).

    But since it was only a man who did the killing of women, he will only be remembered as someone who had an attitude problem with women being as equals in society. This idea of institutionalized and wholesale punishment of males, I noticed began in 1982. Marc Lepine killed these women in 1989. A psyciatric report said that he was unhappy for the last 7 years of his life. Subtract 7 years from 1989 and what year do you arrive at?
    The worst part of it is that even most men in Canada have accepted feminist brainwashing as truth. Not only that, many people, including men think that feminism is dead."

    1. *This idea of institutionalized and wholesale punishment of males, I noticed began in 1982. Marc Lepine killed these women in 1989. A psyciatric report said that he was unhappy for the last 7 years of his life. Subtract 7 years from 1989 and what year do you arrive at?*

      I agree completely. 1980 or thereabouts was the year when a decade of feminist brainwashing and campaigning (the 70s) began to bear fruit at a mass level. Prior to that, feminism was marginalised and upper middle class (the 50s and 60s) but it became a potent mass movement in the early 70s, just in time to hit the first wave of adolescent males around 80-84 (with slight variance around the Anglosphere). In the UK, another guy from that 'lost generation' of males called Michael Ryan (a despairing incel) also shot a lot of people in the late 80s. The early 80s was definitely when the war against men began in earnest, even as females became exalted deities.

    2. Alek Minassian did his attack on April 23rd, 2018, while the Toronto 4th wave Slutwalk feminism started in April of 2011, exactly 7 years.

    3. Canada isn't the only country that uses a significant mass-shooting to push the anti-male and anti-gun message. Australia does the same thing too in holding memorials to the Port Arthur massacre every year when 28th April ticks over. They even wheel out former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Walter Mikac (who lost his wife and two young daughters at Port Arthur and established the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in their honour) to gloat about how "great" Australia's so-called "gold standard" draconian gun laws really are while at the same time, continue to punish Aussie gun owners for the Port Arthur massacre and for the crimes of Martin Bryant.

    4. Sub 8 males are collectively punished to scare them into not revolting against the system. Most of the mass shooters who are demonized are usually political dissidents. If it was Breton Tarrant, who harmed not even one feminist or political enemy, they wouldn't care other than the snowflake virtual signalling the day after and after that it's history.