Monday 13 October 2008

The Anglo-American Marriage Strike

The Marriage Strike is becoming a key concept in the Pan-Anglosphere Men's Movement. A few factors at work in Marriage avoidance include:

1. Lots of Western people have now grown up in broken families. Consequently, they have no positive mental model of Marriage. Many of the males will have learned to distrust women at their father’s knee.
2. Some of this is an Anglo-Saxon problem. Because Anglo-Saxon culture is in essence Puritanical, Anglo-American women grow up with a sense of entitlement second to none, because they ‘own’ sex in a culture where it is an elusive commodity.
3. Because of point 2, Anglo-American women are typically rude, abusive and endowed with an offhand sense of entitlement. Men will avoid this if possible - hence the Marriage strike.
4. The Internet revolution has opened up lots of alternatives to marriage with Anglo-American women - swinging, prostitution, foreign brides, you name it. Men do not need to marry any more.
5. Women have squared rights with privileges, because Anglo-American feminism is still an emerging movement. This is at the core of the Divorce problem for men - the Law is stuck in 1958, picturing women as penniless damsels and men as ogres. Yet women have gained many rights since then.
6. Rival lifestyles - being gay is now acceptable. Guys that might have denied their sexuality in earlier generations now ‘go for it’ - being Gay is now super-hip in the media.
7. Women, while they have rights still retain archaic expectations that male partners should earn more than themselves. This is biological and unlikely to be erased, ever. This explains why they erroneously ’see’ such a shortage of single men.

Yes, the game is up: Anglo-American women have squared rights with privileges, opportunities with entitlements, all sans responsibilities - but now, everyone knows it. Only deadbeat Anglo males with low incomes and IQs (i.e. with nothing to lose) get married or breed any more. In the near future, the Anglo-American middle class will be replaced by a sino-caucasian elite; the Anglo-Saxons will just become a moronic underclass across the Western Anglosphere. Anglo-American gynophilia has destroyed the Anglo-American cultural compact: the Anglo world hegemony is finished.

Indeed, the Anglosphere is already too feminine to compete with the masculine Orient. From a biological perspective, the surplus of males in China and India must lead to highly competitive and innovative cultures: men in male-heavy societies must triumph in order to reproduce. And as we know, men can move mountains given the motivation.

By contrast, the West in general and the Anglosphere in particular are hobbled by feminist, feminine values that devalue male dynamism and originality - just look at the education system, degraded into spoon-feeding the masses politically-correct cant; where women’s studies are accorded more status than engineering. This also explains why the West is increasingly ‘porous’ - why, for example, indigestible Jihadists enter Europe, refuse to assimilate, exploit the Welfare state and finally respond with terrorism. It is hard to picture any of that happening with a more ‘masculine’ socio-political ethos abroad in the West: after all, the primary male instinct is to maintain a territory. For example, Victorian England accepted mass immigration without any cultural concessions to the incomers - none whatsoever. The same was true of the United States until relatively recently.

We are entering ‘interesting times’; with environmental degradation soon to destabilise large parts of the globe and probably unsettle populations as well as the global techno-industrial infrastructure, it will strain the West’s hegemony to the absolute limit. Given the Anglosphere’s gynocracratic values, its ability to ‘ride’ these catastrophes and emerge with any degree of cultural coherence will be massively ameliorated. The gynocratic porousness, lack of vitality and reliance on sentiment that now characterises the West is the worst prevailing philosophy if it is to survive the storms ahead.