Friday 25 December 2020

Marie Stopes: Racist, English, Anti-Life, Child-Killing, Feminazi Bastard

The Manosphere often characterises Anglo-American feminists as Feminazis, to denote their inflexible misandry and fanaticism. However, many famous Anglo feminists were in fact genuine Nazis - racist, eugenicist, imperialist. While I have been exposing these evil, cum-skinned hags for many years now, the times have at last caught up with my boundless brilliance. With this is mind, let us consider biggest Feminazi of them all: Marie Stopes.  

Marie Carmichael Stopes was born in Britain in 1880 and, until she was 40, led an exemplary life as a feminist pioneer: at 22, she got a first in botany and geology from UCL; two years later, a PhD from Munich University; and became Manchester University's first female academic, as a palaeobotany lecturer. She wrote two books in 1918, Married Love and Wise Parenthood, in which she outlined some of her eugenicist views. 

But the really eye-popping stuff is in Birth Control News, a self-published extremist fanzine which she set up in July 1922, with this stirring editorial: 
Sterilisation of the unfit raises a hornet's nest, but no one worries at all about the daily sterilisation now going on of the fit. Young married men of the professional classes are today often forced by conditions to remain sterile, though they passionately desire the healthy children they could have if they did not have hordes of defectives to support in one way or the other.

Her eugenics programme was actually slightly to the right of Hitler's, just because her definition of defective is so broad. Some issues of Birth Control News seem to suggest that some people should be sterilised for vaguer reasons of defectiveness, like not being rich enough. There are also strong strains of racism: she described the southern Italians as a "low-grade race"; she was accused of anti-semitism even by her birth-control allies; and in a stinging attack on the French who, in the early 1920s tightened their laws against contraception, she said that if they really wanted to repopulate their nation, they should "eliminate the taint of their large numbers of perverted or homosexual people." 

Sterilising homosexuals is a somewhat pointless suggestion from the scientific standpoint, given that homosexuals seldom reproduce anyway. For this reason, it is most unlikely to be an 'inherited' condition.

Interestingly - for someone preaching the virtues of genetic elitism - Stopes herself was a well-known sexual degenerate. In court, her first husband described her as a multiple adulteress, nymphomaniac and perjurer. In addition, she also seems to have been mentally ill: she claimed to have heard a direct message from God while sitting under a yew tree in 1920.   

Here are some less well-known facts about Marie Stopes and her beliefs:
  • From 1918 to the early 1930s she published several books on marriage and birth control. One of these was Radiant Motherhood (1920) and in a chapter headed ‘A new and irradiated race’ Stopes reveals her underlying (and repulsive) agenda behind her push for widespread birth control: ‘It is the urgent duty of the community to make parenthood impossible for those whose mental and physical conditions are such that there is a certainty that their offspring must be physically and mentally tainted…’ She wants their sterilisation made immediate and made compulsory otherwise there will be an: ‘…ever increasing stock of degenerate, feeble-minded and unbalanced who will devastate social customs…like the parasite upon a healthy tree.’
  • She did not just write, but actively lobbied the Prime Minister and Parliament to pass Acts to enforce compulsory sterilisation in order to: ‘…ensure the sterility of the hopelessly rotten and racially diseasedby the elimination of wasteful lives.’
  • Stopes also urged the National Birth Rate Commission to support the compulsory sterilisation of parents who were diseased, prone to drunkenness or of ‘bad character’.  To use a selection of her words, the: ‘hopelessly bad cases, bad through inherent disease, or drunkenness or character’, ’wastrels, the diseased…the miserable [and] the criminal’, ’degenerate, feeble minded and unbalanced’, ’parasites’, and the ‘insane’. In Wise Parenthood she explains: ‘Our race is weakened by an appallingly high percentage of unfit weaklings and diseased individuals.’
  • Marie Stopes’ first family planning clinic was in North London in 1921 and was run by an organisation she founded: The Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress. It was no coincidence that her birth control clinics were clustered in deprived areas, to focus on reducing the birth rate of the poor lower classes and prevent the birth of those whom she considered to be ‘the inferior, the depraved, and the feeble-minded’.
  • Her views were not a passing fad. In 1934 she publicly stated that ‘the half-caste’ should be sterilised at birth. In 1956, two years before she died, Marie Stopes asserted that one-third of British men should be forcibly sterilised, ‘starting with the ugly and unfit.
  • Stopes cut her own son out of her will simply because he married a girl who wore glasses. Instead, the bulk of her estate went to the Eugenics Society.
  • Stopes was a Nazi supporter. In 1935, she attended a Nazi Congress for Population Science in Berlin. Four years later she sent Hitler a gushing personal letter along with a volume of her love poems: ‘Dear Herr Hitler, love is the greatest thing in the world: so will you accept from me these that you may allow the young people of your nation to have them?‘ The irony of people today praising Stopes is captured by Anthony Ozimic: ‘Praising Marie Stopes as a woman of distinction should be as unacceptable as praising Adolf Hitler as a great leader. Both promoted compulsory sterilisation and the elimination of society’s most vulnerable members to achieve what they called racial progress.
  • The BBC website states that the Catholic Church was Stope’s fiercest critic. They fail to clarify it was actually the Catholic Church that most opposed her appalling eugenic beliefs. In the 1920s, a legal victory against the rising eugenic tide was won by Dr Sutherland, with the support of the Catholic church, over Marie Stopes. Sutherland actually opposed eugenics long before he became a Catholic. Yet Stopes is lauded today as a feminist hero, while the story of the eugenics libel trial, and the Catholic role in trying to stop eugenics, has been either overlooked or dismissed as simplistic Catholic opposition to contraception.
  • Moreover, Dr Sutherland and others were actively trying to prevent and cure tuberculosis, (the disease of poverty) while at the same time influential eugenicists decried their efforts as a waste of timeEugenicists considered tuberculosis was a ‘friend of the race’ because it was a natural check on the ‘unfit’ and poor, killing them before they could reproduce.
  • How ironic that Stopes, who describes poor children as ‘puny-faced, gaunt, blotchy, ill-balanced, feeble, ungainly, withered’ is the one now feted as a feminist heroine, and Sutherland who tried to treat and heal them is forgotten.
  • The deliberate excision of Stopes’ eugenic legacy has made her a secular saint. The abortion industry in particular, and liberalism in general, have effectively erased Stopes’ racism and hatred of the poor (such inconvenient historical facts) from their collective memory. Yet the truth is, Marie Stopes represents an early fusion of Anglo-feminist and Nazi beliefs. 

Nor is Stopes merely a figure of historical interest; her Feminazi vision is still going strong. Marie Stopes International, arguably the biggest abortion and birth control provider in the world, focuses on providing cheap abortions in developing countries directly to the poorest women in the world:

  • MSI focus much of their abortion provision in developing countries;
  • Western Governments (including the UK) work through MSI to put heavy political pressure on African governments to overturn restrictive abortion policies (the ‘West knows best’) but deliberately hides this foreign influence;
  • MSI funding is from rich Western individuals and nations, including the UK government, with millions more in tax money pledged in 2019:
  • MSI use misnomers such as ‘safe abortion provision’, hiding or ignoring evidence that their policies can actually harm women or at best are ‘ambivalent in effectiveness’.
  • The UK Government (funding MSI) spends more money and effort on birth control than on providing quality maternal care (which would save more lives)
So it seems that Stopes' colonialist and eugenic agenda carries on, with a different cloak and mantle and exported to a different part of the world. What a totally unexpected surprise...!

The Anglo-American cultural establishment spends a huge amount of time and effort vilifying Hitler's regime (and other cultures in general) in books, films and other cultural propaganda. However, not only did they collude with that regime, but modern Anglo-American feminism maintains a Nazi agenda in its dealings with emerging nations. Anglo-feminism serves as a convenient smokescreen to hide sinister racist, imperialist and fascist agendas under the guise of 'progress' and 'equality'. This also applies to the 'trans' agenda, which it promotes at every turn; is that not just more misandrist eugenics, under a different name?

In short, Feminazis really are Nazis.

In 2008, the UK revealed its true values and affiliations by creating a Marie Stopes postage stamp. Yes, I kid you not: they put a mentally-ill, Feminazi cunt on a stamp, as part of a series celebrating 'female pioneers'. 

For over a decade, I have been saying that misandrist Anglo-American feminism is not a revolutionary or progressive movement at all; to the contrary, all its warped and imbalanced values (repression, sex-negativism, legalism, life-hatred, deviance, elitism and racism) originate within the dominant Anglo-American culture and promote its core values, albeit in 'radical' guise. How else could it have become the dominant value-system across the whole Anglosphere, in so short a time?  

Merry Christmas, anyway.


Friday 20 November 2020

Salvationism, Treadmills and Forrest Gump: Why the Authorities Hate the Black Pill

A farrago of Blue-Pilled Boomer bullshit...

Forrest Gump is the ultimate Blue Pilled film from the ultimate Blue Pilled decade: the 1990s. Broadly, Forrest Gump seeks to normalise the most ludicrous fiction imaginable: that some retard can make millions in business and acquire peace and plenty after years of abuse and ridicule. In reality, retarded people seldom reach the age of forty. When they do, they usually end up institutionalised. Yet this farrago of filmic nonsense won 6 Oscars – only highlighting the dominance of the Blue Pill in lamestream cultural discourse.

Forrest Gump also shows how the authorities use Blue-Pilled ideology to keep the broad masses committed to society; it convinces them they have ‘skin in the game’, however hopeless and disenfranchised their actual situation. Variants of this ‘Gump Delusion’ exist everywhere in the modern Anglosphere, as we all know:


‘Looks don’t matter! Just take a shower, bro!’

‘It’s what’s inside that counts!’

‘With hard work alone, anyone can do anything!’

‘Education can turn a retard into Einstein!’

‘By lifting weights, anyone can be Mr Universe!’


Okay, you get the picture. However, these delusions work for the vast majority of the population. This brutal fact is often underplayed or even denied by the manosphere. That is a cardinal error: because the average dolt laps up such delusions like a thirsty dog, in the vain hope of a better tomorrow.

Forrest Chump


Turning to our own sphere – gender-relations and sexuality – we see exactly the same principles at work. Trapped in a web of media-induced Sexual False Consciousness, the average male schlub seriously thinks models and actresses will fuck him if only he gets a new car, job or haircut. And this sexual fiction keeps the schlub ‘onside’, toiling away at his mundane trade or profession in the futile expectation of priapic adventures: a kind of ‘sexual heaven’, if you will.


Given the foregoing facts, we can see why the authorities seek to discredit the Black Pill at every turn. Because  - in its purest form - the Black Pill takes a blowtorch to the various fables that bind the broad masses to western society. Obviously, the western elites are not going to take kindly to Black Pilled dissidents attacking the fairy tales that sustain their profits and advantages, generation after generation. Atop this, the broad masses themselves are strongly averse to Black Pilled truth: after all, delusion is their primary life-fuel.  If SFC and other ‘Gump Delusions’ were removed from their hollow lives, what else would they have?

As if this hypergamous Anglo cunt would even talk to a retard...


It is doubtful whether a fully Black-Pilled society could function, especially one with the mass inceldom and socio-economic inequalities that define the Anglosphere. Think about it: if sexually-disenfranchised North American men knew their sexless condition was permanent, how long would Canada or the USA exist? By my estimate, the United States has an army of ten million sexless men, at least (many more if we include escortcels in their number). If I were a member of America’s Power Elite, keeping those men from the Black Pill would be my primary agenda.


In fact, I would concern myself with little else.


Now do you see why the Anglo-American Power Elites hate the Black Pill and all expressions of our Dark Enlightenment? Everyone has to be 'jollied along' and made to think they are living in the best of all possible worlds. If this deluded belief-system breaks down for large sections of the population, society ceases to function. It really is that simple. This is why the lamestream media reflexively quashes incel, Black Pill (or even Red Pill) voices by omission or ridicule; as props of the state, it is their duty to do so. Their other approach is to present dissenters as marginalised eccentrics on the fringes of society, implying that everyone else is happily banging models all day. This crudest of fictions is typically aimed at the uneducated classes, whose ability to deconstruct mainstream narratives is much weaker than that of other social groups. 

This aspect of the Blue Pilled narrative is extremely important. All evidence shows that low status males are far more likely to be suicidal, single and sexless than other classes of men. If such facts were to become widely known, it might create destabilising Black-Pilled 'waves' in society. The average sexless schlub wanders about thinking that 'everyone' (except himself, of course) is banging models on a daily basis. Why would he think otherwise, when the lamestream media promotes this fiction everywhere he looks

Remove that delusion and he might start to see the world very differently, however. 

Think about it. Most awakened men will have experienced the lower-class male rage that inevitably erupts when the myth of sexual liberation is even questioned. Imagine their rage if these dumb clowns ever realised that millions of low-value men are sexually-disenfranchised, not just themselves? And that Anglo-American inceldom is a deep structural problem, not to be fixed by a pay-rise or shower?


I have always maintained that the Anglo-American elite - the genuine elite, not their upper-middle class functionaries - are strongly Black-Pilled. The devilish cunning of the Anglo-American state and its institutions of oppression strongly confirms this analysis. For all that, in us they are facing opponents no less determined, brilliant and ruthless. For all their wealth and power, they are sitting on a Black Pill powderkeg. One spark and their rotting, gynocentric, misandrist system will explode with Vesuvian force, destroying their profits and exalted lifestyles in a matter of moments.

That is why they fear us.

Friday 30 October 2020

#Metoo, Medusa and the Law: What Feminist Subversion of Ancient Myth tells us about the Post-Covid Anglosphere

Since the statues of slave owners, racist politicians and confederate generals were pulled down by BLM protesters, the Anglo-American world been filling those vacant public spaces with 'woke' artworks which supposedly 'challenge' the cultural establishment. Predictably, feminists have been quick to install such a 'subversive' artwork opposite New York's criminal court:

A new Medusa sculpture now stands victoriously across from NYC criminal court

The statue flips the classic myth on its head, presenting Medusa as victorious over those who would blame and slay her. 

A statue of Medusa, the mythological monster with snakes for hair, was unveiled in front of the New York County Criminal Court on Tuesday, and while it may seem random, it's meant to be a picture of empowerment for victims. 

Medusa With The Head of Perseus by Argentine-Italian artist Luciano Garbati stands seven feet tall in Collect Pond Park on Centre St. The figure, a nude woman, holds a sword in one hand and the head of Perseus in the other. It was cast in bronze by Vanessa Solomon of Carbon Sculpt Studios in Red Hook and Laran Bronze Foundry in Philadelphia. 

For those who are a little rusty on their Greek mythology, Medusa was a maiden in Athena's temple who was stalked and "violated" or raped by Poseidon, according to Ovid’s Metamorphosis. "She was once most beautiful, and the jealous aspiration of many suitors. Of all her beauties none was more admired than her hair," the story says. 

When Athena finds out about the rape, she banishes and curses Medusa (the victim) with a head of snakes and a gaze that turns men to stone. Athena and Poseidon aid the epic hero Perseus to hunt her down and behead her. Perseus displays her head as a trophy on his shield. 

Medusa With The Head (MWTH) is an artist-led project that explores the narrative habits of classical stories as well as their role in present culture and vision of the future. It says Medusa's story is part of a narrative of victim shaming stories of sexual violence through time and is relevant to this day. By flipping the story on its head, presenting Medusa as victorious over those who would blame and slay her, Garbati asks "How can a triumph be possible if you are defeating a victim?" By exploring the woman behind the myth, she hopes to give her a moment of empowerment.
Its placement across from criminal court is also meaningful—high profile abuse cases, including the Harvey Weinstein trial, have taken place here. By installing the statue here, it becomes "an icon of justice and the power of narrative." 

MWTH makes sculptural editions and other iconographic representations, like Garbati's statue, available with 10 percent of proceeds donated to the National Women’s Law Center. 

It'll be up through April 30, 2021

SOURCE: Time Out New York, October 14 2020

What can we learn from this sorry, sordid excuse for a news story? Actually, quite a lot. Unfortunately, the lessons we learn only show the depths of cultural and moral decay in which our world is drowning

Inverted Myths, Inverted Values

Myths and legends exist to provide functional guidance to society, revealing eternal truths in a comprehensible, symbolic form that everyone can understand. The story of Beauty and the Beast is a good example of this. Although it can be interpreted as piece of a blue-pilled fiction denying the importance of looks, the tale gently guides young women towards rational mate-choices (as opposed to chad-chasing and fooling with dogs). In most variants of the tale, the unattractive Beast turns into a handsome prince once Beauty declares her love for him. At a deeper moralistic level, the story is trying to reconcile foids to an effective (if unattractive) husband within the patriarchal framework of a functional society.

In short, myth has a functional purpose; it is not there to be ‘inverted’, as this ugly statue attempts to do. ‘Inverting’ myths discredits the values they were devised to uphold, thereby celebrating dysfunction and deviance by default. Of course, this is what feminism is all about: a swift glance at contemporary Anglo-American culture provides ample evidence of this. Young children are encouraged to ‘transition’ into the opposite gender, every form of lifestyle degeneracy is actively celebrated while pea-brained women are exalted as deities in every sphere of life.

As we know, the top three female Internet searches are for rape, gang-bangs and bestiality. As feminism gathers even more power and influence, we will soon be seeing statues of women mating with dogs in every public square.  

Women’s General Crapness and Stupidity

Part of the controversy surrounding this statue is the fact that a man designed and created it. Feminists involved in the statue project argued that a male artist is unfit to represent the #metoo movement, purely because of his gender. However, they had to use a statue created by a male artist for one simple reason: women lack the talent and intelligence to create an original or impressive artwork. 

In fact, women cannot create anything unique or original: they can only exploit, subvert or destroy what men have already created. The human female is a bone-headed clown completely incapable of original thought or endeavour. Consider how women's ‘culture’ (fashion, hairdressing, interior décor, cooking) is invariably the creation of gay men, whose IQs are infinitely higher than their own.

The most flat-headed thing about feminism is how it continually called for sex-negative gender-separatism, even while pillaging male thought, talent and culture for everything they do.  The very fact that this 'revolutionary' feminist statue was created by a man only demonstrates women’s general crapness and lack of talent, intelligence or originality. Even in revolt, they can only emulate male vision and genius; like the worm-brained maggots they are.

Feminism IS ‘the Establishment’

The erection of Medusa’s 'subverted' statue opposite New York's Criminal Court teaches us another important lesson: far from being a revolutionary movement, Feminism IS the establishment in English-speaking countries. Courts give women lenient sentences (or no sentences) for serious crimes such as bestiality, murder and child abuse. Colleges shower them with scholarships and opportunities while men receive no equivalent opportunities (virtually no lower-class white men attend college in the Anglosphere west, for example). The courts divorce-rape thousands of men every day while sex-negative witch-hunts like #timesup and #metoo are given the full backing of the state. 

The lamestream media exalts women at every turn, brazenly denying their endemic racism and sexual elitism. Elite American law schools all have special feminist societies funded by the taxpayer, allowing misandrist feminists to dominate Anglo-American law and politics. All the while, women give nothing back to society in terms of active military service, draft registration or other other form of social obligation.

And now, on top of everything, they get man-hating feminist statues as well!

How is that not ‘the establishment’?

Feminist values are not ‘revolutionary’ and ‘marginalised’ but hold centre stage across the whole Anglosphere. By peddling the myth that women are downtrodden, feminists have cleverly masked the fact that low-value men are underclass untouchables in Anglo-American countries.

'Bombs in the Harbour'?

Baron Nathaniel Rothschild claimed that 'Great fortunes are made when bombs fall in the harbour, not when violins play in the ballroom'. Hardly debatable; and he surely knew what he was talking about. Moreover, it is notable that Anglo-American feminism is using the global pandemic to strengthen its grasp on power. Erecting subversive statues that exalt women and denigrate men might seem a marginalised and obscure strategy at such a time; but statues and other public artworks are crystallised ideology that 'normalise' socio-cultural values, however warped they might be. 

If and when Covid is finally subdued (it might never be 'conquered', from a medical perspective), the Anglosphere is going to wake up to a world in which misandrist, sex-negative feminism dominates every public space, every facade and precinct. Think about it: a statue of a woman holding a man's severed head outside a public court in a major city sends powerful messages about gender-relations in a crude, unobstructed manner that has never been seen before - not even in the degenerate, man-hating Anglosphere.

As always, one word of advice springs to mind: emigrate.


Perseus with Medusa's Head: The Way it should be

Friday 14 August 2020

Paradigm Shift at the Movies: Anton Chigurh and the Black Pill Revolution

No Country for Old Men was released in 2007, around the time that the West’s monoculture began to break down as the mainstream media were displaced by social media. Coen Brothers films are always resonant with cultural significance and are works of social art far more than they are mere entertainment. No Country for Old Men won Four Oscars and was clearly the best film of the year, if not the decade. Based on a 2005 Cormac McCarthy novel of the same title, the plot runs thus:

In rural Texas, welder and hunter Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) discovers the remains of several drug runners who have all killed each other in an exchange gone violently wrong. Rather than report the discovery to the police, Moss decides to simply take the two million dollars present for himself. This puts the psychopathic killer, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), on his trail as he dispassionately murders nearly every rival, bystander and even employer in his pursuit of his quarry and the money. As Moss desperately attempts to keep one step ahead, the blood from this hunt begins to flow behind him with relentlessly growing intensity as Chigurh closes in. Meanwhile, the laconic Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) blithely oversees the investigation even as he struggles to face the sheer enormity of the crimes he is attempting to thwart.

Of these three characters, the psychopathic killer Anton Chigurh is our primary focus of interest. This is because his philosophy, while much debated by film critics and cultural theorists, is in fact thoroughly Black Pilled. He views the Blue Pilled nonentities he encounters as disposable trash, even killing them with a captive bolt stunner used to slaughter cattle. They are trusting ‘normies’ who believe the world is a safe place and completely obedient to authority. This is why he is always several steps ahead of them, as when he blows up a car to steal medical supplies from a drug store. Unused to unusual happenings, the dazed normies are lost in confusion while Chigurh acts decisively to claim what he wants. He instinctively knows how others will react, correctly assuming the basest and most selfish response. 

Chigurh is also celibate, further confirming his Black Pilled status. Both the other major characters are in relationships – we know Sheriff Bell and Llewellyn Moss are both married. Even Carson Wells might be married or in a relationship. Chigurh only talks to one woman, Moss’ wife Carla Jean, whom he later kills. Although his hairstyle is derived from old photos of Texas brothel patrons, he is never seen having sex with a prostitute or any other woman. We never learn enough about his mental state to discover whether he is volcel or incel, although his absolute indifference to women strongly suggests he is a Black Pilled volcel who equates sex with vulnerability.

At a more general level, Chigurh stands outside society and its laws. He is never static but always moving somewhere else. His coin-flipping method of deciding fate derives from his social isolation; he has no ‘significant others’ to impede this erratic lifestyle with their needs or demands. His insistent rootlessness echoes nomadic archetypes of American hyper-masculinity like the Marlboro Man, the gunslinger or the cowboy. In fact, Chigurh shows how a genuine MGHOW (Man Going His Own Way) might actually live, but seldom if ever does. That is, he does not sit around talking about women all day on the Internet; he has truly dismissed them from his life and taken his own road. His life has no feminine frills whatsoever. He roams the lonely highways, killing drivers to acquire their vehicles and steal their money while occasionally staying in seedy, run-down motels

If we are ruthlessly objective about it, Chigurh’s Black-Pilled view of the average human being is completely accurate. Most males in the Anglosphere are indeed cattle trapped in Sexual False Consciousness and White Knight simpdom. The average Anglo-American maggot actually walks the streets believing he has a serious chance of getting free sex from hypergamous, racist actresses and models. If his idiocy is questioned he gets angry and aggressive. The Blue Pilled masses are essentially cattle, penned up inside media illusions and their own self-deceit.

Chigurh's resounding success demonstrates how the Black Pill philosophy confers immense power on those who adopt it. Despite facing fearful odds, he survives the events of No Country for Old Men. Llewellyn Moss and Carson Wells both die while Sheriff Bell fails to apprehend him. It is also assumed Chigurh retrieves what remains of the money from  Moss' hotel room and keeps it for himself, thereby sustaining his nomadic lifestyle indefinitely. In short, the events of the movie strongly confirm the truth and validity of Chigurh's Black Pilled perspective: he survives and succeeds while his rivals die or fail.

One of the traditional Manosphere’s main follies is its lame assumption that social and economic elites are somehow  'Blue Pilled' normies, like the broad masses they manipulate and exploit. Nothing could be further from the truth: it is quite obvious that powerful individuals who profit from wars and abuse children nurture a totally Black Pilled view of humanity. 

This grim realisation leads us to an important point: the real reason Black Pill nihilism is actively suppressed by the Anglo-American authorities is not so much the damage it can do as the power it confers. Simply put, the Anglo-American Deep State and its various Power Elites want to keep the liberating power of the Black Pill for themselves. Think about it: giving the broad masses access to the Black Pill is like giving street-sweeps and janitors the nuclear codes. This is why Black Pilled thought is labelled psychopathy by the med-school dross called psychiatrists, even while every nation in the Anglosphere is ruled according to Black-Pilled values by thoroughly Black-Pilled elites. How else do they stay ahead of the Blue Pilled masses?

As is generally known, I roundly despise the old Red Pilled 'reformist' MRAs who once dominated the manosphere. Their efforts are utterly pointless in misandrist Anglo nations like Canada or the US, which reflexively view all men as disposable fodder. Even worse, the MRA's tedious and failed ‘crusade’ on behalf of Blue-Pilled chumps is totally thankless. In fact, the average Anglo-American simp despises movements like A Voice for Men and would happily execute all their members without a moment’s thought

Our own view of the deluded Anglosimp is this: if he wants to offer up his ragged life on the altar of the Anglobitch, shed no tears for him. In fact, we should actively encourage him to do so. The Awakened Man thinks no better of male cucks and simps than he does of Anglo-American women who fuck dogs or show their asses to minors in elementary schools. All are disposable cattle without a shred of value. If Chigurh’s deadly bolt stunner were to pierce their empty brains and leave them dead by the roadside, it would be no greater loss than that of an ant.

In sum, Anton Chigurh is an idol that every Black Pilled man should be striving to emulate in every area of life. Operate outside the matrix and view the broad masses as disposable cattle and you won’t go far wrong.

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Delenda Est Anglia: Why the Incel Decade is destroying the Anglosphere

In late 2019, I made the following predictions about the impending 2020s:
Incelerando: the Impending Anglosphere Crisis. Will the 2020s be the Incel Decade? 
The Teens (2010-2019) were a decade of great political upheaval in the Anglosphere. Both the US and UK experienced shock election results and dramatic socio-economic upheaval, largely due to years of social dysfunction. Canada and Australia have both spent the past forty years denigrating and marginalising men with boundless misandrist zeal, creating a sizeable 'incel class' of jaundiced males in both countries. 
By submitting to residual puritan narratives and declaring informal war on the male sex, the Anglosphere nations are playing a foolish and dangerous game. As the Twenties approach, I am ever more convinced that it will be a decade of unparalleled social instability for the Anglosphere. Any idiot can see that countries with large minorities (or even majorities) of sexless, alienated young men are heading for serious trouble. In particular, the United States and Canada can expect to see weekly mass shootings as incel males with nothing to lose run amok, selecting women - the sexual oppressor class - as their primary targets. 
Below, I list some of the factors which will feed this conflagration: 
Anglo-American misandry. Though many regions are facing an incel crisis, the problem is much worse in the Anglosphere because of its distinctive sex-negative puritanism and sexual racism, which also determine the sex-negative agendas of Anglo-American feminism. In the Anglosphere there will be no amelioration of misandry or inceldom, just their unremitting expansion.

Avoidance and apathy. The Anglosphere is reluctant to address sexual issues honestly and directly because of its puritan heritage. This means the incel crisis will have to reach critical levels before any action is taken. And by then, the problem will very hard to rectify without resorting to draconian measures.

Fraying trust values. Decades of feminism, misandrist policy and male oppression has made the Anglosphere a dry powder-keg ready to explode with sexual repression and resentment. Expect the Anglosphere countries to become ever more like Brazil or Mexico with social disorder, crumbling institutions and casual violence being normalised.

The Flynn Effect. Rising IQs have made the masses far harder to fool with MSM propaganda. Only an absolute idiot still thinks Chinese guys studying STEM are bouncing around in bed with blonde models every night. Female hypergamy, entitlement and racism are now common knowledge to almost everyone with Internet access and two brain cells to rub together.

End of social circle. Once, tribal membership of a youth culture meant easy access to members of the opposite sex. With the stealthy replacement of post-War youth culture by hypergamous social media for younger Millennials and Zoomers, such social circle game no longer exists. This will mean ever more single, dangerous and aggrieved young men in the 2020s.

Informational threshold. The Internet permits instant sharing of knowledge and opinion, obviating the old model of top-down media indoctrination. In the 1980s or 90s the MSM could happily praise Greta Thunberg as a saint without fear of contradiction. However, once social media appears and a certain threshold of informational complexity is passed, the game is up; it is no longer possible for the MSM to peddle its Blue-Pilled Disney fantasies. Perhaps widespread higher education and the Flynn Effect also feed this outcome. Even the broad masses are beginning to reject Sexual False Consciousness for a more honest narrative. Generation Z will reach adulthood during the next decade, having been raised by an online counter-culture in which the Manosphere is a prominent force. In the 2020s, expect undiluted Black Pill thought to become commonplace among people under 40.
So far, my predictions have proved startlingly accurate. Beset by global pandemic, Lockdown frustrations, racial conflict and economic uncertainty, the Anglosphere is literally falling to pieces. Since it increasingly functions as a unified cultural bloc, a single flash-point anywhere in the Anglosphere rapidly engulfs the whole entity. Let us consider how the factors listed above are contributing to the Anglosphere's demise:

Anglo-American Misandry - It is self-evident that the Pandemic Lockdowns have sharpened sexual frustration, with devastating results. A high proportion of street combatants and rioters are ethnic males with relatively low sexual value in the Anglosphere. Males with nothing to lose in sexual or reproductive terms are much more likely to risk danger and death than men with a strong sexual stake in their society. And let us not forget that the murder of George Floyd was a misandrist crime, not just a racist one; it is a well-known fact that Anglo-American jurisprudence is implicitly misandrist, showing women preferential treatment at every point from arrest to sentencing. Pan-Anglosphere policing is in all respects a misandrist and feminist institution designed to protect all white women and criminalise all men, especially ethnic men. In this important respect, Black Lives Matter is a pro-male movement just as much as it is an anti-racist one.

Avoidance and apathy - Because distinctive Anglo-American issues like racism and slavery have lain fallow for so long, a backlash was inevitable. The boredom and sexual frustration of the pandemic coupled with rising summer heat and the murder of George Floyd were perfect catalysts for  the race riots that subsequently engulfed the Anglosphere. The tired old Boomer myth that a few rock concerts in the 1960's somehow 'fixed' atrocious historical crimes and ongoing Anglo-American racism has dominated the Anglosphere since the 1970's, in the teeth of overwhelming contradictory evidence and experience. A correction was long overdue.

Fraying trust values - Self-evidently, the utterances of politicians and the lamestream media are being ridiculed and rejected as never before. Fuelled by the CV-19 pandemic, an upcoming US election and the reflexive racism of American police officers, protests and riots are the 'new normal' across the Anglosphere. Anger and resentment seethe like restless rivers through the channels of social media; every presidential tweet is mocked or exalted; celebrities are pilloried for a single comment questioning the sanctity of MtF transsexuals.  Not only that, but crime rates are up in most Anglosphere cities. In short, trust between individuals and institutions has already evaporated and we are still only halfway through 2020.

The Flynn Effect - Because Xer, Millennial and Zoomer IQs far surpass those of Boomers and the Silent Generation, many 'lamestream' assumptions are being effectively challenged for the first time in decades. Inviolable concepts such as Anglo-American moral supremacy or the immutable  'goodness' of all white women are good examples. Nowadays, almost everyone can see that the colonial Anglosphere was built on the genocide and robbery of native peoples and centuries of slavery. Similarly, the fact that white Anglo women colluded with and profited from these crimes is entirely self-evident. The recent emergence of new meme-names like 'Karen' or to describe entitled, racist white women exemplify the power and depth of this conceptual revolution. At the intellectual level, the Flynn Effect automatically supplants Blue Pill delusion with Black Pill truth.

End of social circle - because traditional social circles have eroded, Internet driven cults can quickly mobilise mass support across whole continents. If the young were still anchored to the cultic and gestural 'rock music' social circles of yesteryear, it is unlikely that BLM would have gathered such mass support as quickly as it did. Deprived of a real social circle, humans are still social animals and crave to 'belong'; the emergence of pan-Anglosphere online cults driven by hysteria and frustration now satisfy that craving.

Informational threshold - one no longer needs to be a Harvard professor to see that nearly all 'official' Anglo-American narratives are lies. Literally anyone can hop online and see that the Anglosphere was built on slave trading, genocide and terrorism and that many of its leaders were avowed racists and war criminals. The real views of Churchill, Rhodes, Stopes or Lincoln are now plain for all to see.

In conclusion, my prophetic article clearly predicted the unfolding chaos pretty well. And it will be noted that the 2020s have hardly begun, as yet; much, much more is to come. However, I have been writing with eerie prescience about these issues for over a decade, now. Check out this passionate comment on my previous post:
I love this hatred of Karens in mainstream now World is realizing the evil of the Anglobitch! White womens status is dropping rapidly. Rookh was a decade ahead of the curve
His grammar might be a little rugged but his content is flawless. Yes, as early as 2009 I was discussing the moral ugliness, sexual racism and entitled insolence of Anglo-American 'Karens' while everyone else (even other Manosphere writers) still viewed them as oppressed 'saints' handing out free sex to everybody. Further, my activism has always stressed the coherence of the Anglosphere as a discrete historical, political and legal entity; and the Internet has only strengthened this cultural coherence during the past decade, confirming the truth of my original analysis. Consider how a police murder in Minneapolis sparked immediate protests in London, Manchester and Sydney, not just other American cities.

Facts like these explain why other manosphere writers are long forgotten while I still stand: a Black Pill colossus at the gateway of truth.

Sunday 31 May 2020

Covid-19 Jams the Signal: The Incel Decade Unfolds

May 2020: The Anglosphere is sick and burning...

Taking a look back at my seminal January article on the development of the 2020s - which I dubbed the Incel Decade - are my predictions unfolding according to plan?
Why is Sexual False Consciousness such a modern - in fact, late twentieth century - phenomenon? Answering this question not only sheds much light on SFC, it also shows why the 2020s will be the decade when the Black Pill eclipses SFC as the dominant paradigm of western sexuality. 

Big words, indeed; but is there any truth in them?
Although the mainstream media originated in the nineteenth century as printed newspapers and journals, it only acquired total hegemonic dominance over the western masses after world war two. This stranglehold only began to loosen in the late 1990s, although it fundamentally remained in place until around 2009. That momentous  year began to see the introduction of social media into every aspect of life, obliterating the mainstream media consensus that had dominated mass thought for the previous sixty years. The subsequent election of Donald Trump, the UK's vote for Brexit and the West's nationalist resurgence are all manifestations of this process; and without sounding too pretentious, I think the rise of the Black Pill and the Manosphere in general are also part of this 'reclaiming reality' agenda.   
As I have often written, the conceptual key to understanding any social bloc is hegemony – the unseen ideological cement that makes things ‘what they are’, thereby binding the broad masses to the social order. Traditionally the lamestream media has been the primary hegemonic tool, although language, place names, education, organic mass culture, religion and subcultural traditions also play a role. The hegemony maintains the Overton Window – the frame of what is ‘reasonable’ or ‘sane’ in any society – however dysfunctional or irrational that might be.

Obviously, the rise of social media and the decline of mainstream media have greatly weakened the Anglosphere’s traditional hegemony. The rise of Black Lives Matter, Incel culture and ‘offbeat’ politicians like Trump or Farage all demonstrate the extent of this change. Mainstream commentators can no longer deny the existence of incels, lookism, The Black Pill, white women’s historic (and ongoing) racism or even the the Dog Pill; and long may that trend continue.  

The Dog Pill is becoming common knowledge

However, it is difficult to deny that the 2020s have already seen a massive acceleration in this process of hegemonic collapse.  Personally, I believe the Covid-19 pandemic is exposing fissures in Anglo-American culture which have lain dormant for decades. As Nathaniel Rothschild once said, 'Great fortunes are made when bombs fall in the harbour, not when violins are playing in the ballroom'. The ongoing pandemic has sparked this mass ‘Awakening’ for several reasons:
  • Due to CV-19, there is added fear and paranoia throughout society. This is exposing deep rooted fears, prejudices and tensions which are normally dormant or suppressed. The case of Amy Cooper (see video clip below) is a good example; when confronted with a black male bird watcher, she was unable to control her inborn Anglobitch hatred of black men.
  • The fact that many of the middle classes can work from home while other workers are expected to brave an unsafe working environment is exposing the profound  inequality, racism and injustice that define the Anglosphere. In fact, the disastrous mismanagement of the crisis by the UK and US sprang solely from their miserly Anglo-Saxon instinct to prioritise the economy over people.
  • Due to Lockdown, people have had more time to reflect on their miserable lives. Free of the daily grind, people are also free to fixate on things that inspire or anger them. The cases of racist Anglobitch Amy Cooper and murdered George Floyd are good examples. The Devil makes work for idle hands, and all of that.
  • Cooped up at home for months on end, the masses are highly frustrated. This makes them all the more likely to respond with violent action when confronted with injustice. The race riots presently engulfing many US cities are an exquisite example of intense frustration finding violent expression.
  • Sheer uncertainty about the future is also stoking tensions. Despite various empty claims and promises from non-medical authorities, there is presently no Covid-19 vaccine and no hope of one until 2021 (at the earliest). President's Trump’s stand-off with China, Twitter, mainstream media and the Deep State are also adding to the mix. Many workers will lose their jobs and face poverty when governments stop propping up businesses and paying workers in the coming months. When anything could happen, anything will.
  • Covid-19 Lockdowns around the globe have greatly strengthened the power of social media. In Lockdown conditions, people are using Discord and Zoom without the mediating influence of the lamestream as never before.
  • Covid-19 might well extinguish the Boomers, chief proponents of Sexual False Consciousness across the Anglosphere. After all, it is not called The Boomer Doomer for nothing. With these clowns removed from the equation, an honest and constructive discussion about western gender relations can actually begin. No longer will we hear that all women are oppressed 'saints' or that 'everyone' (and it really is 'everyone', people) is bouncing around in bed with models all day; after sixty years of Sexual False Consciousness, the Black Pilled reality will finally prevail.  
As promised, here is the video showing the 'oppressed' and 'downtrodden' white cunt Amy Cooper. While taking her dog out for a sex session in the woods walk in Central Park, she called the police on an innocent black male who asked her to control her canine sex slave mutt:

To conclude this short thought-piece on the unfolding Incel Decade, it has to be said that my January article was startlingly on-target. Under the stress of Covid-19 and the associated Lockdown, the Anglo-American hegemony is unravelling fast. Under unprecedented pressure, our many foes - racist Anglo feminists, Baby Boomers, the lamestream commentariat - are either crumbling or playing into our hands at every turn. 

Instead of sucking false consciousness from the lamestream media, more sexually-disenfranchised and socially-victimised men are poised to escape their Blue Pilled state than ever before. The Anglosphere's Blue Pill 'consensus' is a vast fraud led by soy-fed poltroons who need to keep subaltern males hoodwinked about the hideous truth of the Anglobitch and her exalted, dog-fucking, arrogant nature

But those lies have never been more vulnerable. Now is the time to throw all our efforts into this corridor of unprecedented opportunity, spreading the Black Pill as never before.

George Floyd: a tragic but useful Martyr