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Paradigm Shift at the Movies: Anton Chigurh and the Black Pill Revolution

No Country for Old Men was released in 2007, around the time that the West’s monoculture began to break down as the mainstream media were displaced by social media. Coen Brothers films are always resonant with cultural significance and are works of social art far more than they are mere entertainment. No Country for Old Men won Four Oscars and was clearly the best film of the year, if not the decade. Based on a 2005 Cormac McCarthy novel of the same title, the plot runs thus:

In rural Texas, welder and hunter Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) discovers the remains of several drug runners who have all killed each other in an exchange gone violently wrong. Rather than report the discovery to the police, Moss decides to simply take the two million dollars present for himself. This puts the psychopathic killer, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), on his trail as he dispassionately murders nearly every rival, bystander and even employer in his pursuit of his quarry and the money. As Moss desperately attempts to keep one step ahead, the blood from this hunt begins to flow behind him with relentlessly growing intensity as Chigurh closes in. Meanwhile, the laconic Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) blithely oversees the investigation even as he struggles to face the sheer enormity of the crimes he is attempting to thwart.

Of these three characters, the psychopathic killer Anton Chigurh is our primary focus of interest. This is because his philosophy, while much debated by film critics and cultural theorists, is in fact thoroughly Black Pilled. He views the Blue Pilled nonentities he encounters as disposable trash, even killing them with a captive bolt stunner used to slaughter cattle. They are trusting ‘normies’ who believe the world is a safe place and completely obedient to authority. This is why he is always several steps ahead of them, as when he blows up a car to steal medical supplies from a drug store. Unused to unusual happenings, the dazed normies are lost in confusion while Chigurh acts decisively to claim what he wants. He instinctively knows how others will react, correctly assuming the basest and most selfish response. 

Chigurh is also celibate, further confirming his Black Pilled status. Both the other major characters are in relationships – we know Sheriff Bell and Llewellyn Moss are both married. Even Carson Wells might be married or in a relationship. Chigurh only talks to one woman, Moss’ wife Carla Jean, whom he later kills. Although his hairstyle is derived from old photos of Texas brothel patrons, he is never seen having sex with a prostitute or any other woman. We never learn enough about his mental state to discover whether he is volcel or incel, although his absolute indifference to women strongly suggests he is a Black Pilled volcel who equates sex with vulnerability.

At a more general level, Chigurh stands outside society and its laws. He is never static but always moving somewhere else. His coin-flipping method of deciding fate derives from his social isolation; he has no ‘significant others’ to impede this erratic lifestyle with their needs or demands. His insistent rootlessness echoes nomadic archetypes of American hyper-masculinity like the Marlboro Man, the gunslinger or the cowboy. In fact, Chigurh shows how a genuine MGHOW (Man Going His Own Way) might actually live, but seldom if ever does. That is, he does not sit around talking about women all day on the Internet; he has truly dismissed them from his life and taken his own road. His life has no feminine frills whatsoever. He roams the lonely highways, killing drivers to acquire their vehicles and steal their money while occasionally staying in seedy, run-down motels

If we are ruthlessly objective about it, Chigurh’s Black-Pilled view of the average human being is completely accurate. Most males in the Anglosphere are indeed cattle trapped in Sexual False Consciousness and White Knight simpdom. The average Anglo-American maggot actually walks the streets believing he has a serious chance of getting free sex from hypergamous, racist actresses and models. If his idiocy is questioned he gets angry and aggressive. The Blue Pilled masses are essentially cattle, penned up inside media illusions and their own self-deceit.

Chigurh's resounding success demonstrates how the Black Pill philosophy confers immense power on those who adopt it. Despite facing fearful odds, he survives the events of No Country for Old Men. Llewellyn Moss and Carson Wells both die while Sheriff Bell fails to apprehend him. It is also assumed Chigurh retrieves what remains of the money from  Moss' hotel room and keeps it for himself, thereby sustaining his nomadic lifestyle indefinitely. In short, the events of the movie strongly confirm the truth and validity of Chigurh's Black Pilled perspective: he survives and succeeds while his rivals die or fail.

One of the traditional Manosphere’s main follies is its lame assumption that social and economic elites are somehow  'Blue Pilled' normies, like the broad masses they manipulate and exploit. Nothing could be further from the truth: it is quite obvious that powerful individuals who profit from wars and abuse children nurture a totally Black Pilled view of humanity. 

This grim realisation leads us to an important point: the real reason Black Pill nihilism is actively suppressed by the Anglo-American authorities is not so much the damage it can do as the power it confers. Simply put, the Anglo-American Deep State and its various Power Elites want to keep the liberating power of the Black Pill for themselves. Think about it: giving the broad masses access to the Black Pill is like giving street-sweeps and janitors the nuclear codes. This is why Black Pilled thought is labelled psychopathy by the med-school dross called psychiatrists, even while every nation in the Anglosphere is ruled according to Black-Pilled values by thoroughly Black-Pilled elites. How else do they stay ahead of the Blue Pilled masses?

As is generally known, I roundly despise the old Red Pilled 'reformist' MRAs who once dominated the manosphere. Their efforts are utterly pointless in misandrist Anglo nations like Canada or the US, which reflexively view all men as disposable fodder. Even worse, the MRA's tedious and failed ‘crusade’ on behalf of Blue-Pilled chumps is totally thankless. In fact, the average Anglo-American simp despises movements like A Voice for Men and would happily execute all their members without a moment’s thought

Our own view of the deluded Anglosimp is this: if he wants to offer up his ragged life on the altar of the Anglobitch, shed no tears for him. In fact, we should actively encourage him to do so. The Awakened Man thinks no better of male cucks and simps than he does of Anglo-American women who fuck dogs or show their asses to minors in elementary schools. All are disposable cattle without a shred of value. If Chigurh’s deadly bolt stunner were to pierce their empty brains and leave them dead by the roadside, it would be no greater loss than that of an ant.

In sum, Anton Chigurh is an idol that every Black Pilled man should be striving to emulate in every area of life. Operate outside the matrix and view the broad masses as disposable cattle and you won’t go far wrong.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Delenda Est Anglia: Why the Incel Decade is destroying the Anglosphere

In late 2019, I made the following predictions about the impending 2020s:
Incelerando: the Impending Anglosphere Crisis. Will the 2020s be the Incel Decade? 
The Teens (2010-2019) were a decade of great political upheaval in the Anglosphere. Both the US and UK experienced shock election results and dramatic socio-economic upheaval, largely due to years of social dysfunction. Canada and Australia have both spent the past forty years denigrating and marginalising men with boundless misandrist zeal, creating a sizeable 'incel class' of jaundiced males in both countries. 
By submitting to residual puritan narratives and declaring informal war on the male sex, the Anglosphere nations are playing a foolish and dangerous game. As the Twenties approach, I am ever more convinced that it will be a decade of unparalleled social instability for the Anglosphere. Any idiot can see that countries with large minorities (or even majorities) of sexless, alienated young men are heading for serious trouble. In particular, the United States and Canada can expect to see weekly mass shootings as incel males with nothing to lose run amok, selecting women - the sexual oppressor class - as their primary targets. 
Below, I list some of the factors which will feed this conflagration: 
Anglo-American misandry. Though many regions are facing an incel crisis, the problem is much worse in the Anglosphere because of its distinctive sex-negative puritanism and sexual racism, which also determine the sex-negative agendas of Anglo-American feminism. In the Anglosphere there will be no amelioration of misandry or inceldom, just their unremitting expansion.

Avoidance and apathy. The Anglosphere is reluctant to address sexual issues honestly and directly because of its puritan heritage. This means the incel crisis will have to reach critical levels before any action is taken. And by then, the problem will very hard to rectify without resorting to draconian measures.

Fraying trust values. Decades of feminism, misandrist policy and male oppression has made the Anglosphere a dry powder-keg ready to explode with sexual repression and resentment. Expect the Anglosphere countries to become ever more like Brazil or Mexico with social disorder, crumbling institutions and casual violence being normalised.

The Flynn Effect. Rising IQs have made the masses far harder to fool with MSM propaganda. Only an absolute idiot still thinks Chinese guys studying STEM are bouncing around in bed with blonde models every night. Female hypergamy, entitlement and racism are now common knowledge to almost everyone with Internet access and two brain cells to rub together.

End of social circle. Once, tribal membership of a youth culture meant easy access to members of the opposite sex. With the stealthy replacement of post-War youth culture by hypergamous social media for younger Millennials and Zoomers, such social circle game no longer exists. This will mean ever more single, dangerous and aggrieved young men in the 2020s.

Informational threshold. The Internet permits instant sharing of knowledge and opinion, obviating the old model of top-down media indoctrination. In the 1980s or 90s the MSM could happily praise Greta Thunberg as a saint without fear of contradiction. However, once social media appears and a certain threshold of informational complexity is passed, the game is up; it is no longer possible for the MSM to peddle its Blue-Pilled Disney fantasies. Perhaps widespread higher education and the Flynn Effect also feed this outcome. Even the broad masses are beginning to reject Sexual False Consciousness for a more honest narrative. Generation Z will reach adulthood during the next decade, having been raised by an online counter-culture in which the Manosphere is a prominent force. In the 2020s, expect undiluted Black Pill thought to become commonplace among people under 40.
So far, my predictions have proved startlingly accurate. Beset by global pandemic, Lockdown frustrations, racial conflict and economic uncertainty, the Anglosphere is literally falling to pieces. Since it increasingly functions as a unified cultural bloc, a single flash-point anywhere in the Anglosphere rapidly engulfs the whole entity. Let us consider how the factors listed above are contributing to the Anglosphere's demise:

Anglo-American Misandry - It is self-evident that the Pandemic Lockdowns have sharpened sexual frustration, with devastating results. A high proportion of street combatants and rioters are ethnic males with relatively low sexual value in the Anglosphere. Males with nothing to lose in sexual or reproductive terms are much more likely to risk danger and death than men with a strong sexual stake in their society. And let us not forget that the murder of George Floyd was a misandrist crime, not just a racist one; it is a well-known fact that Anglo-American jurisprudence is implicitly misandrist, showing women preferential treatment at every point from arrest to sentencing. Pan-Anglosphere policing is in all respects a misandrist and feminist institution designed to protect all white women and criminalise all men, especially ethnic men. In this important respect, Black Lives Matter is a pro-male movement just as much as it is an anti-racist one.

Avoidance and apathy - Because distinctive Anglo-American issues like racism and slavery have lain fallow for so long, a backlash was inevitable. The boredom and sexual frustration of the pandemic coupled with rising summer heat and the murder of George Floyd were perfect catalysts for  the race riots that subsequently engulfed the Anglosphere. The tired old Boomer myth that a few rock concerts in the 1960's somehow 'fixed' atrocious historical crimes and ongoing Anglo-American racism has dominated the Anglosphere since the 1970's, in the teeth of overwhelming contradictory evidence and experience. A correction was long overdue.

Fraying trust values - Self-evidently, the utterances of politicians and the lamestream media are being ridiculed and rejected as never before. Fuelled by the CV-19 pandemic, an upcoming US election and the reflexive racism of American police officers, protests and riots are the 'new normal' across the Anglosphere. Anger and resentment seethe like restless rivers through the channels of social media; every presidential tweet is mocked or exalted; celebrities are pilloried for a single comment questioning the sanctity of MtF transsexuals.  Not only that, but crime rates are up in most Anglosphere cities. In short, trust between individuals and institutions has already evaporated and we are still only halfway through 2020.

The Flynn Effect - Because Xer, Millennial and Zoomer IQs far surpass those of Boomers and the Silent Generation, many 'lamestream' assumptions are being effectively challenged for the first time in decades. Inviolable concepts such as Anglo-American moral supremacy or the immutable  'goodness' of all white women are good examples. Nowadays, almost everyone can see that the colonial Anglosphere was built on the genocide and robbery of native peoples and centuries of slavery. Similarly, the fact that white Anglo women colluded with and profited from these crimes is entirely self-evident. The recent emergence of new meme-names like 'Karen' or to describe entitled, racist white women exemplify the power and depth of this conceptual revolution. At the intellectual level, the Flynn Effect automatically supplants Blue Pill delusion with Black Pill truth.

End of social circle - because traditional social circles have eroded, Internet driven cults can quickly mobilise mass support across whole continents. If the young were still anchored to the cultic and gestural 'rock music' social circles of yesteryear, it is unlikely that BLM would have gathered such mass support as quickly as it did. Deprived of a real social circle, humans are still social animals and crave to 'belong'; the emergence of pan-Anglosphere online cults driven by hysteria and frustration now satisfy that craving.

Informational threshold - one no longer needs to be a Harvard professor to see that nearly all 'official' Anglo-American narratives are lies. Literally anyone can hop online and see that the Anglosphere was built on slave trading, genocide and terrorism and that many of its leaders were avowed racists and war criminals. The real views of Churchill, Rhodes, Stopes or Lincoln are now plain for all to see.

In conclusion, my prophetic article clearly predicted the unfolding chaos pretty well. And it will be noted that the 2020s have hardly begun, as yet; much, much more is to come. However, I have been writing with eerie prescience about these issues for over a decade, now. Check out this passionate comment on my previous post:
I love this hatred of Karens in mainstream now World is realizing the evil of the Anglobitch! White womens status is dropping rapidly. Rookh was a decade ahead of the curve
His grammar might be a little rugged but his content is flawless. Yes, as early as 2009 I was discussing the moral ugliness, sexual racism and entitled insolence of Anglo-American 'Karens' while everyone else (even other Manosphere writers) still viewed them as oppressed 'saints' handing out free sex to everybody. Further, my activism has always stressed the coherence of the Anglosphere as a discrete historical, political and legal entity; and the Internet has only strengthened this cultural coherence during the past decade, confirming the truth of my original analysis. Consider how a police murder in Minneapolis sparked immediate protests in London, Manchester and Sydney, not just other American cities.

Facts like these explain why other manosphere writers are long forgotten while I still stand: a Black Pill colossus at the gateway of truth.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Covid-19 Jams the Signal: The Incel Decade Unfolds

May 2020: The Anglosphere is sick and burning...

Taking a look back at my seminal January article on the development of the 2020s - which I dubbed the Incel Decade - are my predictions unfolding according to plan?
Why is Sexual False Consciousness such a modern - in fact, late twentieth century - phenomenon? Answering this question not only sheds much light on SFC, it also shows why the 2020s will be the decade when the Black Pill eclipses SFC as the dominant paradigm of western sexuality. 

Big words, indeed; but is there any truth in them?
Although the mainstream media originated in the nineteenth century as printed newspapers and journals, it only acquired total hegemonic dominance over the western masses after world war two. This stranglehold only began to loosen in the late 1990s, although it fundamentally remained in place until around 2009. That momentous  year began to see the introduction of social media into every aspect of life, obliterating the mainstream media consensus that had dominated mass thought for the previous sixty years. The subsequent election of Donald Trump, the UK's vote for Brexit and the West's nationalist resurgence are all manifestations of this process; and without sounding too pretentious, I think the rise of the Black Pill and the Manosphere in general are also part of this 'reclaiming reality' agenda.   
As I have often written, the conceptual key to understanding any social bloc is hegemony – the unseen ideological cement that makes things ‘what they are’, thereby binding the broad masses to the social order. Traditionally the lamestream media has been the primary hegemonic tool, although language, place names, education, organic mass culture, religion and subcultural traditions also play a role. The hegemony maintains the Overton Window – the frame of what is ‘reasonable’ or ‘sane’ in any society – however dysfunctional or irrational that might be.

Obviously, the rise of social media and the decline of mainstream media have greatly weakened the Anglosphere’s traditional hegemony. The rise of Black Lives Matter, Incel culture and ‘offbeat’ politicians like Trump or Farage all demonstrate the extent of this change. Mainstream commentators can no longer deny the existence of incels, lookism, The Black Pill, white women’s historic (and ongoing) racism or even the the Dog Pill; and long may that trend continue.  

The Dog Pill is becoming common knowledge

However, it is difficult to deny that the 2020s have already seen a massive acceleration in this process of hegemonic collapse.  Personally, I believe the Covid-19 pandemic is exposing fissures in Anglo-American culture which have lain dormant for decades. As Nathaniel Rothschild once said, 'Great fortunes are made when bombs fall in the harbour, not when violins are playing in the ballroom'. The ongoing pandemic has sparked this mass ‘Awakening’ for several reasons:
  • Due to CV-19, there is added fear and paranoia throughout society. This is exposing deep rooted fears, prejudices and tensions which are normally dormant or suppressed. The case of Amy Cooper (see video clip below) is a good example; when confronted with a black male bird watcher, she was unable to control her inborn Anglobitch hatred of black men.
  • The fact that many of the middle classes can work from home while other workers are expected to brave an unsafe working environment is exposing the profound  inequality, racism and injustice that define the Anglosphere. In fact, the disastrous mismanagement of the crisis by the UK and US sprang solely from their miserly Anglo-Saxon instinct to prioritise the economy over people.
  • Due to Lockdown, people have had more time to reflect on their miserable lives. Free of the daily grind, people are also free to fixate on things that inspire or anger them. The cases of racist Anglobitch Amy Cooper and murdered George Floyd are good examples. The Devil makes work for idle hands, and all of that.
  • Cooped up at home for months on end, the masses are highly frustrated. This makes them all the more likely to respond with violent action when confronted with injustice. The race riots presently engulfing many US cities are an exquisite example of intense frustration finding violent expression.
  • Sheer uncertainty about the future is also stoking tensions. Despite various empty claims and promises from non-medical authorities, there is presently no Covid-19 vaccine and no hope of one until 2021 (at the earliest). President's Trump’s stand-off with China, Twitter, mainstream media and the Deep State are also adding to the mix. Many workers will lose their jobs and face poverty when governments stop propping up businesses and paying workers in the coming months. When anything could happen, anything will.
  • Covid-19 Lockdowns around the globe have greatly strengthened the power of social media. In Lockdown conditions, people are using Discord and Zoom without the mediating influence of the lamestream as never before.
  • Covid-19 might well extinguish the Boomers, chief proponents of Sexual False Consciousness across the Anglosphere. After all, it is not called The Boomer Doomer for nothing. With these clowns removed from the equation, an honest and constructive discussion about western gender relations can actually begin. No longer will we hear that all women are oppressed 'saints' or that 'everyone' (and it really is 'everyone', people) is bouncing around in bed with models all day; after sixty years of Sexual False Consciousness, the Black Pilled reality will finally prevail.  
As promised, here is the video showing the 'oppressed' and 'downtrodden' white cunt Amy Cooper. While taking her dog out for a sex session in the woods walk in Central Park, she called the police on an innocent black male who asked her to control her canine sex slave mutt:

To conclude this short thought-piece on the unfolding Incel Decade, it has to be said that my January article was startlingly on-target. Under the stress of Covid-19 and the associated Lockdown, the Anglo-American hegemony is unravelling fast. Under unprecedented pressure, our many foes - racist Anglo feminists, Baby Boomers, the lamestream commentariat - are either crumbling or playing into our hands at every turn. 

Instead of sucking false consciousness from the lamestream media, more sexually-disenfranchised and socially-victimised men are poised to escape their Blue Pilled state than ever before. The Anglosphere's Blue Pill 'consensus' is a vast fraud led by soy-fed poltroons who need to keep subaltern males hoodwinked about the hideous truth of the Anglobitch and her exalted, dog-fucking, arrogant nature

But those lies have never been more vulnerable. Now is the time to throw all our efforts into this corridor of unprecedented opportunity, spreading the Black Pill as never before.

George Floyd: a tragic but useful Martyr

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

'They should have been more Honest': Sexual Hauntology and the Sexual Revolution that Never Happened

Why were these 60s 'Free Lovers' always rich, attractive and white?

This will be quite a demanding essay but I hope the reader stays with me to the end because this little  piece has quite profound implications for awakened men living in the Anglosphere.

Jacques Derrida

In its original form as devised by the philosopher Jacques Derrida in his 1993 book Spectres of Marx, 'hauntology' is a narrowly political concept. Since the ‘inevitable’ Communist utopia promised by Marx never materialised, Derrida claims that Europe is now haunted by nostalgia for a 'lost future' that never came to pass. Unsurprisingly, the Anglosphere (where Marxism is an intellectual non-event) has applied Derrida's concept to a much broader range of cultural activities.The Wikipedia entry for Hauntology reads:
Due to the difficulty in understanding the concept, there is little consistency in how other writers define the term.
In the 2000s, the term was taken up by critics in reference to paradoxes found in postmodernity, particularly contemporary culture's persistent recycling of retro aesthetics and incapacity to escape old social forms. Writers such as Mark Fisher and Simon Reynolds used the term to describe a musical aesthetic preoccupied with this temporal disjunction and the nostalgia for "lost futures". So-called "hauntological" musicians are described as exploring ideas related to temporal disjunction, retrofuturism, cultural memory, and the persistence of the past.
However, in my view the real 'hauntological' factor haunting the Anglo-American world is sexual: the west is haunted by a sexual revolution that was extensively promised in the 1960s and 70s, but never came to pass for the vast majority of men.

In short, we are haunted by nostalgia for a sexual revolution that never happened. This painful nostalgia is best described as 'Sexual Hauntology'. 

Truly, this realisation is equal to my concept of Sexual False Consciousness in its implications for Manosphere thought and the growing corpus of incel ideology. Of course, the West is haunted by many more broken promises than just its sexual ones, some of which directly relate to Sexual Hauntology: failed multiculturalism, failed Christianity (Jesus never returns) and the failed promise of the Aquarian 'New Age'. However, most men reading this are primarily haunted by the failed promises of endless sexual bounty promoted throughout the 1960s and 1970s; promises not only broken, but actively reversed by the Tinder Age. Feeling 'haunted', experiencing a sense of Sexual Hauntology, is our painful reward for Black Pilled knowledge.

The white, educated, able-bodied, upper-middle class 60's 'Sexual Revolution'

Of course, Blue Pilled ‘normie’ society believes the Sexual Revolution was not only fully realised but remains an ongoing reality for the vast majority of people. These cucks seriously think that inceldom is a 'lifestyle choice' for sub-8 young men and that 'everyone' is having free sex on a 24/7 basis without regard to appearance, wealth, ethnicity or other social striations. Of course, these absurd Boomer delusions arose from the rarefied experience of a small minority in the first place - namely, pampered upper-middle class whites practising 'Free Love' on college campuses - but that did not prevent them being amplified by the lamestream media into an unquestioned (if imaginary) 'norm'. 

Little wonder - only over the past ten years (with the rise of our Manosphere) has this faux 'consensus' being challenged at any level.

Of course, the Black Pilled reality is completely different. Instead of a sexual utopia, Tinder and the debased reality of female nature (Dog pill, hyper-hypergamy, sexual fascism) have unleashed a wave of mass sexual disenfranchisement for sub-8 and ethnic males; a tsunami of incel frustration that deprives the bottom third of young males of any sexual expression. The spectre of Sexual Hauntology only makes this grim reality all the more painful by contrast, explaining the acute sense of sexual grievance felt by incel killers like Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian.

In the Anglosphere, Sexual Hauntology is amplified by another broken promise – namely, multiculturalism. The endemic sexual racism of Anglo-American white women is a potent colonial residue, contributing greatly to the sexual disenfranchisement (and general social ostracism) afflicting most non-white males residing in the Anglosphere. As several learned men have commented on this site, the colonial Anglosphere is defined by genocidal crimes against aboriginal peoples (Maoris, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines), as well as the more obvious crime of black slavery; all crimes the Anglosphere has never come to terms with (or, until recently, even acknowledged).

In the 60s and 70s, the rise of feminism became associated in the popular mind with sexual multiculturalism. However, this perception only arose because liberal observers falsely associated Anglo-American feminism with progressive values. As I have been saying for the past decade, Anglo feminism actually represents the extension and expansion of core Anglo-Saxon values - puritanism, misandry, sexual classism and racism - across the Anglosphere nations and even beyond. This is why non-white males in the post-feminist Anglosphere are even more sexually disenfranchised than they were in the first place.

False Promises: No one-eyed Indian Janitors wanted here

I hope the reader has enjoyed this little foray into post-modern philosophy and its implications for the Anglo-American Manosphere. We all know the Dog Pill is a real and present danger but I feel a need to return the blog to a more conceptual footing. Concepts like Hyper-Hypergamy and Sexual False Consciousness are now common currency in the Manosphere, and I feel Sexual Hauntology deserves to join them.

When Anglo-American men are growing up, they are generally fed the fiction that their adulthood will be filled with endless sexual encounters with warm, willing beauties, like a living James Bond movie. The naive Joe Buck - hero of Midnight Cowboy - is the classic example of this. For most men of course, this fantasy never materialises; and they are haunted by it for the rest of their lives, trapped forever in a state of Sexual Hauntology.

From this standpoint, the incel subculture is more a vengeful 'blowback' against broken promises far more than it is a 'cult' or 'movement'. Similarly, high-value dissident men who seek women outside the Anglosphere are striving to escape their 'haunting' by misandrist, low-value Anglo women.

Really, the concept of 'Sexual Hauntology' explains so many things.

Joe Buck: His Ladies are Waiting... Not.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

The Virtues of Honesty: Why the Black Pill saves Lives

My apologies for not writing but I have been working double shifts and this is my first break in a good while. While toiling away at the coal face of public health in the midst of a global pandemic, I began to ruminate on the importance of truth in gender relations and life in general.

The mainstream, Blue-Pilled culture and its online supporters (for example, the now-defunct Incel Tears) believe (or pretend to believe) that 'lying saves lives'. That is, by endlessly promoting Blue-Pilled fictions and Sexual False Consciousness they hope to keep sexually disenfranchised males in a state of pacified delusion. Males locked in such a state, they believe, are less likely to hurt themselves or others (for 'others', read 'women') in mass shootings and terrorist attacks (which frequently have misogynist undertones, as in the case of the 2017 Manchester bombing by Salman Abedi).

Salman Abedi: Incel Terrorist

However, Blue Pill 'wisdom' is completely wrong, as usual. In truth, incel violence springs from false expectations which are in turn the products of inane Blue-Pilled illusions and falsehoods.  If young men were taught about the Anglobitch Thesis, female hypergamy, sexual fascism, elitism and racism – not to mention the Dog Pill – they would have no false ideals to poison. Instead, the Anglosphere spins puritanical Disney fantasies which pedestalise women and promote sexless 'romance' at every turn. Little wonder incels feel so aggrieved when they eventually realise the bitter truth of female nature.

In short, Blue-Pilled Sexual False Consciousness has killed infinitely more people than Black Pilled truth.

Just admit it: White women fuck dogs

It is simply a fact that there are genetic limitations to an individual’s success in any field. Because someone follows all Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training routines does not mean they will become Mr Universe or an action movie star. Because someone plays football all day will not make them the new Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Someone who draws all day will not inevitable become the new Leonardo da Vinci. Reading medical textbooks will not make someone an MD if they lack the necessary temperament or academic aptitude. This Blue-Pilled 'Anyone can do anything!' perspective is the real root of the self-hatred, resentment and dysfunction that plagues so many western countries.

Blue-Pilled 'mainstream' delusions

Similarly, not all men can be sexually successful with women. Young women are clearly attracted to height, facial symmetry, blue eyes, neurotypicality, whiteness and thinness, not their opposites. Older women are more attracted to money and status, which is why low status adult men are far more likely to be childless and single.  Innate Anglobitch hyper-hypergamy, sexual fascism, racism and elitism coupled with female economic independence simply means that modern women can strike out a huge range of men as potential partners, leaving them free to chase Chad or Tyrone.

And thanks to social media and a general loosening of sexual mores, this dire situation is only going to get worse. Tinder, Tik Tok and the Dog Pill mean that a substantial minority of men – if not a sub-8 majority – are going to experience long spells of sexual disenfranchisement in their prime years, if not permanent sexual disenfranchisement.

Level up: this guy won't be fucking models any time soon

However, accepting and promoting these truths is better for the social good than peddling lies and fantasies which leave individuals feeling enraged and ‘lied to’ in the longer term. Instead of peddling romantic pipe dreams and feeding sub-8 men deluded bullshit about women’s true nature, the Anglo-American lamestream (schools, colleges, churches and medical professionals, not just the media) should just be open and honest about these matters. The dissident Manosphere has arisen because 'mainstream' Anglo-American views about women are such palpable garbage, with no basis in reality whatsoever. However, early acceptance of female nature would free sub-8 men from the justified feelings of grievance they acquire as their early social programming is inevitably refuted by a bitter-tasting reality

A Black Pill a day keeps men grounded and based

Of course, there are different 'truths' for different men in the Dark Enlightenment. For ethnic men resident in Anglosphere nations, the VantaBlack truth that white women are racist dog fuckers will banish their false hopes and lead them to dissident radicalism or self-repatriation. For sub-8 white men, the simple Black Pill will banish their Sexual False Consciousness and point them towards fulfilling sex with escorts and high-tier ethnic women. For 8+ White men, the Crimson Pill of the Anglobitch Thesis will point them towards fulfilling relationships and marriages with women outside the misandrist, puritanical Anglosphere, with its crooked divorce courts and feminist judges.

In sum, lying does not save lives. While painful to accept at first, Black Pill truth delivers infinitely better long-term outcomes for everyone.

For 8+ White Men, Foreign Ladies are Waiting...

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Interesting Case of UK 'Incel Stalker': Judge Defends Snowflake Whores

Kyle O'Oconnor: A Dangerous'Stalker'

The following case from 2019 is an interesting one, from a Black Pilled perspective. I have not seen it referenced elsewhere in the Anglo-American manosphere, although it offers important insights into how the 'mainstream' media and legal authorities still view and treat dissident male behaviour in the Anglosphere.

It also demonstrates how 'mainstream' Anglo-American society still views dog-fucking, child-abusing Tinder whores: as sensitive angels in need of 'protection' from 'dangerous' men:

Stalker Bombarded Women with Messages on Social Media and Signed them up to Porn Websites
Kyle O'Connor, 27, also sent them messages about the 'involuntarily celibate' or 'incel' community 
A stalker bombarded three women with messages on social media and signed them up to emails from porn websites, a court heard.

Kyle O'Connor, 27, also sent them messages about the 'involuntarily celibate' or 'incel' community, an online group inspired by a mass murder in America.

He sent messages to one woman for 11 months, and another two for 8 months, often using fake Twitter profiles.

O'Connor, who has 'considerable mental health difficulties', knew two of his victims from school years before, the court heard.

Prosecutors said that he would 'turn nasty' when he didn't get a response.

He would say he loved the victims. The content of the messages then became sexual.

O'Connor asked one woman for naked photos and sent pictures of underwear to them, saying they would look nice wearing it.

O'Connor, from Wythenshawe (a slum in the north of England - RK), found out their email addresses, and signed them up to pornographic websites, from which they would receive emails.

He also created social media profiles in their names, prosecutor James Preece told Manchester Crown Court.

When one of the victims was on holiday, O'Connor messaged her saying he had walked past her place of work - and said he knew what her boss' car looked like.

At one point, O'Connor told one of the women to unfollow her boyfriend on Twitter.

She replied, asking: "Or what?"

O'Connor then sent her a picture of what she described as looking like a 'serial killer', followed by a number of exclamation marks.

Some of the messages included references to 'involuntary celibacy' and 'taking the black pill', the court heard.

O'Connor also sent messages referencing mass murderer Elliot Rodger, who killed six people then killed himself in California in 2014.

Rodger, 22, issued a 'manifesto' before the murders, speaking of his loathing of women and of his frustration at being a virgin.

He was part of the online 'incel' community, who blame women for their sexual failings.

The movement is thought to have inspired other murders in north America.

Judge Martin Rudland said victim impact statements submitted by two of the victims 'both speak of the severe impacts on their lives in serious ways'.

"Perhaps the most serious is the sense that they cannot escape it," the judge added.

The other victim was pregnant while the stalking was happening, and this caused her added stress and led her to delete all her social media accounts.

O'Connor was eventually tracked down, but while he was on bail, he went into a doctor's surgery in Wythenshawe with three knives.

He had been there for a medical appointment, but was seen by a concerned onlooker with the knives.

She reported the incident to police on April 15. Later, she said O'Connor didn't make any threatening gestures with the knives, and she saw it as a 'cry for help'.

O'Connor was remanded into custody from May to September while doctors compiled reports into his mental health.

The judge said they found that O'Connor has 'considerable mental health difficulties'.

Defending, Alistair Reid said that since the defendant has been released on bail, he has observed a curfew and not committed any further offences.

Sentencing, Judge Rudland told O'Connor: "You began to use the internet in a way that was wholly inappropriate, and rapidly became a criminal enterprise.

"Over a long period of time you engaged in what has been characterised as offences of stalking with your three victims.

"All of them were young females, all of them accustomed to using social media, and used to people knowing about them and being able to communicate with them.

"You took advantage of that. You created various profiles to bombard them with wholly inappropriate material.

"When one receives material of the type that you were sending, over such a long period of time, the effect is extremely debilitating.

"You in effect took your frustrations out on them."

Judge Rudland said he wanted to make sure O'Connor did not go on to commit more similar offences, and said prison would create 'backwards steps' in terms of his mental health.

Instead, the judge imposed an 18 month sentence, suspended for two years, to include a 12-month mental health treatment program.

An indefinite restraining order was also passed, banning O'Connor from contacting the three victims and from setting up social media accounts in names other than his own.

O'Connor said he no longer uses social media.

He pleaded guilty to three counts of stalking which caused serious alarm or distress; and two counts of possessing a bladed article.

Manchester Evening News (UK), September 2019

I think the overriding lesson awakened men should take from this story is that 'mainstream' Anglo-American society still reflexively stigmatises male sexuality as 'sinister' and 'threatening', while exalting women who show their bodies to children and sexually abuse dogs as 'saints' and 'angels'. Note how this virginal male is seen as a 'threat' to Anglobitches who routinely fuck Fido, expose themselves to children and Instagram their naked asses in the workplace

While some MGTOW and incel commentators believe the Black Pill is reaching a broader audience, this article also demonstrates that mainstream Anglo-American society still associates the Dark Enlightenment with mental illness, mass murder and toxic masculinity. Note how the article deliberately misinforms its audience, falsely stating that the 'incel community' was inspired by 'mass murder'. 

The last lesson to be drawn from the case is that the 'mainstream' is still securely locked in Sexual False Consciousness. The discredited 'mainstream' narrative that all males are bouncing around in bed with models all night runs through this case from start to finish. Daring to break ranks from this narrative in word and deed immediately earned O'Connor instant stigmatisation as a dangerous maniac in need of psychiatric intervention.

So let the Pills of Awakening and the Anglobitch Thesis guide you; but strive to keep their insights to yourself. 

'Mainstream' society does not want enlightenment, anyway

O'Connor: Ted Bundy in Waiting?

Saturday, 29 February 2020

The Six Forms of Sexual False Consciousness

Joe Buck projects his Sexual False Consciousness...

'Sexual False Consciousness
 is the widespread male delusion that young, attractive women hand out sex for free. Moreover, not only do they spend every hour of every day handing out free sex, they give it to ageing, blue-collar schlubs in pick-up trucks.'

To some extent, MGTOW is Sexual False Consciousness: autistic neckbeards pretending that women are queuing up to marry them. 'Conservative' MGTOWs (for example, Seung Hui Cho) would have us believe they are deliberately shunning 'promiscuous' women, not studiously ignored by them. Obviously, this is not true of all MGTOWS: some are Boomers stung by Anglo divorce settlements or Crimson Pilled men who want better relationships with non-Anglo women.

That said, many MGTOWs are viewing the contemporary sexual marketplace from the highest peaks of Mount Cope. However, SFC is a complex and curious animal that touches most Anglo-American men at some point in their lives. Without further ado, let us examine the various forms of SFC exhibited by males in the Anglo-American West.

'Shame SFC'

Many males, realising that sexual prowess is a key feature of male status, simply pretend they are having lots of free sex. Is this really SFC? In the strictest sense, probably not; the sexual bullshitter knows perfectly well he is a sexual loser. He is not deluded about his own situation, as in the most extreme forms of SFC. In fact, this form of SFC is so common as to be normal in the Anglosphere: virtually all men lie about their sexual success rates to other men.

'Generational SFC'

GSFC is most common among Baby Boomers, although many Xers also suffer from it (Silent Generation men are on another planet, and so fall outside this analysis). GSFCers simply do not understand that we are now in the Tinder Age, that women have their own jobs and receive endless validation from social media. They also grew up listening to rock music (or early rap music) telling them that women want sex with everybody, which further clouds their understanding of the 21st century sexual marketplace.  Jordan Peterson is a classic example of this type, although almost all Boomer males suffer from the same delusions. Another fiction they cling to is that looks don't matter, mainly because looks mattered much less when women were economically dependent on men in the 50s, 60s and 70s. They also fail to grasp that western society is now openly antagonistic to males and male sexuality (#metoo, #timesup). And then there is the blunt fact that their post-War world was genuinely more sexually liberated than its post-millennium counterpart.

Generational SFC is more impersonal than the other forms, tainting the sufferer's vision of contemporary sexual reality without necessarily warping their own self image. Deluded but not pernicious, they simply do not understand the 21st century and its psycho-sexual conditions. GSFC assumes everyone is white, middle class and having sex all day, completely blind to the the fact that a third of males under 30 are now incels in North America.

It is worth noting that GSFC is frequently 'borrowed' by men of later generations. This can either be caused by cultural osmosis (for example, listening to 60s or 70s rock music) or by direct transfer (for example, listening to the Blue Pilled sexual advice of older male relatives). Whatever the cause, the result is a Millennial or Zoomer completely detached from contemporary sexual reality.

'Conniving SFC'

David Futrelle falls into this category. These are men who peddle SFC in order to build online careers or get media time. Futrelle knows perfectly well that Anglo women are hypergamous and racist; he just pretends otherwise to keep the donations rolling in. We Hunted the Mammoth is his bread and butter, so he necessarily has to placate the assorted trannies, lesbians, post-Wall hags, White/Blue Knights and other coping losers who gather there. 

Again, conniving SFC is a facsimile of the real thing. Futrelle doubtless has a rich sex life with pre-pubescent boys he meets on the seedier backstreets of Chicago, while true SFC requires a high degree of sexual disenfranchisement

'Delusional SFC'

Delusional SFC is very much the real thing, however. DSFCers are typically ugly, fat men who seriously think model tier girls are clamouring to have free sex with them (in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence). What are the roots of DSFC? First, self-delusion: apparently, most men think they are more attractive than they are. DSFC is also fed by the lamestream Anglo-American media spinning Baby Boomer fairy tales about 'Beauty and the Beast' relationships and preaching the 'looks don't matter' myth.

Delusional SFC is strongly linked to low IQ, gullibility and low socio-economic standing (see Blue Knights).

'Cope SFC'

This is an important subset of delusional SFC. Faced with a loveless, sexless future, the Coper actually needs SFC to stave off depression and thoughts of suicide. In consequence, Copers have a hysterical rage against reality itself and many are rabid Blue Knights who hate all mention of the Black Pill and those who dare to preach it. In addition, CSFCers cannot endure any criticism of western women. Personally, I hate them above all other breeds of Anglocuck. Seriously, someone needs to take a Black Pill blowtorch to those people.

'Psychotic SFC'

This is the most extreme and Blue Pilled form of SFC. This is not lies, self-deceit or slight self-delusion; nor is it economic self-interest or merely being trapped in the values of a defunct eraPsychotic SFC involves complete departure from reality. The PSFCer actually believes he is having sex with models all day, even if he is in reality a virgin incel or banging low-tier escorts on the weekend. Many of the posters on the Inceltears reddit suffer from PSFC, especially the noob who runs it (he posts several hundred times a day). Seriously, those people need professional help.

And there they are, the six forms of SFC that daily dupe sexually disenfranchised western males. Unlike Black Pilled incels, I don't have any problem with Chads or Tyrones who are enjoying free sex with multiple women. If someone is gaming the system, power to them. I hate SFC cuckery far more intensely, partly because it is so idiotic but mainly because it is so cowardly, weak and unmanly.

Beyond that, SFC is a vital component in the late capitalist programme. It keeps the system ticking over as sexless mugs toil away like Trojans, thinking they will someday get model tier women if only they 'work a little harder' or 'get a promotion'. This is why the Anglo-American authorities have to stop the Black Pill spreading at all costs and why the Dark Enlightenment is in their cross-hairs.

Are you ready for battle?

Friday, 14 February 2020

Equal Opportunity Evil: Is the Anglobitch Thesis Going Mainstream?

When I began writing on these issues in 2010, I was viewed as a marginalised commentator, even in the manosphere. In 2020, many of my views on Anglo-American white women have already become mainstream. Over the past decade a veritable army of researchers have emerged who openly discuss white North American women's complicity in slavery, racism and other social malfeasance. Check out the following editorial piece from the New York Times, in which 'radical' or 'progressive' white women's complicity in institutionalised racism is openly discussed:

White Suffragist Racism
Last year, Chicago renamed a prominent downtown street for the celebrated newspaper editor and anti-lynching campaigner Ida B. Wells, who also played a starring role in the earlier 20th-century suffrage movement. Less well known in the city today is the estimable Wells contemporary Fannie Barrier Williams, a member of the black elite who had a profound impact on Chicago during more than three decades of civic and political activism.

As her biographer, Wanda Hendricks, points out, Barrier Williams broadened her influence by crossing racial lines, becoming the first black woman admitted to the Chicago Women’s Club, one of the most powerful white women’s groups in the country. She led the charge to get black women politically engaged and worked tirelessly to open the business world to them as well.

As Harper did, she dissented from the white suffrage movement’s gender-centric view of voting rights, arguing that “black women had unique needs that were defined as much by race as they were by gender and region,” making clear that she was less interested in a political candidate’s gender than in what he or she had to say about the plight of African-Americans. Beyond that, she bluntly reminded white women that racism in their ranks represented a prime obstacle for black women, writing “that the exclusion of colored women and girls from nearly all places of employment is due mostly to the meanness of American women.”

When the Suffrage Movement Sold Out to White Supremacy, Brent Staples, New York Times, Feb 2, 2020

While it might not be the Anglobitch Thesis in its purest form, the essential lines of the Thesis are present in the article quoted above. In brief, the author asserts that 'progressive' Anglo-American feminists have an uncanny knack of retaining racist and reactionary values from traditional Anglo-Saxon culture even while preaching for 'revolution' and 'change'. Although Ben Staples' focus is narrowly political, the Anglobitch Thesis demonstrates that white women's staggering hypocrisy extends into all other areas of life. For example, they retain giga-levels of sexual elitism, puritanical sex negativism and female entitlement even while marching around with placards calling for 'revolution' and the impeachment of President Trump.

In addition, Anglo feminists strive to hide their reactionary addictions behind a smoke-screen of 'genderism' - the ludicrous fiction that gender transcends all other considerations (status, wealth, ethnicity) in the Anglosphere. This conceptual trick serves to mask their own complicity in slavery and other historical crimes, not to mention contemporary racism.

In sum, white Anglo women's hypocrisy is so total that it almost defies comprehension

Moreover, serious academic research is starting to expose the Anglo-American white woman's complicity in slavery and other evils intrinsic to Anglo-American culture. Far from being coerced into obedience by 'evil' white men, white female slave-owners were perfectly capable of performing the most evil deeds on their own account.  Check out the following book review from 2019:

Equal-Opportunity Evil 
A new history reveals that for female slaveholders, the business of human exploitation was just as profitable—and brutal—as it was for men.

Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers opens her stunning new book, They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South, with a story about Martha Gibbs, a sawmill owner in Mississippi who also owned “a significant number of slaves.” One of them, Litt Young, described her owner as a woman in total control of her financial affairs, including the management of her enslaved workers. Young remembered, for example, how Gibbs’ second husband tried and failed to convince her to stop ordering her overseer to administer “brutal whippings.” After the Confederates surrendered, Gibbs “refugeed:” She took some of her enslaved workers to Texas, at gunpoint, and forced them to labor for her until 1866—“one year after these legally free but still enslaved people ‘made her first crop.’ ” Then, writes Jones-Rogers, “Martha Gibbs finally let them go.” 
Early books about female slaveholders, written in the 1970s and 1980s by historians of women’s experiences, tended to be about elite, wealthy Southerners who fell into that role when their husbands or fathers died. The women in these histories were depicted as having had a conflicted relationship with their role as slaveowner, and some historians posited that these plantation mistresses themselves were restricted and oppressed by the patriarchal society of the Old South. In this telling of history, the women who owned people didn’t directly involve themselves with the day-to-day management of enslaved workers, and certainly not with the selling and buying of the enslaved. 

It’s these assumptions about female slaveowning as a kind of passive, half-hearted practice that Jones-Rogers is challenging with her book—and with them, the idea that white women were innocent bystanders to the white male practice of enslavement. Her goal, she told me in a phone interview, was to paint a picture of the way white women economically benefited from their own slaveholding. For some women, slaveholding helped them attract husbands. Within their marriages, a woman like Martha Gibbs who owned enslaved people might retain a measure of independence by maintaining control of “her” slaves. And if those husbands died, or turned out to be failures at business, their wives figured out ways to retain the human property that would ensure their continued material security. 
Jones-Rogers began this shift in historical perspective by looking away from letters and diaries of elite white women that formed the documentary basis for earlier histories, and toward the testimony of the people who had been in bondage. Looking at life narratives of formerly enslaved people recorded during the Great Depression by the Works Progress Administration (Litt Young’s was one of these), Jones-Rogers found multiple instances of these witnesses naming the women who owned them—not simply as “mistresses” but as owners, with everything that entailed. She found stories of times when these women “reinforced their property claims in conversations with or in the presence of their slaves” and “challenged their male kinfolks’ alleged power to control their property, human or otherwise.” 
Examining other kinds of records, Jones-Rogers found female slave-owners all over the archive of American slavery: female authors of the advertisements placed in newspapers when enslaved people ran away, identifying themselves as the runaways’ owners; women awarded compensation for the deaths of enslaved people who had been executed or sold away after being found guilty of fomenting insurrection; women compensated by cities who hired enslaved workers for public works projects. Married women, who under the legal doctrine of coverture were not commonly allowed to hold property once they had husbands, petitioned courts to gain economic rights to the enslaved people they had owned before marriage—and judges often agreed with their pleas. 
The stories from WPA narratives show that from the perspective of the enslaved, female slaveholders weren’t much different from their male counterparts. Many of them were just as physically cruel as men, and they didn’t hesitate to make decisions to “sell away” enslaved people or their relatives. Stories of women who whipped enslaved people with nettleweed or fed enslaved children spoiled meat, and an entire heartbreaking chapter about the practice of separating enslaved women from their infants so that they could act as wet nurses for their mistresses’ offspring, make it clear that Southern women who owned people weren’t kind “mothers” making the best of a bad situation. “If we look carefully at slave-owning women’s management styles, we find that these differed little from those used by slaveholding men—and they rarely treated enslaved people as their children,” Jones-Rogers writes.  
To some (let’s be honest, probably mostly white) people, the fact that white women have the capacity to inflict violence and to cruelly manipulate the lives of others—to be what Jones-Rogers, in our conversation, called “evil and dastardly”—is an eternal revelation. That’s why we still get curious, “look at this weird phenomenon” articles about white women at Unite the Right, or within the alt-right movement. Or why we need to be reminded again and again that white women gleefully attended lynchings, flocked in the thousands to form auxiliaries for the Ku Klux Klan, and avidly protested school integration in the South and the North. This history of slave-owning women’s economic relationship to slavery, Jones-Rogers says, should “remove the surprise.” “If you think about the value, the importance of whiteness in their lives, being a source of power, being a source of empowerment and emboldenment, then throughout history these little things make sense,” she said. “Women can hold their own when it comes to violence.” 
Perhaps it’s a particularly American tic to want to believe in white women’s innocence in the cruelty of American history. Jones-Rogers reports that when she would present her work to scholars in Europe, they’d be unsurprised at its contents. “There was this kind of consensus among them that women could do these things. But when I talked to American historians, and American scholars, they were saying—‘What??? Wow!’ ” 
While writing her book, Jones-Rogers read Hitler’s Furies, Wendy Lower’s history about Nazi women’s participation in genocide on the Eastern Front during World War II. “One of the arguments Lower makes is, the reason why we may be shocked is, we hold onto this hope that at least one half of humanity still has some good in it,” Jones-Rogers says. “We need some part of humanity to have this inherent, natural empathy. When we find out women can be just as vicious and atrocious, it’s very disillusioning. Because who else is left?”
Rebecca Onion, Slate, February 14, 2019 

This compelling review also highlights how the pedestalising puritanism of Anglo-American culture inhibits objective assessment of white Anglo women's historical and ongoing crimes. Since European researchers were not steeped in gynocentric puritanism, they accepted Jones-Rogers' research far more readily than their North American counterparts.

While such works are worthy enough, and it is good to see the Thesis taking root in the Anglo-American mainstream, it will be noted by my long-time readers that my first book, Havok, was describing historical Anglobitch perfidy as early as 2009.

And I am still way ahead of the cultural curve. I predict that in 2030, issues like the Dogpill, Hyper-Hypergamy, Sexual False Consciousness and female child abuse will be as 'mainstream' as white Anglo-American women's historical racism is today.