Wednesday 16 June 2021

THE ONE-MILLION SPARK POST - Count Your Crimson Pill Blessings: How Objectivity Confers Advantage over Delusion

Checking my records, I note that my blog has now reached one-million individual page-views. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me over the past 12 years. It has been a long and sometimes unforgiving journey but well worth it in the long run. 

Speaking of unforgiving and unrewarding circumstances leads me to the subject of this landmark post. Inevitably, awakened and self-aware men living in the Anglosphere find many aspects of life difficult: relationships, divorce laws and pretty much everything else. While this can be a difficult existence, it is still better than the alternative: namely, living in a world of Blue-Pilled self-delusion

As we have often discussed, the Anglosphere countries have become strongholds of 'secular puritanism' in which misandrist feminism now occupies the role formerly occupied by puritanical Christianity. This residual 'secular Puritanism' is why the Anglosphere persists in fighting a ridiculous 'War on Drugs' despite the enormous human and economic costs (and obvious failure) of this policy. Similarly, the US ban on prostitution is pernicious and ineffectual, yet neither the Republicans or Democrats make moves to amend or terminate it. Many of my critics have questioned whether the Anglosphere (especially North America) is truly puritanical: yet these ridiculous policies are clear proof that it is. In stark contrast, countries like Germany, Switzerland and Portugal have progressive, realistic views on drugs and prostitution yet remain perfectly functional

Because puritanism is essentially hostile to sexual and social reality, Anglo-American countries prefer to hide in a fantasy world rather than acknowledge the need for change or intervention. Indeed, both Anglo-American politicians and the 'mainstream' media still seem to be living in the 1950s rather than the 2020s. This wilful self-deceit is what makes living in Anglosphere nations so difficult for Awakened men, for whom truth is the essence of life.  

Although self-delusion might be more comfortable in the short term, it is a most unhealthy long-term life strategy. Medicine itself shows why this is so: if someone finds a lump somewhere, the sooner they seek out medical attention the better their outcome is likely to be. If they deny the lump's existence, their prognosis gets worse with each passing moment. In fact, their condition usually becomes incurable after a certain time. In the Anglosphere - with its neo-puritan tendency to self-delusion - a whole range of problems have similarly become incurable due to neglect

The whole 'OK, Boomer' meme arose because because many of the Baby Boomer Generation prefer to live in a 1950s fantasy world rather than grasp the nettle of reality. When confronted with brutal facts about post-feminist society - like the fact that a third of American males under 30 have not had sex in a year, or that the law allows Canadian women to get away with child abuse - many Boomers flatly deny the reality of the figures. Similarly, facts like female hyper-hypergamy and racism or soaring male suicide rates are either flatly denied or airily dismissed by older generations. 

For all the pain and disappointment they can cause, objectivity and self-awareness are still better (and more effective) than retreating into self-delusion. Adapting to reality is simply more functional than ignoring it, in a score of ways. In fact, performance in every sphere of life can be dramatically improved by the rigorous application of objectivity; and this applies to educational and practical matters, not just sex and relationships. 

If a person has an IQ of 90, they are much better aiming for trade school rather than medical school. If a man has a fragile bone structure, he is not likely to become a professional athlete. If a person has asymmetrical facial features, they are most unlikely to become a Hollywood actor. At the sexual level, a one-eyed Indian janitor is unlikely to enjoy much success applying PUA techniques that work for tall white males. Similarly, if a man wants a stable relationship he is much better departing the Anglosphere for a country where women are less entitled, misandrist and socially destructive; for in a misandrist culture which sees all men as disposable, deviant and criminal, marriage is a disaster waiting to happen

In short, the Crimson Pill - a worldview which combines Red Pill energy with Black Pill realism - is the optimal choice for Awakened men. This is especially true in the Anglosphere, where Blue-Pilled self-delusion is the prevailing worldview.