Saturday 18 May 2019

The Case of Stephen Curry: Rampant Hyper-Hypergamy in Action

In America, even ugly old boots think they're 'it'

Sometimes we have to get back to first principles.

For me, the first principle of my thought is that Anglo-American culture is essentially puritanical and inherently misandrist, since puritanism reflexively loathes male sexuality. Because of this, Anglo-American feminism has a potent misandrist element which is fairly unique, although it is rapidly spreading via cultural contamination. Anglo feminism is also predictably sex-negative, since sex-negativity raises the scarcity-value of sex. Not only is Anglo feminism antagonistic to prostitution and sex tourism,  the fact that 28% of American men had no sex in 2018 demonstrates that a female 'sex strike' is already in full swing across North America.

Further, Anglo-American feminism receives unstinting support from the cultural establishment, since it shares most of the same goals and values. At a personal level, the mass sexual scarcity reflexively associated with puritanism imbues Anglo-American women with an extreme form of hypergamy which I call 'hyper-hypergamy': an inflated and 'hyperreal' form of hypergamy which no real-world male can ever satisfy. Of course, this is why so many Anglo women 'hold out' for imaginary Sir Galahad figures into late middle-age and fail to reproduce.

In short, Anglo-American women don't like men, alpha or otherwise. Essentially misandrist and homosocial, they view men - all men, however high value - as disposable resources to be dropped as whim or the situation dictates. In the video below, VVS describes a famous basketball player who - despite good looks, height, fame and millions of dollars in the bank - is being derided by his substandard foid for not giving her enough 'attention':

There it is: if Stephen Curry can't satisfy his ageing foid, what chance have ordinary males got? While such Alpha males can attract women in the first place, the hyper-hypergamous Anglobitch hind-brain is never truly satisfied with any man, however high-value; when his lustre fades, the Anglo-American Divorce Courts are ready and waiting. And in the modern Anglosphere, many solvent and personable middle class men are single or even incel, in any case. Which reinforces my main point: at heart, the modern Anglobitch does not want an alpha, high value male: she wants a fantasy figure from Game of Thrones or Tennyson's Morte D'Arthur, someone who doesn't exist. Given this insane gynocentric reality, no wonder all reasonable men are deserting the Anglosphere for love and sex on distant shores.

The Chateau has Fallen

Sad to hear that Chateau Heartiste's famous blog has been shut down by Wordpress. His first mistake was thinking that Anglocunts want short, bald, ugly men with flashy hats instead of hyper-hypergamous fantasy figures or handsome criminals. The whole PUA agenda began to ring false about eight years ago, when even Roissy's fan base began to admit PUA techniques were completely ineffective. MeToo, Timesup and other misandrist agendas were the last nails in its coffin, together with the emergence of Tinder and other dating apps which elevate physical appearance and gift women boundless male attention for free. From that time on, PUA began to be replaced by the Black Pill and my own theories at the cutting edge of Manosphere thought. The old order changeth, and all that.

Roissy's second mistake was turning his anodyne PUA blog into an Alt-Right, white power nexus in the midst of a fierce culture-war for America's future. I personally thought this phase of his operation was infinitely more interesting than his PUA work; it was certainly far more honest and revolutionary. But did he really think the Anglo-American authorities would stand for such revolutionary honesty? The obvious fact is that ((they)) are losing control of the narrative and want North American men back on the plantation. This is why ((they)) are pushing tradcucks like Jordan Peterson to the fore, fools who tell men to 'man up' and become disposable post-divorce cash cows for Anglobitch convenience. Unfortunately for these simps and shills, a whole generation of young men raised on Manosphere wisdom are wise to their nonsense. The horse has bolted: male dissidence is taking off like gangbusters in the US and soon the whole Anglosphere will follow suit. 

So even though his blog is gone, Roissy can take some pride in girding a whole generation of young men with a certain level of insight which will serve them well in the years to come.