Tuesday 30 June 2020

Delenda Est Anglia: Why the Incel Decade is destroying the Anglosphere

In late 2019, I made the following predictions about the impending 2020s:
Incelerando: the Impending Anglosphere Crisis. Will the 2020s be the Incel Decade? 
The Teens (2010-2019) were a decade of great political upheaval in the Anglosphere. Both the US and UK experienced shock election results and dramatic socio-economic upheaval, largely due to years of social dysfunction. Canada and Australia have both spent the past forty years denigrating and marginalising men with boundless misandrist zeal, creating a sizeable 'incel class' of jaundiced males in both countries. 
By submitting to residual puritan narratives and declaring informal war on the male sex, the Anglosphere nations are playing a foolish and dangerous game. As the Twenties approach, I am ever more convinced that it will be a decade of unparalleled social instability for the Anglosphere. Any idiot can see that countries with large minorities (or even majorities) of sexless, alienated young men are heading for serious trouble. In particular, the United States and Canada can expect to see weekly mass shootings as incel males with nothing to lose run amok, selecting women - the sexual oppressor class - as their primary targets. 
Below, I list some of the factors which will feed this conflagration: 
Anglo-American misandry. Though many regions are facing an incel crisis, the problem is much worse in the Anglosphere because of its distinctive sex-negative puritanism and sexual racism, which also determine the sex-negative agendas of Anglo-American feminism. In the Anglosphere there will be no amelioration of misandry or inceldom, just their unremitting expansion.

Avoidance and apathy. The Anglosphere is reluctant to address sexual issues honestly and directly because of its puritan heritage. This means the incel crisis will have to reach critical levels before any action is taken. And by then, the problem will very hard to rectify without resorting to draconian measures.

Fraying trust values. Decades of feminism, misandrist policy and male oppression has made the Anglosphere a dry powder-keg ready to explode with sexual repression and resentment. Expect the Anglosphere countries to become ever more like Brazil or Mexico with social disorder, crumbling institutions and casual violence being normalised.

The Flynn Effect. Rising IQs have made the masses far harder to fool with MSM propaganda. Only an absolute idiot still thinks Chinese guys studying STEM are bouncing around in bed with blonde models every night. Female hypergamy, entitlement and racism are now common knowledge to almost everyone with Internet access and two brain cells to rub together.

End of social circle. Once, tribal membership of a youth culture meant easy access to members of the opposite sex. With the stealthy replacement of post-War youth culture by hypergamous social media for younger Millennials and Zoomers, such social circle game no longer exists. This will mean ever more single, dangerous and aggrieved young men in the 2020s.

Informational threshold. The Internet permits instant sharing of knowledge and opinion, obviating the old model of top-down media indoctrination. In the 1980s or 90s the MSM could happily praise Greta Thunberg as a saint without fear of contradiction. However, once social media appears and a certain threshold of informational complexity is passed, the game is up; it is no longer possible for the MSM to peddle its Blue-Pilled Disney fantasies. Perhaps widespread higher education and the Flynn Effect also feed this outcome. Even the broad masses are beginning to reject Sexual False Consciousness for a more honest narrative. Generation Z will reach adulthood during the next decade, having been raised by an online counter-culture in which the Manosphere is a prominent force. In the 2020s, expect undiluted Black Pill thought to become commonplace among people under 40.
So far, my predictions have proved startlingly accurate. Beset by global pandemic, Lockdown frustrations, racial conflict and economic uncertainty, the Anglosphere is literally falling to pieces. Since it increasingly functions as a unified cultural bloc, a single flash-point anywhere in the Anglosphere rapidly engulfs the whole entity. Let us consider how the factors listed above are contributing to the Anglosphere's demise:

Anglo-American Misandry - It is self-evident that the Pandemic Lockdowns have sharpened sexual frustration, with devastating results. A high proportion of street combatants and rioters are ethnic males with relatively low sexual value in the Anglosphere. Males with nothing to lose in sexual or reproductive terms are much more likely to risk danger and death than men with a strong sexual stake in their society. And let us not forget that the murder of George Floyd was a misandrist crime, not just a racist one; it is a well-known fact that Anglo-American jurisprudence is implicitly misandrist, showing women preferential treatment at every point from arrest to sentencing. Pan-Anglosphere policing is in all respects a misandrist and feminist institution designed to protect all white women and criminalise all men, especially ethnic men. In this important respect, Black Lives Matter is a pro-male movement just as much as it is an anti-racist one.

Avoidance and apathy - Because distinctive Anglo-American issues like racism and slavery have lain fallow for so long, a backlash was inevitable. The boredom and sexual frustration of the pandemic coupled with rising summer heat and the murder of George Floyd were perfect catalysts for  the race riots that subsequently engulfed the Anglosphere. The tired old Boomer myth that a few rock concerts in the 1960's somehow 'fixed' atrocious historical crimes and ongoing Anglo-American racism has dominated the Anglosphere since the 1970's, in the teeth of overwhelming contradictory evidence and experience. A correction was long overdue.

Fraying trust values - Self-evidently, the utterances of politicians and the lamestream media are being ridiculed and rejected as never before. Fuelled by the CV-19 pandemic, an upcoming US election and the reflexive racism of American police officers, protests and riots are the 'new normal' across the Anglosphere. Anger and resentment seethe like restless rivers through the channels of social media; every presidential tweet is mocked or exalted; celebrities are pilloried for a single comment questioning the sanctity of MtF transsexuals.  Not only that, but crime rates are up in most Anglosphere cities. In short, trust between individuals and institutions has already evaporated and we are still only halfway through 2020.

The Flynn Effect - Because Xer, Millennial and Zoomer IQs far surpass those of Boomers and the Silent Generation, many 'lamestream' assumptions are being effectively challenged for the first time in decades. Inviolable concepts such as Anglo-American moral supremacy or the immutable  'goodness' of all white women are good examples. Nowadays, almost everyone can see that the colonial Anglosphere was built on the genocide and robbery of native peoples and centuries of slavery. Similarly, the fact that white Anglo women colluded with and profited from these crimes is entirely self-evident. The recent emergence of new meme-names like 'Karen' or to describe entitled, racist white women exemplify the power and depth of this conceptual revolution. At the intellectual level, the Flynn Effect automatically supplants Blue Pill delusion with Black Pill truth.

End of social circle - because traditional social circles have eroded, Internet driven cults can quickly mobilise mass support across whole continents. If the young were still anchored to the cultic and gestural 'rock music' social circles of yesteryear, it is unlikely that BLM would have gathered such mass support as quickly as it did. Deprived of a real social circle, humans are still social animals and crave to 'belong'; the emergence of pan-Anglosphere online cults driven by hysteria and frustration now satisfy that craving.

Informational threshold - one no longer needs to be a Harvard professor to see that nearly all 'official' Anglo-American narratives are lies. Literally anyone can hop online and see that the Anglosphere was built on slave trading, genocide and terrorism and that many of its leaders were avowed racists and war criminals. The real views of Churchill, Rhodes, Stopes or Lincoln are now plain for all to see.

In conclusion, my prophetic article clearly predicted the unfolding chaos pretty well. And it will be noted that the 2020s have hardly begun, as yet; much, much more is to come. However, I have been writing with eerie prescience about these issues for over a decade, now. Check out this passionate comment on my previous post:
I love this hatred of Karens in mainstream now World is realizing the evil of the Anglobitch! White womens status is dropping rapidly. Rookh was a decade ahead of the curve
His grammar might be a little rugged but his content is flawless. Yes, as early as 2009 I was discussing the moral ugliness, sexual racism and entitled insolence of Anglo-American 'Karens' while everyone else (even other Manosphere writers) still viewed them as oppressed 'saints' handing out free sex to everybody. Further, my activism has always stressed the coherence of the Anglosphere as a discrete historical, political and legal entity; and the Internet has only strengthened this cultural coherence during the past decade, confirming the truth of my original analysis. Consider how a police murder in Minneapolis sparked immediate protests in London, Manchester and Sydney, not just other American cities.

Facts like these explain why other manosphere writers are long forgotten while I still stand: a Black Pill colossus at the gateway of truth.