Saturday 25 December 2021

Legal Hysteria: How Reactive Common Law Drives the Anglosphere’s Transsexual Obsession

Where did this madness originate?
Where and how did this madness originate?

Part of the pleasure of running this little blog is seeing different voices adding to the Anglobitch Thesis in novel and enriching ways. For example, I did not know that Canada (and especially Toronto) was a seething hotbed of feminist misandry; yet it clearly is. Similarly, I did not know that US army personnel were cucked left, right and centre by hyper-hypergamous wives until John Smith informed us of the fact. Nor did I know that the distinctive ‘common law’ that defines the Anglosphere was so instrumental in imposing and maintaining its institutional misandry until a former corrections officer and a distinguished law professor described the problematic legal issues in early 2018.

In broad and simple terms, these commentators claimed that the common law (which defines the Anglosphere) is highly reactive and malleable in relation to social trends and circumstances. This frequently results in legislation being created ‘on the hoof’ in response to media headlines and pressure group activity, without any proper consideration of the wider social or practical implications. By contrast, non-Anglo civil law changes much more slowly and only after deep consideration of all the adjoining implications, producing a generally more rational and stable society with far healthier gender-relations. Writing on this blog in 2018, a distinguished law professor stressed the role of Anglo-American Common Law in shaping an openly misandrist legal system:

A straying or dissatisfied wife outside the Anglo world will possibly sleep with the muscleman washing her car at times, take on a secret identity or even try an open relationship or swinging. (This is reasonably common in Europe and some portions of South America to ease relationship tension, as they are less puritanic in culture and seem able to grasp and hold to a bigger picture.) But the part that matters, is that the marriage will stay intact despite the straying, because the woman, the lawyers and the courts have no profit incentive to encourage it. And if it does happen, she will still need to take responsibility and become an earner, which fortunately, those societies also provide an assist for, in the interest of making sure everyone comes out OK. Custody, for the most part, stays a shared proposition. So whether the husband is “too perfect” (as my son supposedly was) or “far too imperfect” (which men in particular are stigmatized as in Anglo societies), divorce outside of the Anglo world happens less often and is much more humane and restrained. Particularly so in Europe (excluding Britain) and Central and South American countries that have largely been shaped by French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian civil law customs and culture.

Beyond the residual puritanism, profit-driven courts and reflexive misandry so ably outlined here, Anglo-American legal culture itself now takes a direct role in actively promoting anti-male agendas. According to the professor, legalistic scholarship has hijacked modern Anglo common law to make it infinitely more reactive to external ‘trends’ (shorthand for academic feminism and its affiliated tentacles in politics and the media):

Any L1 student starting up at a law school learns early about the principle of stare decisis, Latin for "let the decision stand", and thus some of my students have been confused by the very accurate points you and your contributors have been making even before my elaboration above. How can judges in the United States, Canada, Britain and other nations classed as "Anglo" have so much power to make arbitrary decisions, or incorporate radical Anglo-American feminist theories (which are indeed thoroughly misandrist by contrast to the rest of the West), when stare decisis supposedly requires them to follow precedent? Doesn't stare decisis mean they should follow older and long-established customs, including prior judges’ rulings, that are less misandrist?

The answer is no, and Mr. Kshatriya and his contributors are indeed right that judges in divorce courts have rather excessive powers particularly in the realms of monetary imputation and purview of a spouse's finances, and that alimony and child support payments can and regularly are harshly assessed. The answer to this confusion is that the common law since the 20th century has been quite different to what it was before. Most of you (referring to my law school students) have, or soon will encounter the treatises of critical 20th-c jurists such as Frankfurter, Holmes, Brandeis, Dworkin, Fuller, Wechsler and Bickel. In a gradual process of great significance, these legal scholars (several of them Supreme Court justices) re-interpreted the very concept of common law, to make it more flexible and responsive to modern scholarship. Since then, stare decisis and precedent don't mean what they did in the 18th or 19th centuries. Although prior case law remains greatly important in guiding future decisions, the evolution of these scholars' ideas in practice has meant that judges today have a lot of latitude in setting precedent based on prevailing social theories. Their ideas became so influential that they've now come to dominate the concept of common law across the English-speaking world, not just in the United States.

And now we come to the crux of the matter. Since Anglo-American judges now have ‘great latitude’ in setting legal precedents, vocal yet idiomatic academic pressure-groups have begun to exert massive legal influence out of all proportion to their actual numbers in society. Predictably, these academic pressure groups are invariably misandrist, puritanical and feminist in nature:

Unfortunately, once the common law's previous restraints had been cut-- restraints which predate the US Constitution itself, and based on custom instead of statute-- the dangerous perversions of the Frankfurt-School (cultural marxism and ideas of "political correctness" on university campuses) and in particular, the harshly adversarial ideas of 3rd wave feminism were able to exert themselves through this "new form of common law". And it has become a horribly destructive force in the family courts of the English-speaking world. In effect, "precedent" can be almost arbitrarily set by family court judges on the basis of what are considered to be "commonly agreed upon principles" in legal elite professional circles but which, in reality, are often little more than radical feminist theories (the Anglo-Saxon versions of them) that have been arbitrarily lent prestige by their appearance in academic journals. Moreover, since so much of academia in the USA, Canada and Britain (mainland Europe and Latin America have a different university structure) has indeed been taken over by such 3rd wave feminist and cultural marxist radicals who are on the payroll as serious "scholars", result is that common law precedent in Anglo-American courts, which affects all of us, is in effect being "set by precedents" derived from the most radical, misandrist theories of these sorts of feminist academic journals.

Although the professor's superb critique is largely directed at the divorce courts, I believe that the Anglosphere's malleable common law also underpins more recent attempts to redefine gender-relations across the English-speaking world. And nowhere is this influence more obvious than in the sudden explosion of 'trans rights' over the past five years or so.

In my humble opinion, this bizarre programme bears all the hallmarks of the professor’s brilliant analysis: swiftly and arbitrarily embedded in Anglo-American law without democratic consultation; driven by discredited Marxist ideology rather than common sense; and applied without proper consultation from medical professionals and other relevant experts.

Send in the Clowns...

While retaining their own strong and stable families, the Anglo-American establishment has imposed clown world on their mainstream populations via a flurry of common law edicts backed by a pliant mass media and an eccentric political class. Thus women can molest five year old boys in Canadian classrooms with complete impunity; all employers must make provision for  their (largely imaginary) trans employees; children of five are encouraged to consider gender reassignment, as if they were mentally equipped to make such decisions; a trans 'spokesperson' has to be consulted on every issue under the sun, from aardvarks to zebras; and anyone who questions this insanity is subjected to a reflexive witch-hunt in both social and mainstream media. 

While most people seem to think these sudden changes came ‘out of nowhere’, this deluge has its true origins in Anglo-American Common Law and its infinite capacity to instantly promote and enforce societal change without reference to democratic consultation processes. While Anglo puritanism perverts human sexuality by its very nature, Anglo common law is the legal catalyst that transmits this perversion to every corner of the Anglosphere

Merry Christmas to everyone, anyway. Let's hope 2022 brings more joy than the past two years of pandemic misery.

Monday 20 December 2021

More Insights from John Smith: Active Resistance for Enlightened Anglo-American men

Here is another post inspired by the thoughts of reader and commentator John Smith, complete with commentary by myself. What I like most about John's writing is that it returns us to the first principles of the Anglobitch Thesis: namely, informing Anglo-American men about their perilous situation in the Anglosphere while giving them effective strategies to realise better personal or romantic experiences elsewhere in the world.
Greetings again, Rookh,

I recently read your latest article, another excellent piece as always . I must admit that I had been checking your website several times a week in anticipation of a new article. In it you mentioned detachment from the anglosphere and active resistance and wanted to share a few thoughts I had.

Rather than simply staying alive and existing within the anglosphere, men should actively fleece it and take advantage of the few things left it has to offer, Relampago Furioso did a version of this strategy, or rather described it in his work. I can speak only for the USA, but a main advantage of living and working in the USA is, in comparison to the rest of the world, the higher average salaries and the strength of the dollar overseas.
The Anglosphere certainly retains a lot of 'soft power' in the world, although its military and educational standing is starting to decline after decades of misandrist feminism and elite mismanagement. Its language, colleges and mass culture are still dominant at a global level. Think about it: educated people in India and China all want to learn English; but how many Westerners want to learn Mandarin or Urdu? So while Anglo-American men are treated as garbage WITHIN the Anglosphere, there are still great opportunities for them outside it. And now is the time to exploit these opportunities, before the Anglosphere collapses completely.
Being reduced essentially to mercenaries, men living in the USA or anglosphere (I only mentioned the USA separately because I cannot speak for other countries in the anglosphere) from the ages of 18-30 should take advantage of every free thing they can get such as education and job training, save and invest, stay out of debt, learn a new language if desired and if they choose to, take their skills and money overseas to friendlier cultures that will actually treat them like men with needs and will appreciate their skills.
Absolutely. The basic Crimson Pill dictum - change what you can, accept or de-emphasise what you cannot - fits the needs of young American men like no other Manosphere philosophy. While Black-Pilled incels obsess over their unchangeable shortness or baldness and Red-Pilled fantasists naively pretend appearance does not matter, the Crimson-Pilled man focuses all his energies on what he can improve, to his boundless health and benefit. He can travel, pursue a course of remunerative education or explore his sexuality in Germany or Latin America and his height or looks will not matter a jot.
Incentives matter, and when the enlightened man looks at what his incentives are in the anglosphere long term it truly only boils down to money. When men are not saddled with insane student loan debt, an anglobitch wife and a mortgage weighing him down, a financially savvy man can find that even a modest sum of 50k can go very far. However, if one chooses, getting a highly skilled job such as a surgeon, engineer or pilot can almost definitely find easy employment overseas, so much the better if he gets the education and training for free on the anglosphere's dime.
Exactly. Since the Anglosphere (and North America in particular) has declared war on men, Anglo-American men have got to discard the patriotic 'social loyalty' drivel that lamestream society tries to lay on them from birth to death. Why should men be loyal to a society that views and treats them like third class citizens? Canada and the US should have considered this when they were treating men like shit. In fact, men are now little more than 'Guest-workers' in the Anglosphere, after the manner of Turks in modern Germany; they are certainly not true citizens, with the same rights or freedoms as the Anglobitch (or her pseudo-female surrogates in the deviant communities). Since this is so, Anglo-American men should also reject all the informal social obligations associated with citizenship: loyalty, conformity and self-sacrifice. If you are treated as a mercenary, you might as well act like one.
My only concern with this strategy is if it were to ever go mainstream, the anglo-cucks in charge would try to crack down on it and keep enlightened men from leaving or punish them like they did with Cuba Dave. Like you said in the article mentioning him, anglo-cucks wont let men leave, their productivity and brain power is essential to keeping the economy going, society knows this but fails to recognize that men are adapting to the insanity brought on by feminism and reflexive misandry. They expect men to keep busting their ass and paying taxes (and potentially die in the case of a war) to protect and uphold a system that actively seeks to turn them into sexless non thinking automatons.

This piercing analysis makes me think of Boomer Uber-Cuck, Jordan Peterson. He spends his days proclaiming that young men should 'grow up' and 'be men' - yet without offering any reward or recognition for such diligent conformity. Meanwhile women can roam about the Anglosphere without any responsibilities whatsoever, getting railed or knocked-up by whichever tattooed thug happens to be prowling the landscape. The problem with Boomer tradcucks is that they are still firmly living in 1958: Peterson genuinely thinks that masculine diligence is still rewarded, both sexually and socially. But as we all know, the Anglobitch despises the competent Anglo-American man in favour of sociopathic thugs like Charles Starkweather or Jeremy Meeks. 

And of course, the authorities will not like men leaving the Anglosphere or going off-grid. Why would they? The goose that lays their golden eggs is leaving town, leaving the Anglo 'elite' with a society of whining, entitled females in pointless make-jobs. Of course, they will try to subvert the law to punish men like Cuba Dave from fleeing the Plantation for the sexual freedoms beyond America's repressive shores. But as long as the Crimson-Pilled man operates in the shadows, playing his cards of enlightenment close to his chest, there is presently little they can do. 

Of course also, this strategy is not without risks and nothing is guaranteed or simple and this strategy will of course work better for some men than others. However, as the crimson pill guides us, we know there are some things we cannot change and some that we can. Namely our finances, fitness and location.
That's about it for my thoughts on this matter for now. As always thanks for taking the time to read and thank you for taking the time to continue writing articles and enlighten men.
- John Smith
While there are always risks in resistance, just consider how uneducated Sicilian immigrants - namely, the Mafia - were able to manipulate American law enforcement and monopolise organised crime for decades. If such mediocre men could wreak such havoc by refusing to 'play by the rules', just imagine the damage that able and determined men should be able to cause! With his mercenary mindset, clear-eyed awareness of female nature and accurate mental map of the host society, the Crimson-Pilled man should be able to achieve anything he wants. Our 'elite' opponents are Bible-thumping trad-clowns stuck in the 1950's and laughable, low-IQ feminists in pointless make-jobs; hardly fearsome opposition. As I have always said, success is the best measure of any life-philosophy: so be about it

Finally, John Smith furnishes us with two incredible case studies underlining the present state of the Anglosphere:
Some extra gems I found recently:

Boomer Anglocuck professor warns of a mating crisis and thinks women are only attracted to men with degrees and men signal their success on tinder with college degrees. Get fucking real dude, the average man would be far better off improving his mating chances by getting shredded, getting tatted up and getting in a few street brawls. Doing some time in the slammer would probably help too (not that I advocate this approach). Would love to hear what this professor thinks about the woman who sought out Charles Manson WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON and married him. I'm sure his multiple college degrees were really what made her pussy wet
Another case of rampant hyper-hypergamy in action, a millionaire surgeon divorces his wife who was moonlighting as an escort for rich men. You can give an Anglobitch a lifestyle that surpasses 99 percent of the world's women and instead of submitting to her husband and being faithful she decides to fuck rich men behind her husband's back. This surgeon would be a good candidate for my advice I think, seeing how he is already an experienced surgeon and maybe has quite a bit of money.
Case One enlightens us at so many levels it is beyond good. It highlights the inane delusions of Tradcon Boomer academics who still assume the Anglobitch wants a 'provider', when that role has long been appropriated by make-jobs and the Welfare State. As my man Richard Scarecrow (where the heck is he?) once pointed out, the modern Anglobitch only gets pussy-tingles for roided thugs who regularly hospitalise her: anything less is 'boring'. 

Case Two is also brilliant, showing the Anglobitch at her evil worst. First she lies about studying biology at college when she did not even graduate High School, in order to acquire a well-paid male dupe. Then, incapable of normal wifely loyalty and still thirsty for sexual validation by the Caucasian power-elite, she becomes a high-class hooker behind his back. The ultimate moral of this story is that you can take the Anglobitch away from deceit, racism and hyper-hypergamy; but you can never take the deceit, racism and hyper-hypergamy from the Anglobitch... 

And the man who tries is doomed to the same fate as this poor sucker:

Saturday 18 December 2021

Incelerando Complete!

In the midst of our troubled, crumbling world I have one good piece of news to relate: my long-awaited book Incelerando is now complete.

This revolutionary work projects the myriad perplexities of our age into both near and distant futures. It will form the third volume of my great Crimson-Pilled trilogy, which already includes Havok and Hope on Distant Shores.

Although it expresses many of the same themes and speculations as those two books, Incelerando does so from a wholly different perspective. It contains no footnotes or attributions, but is no less dynamic for all that.

The title Incelerando implies an acceleration of existing conditions, especially in the sphere of pan-Anglosphere gender-relations and institutional misandry. In sum, Incelerando explores such conceptual, political and social speculations on an infinite conceptual landscape.

It represents a golden living dream of futuristic possibility, a unique vision spanning continents and centuries. Believe me when I say all other manosphere writings pale beside its recondite magnificence, whatever Pill they adhere to.

Incelerando is available here. I will be taking no profits from sales. I seek only to serve the Crimson-Pilled elect of enlightened men, which is quite reward enough.