Monday 25 May 2009

Growing Belladonna: Creating an Anglobitch

When a woman makes any kind of remark to the effect that you are stingy, remember that this is a way of declaring her expertise at spending someone else's money (probably yours).

- Lawrence Shannon

When the Anglobitch is young, she learns early she is privileged. No matter how ugly, stupid, obese or obnoxious, she is flaunted in buttons and bows. She is more ‘valuable’ than male children. She is ‘special’. A misandrist media that shows hundreds of men being killed, tortured and degraded on an hourly basis powerfully reinforces this impression.

However, the Anglobitch really assumes her mantle of venom at puberty. Puberty instantly bestows sexual status upon her. In the repressive, puritanical climate of Anglo-American culture, becoming an ‘owner’ of sex is dizzying indeed. Now, the flat-chested, tow-haired Anglobitch acquires her permanent sneer, frosty demeanour and contempt for males.

Her clothes become more provocative as she learns to delight in her power over men. When the Anglobitch dresses sexily, she does not become sexier. To the contrary: her alluring clothes represent heightened repression and frigidity, since withholding sex from men is her only source of self-esteem. Indeed, the fairer the Anglobitch appears, the uglier her mindset.

All Anglo-Saxons, including psychologists, are blind to the Anglobitch phenomenon. They think her attitudes are normal, even healthy. Objectively speaking, the Anglobitch is neither: plummeting birth and marriage rates among the most spirited and able in Anglo societies are unmistakable signs of social dysfunction.

At school, the Anglobitch receives preferential treatment. Despite her IQ being demonstrably lower than that of males, she performs better, largely due to the education system being ‘beefed up’ with coursework and PC agendas calculated to inflate her performance.

The post-pubescent Anglobitch begins to cultivate herself as a diva to whom the world ‘owes’ something. She must walk on red carpets and sleep on eiderdown. And woe betide males who do not pay her deference! Such poltroons are struck off her list of potential meal-tickets. Around this time, the Anglobitch buys into the drivel pumped out by the Anglo-American trash media. Since she never questions the voice of authority, she soon thinks everyone lives in a mansion and owns a private helicopter. And since she is the great Anglobitch, she deserves these glittering prizes by dint of possessing a vagina.

Then begins her quest for a suitor, a quest doomed by her ridiculous, media-inflated expectations. Lacking self-awareness, she cannot see how little she herself has to offer: arrogance; no levity, wit or charm; a one-dimensional, media saturated range of interests.

This last is the most grating. How often have educated Anglo-American men been astounded to find foreign women who can talk about things beyond celebrity gossip and the latest hairstyle; women who know something about politics, philosophy, the fine arts, exotic history or classical music? How dull is the Anglobitch by comparison! How vapid and shallow her tastes and perceptions! Is it any wonder that cultured Anglo-American men are so inclined to reject these vile creatures? And this crass one-dimensionality is determined entirely by Anglo-American Puritanism. Her entire status hinges on owning sex, so she is not obliged to develop other interests.

Sunday 24 May 2009

Anglobitch YouTube Channel Launched


This is more an announcement than the profound posts you are used to. Don't worry, when the announcement has been made, I will resume my conceptual elaboration of the peerless Anglobitch Thesis.

Essentially, I have created a YouTube channel to express the Anglobitch concept to the multitude in more dynamic, visual terms than is usual on this Blog. My introductory video can be found here:

I hope to add more slide shows, films and other multimedia presentations until the Anglobitch Thesis has the same appeal for the masses as it has for the elite thinkers who tarry here. I have engaged in not a few duels in the Anglo-American mainstream media on the issues raised in this Blog, particularly the link between the rapidly burgeoning underclass and the rise of feminism. As you might expect, I have never been defeated on any issue, ever. These tilts, too, will find an ideal home on the YouTube site.

Thanks for listening.

Sunday 17 May 2009

Fat Camp: Anglo American Women and Obesity

It’s simple: if it jiggles, it’s fat – Arnold Schwarzenegger

At last we get to the real vital statistics. Anglo-American women are fat - to say it any other way is trite euphemism:

The authoritative Eurostat yearbook places Britain at the top of a chart of obesity of the EU’s 27 member countries. Breaking the data down by gender shows that British women are the fattest in Europe, with almost a quarter at least two to three stone over their ideal weight. German women have an obesity rate of 21.7 per cent and Maltese women 21.2 per cent. The thinnest women are in Italy, where fewer than 8 per cent are obese (The Obesity Timebomb, F MacRae and L Ballinger, Daily Mail, Wednesday, February 21, 2007).

Italy, for long the butt of Anglo-Saxon jokes about the girth of its women clearly confounds the mockers. As ever, the English perceive themselves to be top of the tree. Indeed they are – but in all the wrong lists.

When we look at the European figures for female obesity, the Anglobitch is clearly a long way ahead - in fact, nobody can get by her:

First. UK* 23.0%
Second. Germany 21.7%
Third. Malta 21.2%
Fourth. Latvia 19.0%
Fifth. Hungary 18.1%
Sixth. Estonia 16.7%
Seventh.Lithuania 15.9%
Eighth. Portugal 15.8%
Ninth. Czech Rep 15.3%
Tenth. Slovakia 15.0%

* Figures for England only

Remember also that this chart includes another 17 countries, all of which have less obese women than England. The Nordic countries, France, Spain and many others all contain fewer fat women (and, by definition, more attractive women) than the two major Anglo-American countries. The evidence is plain for all to see: despite all the maudlin Anglo blubbering about ‘English Roses’ and ‘Maids of Golden Hair’ it is obvious that in physical terms Anglo-American women are less attractive than foreign women – unless one accepts that ‘fat is beautiful’, of course. This is the cornerstone evidence that sustains the Anglobitch thesis. Psychological analysis is very good in its way (and we offer plenty of it) but ultimately, hard figures always present an irrefutable case. Nor is the problem an exclusively English one:

Adult obesity rates have nearly quadrupled over the last 25 years, making Britain the second fattest nation in the developed world, trailing behind only America. (Mail, 2007)

Surprise, surprise! Of course, America – military, media and economic capital of the Anglosphere - would have to smash all weight records – and scales. What reason do the experts give for this smorgasbord of excess female flesh?

Dr Colin Waine, of the National obesity Forum, said: ‘The health risks are tremendous but the statistics are still going up exponentially. We need the Government to work with food manufacturers to produce a diet which is nutritious but less dense in sugar, salt and fat.’ (Mail, 2007)

But if they did, would anyone eat it? For the real cause of Anglo-American female obesity is in fact the puritanical ethos that pervades the Anglosphere. Because women possess sex in a repressed culture, they are under no obligation to improve their appearance: simply being female is impressive enough. Anglo women continually regale themselves with fairy tales that men secretly adore the ‘big and beautiful’ (i.e. fat) build. Essentially they are used to attracting men: because, until recently, men had no alternatives to choose from. Now, with lithe, tawny models available from Hungary to Brazil, that arrogant assumption no longer holds water. Instead of grasping the nettle, accepting the new romantic marketplace and losing the pounds in order to compete with the lissom lovelies gracing the dating sites, the Anglobitch retreats into comfort eating, bulimia and neurosis.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Chavs, Neurotypes and Anglobitches – The Death of Our Civilisation

The New Sociopathic/Narcissistic game of low-IQ life in the declining Anglosphere

Autistic traits were once - if perhaps not normative - much more widespread than they are today. Hence many traditional institutions have well-integrated autistic traits (formal academic education for instance, which is now entirely irrelevant to the narcissistic majority); since they date from an era when autistic traits (marginalized today) exerted a more central social influence.

The intellectual, abstract type complains much about lack of relationships and personal failure (especially men, who bear the brunt of reproductive competition). However, they are just maladjusted to a new 'neuro-reality' unfolding around us. For good or ill, this new reality - which extols (and promotes) low abstract intelligence (IQ) but high social intelligence (sociopathy and narcissism) - will ultimately be incapable of sustaining the core functions of civilization. This is why western (especially Anglo-Saxon) countries increasingly have to employ people from non-narcissist cultures (especially the Far East and India) to do the mental spade-work required to keep things ticking over.

Social change is caused by cyclic waves of neuro-genetic re-population and we are living through a massive one now; perhaps the biggest since the industrial revolution, when autistic genes began to proliferate. Today, however, narcissism (and to a lesser extent psychopathy) are now the prevailing values. Look at any Anglo-Saxon country: it is quite obvious that narcissists with the attention-spans of goldfish are breeding like rats. The Flynn Effect reached a peak in 1990; and the subsequent decline of the western IQ is intimately associated with the rise of the narcissistic sociopath in every Anglophone country. By contrast, high functioning autistics are a dwindling group because of their low birthrates and general lack of success. They adhere to the old post war consensus and its values, increasingly meaningless fossils in the new narcissist empire.

The key to this ‘neuro-takeover’ is Anglo-American, or 'Anglobitch', feminism. Because women 'naturally' eschew males of high intelligence or emotional stability and prefer low IQ thugs (a demonstrated fact), female emancipation of sexual choice instantly boosted the narcissist/sociopath population from the late 60s onward. And this in turn led to the creation of a narcissist/sociopath culture to placate them, the American Idol 'instant fix'. This is why the ancients insisted on strict regulation of female sexuality, they knew that unchecked female sexual preference was inconsistent with civilization. These factors may be implicated in the rise and fall of civilizations (or phases in the same civilzation):

•Advanced industrial society emerges, leading to wealth and lifestyle decadence.
•The old autistic skills of hard work and abstract intelligence used to create the industrial society are eclipsed by social intelligence and the narcissist media culture locks into place. Now everyone is 'special', 'chosen' and a 'star' - no matter how ugly, stupid or talentless.
•Women are sexually emancipated, boosting the narcissistic population with their Thug Preference. Matriarchy becomes dominant among the burgeoning urban underclass; women from this class produce dangerous tribes of low-IQ, dysfunctional children using a polyandrous gaggle of shiftless fathers.
•The Flynn Effect reaches a peak. Then IQ rapidly declines. There is permeation of society by unstable Chav/Wigga dummies and universal social/cultural decline. Mass immigration further weakens what remains of cultural cohesion. This is our present situation.

A father any child could be proud of...

Although this model is trite, is plausibly suggests how matriarchal feminism and cycling neurotypes are implicated in the process of cultural growth and decline. However, the collapse of our own advanced post-industrial civilization will have permanent repercussions on the environment; moreover, the fall of the West will see the torch of progress and endeavor pass to the East for the first time in centuries.

If only the Sixties 'progressives' had known: when men relinquish control of female sexuality, the stage is set not for Utopia but for Anarchy, Chavdom and the fall of civilization. Smart move, hippies.

They will be 'running society' in a few years - a chilling thought

Drama, French and Media Studies: Educating Women is Economically Pointless

The following piece of news is illuminating. Educating women in Britain has only created an 'academic underclass' with useless degrees in drama and flower arranging. Note how the blame is placed at the feet of 'Government' - the fact that women seek out these useless subjects for study of their own volition is never discussed. Also, they are said to have 'abandoned' serious topics of study such as mathematics and physics, while the historical record indicates they have never been great achievers in those disciplines. Indeed, the fact that women automatically gravitate towards the path of least resistance in every sphere of life can explain the utter irrelevance of education to the vast majority of them:

Girls are in danger of becoming an educational "underclass" as they abandon tough science and language subjects in favour of softer options such as media studies, it is claimed today. A new report turns on its head the widespread belief that girls are outshining boys at school and beyond.

It claims crude Government targets are concealing an alarming trend for girls to shun the most academically challenging subjects. According to the report from right-leaning think-tank Politeia, the failure of Government policies to improve women's chances begins at school where girls seem to be doing well. They have pulled ahead of boys at GCSE and A-level and now account for 59 per cent of university students. But girls, according to report author Dr Sheila Lawlor, in fact have lower educational aspirations than they did a decade ago.

They risk becoming marginalised in an "academic ghetto" as they increasingly desert traditionally tough disciplines such as maths, physics and modern languages. The number of girls taking A-levels in physics and maths has declined over the past decade even though 25,000 more girls are staying on to do A-levels, the report said. In physics, the decline is nearly 10 per cent. A similar trend applies to French and German while the numbers taking media studies have more than tripled. Drama entries have practically doubled. The number of women taking physics and mathematical sciences at university drops further, according to the report.

"Are girls now better educated? If anything, the evidence suggests the reverse" said the pamphlet titled "Forever Enslaved? Female Dependency and the State".

"Far fewer girls than boys take the more rigorous subjects and ... the overall number of girls taking such subjects has fallen dramatically. By contrast the 'soft options', the less academically challenging subjects such as media studies and drama, are growing.

"Women's aspirations do not appear to be as high as they were a decade ago, nor as high as men's, in terms of taking the academically rigorous subjects at school or university.

"We may now be looking at a future academic underclass peopled by two many women who will have been deprived of the education needed to equip them as full members of the human race."

The report blames an official obsession with targets which monitor boys and girls separately and treat women as "a race apart".

"The culture of numbers and targets masks the comparative poverty and aspiration of women, academically and intellectually."

Women are further failed when they reach the job market as policies designed to help them spectacularly backfire, claims the report. Benefits designed to help working families mostly go to women, inviting them to take jobs "no matter how dead end the prospects". Dependent on state handouts, they find themselves trapped in low-status menial work.

"Women do not need low-level, part-time, poorly paid jobs, nor should they be induced into taking them by the patronising pin money of the state," the report says.

Meanwhile maternity rights are too prescriptive, forcing growing numbers of women into a pattern which involves taking around a year off for each baby. They often return to lower-level jobs or may not be hired at all because the growing bill for maternity pay could put off employers.

"Women should be able, without the inducements of the state, to decide on how best to fulfil the commitments of maternity and employment. It may be that a longer career break when children are at the pre-school age (followed by professional retraining) wil be better.

"Or a far shorter break which avoids serious disruption might be preferred if full-time childcare could be arranged."

Sunday 3 May 2009

Public Misandry: ‘This Desk is for the Use of Women Only’

Abhorrence of apartheid is a moral attitude, not a policy – Edward Heath

Last week the present author visited Birmingham Central Library in England, UK. I was astonished to find signs all over the library reading: ‘This desk is for the use of women only’. I wondered subsequently about this manifestation of arrant misandry. It seemed to imply that all men are potential sex criminals or, worse, second-class citizens. Why had no one opposed it? What was the real story here?

I phoned the library asking for further information on the policy. In due course I was sent several pages explaining the decision-making process involved in this policy. The information was staggering, on several counts.

Firstly, there was no consultative process with the general public, despite the library being a publicly-funded body. The decision to implement this apartheid-like signage was made arbitrarily, like some coercive diktat in a banana republic.

Secondly, the media’s response to the ‘initiative’ was decidedly odd. We are told that, initially, The News of the World (the major Sunday tabloid newspaper in Britain) was interested in covering the story (presumably in a critical light). Then, after an almost-magical discussion between a female staff-member and a female journalist (the essence of which is not disclosed) the newspaper’s decision to investigate the policy was mysteriously dropped. What further proof is needed that the ‘mainstream’ Anglo-American media quashes all criticism of feminist agendas?

We are continually told that the Anglo-American media are in a continual struggle against the official forces of ‘political correctness’. What utter rubbish: when the political correctness is feminist or misandrist, the ‘mainstream’ Anglo-American media are entirely complicit. Indeed, the Anglo-American media harbour a sweeping animus against men while putting women on pedestals: signs excluding men while implying (entirely imaginary) female victimization are well within their ambit of approval. This relates to the puritanical value system governing Anglo-American culture, which elevates women to semi-divine status.

Excluding anyone, including men, is an Apartheid practice. Libraries do this by having women only library tables, or ‘women only’ library days. However, these services are paid for by public revenues that we all contribute (in fact, men contribute the bulk of them). Of course, natural justice is of little value when men are being excluded.