Tuesday 14 February 2023

The Truth Behind TRANSMAXXING: Gender dysphoria is a MYTH

Transmaxxing: A WIN-WIN Solution for low SMV/Priapic males

The phenomenon of Transmaxxing has recently received a lot of attention in the lamestream media, especially among cuckservatives and misandrist Anglo-American feminists. 


In simple terms, Transmaxxers are males who want to transition into females because they think they will enjoy better lives as women than they do as low-value, sexually-disenfranchised males. Crucially, they do not claim any sense of ‘dysphoria’ or gender-confusion behind this desire: their motivations are entirely rational and self-interested. Indeed, most Transmaxxers want to retain their male genitalia in order to enjoy post-operative sexual relations with lesbians and other ‘Woke’ women.  


None of this is new to me, however. I wrote about the true motivations of ‘gay’ men back in 2011, in typically classic style. My key argument was that gay men ‘reject’ heterosexuality because it is far easier for them to get sex with other hyper-sexualised men as opposed to ‘heterosexual’ women, who are typically frigid, misandrist and hyper-hypergamous. There is nothing genetically or psychologically different about ‘gay’ men, for the most part: like men locked in jail, they can simply get far more sex from other ‘gay’ men than they can from ‘heterosexual’ women. This is not an especially complex argument: in the puritanical Anglosphere, its truth is entirely self-evident.  

My 2011 article received a laboured riposte from the execrable David Futrelle, who – after arguing around the houses for five thousand words – eventually agreed with it: 

Now, human sexuality is a weird, messy, complicated, wonderful thing. It may well be that some bisexual men end up having sex with men more often than with women because they find it easier to find male sex partners for casual sex.  

Predictably, lamestream and tradcuck commentators have attacked the Transmaxxer’s ‘Manifesto’, calling Transmaxxing a fraudulent challenge to authentic ‘dysphoric’ transsexuality. There are several problems with their critique, however:  


  • Since ‘dysphoria’ is an entirely self-reported condition, using this mental state to distinguish authentic transsexuals from Transmaxxers has no medical value whatsoever. 
  • The lamestream doubtless fears many low-value, sexless men will opt to Transmaxx given their despised and sexually-disenfranchised status in the misandrist Anglosphere. This will result in reduced economic productivity as males reject the ‘striving’ memes that oil the wheels of consumer capitalism for a more retreatist, low-stress lifestyle.  
  • Why are tradcon women who weaponise sex against low-value men so worried about them Transmaxxing? Surely they reflexively hate such men and desire their genetic eradication? However, fewer men and more ‘nominal’ women in society necessarily lowers female sexual market value. If just 5% of American males Transmaxxed, it would immediately upset women’s exalted scarcity value in the sexual market place. 


My overall point is this: like males who adopt a gay lifestyle in order to get more (or any) sex, male to female Transsexuals are adopting a female identity to acquire the exalted status of ‘honorary’ females. None of them are suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ or any other psychological condition. They merely nurture a rational desire for improved sexual opportunities and higher social status.  


In other words. ALL TRANSSEXUALS ARE TRANSMAXXERS: Gender dysphoria is a MYTH. 


In the Anglosphere, where dating apps and residual puritanism have inflated women’s sexual status to Olympian proportions (and where most sub-8 males are sexual pariahs), the ground is especially fertile for both male Transmaxxing and recreational homosexuality. In sum, a substantial proportion of men have everything to gain and nothing to lose (not even their genitalia) by discarding their despised existing gender roles or sexual identities.  


As the Transmaxxing Manifesto says, trans women are on ‘the right side of history’; not unlike the feminist teachers who show their anuses to toddlers in Toronto’s schools on a daily basis. 


Definitely on the right side of history...