Thursday 16 February 2012

Interesting Site: The Masked Writer

I found the following exposition of the Anglobitch Thesis on the Masked Writer's MRA website. He explains things in a clear, populist manner I can only aspire to:

Anglobitch Theory and Male Identity
An Overview of Anglobitch Theory

First of all, let us start with a partial explanation of the Anglobitch Theory obtained from the Anglobitch blog/website:

“the Anglobitch Thesis contends that the brand of feminism that arose in the Anglosphere (the English-speaking world) in the 1960s has an ulterior misandrist (anti-male) agenda quite distinct from its self-proclaimed role as ‘liberator’ of women. This derives from a distinct component in Anglo-Saxon culture, namely Puritanism. This puritanical undercurrent gives women an intrinsic sense of entitlement and privilege as ‘owners’ of sex in a cultural context where sex is a scarce commodity (we call this sense of entitlement ‘The Pedestal Syndrome’). Because of this, the advance of women’s ‘rights’ across the Anglosphere has not been accompanied by a corresponding reduction of their traditional privileges – indeed, those privileges have only broadened in scope and impact, leaving men only with obligations and women aglow with rights plus privileges. This has been accompanied by an obsessive vilification of men in the Anglo-American media, and across the Anglosphere generally.”

An interesting part of Anglobitch Theory is “the present debased condition of Anglo-American men not to be the product of recent agendas in politics and culture, but the ultimate expression of a centuries-old anti-male animus hardwired in traditional Anglo-Saxon culture.” This idea of the current manifestation of the misandrist nature of women in the English-speaking world being “hardwired” in them, supports the idea of a centuries-old social movement or undercurrent in the English-speaking world. In other words, it is a deeply ingrained part of the English-speaking world that won’t be rooted out of the culture without a revolutionary cultural-changing set of events. So, what does all of this have to do with male identity?

Well first, let us sum up some of the high points of the Anglobitch Theory which are:

–the man-hater nature of the so-called women’s movement

–the powerful institutionalized and cultural female entitlement system in the English-speaking world which includes the ‘The Pedestal Syndrome’

–the sexual power of women; i.e., the concious female creation of a scarcity of sex at certain levels so that it can be used as a tool to manipulate men for power/wealth

–the overwhelming saddling of men with financial and social obligations at the same time that their rights and privileges have been severely curtailed

Now, add to all of the above the following concept from the Anglobitch blog/website:

“In many respects, western males (and Anglosphere males in particular) have been reduced to mercenaries by feminism and sexual politics. They have no intimate connection to the nations in which they live, no longer raising families or taking any active social responsibility. This is especially true of middle-class males, who enjoy a nomadic existence as technical or commercial consultants while excluding themselves from social and civic life. According to Machiavelli, such a state of affairs will make the State brittle and prone to external overthrow, since mercenaries have no loyalty to any State or sovereign. “

Anglobitch Theory and Its Relationship to Male Identity
It should be obvious from the above that contemporary male identity in Western Culture is interconnected with a new male role type that is no longer intimately loyal to a hypergamous female population with its big bully enforcer the State. As males learn about and come to understand the Feminazi Power Structure which usually includes a man-hater government, complicit national/international media, ingrained brainwashing (female worship songs with female worship lyrics, “ladies first social norm,” etc.), family court enslavement and other institutionalized discrimination against males, they become increasingly, a la Anglobitch Theory, “reduced to mercenaries by feminism and sexual politics” which is a genre of male identity that may no longer feel loyal to any one nation, culture, family or any social entity in Western countries. It goes along with the theory that the “survival drive” is much stronger than the “sexual drive” in any male. When any male in a Western country starts to feel trapped within the walls of man-hater laws, a misandrist media, hypergamous women who use sex as a tool, a Feminazi family court system that steals his children and economically rapes him, it should be no surprise that a new survival-oriented male identity should arise that will be overwhelmingly mercenary in its nature. Yes, this is not good news to the Feminazis or to the security of Western countries which, a la Machiavelli, creates “such a state of affairs will make the State brittle and prone to external overthrow, since mercenaries have no loyalty to any State or sovereign.”

What’s a man to do?
We can see this new mercenary orientation when we consider what a man might do when confronted with the iron boot of a man-hater gynocracy. On an individual level, some of the alternatives a man may pursue when confronted with cold, hard Feminazi repression include:

–Boycotting marriage after realizing the cold, hard business side of government-controlled marriage

–Activism to change the man-hater government laws and anti-male media to alleviate its economic and social burdens on men

–Protection of a man’s assets from women (offshore solutions, don’t marry, other legal solutions, etc.)

–Having children in a non-Feminazi controlled country (avoiding the Feminazi Family Court control of his children)

–Relocating to a non-Feminazi controlled country where marriage and other relationships with women do not pose such a potential economic/legal danger as in Western gynocracies

Yes, the above short list of alternatives do point to the fact that a man’s reaction to the current oppression of men in gynocratic Western countries do include a mercenary orientation that pursues a need to survive and prosper with very little loyalty to a man-hater government, family ties, Feminazi culture, and a misandrist media.