Sunday 26 June 2011

Dear Woman: White Knight Anglofags Abase themselves

For readers familiar with Anglo White Knights like Tommy Fleming and David Futrelle, this YouTube video will be eerily familiar:

After watching this, how can anyone seriously deny that Anglo-American males are programmed by their culture to pedestalize women in the most ridiculous manner? Note the token presence of a few non-Anglo males to 'smooth the message' (hired White Knights?).

Note also the studied lack of objectivity these buffoons display in describing Anglo-American women - typically bigots, drunks, sluts and home-wreckers. For the White Knight fanciers among us (and there are many), these specimens embody all that is sick within Anglo-American manhood. Indeed, they remind me of cultists following some strange, arbitrary belief-system; consider their glazed eyes, slack mouths and feminine features. Not H P Lovecraft himself could conceive a more disturbing sect of denatured abominations.

Saturday 25 June 2011

Are Anglo-American 'Gay' Men just Priapic?

1. Of, relating to, or resembling a phallus.
2. Of or relating to male sexuality and sexual activity.

In the Anglosphere, ‘gay’ culture is defined by a cloying obsession with sex. Despite their rhetoric about lifestyles and the contemplation of flowers, gay men are clearly entranced by orgasm to an extent far surpassing that of heterosexual men. Gay writers, film directors, artists and philosophers are all enslaved by their sexual urges, to the exclusion of all else.

This fact set me to thinking: are most gay men just hyper-sexualized males – a self-selecting group whose priapic urges can only be satisfied by rejecting the relative sexual deprivation inescapably attendant on heterosexuality? The more one considers this possibility, the more plausible it seems. Even some badass with the looks of Apollo, the Game of Roissy and the confidence of a warlord would struggle to enter a nightclub and say: “I want sex NOW!” and expect to get it. Yet homosexual men can enter any gay bath house in any Anglosphere city, say the very same words and expected to be sexually serviced by several men in a matter of minutes! In short, the sexual mismatch between the sexes makes the heterosexual lifestyle a poor option for any hyper-sexualized male – a non-option, in fact, if he wants to fully slake his sexual thirsts. By contrast, adopting homosexuality allows him to instantly indulge his every sexual whim in every manner conceivable.

This state of affairs is strongly reinforced in the Anglosphere, with its undertow of puritan repression and attendant pedestalization of women as ‘owners’ of sex. In our view, the hyper-sexualized adoptee of homosexuality is far more common in the Anglo-Saxon countries than elsewhere, for this very reason. Since sex is so scarce and difficult to acquire in a heterosexual context, it simply makes no sense for an Anglo-American male with priapic urges to remain heterosexual – hence the self-selection of hyper-sexualized males towards homosexual lifestyles, not to mention the hyper-sexualized nature of homosexuality itself.

Let us consider another aspect of homosexuality – the vaunted ‘giftedness’ of gay men. Short and dirty IQ tests generally suggest that gay men are the sexual orientation whose median IQ ranks highest. A self-evident observation across the Anglosphere (especially in the United States) is that women actively dislike males of high intelligence, preferring swaggering thugs and moronic misfits. Now, this offers a plausible alternative explanation for the high incidence of homosexuality among intelligent males than the pseudo-scientific explanations currently in vogue – simply put, homosexuality follows intelligence, not the other way round. Left with no other option for attaining sex, highly sexed and intelligent males adopt homosexuality as a recreational life-strategy and genes have little to do with it.

These views may not be beloved – but then, truth seldom was. As we all know, Anglo-Saxon culture reflexively exonerates females of responsibility for pretty much everything – and homosexuality is doubtless another statistic. The very notion that homosexuality may be enforced by female sexual ostracism of intelligent males would never be admitted in the legacy media, yet the evidence for such a conclusion is impressive. Indeed, very few gay men would accept such a contention, since that would redefine their hedonistic lifestyle-choice as simple, unbridled lust, not the mystic ‘orientation’ it currently presents as.

Of all the pretty lies in the Anglosphere – liberation, democracy and equality - homosexuality remains the biggest.

Of no small significance is the fact that homosexuality has advanced in lock-step with feminism. Feminism and homosexuality are usually considered to be unrelated phenomena – or at best, phenomena independently linked to the rise of the Baby-Boomers’ ‘permissive society’. However, an alternative view is that feminism – by assailing marital monogamy and allowing women to indulge their primordial attraction to dangerous thugs, moronic bullies and swaggering plutocrats – produced an unwanted ‘rump’ of educated, economically stable but sexually disenfranchised males. Given that gay males are disproportionately intelligent, solvent and educated, it is fairly obvious that members of this group have opted for homosexuality as a means of escaping the living death of involuntary celibacy, that the two phenomena are in fact closely related and that feminism is directly responsible for the advancement of homosexuality across the Anglosphere. Certainly, genetic explanations of gay giftedness remain flaky at best, while Anglo-American sociobiology remains firmly trapped in the flawed assumption that women find male intelligence attractive, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

Finally, the rabid female hatred of male homosexuals ‘seals the deal’ on this issue. As we all know, women seek to control men by limiting sexual supply, be it representational (pornography) or actual (prostitution) – and that feminism is, essentially, an institution created for that purpose. Women who like gay men are a tiny, unrepresentative minority of the educated middle class inflated by the legacy media – the vast majority of Anglo females detest gay men as vehemently as they hate men in general. The present author recently heard a discussion about homosexuality on BBC Radio Five. One gay youth described being savagely attacked by a girl wielding a cricket bat. That sums up the real link between pan-Anglosphere feminism and homosexuality: the latter is a reaction to the former, which hates it with boundless counter-reactionary zeal.

Sunday 19 June 2011

What Next for Anglo-American Men: Stars of David?

As most regular readers will know, it is our opinion that - being in essence puritanical - Anglo-American culture harbors a reflexive animus against all men as sexualized beings. Consequently, we should not look to 'conservative' politicians across the Anglosphere to uphold men's rights - to the contrary, 'conservatives' are men's greatest enemies, since traditional Anglo culture detests men.

The latest proof of this assertion? British 'conservative' Prime Minister David Cameron's demented Father's Day outburst against 'feckless fathers'. As per usual, this 'conservative' decries all absent fathers as villains, conveniently forgetting that large numbers of men aren't allowed to see their children in contemporary Britain. Quite aside from this, most single mothers are hardly the harassed, misunderstood angels such White Knights as Futrelle, Fleming and Cameron routinely depict them as. Indeed, the vast majority of single mothers are educationally subnormal, welfare-dependent parasites whose offspring - if Professor Daniel Amneus is correct - are far more prone to crime, unemployment and economic failure than children raised in households where a father is present.

Anyway, let's have a good laugh at 'Dave's' rant:

Fathers who abandon their families should be "stigmatised" by society in the same way as drink drivers, David Cameron has said. The Prime Minister signalled a new onslaught on "runaway dads" saying they should be made to feel the "full force of shame" for their actions.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph in an article to mark Father's Day he said it "simply isn't acceptable" for single mothers to be left to bring up their children on their own. Mr Cameron also indicated his determination to introduce tax breaks for married couples - a Tory general election pledge which appeared to have been dropped by the coalition in the face of Liberal Democrat opposition.

"I want us to recognise marriage in the tax system so as a country we show we value commitment," he wrote.

He issued a strong defence of traditional family life - describing it as the "cornerstone of our society" and called for a new drive to "bring fathers back into the lives of all our children".

Even when parents were separated, he said, fathers had a duty to support "financially and emotionally" their children - spending time with them at weekends, attending nativity plays and taking an interest in their education. Where men were unwilling to face up to their family obligations, Mr Cameron said that it was up to the rest of society to make clear that such behaviour was unacceptable.

"It's high time runaway dads were stigmatised, and the full force of shame was heaped upon them," he said.

"They should be looked at like drink drivers, people who are beyond the pale. They need the message rammed home to them, from every part of our culture, that what they're doing is wrong - that leaving single mothers, who do a heroic job against all odds, to fend for themselves simply isn't acceptable."

Mr Cameron also described how he learned his values from his own father, Ian Cameron, who died last year aged 77.

"From my father, I learned about responsibility. Seeing him get up before the crack of dawn to go and do a hard day's work and not come back until late at night had a profound impact on me," he said.

And there we have it, pure gold. The holes in Cameron's arguments are so huge one could comfortably drive a Mack truck through them. But why bother? His views do not originate in rational thought, just the misandrist psychobabble that is contemporary Anglo-American culture.