Sunday 31 May 2020

Covid-19 Jams the Signal: The Incel Decade Unfolds

May 2020: The Anglosphere is sick and burning...

Taking a look back at my seminal January article on the development of the 2020s - which I dubbed the Incel Decade - are my predictions unfolding according to plan?
Why is Sexual False Consciousness such a modern - in fact, late twentieth century - phenomenon? Answering this question not only sheds much light on SFC, it also shows why the 2020s will be the decade when the Black Pill eclipses SFC as the dominant paradigm of western sexuality. 

Big words, indeed; but is there any truth in them?
Although the mainstream media originated in the nineteenth century as printed newspapers and journals, it only acquired total hegemonic dominance over the western masses after world war two. This stranglehold only began to loosen in the late 1990s, although it fundamentally remained in place until around 2009. That momentous  year began to see the introduction of social media into every aspect of life, obliterating the mainstream media consensus that had dominated mass thought for the previous sixty years. The subsequent election of Donald Trump, the UK's vote for Brexit and the West's nationalist resurgence are all manifestations of this process; and without sounding too pretentious, I think the rise of the Black Pill and the Manosphere in general are also part of this 'reclaiming reality' agenda.   
As I have often written, the conceptual key to understanding any social bloc is hegemony – the unseen ideological cement that makes things ‘what they are’, thereby binding the broad masses to the social order. Traditionally the lamestream media has been the primary hegemonic tool, although language, place names, education, organic mass culture, religion and subcultural traditions also play a role. The hegemony maintains the Overton Window – the frame of what is ‘reasonable’ or ‘sane’ in any society – however dysfunctional or irrational that might be.

Obviously, the rise of social media and the decline of mainstream media have greatly weakened the Anglosphere’s traditional hegemony. The rise of Black Lives Matter, Incel culture and ‘offbeat’ politicians like Trump or Farage all demonstrate the extent of this change. Mainstream commentators can no longer deny the existence of incels, lookism, The Black Pill, white women’s historic (and ongoing) racism or even the the Dog Pill; and long may that trend continue.  

The Dog Pill is becoming common knowledge

However, it is difficult to deny that the 2020s have already seen a massive acceleration in this process of hegemonic collapse.  Personally, I believe the Covid-19 pandemic is exposing fissures in Anglo-American culture which have lain dormant for decades. As Nathaniel Rothschild once said, 'Great fortunes are made when bombs fall in the harbour, not when violins are playing in the ballroom'. The ongoing pandemic has sparked this mass ‘Awakening’ for several reasons:
  • Due to CV-19, there is added fear and paranoia throughout society. This is exposing deep rooted fears, prejudices and tensions which are normally dormant or suppressed. The case of Amy Cooper (see video clip below) is a good example; when confronted with a black male bird watcher, she was unable to control her inborn Anglobitch hatred of black men.
  • The fact that many of the middle classes can work from home while other workers are expected to brave an unsafe working environment is exposing the profound  inequality, racism and injustice that define the Anglosphere. In fact, the disastrous mismanagement of the crisis by the UK and US sprang solely from their miserly Anglo-Saxon instinct to prioritise the economy over people.
  • Due to Lockdown, people have had more time to reflect on their miserable lives. Free of the daily grind, people are also free to fixate on things that inspire or anger them. The cases of racist Anglobitch Amy Cooper and murdered George Floyd are good examples. The Devil makes work for idle hands, and all of that.
  • Cooped up at home for months on end, the masses are highly frustrated. This makes them all the more likely to respond with violent action when confronted with injustice. The race riots presently engulfing many US cities are an exquisite example of intense frustration finding violent expression.
  • Sheer uncertainty about the future is also stoking tensions. Despite various empty claims and promises from non-medical authorities, there is presently no Covid-19 vaccine and no hope of one until 2021 (at the earliest). President's Trump’s stand-off with China, Twitter, mainstream media and the Deep State are also adding to the mix. Many workers will lose their jobs and face poverty when governments stop propping up businesses and paying workers in the coming months. When anything could happen, anything will.
  • Covid-19 Lockdowns around the globe have greatly strengthened the power of social media. In Lockdown conditions, people are using Discord and Zoom without the mediating influence of the lamestream as never before.
  • Covid-19 might well extinguish the Boomers, chief proponents of Sexual False Consciousness across the Anglosphere. After all, it is not called The Boomer Doomer for nothing. With these clowns removed from the equation, an honest and constructive discussion about western gender relations can actually begin. No longer will we hear that all women are oppressed 'saints' or that 'everyone' (and it really is 'everyone', people) is bouncing around in bed with models all day; after sixty years of Sexual False Consciousness, the Black Pilled reality will finally prevail.  
As promised, here is the video showing the 'oppressed' and 'downtrodden' white cunt Amy Cooper. While taking her dog out for a sex session in the woods walk in Central Park, she called the police on an innocent black male who asked her to control her canine sex slave mutt:

To conclude this short thought-piece on the unfolding Incel Decade, it has to be said that my January article was startlingly on-target. Under the stress of Covid-19 and the associated Lockdown, the Anglo-American hegemony is unravelling fast. Under unprecedented pressure, our many foes - racist Anglo feminists, Baby Boomers, the lamestream commentariat - are either crumbling or playing into our hands at every turn. 

Instead of sucking false consciousness from the lamestream media, more sexually-disenfranchised and socially-victimised men are poised to escape their Blue Pilled state than ever before. The Anglosphere's Blue Pill 'consensus' is a vast fraud led by soy-fed poltroons who need to keep subaltern males hoodwinked about the hideous truth of the Anglobitch and her exalted, dog-fucking, arrogant nature

But those lies have never been more vulnerable. Now is the time to throw all our efforts into this corridor of unprecedented opportunity, spreading the Black Pill as never before.

George Floyd: a tragic but useful Martyr

Tuesday 5 May 2020

'They should have been more Honest': Sexual Hauntology and the Sexual Revolution that Never Happened

Why were these 60s 'Free Lovers' always rich, attractive and white?

This will be quite a demanding essay but I hope the reader stays with me to the end because this little  piece has quite profound implications for awakened men living in the Anglosphere.

Jacques Derrida

In its original form as devised by the philosopher Jacques Derrida in his 1993 book Spectres of Marx, 'hauntology' is a narrowly political concept. Since the ‘inevitable’ Communist utopia promised by Marx never materialised, Derrida claims that Europe is now haunted by nostalgia for a 'lost future' that never came to pass. Unsurprisingly, the Anglosphere (where Marxism is an intellectual non-event) has applied Derrida's concept to a much broader range of cultural activities.The Wikipedia entry for Hauntology reads:
Due to the difficulty in understanding the concept, there is little consistency in how other writers define the term.
In the 2000s, the term was taken up by critics in reference to paradoxes found in postmodernity, particularly contemporary culture's persistent recycling of retro aesthetics and incapacity to escape old social forms. Writers such as Mark Fisher and Simon Reynolds used the term to describe a musical aesthetic preoccupied with this temporal disjunction and the nostalgia for "lost futures". So-called "hauntological" musicians are described as exploring ideas related to temporal disjunction, retrofuturism, cultural memory, and the persistence of the past.
However, in my view the real 'hauntological' factor haunting the Anglo-American world is sexual: the west is haunted by a sexual revolution that was extensively promised in the 1960s and 70s, but never came to pass for the vast majority of men.

In short, we are haunted by nostalgia for a sexual revolution that never happened. This painful nostalgia is best described as 'Sexual Hauntology'. 

Truly, this realisation is equal to my concept of Sexual False Consciousness in its implications for Manosphere thought and the growing corpus of incel ideology. Of course, the West is haunted by many more broken promises than just its sexual ones, some of which directly relate to Sexual Hauntology: failed multiculturalism, failed Christianity (Jesus never returns) and the failed promise of the Aquarian 'New Age'. However, most men reading this are primarily haunted by the failed promises of endless sexual bounty promoted throughout the 1960s and 1970s; promises not only broken, but actively reversed by the Tinder Age. Feeling 'haunted', experiencing a sense of Sexual Hauntology, is our painful reward for Black Pilled knowledge.

The white, educated, able-bodied, upper-middle class 60's 'Sexual Revolution'

Of course, Blue Pilled ‘normie’ society believes the Sexual Revolution was not only fully realised but remains an ongoing reality for the vast majority of people. These cucks seriously think that inceldom is a 'lifestyle choice' for sub-8 young men and that 'everyone' is having free sex on a 24/7 basis without regard to appearance, wealth, ethnicity or other social striations. Of course, these absurd Boomer delusions arose from the rarefied experience of a small minority in the first place - namely, pampered upper-middle class whites practising 'Free Love' on college campuses - but that did not prevent them being amplified by the lamestream media into an unquestioned (if imaginary) 'norm'. 

Little wonder - only over the past ten years (with the rise of our Manosphere) has this faux 'consensus' being challenged at any level.

Of course, the Black Pilled reality is completely different. Instead of a sexual utopia, Tinder and the debased reality of female nature (Dog pill, hyper-hypergamy, sexual fascism) have unleashed a wave of mass sexual disenfranchisement for sub-8 and ethnic males; a tsunami of incel frustration that deprives the bottom third of young males of any sexual expression. The spectre of Sexual Hauntology only makes this grim reality all the more painful by contrast, explaining the acute sense of sexual grievance felt by incel killers like Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian.

In the Anglosphere, Sexual Hauntology is amplified by another broken promise – namely, multiculturalism. The endemic sexual racism of Anglo-American white women is a potent colonial residue, contributing greatly to the sexual disenfranchisement (and general social ostracism) afflicting most non-white males residing in the Anglosphere. As several learned men have commented on this site, the colonial Anglosphere is defined by genocidal crimes against aboriginal peoples (Maoris, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines), as well as the more obvious crime of black slavery; all crimes the Anglosphere has never come to terms with (or, until recently, even acknowledged).

In the 60s and 70s, the rise of feminism became associated in the popular mind with sexual multiculturalism. However, this perception only arose because liberal observers falsely associated Anglo-American feminism with progressive values. As I have been saying for the past decade, Anglo feminism actually represents the extension and expansion of core Anglo-Saxon values - puritanism, misandry, sexual classism and racism - across the Anglosphere nations and even beyond. This is why non-white males in the post-feminist Anglosphere are even more sexually disenfranchised than they were in the first place.

False Promises: No one-eyed Indian Janitors wanted here

I hope the reader has enjoyed this little foray into post-modern philosophy and its implications for the Anglo-American Manosphere. We all know the Dog Pill is a real and present danger but I feel a need to return the blog to a more conceptual footing. Concepts like Hyper-Hypergamy and Sexual False Consciousness are now common currency in the Manosphere, and I feel Sexual Hauntology deserves to join them.

When Anglo-American men are growing up, they are generally fed the fiction that their adulthood will be filled with endless sexual encounters with warm, willing beauties, like a living James Bond movie. The naive Joe Buck - hero of Midnight Cowboy - is the classic example of this. For most men of course, this fantasy never materialises; and they are haunted by it for the rest of their lives, trapped forever in a state of Sexual Hauntology.

From this standpoint, the incel subculture is more a vengeful 'blowback' against broken promises far more than it is a 'cult' or 'movement'. Similarly, high-value dissident men who seek women outside the Anglosphere are striving to escape their 'haunting' by misandrist, low-value Anglo women.

Really, the concept of 'Sexual Hauntology' explains so many things.

Joe Buck: His Ladies are Waiting... Not.