Sunday 10 October 2021

The Black Pill, Suicide and the Road to True Resistance

Renegade #1: Was there a better way?

Western society promotes myths of personal transformation to keep itself ticking over, while peddling goods and services that the broad masses mistakenly believe will improve their lot. The sole benefit of this rigorous programme is false optimism. Thus the short, puny man with a hooked  acromion daydreams of someday becoming Mr Universe; the low IQ dope thinks he can become a surgeon with a ‘little more revision’; the one-eyed Indian janitor thinks he will bed models if he gets himself a new haircut; and so on. While none of this will ever happen, it inoculates the low-value male (as society and women reckon him) from absolute despair.

It ain't happening, dude...

The Black Pill – uncompromising realism and unflinching acceptance of genetic and cultural determinism – offers no such comfort blanket. Even my own Crimson Pill rejects simplistic, adaptive solutions to most dilemmas. According to our critics, this uncompromising approach renders the Black or Crimson-Pilled male far more susceptible to depression and suicide. Far better to live in daydreams, they say, than drink the hemlock of truth.

Superficially, there seems to be much evidence to support this view. Black Pilled male suicide frequently conforms to the conceptual frameworks designed to study such behaviour. Emile Durkheim, the father of sociology, claimed there were four types of suicide:

  • Altruistic – self-sacrifice for the greater good
  • Anomic – reaction to sudden failure and ostracism
  • Egoistic – escape from oppression, tyranny and bondage
  • Fatalistic – escape from an intolerable life of pain and exclusion

Black Pilled male suicide seems to be mostly of the egoistic variety. Renegade #1, one of the most famous Black Pilled suicides, was certainly of this type. Suicidal incel mass killers such as Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian seem to be Altruistic as well as Egoistic, in that they believed their ‘sacrifice’ would somehow improve the world for other men like themselves.

The true cause of male suicide

Surely, then, the Black or Crimson Pills are inherently dangerous for 'low-value' men? On closer inspection, this compelling interpretation misses the truth by a wide margin. For it is not the Black Pill that leads sexually-disenfranchised men to suicide, but Anglo-American culture itself. Accepting the Black or Crimson pills is a neutral decision, completely unrelated to depression or suicide. Living in a misandrist society inhabited by racist, entitled female vermin is the true cause of male suicide and depression; the Black Pill is merely a response to that unlivable situation, not its cause.

So what is to be done? More important, how is one to live?

The obvious solution to misandry is male self-reliance and independence – in general terms, studied detachment from the Anglosphere and its reflexive misandry, racism and repression.  This approach negates the threat of suicide through focused empowerment and more importantly, active resistance.

Why is living in the teeth of gynocratic hostility a heroic act of resistance? Moreover, how does choosing to live represent a dynamic revolt against the misandrist social order

This system wants us dead, dudes...

The answer is simple: Anglo-American women, simps and society in general actively want ‘low value’ men to kill themselves. In fact, that outcome is right at the top of their twisted agenda. This life-changing realisation confounds the whole notion that suicide is a rebellious or ‘romantic’ act: in the Anglosphere, a suicidal male is actually conforming to society's dominant values! 

In conclusion, do not give way to the siren song of suicide. It is not Black or Crimson Pilled, not 'romantic' or cool and certainly not bold or manly. In truth, male suicide is the act of a Blue Pilled muppet conforming to Anglobitch whims and societal misandry, both of which want you deadConversely, choosing life represents authentic revolt, vigorous resistance and focused autonomy. 

For Awakened Men in physical health and of sound mind, suicide should not even be an option.

The Crimson Pill: Wholesome After All